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  1. Ok, I hope someone has a quick / easier / inexpensive fix for this one.. Because I park the bike in the garage over night with the key in the ignition, and seldom stop longer than a fuel stop when traveling, I just noticed that when I pull the key out, the little cover jobbie doesn't cover up the hole that the key fits into.. So if left out over night, and it rains, I'm going to be heading for some problems with rust and such and be out of an ignition switch / lock.. I've sprayed it with WD40 and other products but can't seem to make it move to cover the hole.. Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. Found this post over on the Delphi Goldwing II forum. Have not tried it, cannot vouch for it, just thought I would pass it along. Not sure I have a need for it here in Florida, but may do it just to check it out one day. Cross posted from GL1800Riders.com GL1800 Remote Starter Feature Being that it’s too cold to ride, I figured I’d take the Wing in for a checkup. While it was in the service department, I had a rare opportunity to hang out with the mechanic as he did the requested service and he shared with me a feature of the Wing that I never knew was there. He said he’s seen it on the ‘net but I never have so I thought I’d post it for those of you that don’t already know about it. The 1800 has a remote start feature that utilizes the remote key fob. Once it is programmed it works really well. Nice for those of us in the colder climates, the bike will be warmed up when I get to it. I won’t have to sit there and warm it up so it doesn’t stumble as I pull away. The mechanic said that Honda was planning on having it as a feature but with everyone being so lawsuit happy they backed away from having it in case a sensor switch went bad or something and allowed the bike to start in gear. (damned lawyers ruin everything) So, instead it is an “unsupported feature”. There is no warranty coverage on this feature, officially it doesn’t exist. Sort of like the opening ceremony option. Anyway, he did mine for me but I wrote down the program sequence to pass along. Here it is…. With the key in the LOCKED position and the trunk open, press the CALL button on the remote. When the horn sounds press UNLOCK.. Immediately press CALL again. When the horn sounds hit UNLOCK. Hit CALL one more time and as soon as the horn sounds, latch (close) the trunk and within 3 seconds turn the key to the ON position. When correctly completed, the CALL button becomes the REMOTE START button. Resetting the ECU or disconnecting the battery resets the CALL button to its previous function and the process will need to be repeated to make it work again. The bike must be on the center stand in neutral and the fork must be locked for this feature to work. Once the bike is running, you must insert your key and turn the ignition switch to ON before you take the bike off the center stand or it will immediately kill. Works great! Try it, you’ll like it.
  3. Just wondering if you can get a key made from the serial number from a dealer
  4. Good afternoon. I've googled a bit and looked around some on this site and have a quick question. Just picked up an 84 Venture and am trying to take the saddle bags off. There's a key toward the back and it does rotate freely. What do you do after you turn the key to remove the bags? I've pulled back, pushed forward and pulled straight out. I'm wondering if the key itself is actually doing anything, almost too easy for a 30 yr old lock. TIA
  5. Here's the numbers key as a .pdf file attachment -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA NGK Spark Plug Number Key.pdf
  6. Left work tonight and got about a mile down the road and the bike died, as though it had run out of gas. Tried to restart and it didn't even try to fire. I turned the key off and on and noticed just a single click. Does a mile sound about right if the fuel pump is not working? I tried the key several more times and heard several clicks and was lucky enough to get it started and got home. Is that a typical fuel pump problem? Is there anything else I should check? What about warranty? Thanks Mark
  7. when I push the start button down the lights draw down and it blows the ignition fuse . The main wire going to ignition switch on side of bike gets very hot when key in on position. Any ideas ? I have replace the starter relay and the starter cut out relay Please help...
  8. installed awolo airhorn sunday morn, did everything accordingto what i"ve found in here,wired according to paper with horn,and what i"ve read in here! turned key on and horn beepedshort and sweetly without metouching the horn button,when i did pressthe horn button it worked fine! every time i turn the key on the horn beep"s.still have front one hooked up itchurp"s too. What did I miss or screw up:confused24::
  9. Was underneath the bike today and noticed my bell is gone. Key ring it was mounted with is still there though. Looks like the bell rubbed off a lot on the key ring. Does the pewter ring wear through? I like to have my bell swinging free. I am wondering if it needs to be installed so that it doesn't swing? Ross
  10. My father passed away a few years back and this was his bike it probably has been parked almost 7 8 years... I would love to rebuild this just because it was his and he loved to ride and so do I ... I have lots of questions... But lets start slow... First I have never rebuilt a bike... And second I have no keys so once I get the key situation handled where should I start this long road project... I know it's not going to happen over night I don't have unlimited funds but I am willing to do the work
  11. Saw a 1st gen, Blue parked at Gilberts in Key largo this afternoon. could not find the owner. anyone from here?
  12. I just bought a '99 RSV, and the original owner had replaced the ignition switch, leaving me with a different key for the rest of the locks. My question is, since they are double-sided keys, if two locksets can be cut on the same key? I know there are more pins/tumblers in these locks, but on older Ford vehicles you could cut 2 different vehicle ignition keys on one key, one on one side, one on the other, it would require a blank key to start out with. Just an inquiring mind thing.
