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  1. A few posts have been made in the past about the workings of the fuel tank level sender & the petcock. I pulled these parts out of my spare gas tank and took some pictures of them to show how they work for interested members Picture of the sender unit as it came out of the tank. Picture of sender with metal cover removed. The tabs do not have to be bent to remove metal cover. Just spring sides of cover out slightly and cover will slide back. Close up of the wire wound resistor. The metal wiper contact is
  2. I ran into another local rider today at Cabela's in Sidney NE. Chatted about the upcoming riding season. He mentioned that last fall he intended to take a ride on his 97 RSTD. However he discovered that his petcock gasket failed, leaked the entire fuel tank contents into the carbs and flooded the cylinders and crankcase. Is this a common problem? Good reason to turn off the petcock when stored? He indicated he was going to have the local dealer look at it. Thoughts, ideas.....
  3. While removing my tank.. The gas hose to the petcock was very stubborn - stuck on the nipple good.. After much work I finally got it to start twisting so I could try to slide it off the nipple.. Well it was the actual brass nipple that was turning and came right out of the petcock! Can this be shoved back in and it won't leak or do I now need a new petcock? Anyone have this problem before? I finally managed to get it out of the end of the hose.. not sure if tapping it back in the petcock.. maybe a little JB Weld would work? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone i had a couple of questions regarding my new to me 87 venture...but first some background. I got the motorcycle on trade from another guy who got it on trade from another guy who traded it for a push-mower so i knew nothing of the history. i have now realized although the bike was running when i got it it was being held together by hopes and dreams. I have since taking the bike down to the frame and i am rebuilding it. i have rebuilt the rear swing arm, sanded and painted the frame, rebuilt the drive shaft, cleaned the carbs, modded the fuse box to ACTs, rebuilt the left and r
  5. OK, how screwed am I? (hold that thought) I was taking the tank off to run wire for the HID headlight last night. I did the normal thing of attempting to break the seal from the brass tube and the carburetor hose like I've done so many times before. As I was putting things back together (in the daylight) today, I realized the brass tube is sticking in the end of the hose. SOOOO. 1) Is the brass tube just pressed into the petcock or brazed somehow? 2) anyone know of a fix to keep this from happening again in the future? 3) Any Ideas? Signed Two steps forward and one step b
  6. I'm trying to ascertain EXACTLY what the range of my bike is. I feel I am getting lousey MPG since I've gone 79 miles & the gauge is dancing between 1/2 & the bar below it. So I put the petcock in the on position to see how long I can run (leaving me the reserve so I'm not stranded). So when I hit the level where I need to switch to reserve position on the petcock, what will my main LCD gas gauge show? No bars? One bar? What about the red warning light will that turn on when IN reserve? What should I consider the normal range of the 1st Gen in (average) miles? Than
  7. Need some input from the brethren here... I am fixing up Zipcodes '89 Suzuki VS750 Intruder, It needs the fuel petcock screen replaced. I have looked several places on the web, but haven't found just the screens, the petcock works fine. Does anyone know of a place to purchase just the screen, or am I going to have to morf something up While I'm at it, the seat needs to be recovered, any insight on where to just purchase a cover to put over the seat?
  8. Would someone please tell me which end is pointing? Is it the long slender end, or the short-stubby end that is the "pointing" end? Thank you.
  9. Ok I'm going to tangent this problem which came up in my other thread http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=645718&postcount=23 The gas smell went away after 24 hours. I did not restart the bike. I reopened the petcock and the smell resurfaced within 20 min. Nothing is weeping or leaking, yet there the smell of gas is strongest right at the petcock. Anybody encounter this before? I want to avoid pulling the tank if possble, but if the lines need replacing so be it.
  10. I'm looking for a handle for the fuel petcock, screw vibrated loose and lost the handle. Fortunately the fuel is in the on position. does anyone have one lying around? Mike Smegielski Waterbury CT
  11. The CMS and therefore the gas gauge is not functioning. The knob and faceplate are missing from my petcock reserve switch. There is a stopper tab connected to the shaft that points fore or aft. Assuming OFF is in the middle, if the shaft is turned all the way clockwise would that be the REServe position or the On position?
