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  1. A friend of mine went off the deep end ( midlife crisis ? ) and bought a 2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball. I rode it yesterday. Several questions.. I have NEVER heard a shifter clank so loud while shifting gears. Do they have a little midget troll in there with a 20 lb sledge hammer changing gears ? Also, when you let go of the handle bars it leans/pulls hard to the right. ( I know why let go of the handle bars) I would think that "fighting" that pull over a long distance would get tiring on a long ride. Has 200 miles on it now, and it seems to backfire when decelerating. So is all thi
  2. so i got my radio up and running but when i put in a tape all i get is a grinding noise like the drive gears are not quite meshing any ideas on how to fix it?
  3. Hello everyone, I tried to do a search but didn't get a "match" for my question. I recently bought a 2006 RSTD. It has bub pipes which make it a bit louder going down the road. I understand that 4th and 5th gear are overdrive gears. I feel that the bike is a more "revvy" at 75 mph or higher than I would have thought of a bike with two overdrive gears. I came off of an ST1300 which only started to wake up at 85 so maybe I'm just having to adapt to a new bike. I also wonder if the Bub's are just allowing the sound come through and it I'm hearing more exhaust. I really like the RSTD a
  4. Thanks to a 3 day weekend I only have 2 items left to go before I can take her for a spin. I spent the last 3 days working on putting her all back together. Had to take some parts off a couple of times because I missed putting a couple of things on..........very frustrating. Waiting on the rear master brake cyl, and the throttle cables to arrive, hopefully I will be riding it next weekend, short little spins at first, but everything works like it should, ran it through the gears while up on the center stand and she shifts as good if not better than when I got her 8 years ago. I have never owne
  5. I have recently aquired a 2004 RSMV with about 20K, and have been following the forums here with great interest. I am upgrading from a Honda shadow and this is my first bike with shaft drive so I'm not sure if this is normal... I have noticed what seems to be an excessive amount of drivetrain "slop" or backlash, i guess. It is very noticable in the lower gears and makes transitioning from accel to decel very jerky. I'm also hearing a distinct banging when shifting. Actually two bangs, the first when I shift and the second when I release the clutch. I can also duplicate the bang by releas
  6. After all I read about our whining problem, nothing seams to have made much sense:think: until now. I read this TECH Q&A in Rider magazine and thought some one else may be interested. Q: / recently purchased a used, one-owner 2007 Yamaha Royal Star Venture with the 1,300cc V-4 engine, still under factory warranty with 7,000 miles on it, I discovered (only after I brought it home and began to ride it) that as the engine speed increases there is an annoying "whine" to the motor. I have talked to two other Venture owners about this, and whine is so loud you can't hear the radio! Is this so
  7. Is there a fix for this? http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=665391#post665391 Mine new to me RSTD has a notable whine in all gears.
  8. I have set the 2nd gen gearset into the old 86 1st gen block that I have and so far I do not see anything that looks like it would not work. With some larger diameter gears due to the 5th gear overdrive, I was concerned about clearance problems, but so far, so good. I have set the gears in both halves and will post some pictures. RandyA
  9. while I was taking the left cover off the engine to get to the burnt stator, the smallest (top left) and middle size gears jumped out too. I have managed to replace them into their designated places but am not sure if they, or their shaft, might have turned a bit before I got them back on. Are these, in any way, timing or otherwise sensitive to their exact rotational position? Looks they might simply be used by the started to drive the main shaft... but not sure. I've done timing on cars with gears, chains, cogged belts, etc and the rotation of the gears is ABSOLUTELY important... is it
  10. OK, I am going to preface this by saying that other than a Suzuki GT550, I've never had an electric starter system apart...every other bike I've owned is either kick only or the electric starter system never gave me a problem, so I don't know how, or have any real frame of reference as to how the electric leg works on the Venture. When I thought that the ignition pickups were bad (they aren't) I took off the generator cover and 2 shafts and 3 gears fell out. Naturally, I had 5 separate pieces on the floor instead of 2 assemblies. I put the pieces back in in what seems to me to be the
  11. Well I finally made the plunge. I have not been happy with 5th gear since I have owned this bike. So I finally broke down and swapped out the differential for one with the Vmax gears. That changes the gear ratio from about 3.3/1 to about 3.6/1. Not a drastic change but oh what a difference in handling. This is the gear that should have been in the Venture from the factory. No more bucking and lugging. Fifth is now usable from under 40 to over 100 mph. The bike is much more responsive at all speeds and in all gears. Slow speed cruising in first is much improved as well. So thanks Freebird. Your
  12. I have recently been given an "88 Venture Royal , with 104k miles , and its been pulling a very heavy trailer on long trips . The guy said he was concerned about the milage , and its starting to make a little noise it 4th & 5th gears . In fact it makes a very loud gear whine in all gears , that changes with speed both pitch and volume . At 45mph and up , and holding a steady speed it is the worst . It goes away if you coast , gets quieter if you accelerate or decelerate . My first thought is pinion gear , which this thing has 2 of . And I can't tell if its motor end or final drive end
  13. Hello. Not a big nut on my bike but decided to see wat kinda umphhh my 86 Venture Royale 1300cc had the other day in the first few gears. WOW! I hit over 60 mph in second gear in a short time. Im impressed! RR
  14. So... my tranny needed some work. I have the parts. I am swapping gears and bearings over to my new transmission drive shaft. I have the end of the shaft with the proverbial wore out shims done which is the main cause of the second gear slip! I am trying to get the gears and bearings off the other side of this shaft. I see no circlip and the assy is tight...even put some light pressure on it with my press. The parts schematic shows a circlip, but I see none... ( part number 25 if you can open the attachment) Anybody? Hate to push to hard and damage something.
