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  1. Ok, I hope someone has a quick / easier / inexpensive fix for this one.. Because I park the bike in the garage over night with the key in the ignition, and seldom stop longer than a fuel stop when traveling, I just noticed that when I pull the key out, the little cover jobbie doesn't cover up the hole that the key fits into.. So if left out over night, and it rains, I'm going to be heading for some problems with rust and such and be out of an ignition switch / lock.. I've sprayed it with WD40 and other products but can't seem to make it move to cover the hole.. Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. ... of his local Yamaha PRO dealership, and states he is here because the engine on his RSTD blew up. The service manager smiles and says, "you are kidding, right?" The man assures him that he is not. Maybe it wasn't an explosion, but there was a cloud of oil and his engine lost power. It was exciting to get to the shoulder from the left lane, dodging between cars in the right. So then the man tells the manager that he and a buddy had seen the hole in a mirror, and it is in the front of the engine, near the seam of the lower and upper case. The service manager is filled with wonder, because he'd never heard of a hole in a RSTD or Venture in his 12 years of experience with Yamaha. Later, the man comes in to sign the agreement to pay 6 hours/$600 if the diagnostic determines that the fault isn't covered by the warranty. He overhears the head technician exclaim in disbelief that there is a hole, because the service manager had just told him so. Clearly both the tech and the manager are excited at the extremely novel problem. The man's friend later overhears the tech in the garage, telling another wrench about the exciting news. The service manager explains that they service bikes FIFO, and that it will be the end of the next week before they can get to the man's bike. He warns the man that it could take over three weeks to complete the repair. The man says that would be speedy indeed, because his club members thought it would be closer to eight weeks. The service manager looks down, abashed, and concedes that scenario is more likely. The man and his friend leave the bike behind, after discussing with the service manager how members of the club would want to lay eyes on the destroyed engine, to see themselves what had happened. This will be done, it is agreed, unless Yamaha requires the parts to be sent for their analysis. Thus ends the opening stages of Roxie's repair.
  3. Okay, I finally got around to looking at my RSTD exahust tips. I wanted to turn them around so they looked like most of the pictures in the reviews I've read. I feel that it makes the bike look longer, lol. I found what looks like a set screw hole at the bottom of the muffler housing. However, I tried several allen wrenches and those that fit in the hole didn't grab anything and other wrenches were just to big. I guess I knocked off those particular brain cells when I was younger. What am I missing? ps. no picture yet. I added a drivers backrest, my gps mount and wiring but that is about it. 2007 RSTD. All help would be appreciated.
  4. As one who many years ago had the speedometer squeal about scare me to death and then not do it again until I was 400 miles from home, I think I have a good fix. First of all, the only way to do it right is get grease INTO the bearing area where the cable goes into the housing. In the past, I would take the speedometer out of the dash and try to get grease way down in the inside and hope enough grease got around the bearing, and it usually did, but not always and it was a bit of a PITA. I went to Lowe's and got an 1/4 inch pipe cap, which screws several threads on to the back of the speedometer. I drilled and tapped a hole to accept a grease fitting. I screw the cap on finger tight, as this is a pipe thread fitting, and pump in grease. You will need to get most of the grease out of the cable hole so the cable will go in. What you are trying to do is get grease around the center piece where the cable goes. The cable hole is a blind hole(not a thru hole) so the pressurized grease goes between the center piece and housing. I did it on an old speedometer I had and it made it smoother. By doing it this way, you do not have to take the dash out, just take the cable housing off and screw on the fitting. I bought a tray of grease fittings from Harbor Freight a while back and it has different angle fittings if the straight one does not work best. I will attach some pics. RandyA
  5. This area was created for the posting of legitimate fund raising events that are motorcycle related but being held by groups other than VenturerRiders. There are many charitable causes out there and I often receive requests to put "stickies" on such threads in the watering hole. If I honored all those requests, the first page of the watering hole would be nothing but stickies for such causes. So, this area was created for our members to post such things. Please note. ONLY events that are being held by recognized groups will be allowed here and only when they are raising money for verifiable charities. Any others will be removed. Only "Supporting Members" may post to this area. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. The VMX rear gear unit is almost a direct swap on a 2nd gen. It only needs the blank boss milled out for the speedometer sensor. Here I am doing one for Condor. 1) Locate and bore out the main hole. 2) Machine the boss off flat. 3) Locate and drill the mounting bolt hole. 4) Tap in the threads. 5) Chamfer the holes, pull the shock bolt, take it apart and flush the shavings out real well, reassemble and it's ready to mount.
