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  1. Well I figured it out. When I pulled the axle everything just fell out and so when I put it back together the part that holds the caliper has a slot that you have to slide on the swing arm. Unfortunately I had to remove the axle bolt and slide that piece out. I have an old bolt from my RSTD and used that and slide it in so that the wheel didn't come apart completely and was able to put the part in it's proper place. Hope this might help anybody else that runs into this problem. Took it for a ride and all is well.
  2. I changed the rear tire and now the rear brake will lock up if I hit it hard at all. I go a little ways and it will free up. All I did with the brake is take the whole caliper off and then slide it back on. I did put a little grease on the one bolt that called for it.
  3. Has anyone done instructions on changing the rear tire. The sevice manual seems like a lot of work. My RSTD was pretty easy but I havn't done this one yet.
  4. Not a lot of options out there for exact fit. The Brigstone only lasted 75k and will need replacing. They call for a 200/55R 16 but I wonder if the the 200/60 16 will work.
  5. Thanks, Just changed it for the second time with 2500 miles. The 2 drains side by side are kind of a pain. Cant get a wratchet on them. Gear rench worked though.
  6. I the manual it says to check the oil in the reservoir with the dipstick. Mine only has a cap. Any idea how you would check your oil level on these bikes? Is there an dipstick available?
  7. Good info. I'm sure my neighbors are sick of hearing it. Don't really need the alarm here where I live but good on a trip. Usually I just park next to a Harley.
  8. I was thinking you just had to go with the universal ones. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Has anyone changed to them and know where I can get them. I have tried all over different sights but have not found any for this bike.
  10. Did mine and almost ready for the second one. Going to do it at 2k. The more I ride this bike the better I like it. Had a hell of the time getting the filter off. Didn't have the specific slide over type and the one I had was just a little too big so it would slide. Took some duct tape and went around it and it came off. I'm using the K and N filter so I wont have to worry about it.
  11. I think a lot of it depends on the area you ride. Here in VT a lot of the riding is in Mountains. I would expect in the flat states your mileage would be a little better.
  12. At first I was thinking this bike is not getting very good mileage but now that I have about 1300 miles on it the mileage has improved. I checked it and got about 40 mpg. Likeing this bike more and more all the time. I gives you a great ride and handles like a dream. Took a little bit to get used to the throttle by wire, very touchy and the fact that the first two gears are very low compared to the RSTD . I kept hitting the rev limiter. All and all I like the features my only complaint is the heat on my legs.
  13. Well I always tell my techs to check the easy stuff first. Hooked up a good battery and all problems solved. Will see if they will cover the battery under warranty.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I uninstalled the wire harness and reinstalled the original wires and still does the same thing. Will try resetting it by unhooking the neg terminal. Also think maybe because it is a left over model the battery may be bad. Will try those two things this morning.
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