  15. For some of you that have been following the saga of my V-Max final mod to fit the '99 it did have a happy ending.... sorta... For those that hadn't I bought a V-Max final listed in our classifieds from another member. It was represented as being off a 98 with 16,000 miles on it. Sounded good. After receiving it Pegscraper agree'd to bore the housing out to accept the speedo sensor. Upon inspecting the gears after the mod Lynn found them galled and in poor condition. I might add that there was no way of telling they were bad until the sensor hole had been drilled out, but the possibili
  16. Has anyone here swapped out the gears from a V-Max final with a 2ndGen final, and if so is it much of a hassle? Second. Is the stud in the V-Max final for the left shock easily removable? Here's the deal. I have spares of each and thought I'd swap out the gears and have a low geared RSV final, and a sellable high geared V-Max final to offset some of the costs, and I'll still have the original on the '99 to keep as a spare.
  17. ken

    Moly 60.

    I plan to grease up every thing in the rear end and the driveshaft of my RSV while the tires off for some fresh rubber. Should I use moly 60 on all the gears and the hub fingers or should I used bearing grease on the hub gears and fingers?
  18. Any one ever use any of this??? I couldn`t find what % of Molly it is, they use it on Drill Head gears after they get refitted and before they get shipped out to the Rig.
  19. Ok, I have started the tear down of the spare engine that I got when I bought the 85. I was told that this 83 engine had only 30,000 miles on it and after spitting the case, I really do believe it may be true. There is no doubt in my mind that the engine had never been apart since new. One of the first things I wanted to see was what the gear dogs looked like on 2nd gear. I found that they had no noticeable wear at all. That was a good sign. Now, one thing that did surprise me was that the dogs on 2nd gear appeared and measured to be slightly undercut . I knew that later year 1st gens were u
  20. 1983 XVZ12TK About 2 months ago I had to replace my stator because I thought I was having charging issues. I carefully took the cover off taking note of how each of the gears were positioned and then put each one of them exactly as before. Replaced stator, oil, gasket. After reassembly i hooked up the battery and tried to start the bike. Immediately the starter turned over but before the bike started one of the gears disengaged with a gear grinding. I can start the bike but if it doesn't kick off right away the gear disengages. I have taken it back apart 3 times. I even have taken
  21. I just got back from a ride, and lost all gears above 2nd On downshift...heard a terrible sound (clutch was in etc)... was able to get it in to 1st, can shift to second... can not shift in to 3rd.... stops at second gear. Limped it home... 1st and second no problem... like I only have 2 gears. HELP... andy suggestions on where or what ... I'm thinking the gears in the tranny went... What would fit... upgrade to Vmax ? Bummed...
  22. Not sure if this is the right place but a coworker found a '97 Royal Star and fell in love with it except for one thing--He says there is a loud whine between gears when he is down shifting. I have never heard of this and thought I would throw it out to you guys. He said there is no whine when cruising or when up shifiting only between gears when downshifing.. Should he be concerned?
  23. Hey! It's been a while since I've been able to visit you guys. A while back someone had a thread going keeping us updated periodically on his project. He was putting 2nd gen gears into his 1st gen. Anybody remember who that was or could you point me to the thread? I'm not finding very quickly using the search method. I've been curious how his project was going. Thanks, Bill
  24. I am planning or replacing the trans gears in my 83, Muffinman told me to get an 86 or later and its a direct swap. Does anyone have one they would be willing to part with. I can get one on Ebay, but would much rather deal with someone I can trust.
  25. Guess only way to do it is try. Not sure I would be willing to be a guinea pig though. Some Venture folks swap out Venture gears for VMAX gears. Some folks swap out VTX1300 gears for 1800. Wonder if it would work to swap out Venture gears for say 1800 gears.
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