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  1. Sure didn't.. Not this time. I didn't end up having much free time on this short over night trip. I will shoot you a message next time I ride that way. I actually rolled out earlier Sunday than I had planned to.
  2. What a great ride... Back safe yesterday afternoon and the old venture did an amazing job. This is my first longer ride on this bike and I am hooked. What a silky smooth highway steed. Averaged 35 - 38 mpg for the weekend which I am pretty satisfied with.. Especially since I had the cruise rocking along at 80 most of the trip. Now I can enjoy some of these longer ride with my local chapter... The weather was amazing for the weekend and the sun shined most of the trip. Then 10 miles from home the sky got dark and the bottom dropped out as I was eating my lunch. Thankfully my tci relocation kept the tci dry... I went out in the storm... Cranked her up and rode home without one hiccup.
  3. Cool deal Joe... I will be around sat afternoon and Sunday. I will give you a shout...
  4. Now that I have most of the wrinkles ironed out.. the old blonde seems to running like a top. I have put a few hundred miles on her and the last fill up shows 38 miles per gallon. Guess it is time to let her run me somewhere... so its off to Charleston sc for the weekend to visit a friend. Hopefully the journey will be as silky smooth as this v4 lol If any of y'all are in chucktown this weekend hit me up... Always for meetin and greetin fellow enthusiast! While in town I should be getting her loaded up with an led glow kit ... You know... To accentuate the safety chrome
  5. Yikes... That is scary stuff. Hope your friend is alright.
  6. Will do Trader.. I read on here somewhere that 3 quarts and 8 ounces would get me to the half way mark on the sight glass. So that is how much I used. Seems to be spot on. Ghostman
  7. Haha yeah I didn't figure it was you Barend... Your past posts about the work on this bike led me to believe this was NOT your doing. So far so good. Don't tell my vstar 1100 but I have a new favorite bike lol... Ghostman
  8. Will do.... Glad to have it running right so I can show the old girl off at our annual picnic Saturday... I don't mind turning wrenches .. But yesterday was a 7 hour day working on this girl. I am relieved to have smoothed out the tci issue. Ghostman
  9. Well after some more work here's what I found boogered up... Starter from the 99 is spinning like mad... Starting is all good now. Removed the tci via the hacksaw blade method.. That only took about 30 minutes. As I Removed the air box I found a mess! Both right boots from the airbox were not seated properly... And someone had silicones the boots in attempt to keep the oil seepage at bay. Well oil and silicone don't mix. Removed silicone and degreased the whole box and boots and all. Meanwhile I open the tci box and dribbles the tell tail teaspoon of water... The contacts and plugs were corroded as well. So into the oven for a bake... Btw do not do this in a smaller toaster over... Don't ask lmao. Clean the contacts and reassemble the tci in its new home on top of the air box... Covered by a freezer Baggie barrier. I relocated the r/r unit from the air box to the pocket under the class controller. What a booger that airbox was to reinstall.. Especially that lower oil drain back hose. The oil drain back hose nearest the engine was hard and brittle... After the return from the auto parts store with new hose everything went back together. Today she is pulling smooth and strong in all gears with no hesitation or tach drop out. I am a happy man! It seems for now I have chased off this round of gremlins and can go twist the the throttle... Thanks again for everyone's past contributions that make the search feature so useful here! Ghostman:322:
  10. Thanks Bongobobny... Sounds like that will be my next project lol. Since I have the upgraded r/r on the air box I will have to find a different place for that tci... But after reading Barends posts... Looks like he took care of a lot of age related stuff already on this old girl. Nice knowing the history of any vehicle.
  11. Hopefully this issue is solved now that I put the 99 RSV 4brush starter in... Along With the cold start thing. Ghostman
  12. Well look there... It's my bike.... Or your old bike lol. Very cool! How did it ride with that side car? Yeah I am certain those brackets are long gone. I got it from a consignment seller so no telling. Glad to know it did come from a member here... When did you get rid of it? Today she starts strong and ran great for about 12 miles. After a set of train tracks the tach starts dropping again and she ran like a slug. Looks like I will be digging in and checking those tci connections... Maybe relocate it. Man until it started sputtering it sure was strong... Ghostman
  13. Wow Barend! I think we need to chat! I knew someone here had to know about this old girl. I see you are in Easley... I am in piedmont... So there is one button and one switch on the right as you mention. I found and taped up the driving lights wires... They were missing when I got her and I didn't test the circuit yet. I will def be adding lights back there. I presume the button is for the horn which has no power and got damaged... Horn will be replaced. Ooh that is what that is on my air box??? Sweet an upgraded voltage system makes me even happier. I was just trying to figure that box out earlier today lol. Reading up on it now. Yep on the LEDs lol.. But one blinked on shortly! Thank you for your insight. What is the deal with that block on the frame? Nice to run across someone who knows this bike... Ghostman
  14. @Venturous: Thanks! I dig the trimmed back side plastics on your purple beast. Thinking of doing similar. Would have loved to ride to Asheville had she been sorted out. @Trader: haha I can vouch for that... My project Nissan 240sx is always needing something for the past 10 years lol @ Van: Much appreciated @ Carbon_One: Yup you're hooked lol. I accidentally only got one of the big orings for the plastic elbow when I went to the dealer... sooo I dabbed a thin coat of lucas power steering stuff on one old one and let in warm up in the sun. Thankfully than one is holding for now. @Snaggletooth: yeah it was love at first sight... I just couldn't let her sit in that storage building unwanted lol. Wow I just noticed you have the same headlight set up. That is one of things I really liked about the bike. Any info on it? Somebody was definitely working on the old girl... So I feel like I found a score. Oh I forgot to mention it already has the spin on oil filter adapter and a beefy fork brace as well. Seems like a lot of the mods I have read about that I would have done, have already been done for me... :cool10: Ghostman
  15. Haha thanks Yammer Dan! Long time gear head so I don't mind tinkering lol.
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