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  1. When my 89 is cold the starter cranks just fine. After it is warm the starter turns over very slow, pauses, and then the engine fires and starts. It has been this way ever since I got the bike 7 years ago. I lost the stator on a road trip last year (thanks freebird for the replacement procedure, worked great) so now things like this are getting more of my attention. I would like to pull the starter to test it, can it be done without removing the radiator? Any ideas on why it starts the way it does when it is warm? The battery was new last year and the stator is working fine now. Th
  2. Attached are some pictures of the modification I made to the starter on my 83 1st gen. The purpose of this is to give a better path to ground for the brush plate. Stock version allows a path to ground through the tabs around the plate. Snaggletooth had posted about this mod several weeks ago, but I do not know of any pictures that are available to show it. Gary This shows the location of the drilled & tapped hole. I used a 4mm screw to attach wire with. Hole is at 2 o'clock position. This shows location of hole from outside of cover. The hole in the brush pla
  3. So the other day, my headlight refuses to come on after the bike starts. It has happened before, but it has always resolved itself. This time...nothing. Good thing I have fog lights. So I start taking things apart. I thought it might be the HID light I just installed but a standard H4 refused to light as well. Long story shorter; it was the starter switch. It was refusing to return all the way after use. There is a tiny gap between the spot where the light turns off and the starter lights. It was stuck in that spot. It would start but wouldn't light the lights. A little lu
  4. I am pleased to announce for our VR members a starter clutch mod that will last forever and put an end to that "Clunkety-clunk" that you hear when your starter clutch is going bad. I will let Squeeze explain it much better than I ever could: The stock Starter Clutch is a one Way Clutch which uses three spring loaded Rollers the connect to the big 72th Gear Wheel which is the last Gear in the line of several Gears coming from the Stater Motor. These 3 Rollers connect (in Fact they run) to the inner Area of the Wheel by spring Force and clamping Force. This whole Assembly sits in a Housing
  5. I have an 88 venture. The headlight is not working. From what I can tell the headlight power wire comes from the fuse to the starter switch on the right handle grip. From there it goes to the headlight. I am getting power from the fuse to the switch but nothing out. Is the starter switch a momentary switch that shuts the power off to the headlight when starting? Is there a way that I can clean the switch or something I can do with it. I took it apart and it looked alright to me. If not would it hurt anything to simply by pass the switch. I hate to get into doing thing like that but I
  6. I have a 4 brush starter installed. It has been rebuilt once and during the last few months it would crank slow (cold or hot) and sometimes not at all (smoking ground wire at the battery). I took the bike to Auto Zone to check the battery. The battery and charging system were fine. As I pulled up to the store I noticed my headlight was out (Opt 7 HID conversion). Long story shot the ballast was bad and I had one from a car setup I bought by mistake. After this I had a good headlight and haven't had a starting issue since. So my question was a bad HID ballast causing my stater issues or should
  7. Sooooo. Decide to get me a bike... 1983XVZ12... without telling the wife... First problem I had was that it would not shift. Replaced the slave cylinder and all was well,,,, for 3 miles. Pulled it in to gas up and when I hit the start button, all it did was whine at me. Sounds like free spinning starter and every once in a while it will catch and turn the engine a half a second then go back to whining. The idea was to drive it home (currently in garage at work) and have my wife sit on it, give her some flowers and tell her she looks sexy and hope that will butter her up enough for her to not k
  8. I have an 06 Venture. Got on the bike yesterday and get 1 click at the starter. I charged the battery and still the same 1 click. Took the battery in and it checks out as good and fully charged. Checked battery connections and still only one click at the starter. Everything else works,lights are bright and etc. I am not sure where to look for the problem. Any advise is appreciated.
  9. The bike is 89 VR that was a complete running project (cosmetics). I would start it a couple of times a week and ride it a few blocks, then the starter died. I got a 4 brush form ebay and basically forgot about it and it sat since February. This past week I finally changed the starter and after having to break the gas cap to get good gas in it, I wanted to synch the carbs and they were really off. After a few days of that I went out today to try again and the starter would spin but no engine rotation. It never made noise like a starter clutch failure or sounded strange. So where do I start?
  10. What constitutes a 2nd. Gen starter...Is it a starter from a 1300cc bike or is it a starter from a 1999 and beyond? I guess my simplier question could have been what constitutes a 2nd Gen bike? Newbs gotta ask newb questions....
  11. when I push the start button down the lights draw down and it blows the ignition fuse . The main wire going to ignition switch on side of bike gets very hot when key in on position. Any ideas ? I have replace the starter relay and the starter cut out relay Please help...