  12. When I bought my VR, it didn't have a knob/lever on the fuel shutoff/petcock. Would anyone happen to have an extra one laying around they would part with? I've found the entire petcock a few times om fleebay, but I don't care to shell out $30+ for one when all I need is the dang nabid knob. Thanks, Bill
  13. For the longest time, I have been riding my bike with the petcock in reserve and have had no issues. Well last night on the way home from work on I94 north of Chicago, I ran out of gas with 4.7 miles on the countdown milage indicator. The worst I have ever pushed it is 26 miles (with the petcock in reserve). Never again. From now on I ride in normal and only use reserve when needed. I'm gonna start watching milage a little closer again also and not rely on that IDIOT light. Kevin
  14. I changed out my fuel filter this morning - hate lining up that set-screw that holds the clamp to the fuel tank. When I went to open the fuel valve back up, the little plastic square knob on the fuel shut-off valve shattered like glass. As a temporary measure to get the gas turned back on so I can use it, I'm going to try to jb-quick weld a make-shift knob onto the sheared off plastic that's fairly flush with the metal valve body. If that don't work, anybody got any other ideas ? Also - when I cut the gas off, the indicator in the knob was vertical for on. I think I turned it one/quarter
  15. Don't know if this the same for all Ventures but on MINE it sure is.... Filled the gas tank yesterday and put the gas petcock to Reserve. I normally switch it back th Normal after 25-30 miles. I do this because I don't want any gunk build-up in the petcock and this also ensures that I have good flow.... Well today I found out that with the petcock in the Reserve position the Low Fuel Light does NOT come on and the Trip odometer does NOT warn of impending Low Fuel as it does NOT zero out. Luckily for me when I ran out of gas I was able to slap the bike over onto its kickstand and get e
  16. Looks like another small fix-em up on the 2000 MM RSV I bought last month. The petcock doesn't stop the flow of fuel. Discovered when I parked the bike after a long ride, noticed the shutoff was still in the off position... yet I didn't starve for fuel. Confirmed on purpose again. I suspect I need a new petcock assembly. I could probably slap one of the carb vaccum caps on the petcock if I needed to remove the tank before its fixed. Has anyone seen this before? Is it worth trying to fix? Is there a fix that might easily succeed that anyone has tried? On a 10 year old bike it
  17. Is there anyone around the Knoxville TN area who has the tools to help me sync my carbs. I want to have this done to see if if it helps. I don't mind going to your place but I don't trust this bike to go a long ways. Can you leave the petcock on the right rear on res all the time. I ran out of gas the other day after only 150 miles and could not turn the petcock to res. Had to call the wife to bring me gas.
  18. Ok, I just bought (today) an 83 Ventrue. I don't want to sound retarded, but this is the first venture i've had. Does the bike have a fuel petcock to turn the fuel off like most bikes? If it does where the heck is it! I'm having trouble with the bike starting. It acts like it isn't getting fuel, so first thought, fuel is turned off. But then I can't find the petcock. SOOOOOO, any helpful hints, tips, and suggestions would be great. The bike seems to be in pretty good shape, ecspecially considering I only paid $400 for it. Thanks!
  19. Dah .... what a Homer! So I put the bike into the shed, but remembering how long it ran with the gas shut off last year, making a ton of noise in the shed, I shut the petcock off first , then ran through the backyard, up into the shed. Doing a little back roll and then forward and few times to get it right in place so the doors will close. The gas runs out, so I am doing it in neutral. I check the door and I am about a 1/2" off, so back on the bike roll it back and then .... dah ..... go to start it to drive it forward. The fuel pump (?) goes ticky ticky when you start, but now its going tick
  20. Ok... so I've had this problem a few times since getting the bike: I'll be riding and everything seems fine, and the engine simply stops running. Acts like it's out of gas. it's happened 3 or 4 times- and it seems like turning the fuel petcock back and forth is solving the issue: Here's the question- I think it may be simply me not understanding how the reserve/main tank work together. 1. Does the fuel guage show the total gas or just the main tank? THe other day it cut off with a bar left on the guage. Switched it to reserve and back again a couple times... and it seemed to work aga
  21. I finally gother back on the road and now she is loading up. If I get below 2000 RPMs, then it iwll load up and die. Does anyone have any ideas? I have already restricted the fuel flow from the petcock. I put the petcock half on/half off. It does not seem to help.
  22. Ok so now everything is back to normal.. (I'm posting this in case someone out there has the same rare occurrance as I had.. and that this may help them in the future.. ) Initial problem was that I ran out of fuel while still carrying the reserve amount.. This happened twice in a 2 week period. Petcock set to ON and the bike stuttered with 2 fuel bars showing.. switched to RES on the petcock and the bike died.. poof. When subsequently fueling up, it's discovered that the bike still had a reserve amount of fuel.. It would not feed from the RES position on the petcock (yes, it was indeed in c
  23. Ok, this has happened to me twice and now I'm at a loss as to what to do.. Allow me to describe the issue and hopefully someone can come up with a viable suggestion. On two occasions, I've basically run out of fuel, without a low fuel light, with the petcock in the RUN position (long end of lever DOWN). When the bike started to chug chug as it does when hitting the reserve levels, turning the petcock to RES (long end of lever vertically UP), the engine cough sputters and dies. The fuel quantity gauge shows 2 or 3 bars.. On both occasions, I've put a measured amount of fuel into the gas
  24. sleepy2

    rad fit

    Are rads from 83-85 interchangeable to a 87 1300? Hose fittings / drain petcock etc.
  25. After searching and reading over the searched items on this forum, I didn't find a quick homemade fix of a fuel petcock knob replacement for an '84 Venture. Understanding that most just leave it on reserve and forget about it because: -too awkward to reach while riding anyway -who needs prime when you have a fuel pump -$36 to replace with an OEM plastic one I still would like to make it functional and am thinking of things to thread in the existing petcock, such as a bolt with some kind of flat headed bolt to have enough leverage to be able to turn on occasion. Mine is missing the knob a
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