  13. Went to use one of the helmet locks on my RSV and discovered that the "guts" of the lock are gone. I can see a small spring at the back of the opening and the lock and "hook" are still there but the rest is gone. Is it possible to get just that part or do I have to search out a whole new lock? And if I get a new lock, is it possible to change over the old lock cylinder so that I don't wind up with a second key? Thanks, Andy
  14. Bike feels like it's running out of gas at mid to high RPM. I took the fuel pump off and tested it to see if it was pumping fuel. I put the intake hose in a container of fuel and the outlet side above the same container and turned the key on. The pump will run and pump gas but will only run for approx. 5 seconds and then stop. If I turn the key off and turn it back on...the pump will again run and pump gas for 5 seconds and stop again. I this normal?? Mark
  15. I'm having entirely too much fun here:bang head::bang head:. Pulled the bike in last week to change the brake pads in back and the caliper sticks, so I ordered a rebuild from Earl and have a hard time bleeding it, but worse I accidentally left the key in the ACC mode and drained the battery. Now, after sitting on a 2amp charge overnight I still can't start the bike!!!:headache: Acts as though there is not enough juice. Battery says 11 amp with the key on, hit the starter and she drops to 7.5 or so and just clicks. I even tried starting her with the charger in start mode and she tries, but doesn't fully turn over. I'm tempted to say the battery is fried but how could this have killed the battery?? Battery was new this past summer. Need some help quick folks, I'm tired of driving the wife's car and the weather's been too nice as well
  16. Weird problem today.key on no fuel pump noise. All lights radio electrical worked. Turned key off on couple times nothing.turned off ,waited then key on, click of a relay,fuel pump heard then bike started.. any ideas Fuel pump bailing?..relay need replacing?.... 2008rsv with 8000mi Thanks les
  17. Had my 06 fairing laid forward for shock maintenance. When finished I tried to hook the battery back up. The + lead sparked even with the key off and it made a noise like a starter solenoid when the battery is low. Bike won't start and the battery goes dead in a short time. Again this happens with the key off...any ideas?
  18. Guest

    Lost Key

    Okay. Sorry if this has been covered. Lost a key for the RSV so I don't have a spare. Dealer says key code is irrelevant and that he doesn't have a blank. Actually, several dealers said the same thing. Supposedly Yamaha farms out replacement keys. It would appear replacing a key shouldn't be that complicated. Thanks, Boomerbiker
  19. Not sure why there is one on the bike. I hate hitting it while riding and would love to disarm it. is there a way to do this? I can understand more so on maybe an ATV or something. but why on the venture? please make me understand this . If you crash/fall off or something , why couldn't you just turn the key off? I myself would love to just disable it. has anybody done this ? Darn thing is just in my way. seems about as useless as the cassette player. thanks, Jeff
  20. I have a 1st Generation Venture Royal. Is there a code number to use to get a replacement ignition key made and where can I find it. Thanks, racerod129
  21. Tonight I tried to go for a ride on my 06RSV. It started, but was hardly running...then would stop after 15 seconds of chugging. I kept trying & almost ran the battery out. It would try to start, and sometimes did, but then seemed like it was only running on 1 cylinder. When I quit trying, I felt the pipes & 1 was hot (left rear) but the other 3 were just barely warm. I pulled all the plugs & they looked ok. Noticed that I wasn't hearing the fuel pump click when turning key on. I drained fuel from 2 carbs & turned on key...still no clicking. I rapped on the fuel pump...still nothing. I didn't check the fuel filter...it's fairly new...but if the pump isn't clicking I didn't see a reason to. Is there more checking I should do or is it definitely a dead pump?
  22. Has any one use a spray cleaner to clean Ing. switch mine is sticking some times when I put key in and try to turn on bike
  23. Iv'e looked through page after page,and can't find anybody having my problem. I can turn the key off of my 2002 RSV and put it on the kick stand and walk away, and the next thing you know the radio and my GPS that is plugged into my 12v outlet comes on. I can get back on the bike push the starter button, it won't start then I can set it back on the stand and it go's back off. All with the key in my hand. After standing it up, and it coming back on,then setting it back on the stand,and it going back off several times it stays off. Now it has set for a few days I get on the bike stand it up and it comes on. I start it, the battery is charged I turn it off and the radio and GPS is still on after the key is out. I lean the bike over on the stand it go's off.
  24. I replaced that mess that used to be my fuse box on the 83. It sure was easy, the kit is well put together and very easy to install with Skydoc's instructions........... I couldnt wait to turn the key on and see the electrical system come back to life...............nothing happened, I checked all the wiring again, did exactly as he stated in the instructions...........everything is right. Thought maybe the battery was dead so I hooked the charger up to it and then tried the key again...........nothing. Stood there scratching my head, then the light went on...........You gotta put fuses in it before it will work.:bang head:............man did I feel like a total idiot.:doh:.........gotta pick up the fuses today on the way home from work.
  25. Got the carbs on, and was trying to adjust the mixture screws, which were turned all the way in. All 4 were stuck. Got 3 of them loose, but the last one rounded out the screw head. Pulled the carbs, took the one with the stripped screw off the rack, and got the screw out with an easy out. Reassambled my carbs and reinstalled. Now it seems to be running on all 4 cylinders. But I had fuel pouring out of the small plastic overflow on all 4 carbs (pic below). Gave them a few taps with a rubber mallet and 2 of them stopped, but 2 of them are still running a constant stream when the key is on and after the key is off.I am assuming that is because the bowl is still full. I am thinking stuck floats, or float level Any input is appreaciated.
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