  7. A couple of years ago Condor wrote that the difference between the carb diaphragm slides from a 1200 and a 1300 was one had a larger vent hole. It appears to me that that is the case -- and the vent hole on the 1300 is noticeably larger. I am replacing one cracked slide housing (the black plastic part) on a 1200, so the question is can I use a 1300 slide without any problem? I also thought about using JB Weld and re- drilling the hole to the 1200 size. Has anyone done this? Last two questions - is there any place to buy 1200 slides cheap? If not does anyone have one 1200 slide (even one in pieces that I can reglue) that they care to part with?
  8. What is the the threaded hole behind the front left fin cyclinder cover. I noticed a little bit of antifreeze pooling around that area and i just wanted to know what is was. I may have just dropped a little splash of it. But would still like to know what that is there. The back side of the fake find has a solid little circle piece that goes over it.
  9. Just looking for everyones take on the carb slide vacum hole location when reassembling carb slides on my 87. It looks like they should point down at 6:00.
  10. Hello All, First I have searched to no avail for Gen II carb diaphragm replacement vendors or fixes. Found the thread to spray on rubber stuff:think: for a temp fix. While taking apart carbs on my 99 RSV to clean today, I may have put the carb slider cap on a TAD wrong, to say the diaphragm was pinched and a small hole is now in the material at the bend where it seats on carb body. It may have already been there, not for sure.... ANYWAY I need one. Help? Man those carbs were dirty..... Thank you in advance...Looking for new one. Directions? Also, the fuel mixture screws are obviously not set the same. Inside the throat of the carb body where the screw (or hole) is present, One is thru enough to cut yourself on, while the others are barely or not at all... I am not a carb expert. Directions to setting these properly? Thanks, James:bowdown:
  11. There is always a loop hole ain't there. Mike
  12. Guest

    Bad boy horn

    As you know' I'm not much of a writer; but I sure do read alot on the site. Any way I wanted to get the new stebel horn, as there as so many people who decide that they want to share the same blacktop as me so often. Well I did not want to wait to order one, so I went to the local harbor freight and bought a "BAD BOY" horn. HOLY s@#%, that sucker is loud! It was a simple add on and it looks exactly like the stebel horn. I'm not sure if the stebel is louder but I really don't think that I need it. Btw I used the little bracket off the original horn to install the new one. I simply enlarge the lower hole and mounted the horn sideways and used the upper hole to mount the relay. I also was able to get the horn at the on line add price of $34.99.
  13. Just replaced the battery in my 86 VR, I noticed the battery that came out of the bike had a wire coming out of the top of the battery, what does this wire do? The new battery has no wire or a hole for the old wire to go into, do I need to drill a hole?Thanks.
  14. A separate thread to post any and all pictures to the IR 2012, so that is going to be easy for others to find them. It 'll be in the Watering Hole for now, I will move it in a week or so to it's proper spot.
  15. I was riding back from the "big smoke" yesterday and smelled gasoline... started wondering, and then the bike sputtered when I accelerated. I pulled into the first parking lot I could find and as my wife jumped off, she exclaimed, "it's pouring out the bottom!" The fuel was running out as if the tank has a 1/4" hole tapped into it. As I shut her down, (bike, not wife) she stopped dripping. I traced the leak to the carb "overflow" tubes. After pulling off the air cleaner assembly, so I could see what's happening there, I started the bike again. The front right and rear left carbs were leaking out of the little hole on the rim, and then out the tubes. I figured there must have been some dirt in the tank and it has plugged stuff in there. So, I finger plugged the leaking hole in the rim and blew back into the leaking hose... I did this for all four carbs and she fired up and ran nice while sitting there. I did not assemble the air box because it was dark and I was using a limited number of tools (and didn't want to dis-assemble the bike in the mall parking lot) so I tried to run it without the air box... she did not run well - I'm assuming she was getting too much air. My son came down with the trailer and dragged us home - we got home at 2AM... but got here safely. Thank God. So, where do I go from here? Is it time to pull the carbs off and clean/rebuild? If I clean the tank, clean the carbs, and re-assemble will I be ok? She was running real good up until last night... HELP
  16. I was contemplating changing the diaphragms on my 96 RSTC since you all made look so easy at MD, I looked at Sirius website and it listed the SD-1 for all XVZ1300 and XVZ13 models of venture, I sent them an email and asked if they would fit the XVZ13ATH Royal Star and they replied ...sure... but if they don't we'll take em back. I being an anal engineer type, sent back an email asking if they were sure as the ventures and some of the stars had different size carbs, like the 28MM and the 32MM ...the reply was they only carry one size. My concern is that they are missing the hole in the tab and the OD dimension for the DS-1 was 72MM which is wider across than my entire cover. Am I correct on this and if so does anyone know where to get the smaller diaphragms only?
