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  1. It's not a small difference. It's a huge difference. The smaller bore gives more mechanical advantage on the calipers. It's the size that Y themselves uses with the R1 style caliper, no matter what bike it's on. Notice that these calipers have trickled down from the sport bikes to the cruiser models, all except the RSV. And Y always uses the 14mm m/c with them. When I first swapped the R1 calipers, I didn't do the m/c either. I went for a ride and I wondered what in the world was so great about these brakes. There was almost no difference. Squeeze and I wrote back and forth on it, and his answer boiled down to do the master cylinder. So I did, wondering how much difference could this really make. I went for a ride, and that's when I had my OMG moment. These brakes are fantastic. The difference is night and day. No math involved in feeling it. The math isn't complicated either. It's a simple ratio between the area of the m/c bore and the area of the four bores in the caliper. The 14mm m/c is what was designed to be used with the R1 calipers. Yes, the stock 5/8" m/c will work. Some people have done it and will argue their point up one side and down the other. But it remains a provable and proven fact, both empirically and mathematically, that you'll only get a fraction of the potential improvement with it. Do it right and install the proper size m/c.
  2. Don't forget the part about also using the '04 and later Roadstar 14mm master cylinder. Very important. You'll only get a fraction of the potential improvement if you don't. Calipers from an '04 and later Roadstar can also be used and will look better too, as well as any of the later Stratoliners and Roadliners.
  3. Time to buy a new helmet.
  4. I see two bikes under your name. Which one are you talking about? I highly recommend the four piston R1 calipers for an RSV. Just make sure to use them with a 14mm master cylinder from an '04 or later Roadstar. Don't use them with your stock m/c as it's the wrong size. These are an incredible improvement. The six piston R1 calipers are certainly at least that good if not even better.
  5. For those who have ridden an FJR quite a bit, how bad is the wind buffeting on your helmet? Is it any better or worse than your RSV or RSTD? And how do your wrists feel after a couple hours of leaning on them? I'd like to get an FJR at some point, and these are my two biggest concerns. Some years ago I had the opportunity to ride my brother's '95 Kaw GPZ1100 several times (which he still owns), and I found that I couldn't ride it more than a half hour and my hands would go to sleep. Not a good thing. However I know that the FJR does set you up quite a bit more than the GPZ does too.
  6. I've heard tell from some others who have done it that the Roadstar rack will fit with maybe a bit of tweaking of the mounting brackets. A lot of these kinds of accessories from the Roadstar are the same thing as ours. The V-Star unit will not fit. It is a different sized bike all the way around.
  7. They don't. I've been out on mine in 10º and 20º weather a number of times, but you have to know how to bundle up and stop air leaks into your clothing. I put hand guards on mine in cooler weather and they help a lot as far as your hands go by keeping the direct hard wind off of them. I put the big Baron's crash bars on my bike and made myself some vinyl covers for them that block some of the wind from your legs and feet, but not much. Some kind of neck warmer that goes from inside your coat up into your helmet is really good, and electric clothing helps. But overall I think you'd be much better off on an RSV with a full fairing and leg fairings for cold weather riding. What's the coldest temperature you see down there in TX?
  8. Indeed, the swing arm is too narrow to fit anything wider than a 165.
  9. Wow, I am so sorry to hear it. I can't imagine it.
  10. I am. I've been running my 1st gen transmission since I lasted posted about it. I like it and I'm keeping it.
  11. Another possibility might be to find a seat that sets you further back in the bike. That might help get your knees out of the handlebars.
  12. Well, that's not the one I remember...
  13. A couple years ago on here, someone posted a moose shooting game. I've searched and can't find it. Does anyone have it, or know what I'm talking about?
  14. Fuel milage didn't change, and I didn't do any before and after dynos on the curves. In theory there's more power. It's obviously not detonating or I'd see it on the plugs or the pistons would have melted by now, so curve 5 +4º is where I left it.
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