  12. Hey, guys, the manual says to pull the R side faring to get to the relay, I don't see anything that looks like a relay. Can someone tell me where that crazy relay is located? When I push the starter button I hear a repeated clicking (solenoid ?), but starter doesn't do a thing. Battery tests out high side on green scale, after a 45 sec load test it is about 80% on green scale. :think: Monday I went into work early to run some erronds, first 2 times it started like NEW, then it just clicked once and nothing, 4th time I tried to start it, I had to push. Last 2 times it
  13. Just bought a 1985 gold wing aspencade 1200 and I'm thinking I may need a new battery? There are times where it will turn over as if the battery has very little power left. Then there are times where it turns over like it's saying "oh this is nothing" doesn't matter if I'm starting it for the first time that day or from after riding awhile. We (father) and me checked the charging system and it is charging at about 13.8-14.4 @2800 cruising speed. My grandfather ADC recommended to put a extra ground cable on the starter to the block to help ground the starter. Is there anything else I should che
  14. I fixed the starter clutch and started the bike with some difficult at half throttle so I put 6 ounce of redline in the tank. Now it will not start (hit) at all. Checked gas flow and it is working good and cleaned and checked firing of the plugs, Good. When I spray starter fluid in the carbs direct, it runs with the starter fluid and quits. I see no gas spray out of the carbs at all.
  15. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My 06 RSTD Midnight has a delay or pause when I hit the starter switch. I turn on the ignition and wait for a a few seconds and then hit the start button. It starts and cranks real good but it takes a second or two before cranking. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any thing like this and if they have come up with a remedy. I just get a creepy feeling that one day I will be unable to start at all. Thank you all in advance for your help. Bikerdude53
  16. Do you have to drain the oil first before you take the cover off?
  17. On the way home from Daytona, the two red lights in the bottom corners started flickering. One is oil & the other is temp. They flicker at the same rate. When I turn the key on, every now and then the engine starts without the starter button being pressed and I have to rev it to get the starter to disingage. The lights flicker eradic and different brightness. They never blink unless in gear.A dealer service manager thought it might be a loose ground, but bumps don't effect the flickers. Some days this happens and some days it doesn't. I rode over a 1000 miles to get home and the engine is
  18. i was checking out motorcycles on craigs list came accross a 1986 yamaha venture with a voyager kit. painted to match the bike. asking price 3 grand. has starter problems? bike will start but the starter hesitates? missing the yamaha piece that goes around the windshield? not a big problem. so i was thinking bike might need a starter clutch? so i shot him an offer of $2600. he sent me an email saying i must be nuts. the kit alone sells for $2500 or more alone? and at the price of $3000 he would be giving the bike away as it is. but needs to sell. sure hope it was noone here. if it is im sorry
  19. Put a new starter (V-Max 1200 4 brush) on my 84VR. Using silicone as a gasket material on sidecover however when I tighten the sidecover the starter drags really bad to where the wires want to get hot. It seems when I tighten the top screws on the left it starts to drag. Any ides?
  20. I'm so sick of being stumped on this 1st Gen I'm going to start arguing in favor of the 2nd Gens. Here's what happened this time. Bike had been sitting for a few months. Went down to crank it . It started without too much difficulty but I noticed the headlight wasn't burning. So I read through a few post and got a clue to check start button switch. So i did and noticed while cranked the light would come on if I wiggled the start button. Took the switch apart, cleaned it, put it back together. Cranked fine and light worked fine just like it was supposed to. I'm thinking problem solved
  21. Greetings all! My name is Jason... most folks call me "Ghostman." What a great forum and group of enthusiasts you all are! I ride with another member here named Bobby G in STAR Touring chapter #352 So about 2.5 weeks ago I ran across this absolutely sexy old 1983 Venture Royale. Odometer says 47k miles and she appears to have been kept inside for most of her life. I didn't see any leaks beneath her and she started slow but seems to run strong. Seller has the bike on consignment from the owner and it had been sitting for a few months at this point... On the 30 mile ride home we stopped
  22. I have been trying to help a friend that has had a starter problem and up to now, it has been related to blowing the starter solenoid like the engine is locked up like hydrolock. This is a 96 1500. Well, now it is worse. We pulled starter earlier and cleaned it and he just finished a 3,400 mile trip. He was at the Harley drags as part of CMA support and when he tried to start his bike it made a loud crunch and now the starter freewheels. I pulled the starter out and as you can see from the gears, it don't look so good. Anybody have any suggestions? This can be mover to the Goldwing secti
  23. Had my 06 fairing laid forward for shock maintenance. When finished I tried to hook the battery back up. The + lead sparked even with the key off and it made a noise like a starter solenoid when the battery is low. Bike won't start and the battery goes dead in a short time. Again this happens with the key off...any ideas?
  24. Sometimes, and increasing in frequency, when I try to start my 06 RSv it sounds like my Battery is dead. It trys to turn over and can't,try again same ,after a few try's it starts to turn over,buy sounds slow, but it eventually it starts. At my last fuel stop I checked the battery before I tried to start it, 12.6 volts, but I had to hit the starter button 4 or 5 times. I had the napa store check my battery last week, they said it was fine. Any ideas? Thanks George
  25. Sooo New guy here trying to remove the starter clutch so i can send to Dano. I got the covers off no problem. How do you lock up the rotor to get the bolt out and do you have to take the gear loose before you pull the rotor? Thanks Kevin:confused24:
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