  17. Could some one please give me the measurements for a Diamond R Receiver ? I need some measurements from you kind folks pleaseeeeee. ? Thank you in advance..... [ATTACH]67619[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]67618[/ATTACH] A. Measurement from front to rear, measuring on the top side. B. Thickness of the receiver bar. C. Measurement from top to bottom of the receiver on the front side, not including the thickness. D. Measurement from top to the center of the pin hole. E. Pin hole size ? F. How wide is the receiver from one side to the other ? James
  18. As i was cleaning the bike today I pulled out a very small hose that is connected to the water pump but was not connected to anything on the other end. It's shown on page 5-14 of the manual connected to the pump is this a weep hole for the seal or should it be connected somewhere else. I just put it back down beside the frame where it was.
  19. The heel toe shifter on my 83 is flopping around on the shaft. The hole in the aluminum shifter body has gone oval shape and it makes shifting less "secure" if that's the right word. Feels uncomfortable in that I'm not really sure I AM getting to the desired gear or if the shifter just moved under my foot. (I've rarely missed a shift...but you know what I mean.) Is installing a bushing something I can do myself? I don't really want to pay for an expensive machinist job! I am assuming I drill out the hole in the aluminum shifter to the outside diameter of a bushing that would fit tight over the shaft. What would stop the hole from wearing out again? Where does someone buy bushings?
  20. One of the screw holes used for securing the top cover on my clutch master cylinder is stripped. The screw is fine. Its the hole that is boogered. I currently have a slightly longer screw in there which did bite but I am not happy with it. Has anyone tried repairing the hole with a heli-coil or Does any one have a master cylinder that I can buy? Thanks, Ray
  21. [attach]64269[/attach] [attach]64270[/attach] [attach]64271[/attach] Drill the middle hole of the flap to go over the pin Also remove in that same area the rest of the backing inside the fender tip. [attach]64272[/attach] [attach]64273[/attach] Trim the top away until your happy [attach]64274[/attach] I use a little goop as well (love the stuff) LOL and I also used the clamps to help push the flap tighter agienst the fender I also has to drill the hole on each side just a little bit to get the bolt back through. [attach]64275[/attach] [attach]64276[/attach] Enjoy, Jeff
  22. I'm thinking about installing a new head unit in my venture. It already has an old aftermarket Vetter radio in it, but my question is, am I just going to have to cut a bigger hole in the cover for the new head unit to fit inside? I couldn't find any info on this. Does anyone have any experience doing this?
  23. Is anyone making these now. I got the original one from the guy in FL and there is a hole worn through it. If someone wants to attempt it I could send the old one to them.
  24. I got this bike (83 Venture) about 6 months ago and ever since I have been hunting a very loud annoying whistle in the fairing. I have moved duct tape from this vent to that port over the chrome strip under the windshield but could never find it. this last Friday coming home from a ride I went to shift and as I moved my hand over the clutch lever the sound changed, so I kept moving my hand around that area until I found it. there is a hole on the under side of the ball end of the clutch lever. once I covered the hole half of the noise went away so I covered the brake lever hole also and SILENCE IS GOLDEN GOLDEN. It sounded so good not to hear that noise (in stereo) I had to take a 350 mile round trip on Saturday to watch one of my grandsons play football. I almost turned my wife into a Popsicle. We didn't get headed back for home until after dark and the temp dropped to 40. But there was no whistle.
  25. RJD

    need help

    we are in michigan for the weekend and twice yesterday a vacuum built up in the gas tank and the bike quit while going down the road. I pulled the rubber vent hose off the top of the tank and blew through it and it is not plugged. trying to blow through the nipple on the top of the tank does not seem to be letting air in but the hole is very small. I can't say for sure if it is plugged and can't find anything small enough to push through the hole. any suggestions. got lucky yestday and the bike did not shut off going down 75. if anyone has any suggestions on how to check the vent let me know.
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