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Found 24 results

  1. 87 vr. My cruise control isn't working. Does anyone know the probable cause? When I turn it on, the 'set' and 'resume' lights turn on for about 3 seconds then back off. The 'on' light never turns on. I then turn it off and back on, same thing. I can here the relay clicking.
  2. Just bought an '88 Venture last night. The owner said it was making a clicking sound from the rear. From what I've read it sounds like the axle may need to be aligned? Is it safe to ride it like this? I really would like to take it for a spin. Thank you.
  3. Went out tonight to start my bike, pulled the choke, turned the ingnition on....no fuel pump clicking. Pushed the starter switch anyway, fired right up but low idle rpm's with choke on....not good. Tried to give a little throttle....died . Recycled the ignition no clicking, no starting. Put the cover back on her and got in the Tahoe and went to work a very unhappy soul. I think a new fuel pump is coming. I think it has been intermittent for a few weeks now though. Never died or left me stranded but I would notice the pump not clicking after being parked for a day or more. I think when I tried starting the bike maybe the pump made connection then and I could'nt here it over the starter/engine turning over and she would ignite. I still have warranty till November, but I don't know if I should take it in. My luck, is when I get it there, it will work just fine and I will be out my bike for a week. Are you guy's having good luck with your after market $45.00 pumps? If so, I will just go buy one of those and be done with it. Thanks, Carl
  4. wondering if someone can help! is there anyway to bypass the class air system on my 1986 yamaha venture royale? I bought it a week ago and it isnt working. e-4 message can hear the pump clicking. took the controller out checked for soldier breaks. Im thinking this is gonna be a lot of work! so can I bypass the system so I can ride? thanks for any help!
  5. My bike has started clicking if it does not start right up. So far I have continue to try to start it and it starts and the clicking stops. I have been told that the 1300 do not have a silonode (sp) but has some of typ of gear engage system instead and that is what might be causing the noise. Anyone now or had any similiar problems? Thanks
  6. Tonight I tried to go for a ride on my 06RSV. It started, but was hardly running...then would stop after 15 seconds of chugging. I kept trying & almost ran the battery out. It would try to start, and sometimes did, but then seemed like it was only running on 1 cylinder. When I quit trying, I felt the pipes & 1 was hot (left rear) but the other 3 were just barely warm. I pulled all the plugs & they looked ok. Noticed that I wasn't hearing the fuel pump click when turning key on. I drained fuel from 2 carbs & turned on key...still no clicking. I rapped on the fuel pump...still nothing. I didn't check the fuel filter...it's fairly new...but if the pump isn't clicking I didn't see a reason to. Is there more checking I should do or is it definitely a dead pump?
  7. Hi folks, have a (rare) problem on my Wing. The self cancel continues to self cancel even though it has already canceled successfully the first time. All signals are working fine and the blinkers cancel at rates I'm happy with but the continual clicking at the switch is a distraction as it attempts to continually turn off an already canceled signal. Any wisdom on this? Thanks! -JK
  8. My bike has been doing this for some time. When Im moving forward at any speed I hear a clicking or grinding sound comming from the rear wheel. To me it sounds like a rotor out of balance, but when I put a drag on the brake the sound is still there. Its not a noise that is constant . Maybe I can explain with this. Sounds like Im putting something in my spokes and taking it out every half of turn. I have greased everything . 19000 miles. PS.... Hey everybody its been a long time.
  9. Including my 88 I don't know what Carl did when he put the trunk box etc together on my bike .... but my class WAS working before I tore everything apart. Now it is dead....nothing....no display....no clicking....zilch...zip...nada. Where do I start?
  10. I have started hearing a clicking when I depress the clutch handle on my 07 trike. Also I heard it when I let off the gas when at a slow speed.It will just click once or twice. Is this anything to worry about.It sounds like it comes from the second chrome cover on left side of motor when sitting on the bike.
  11. I have a 2008 Venture and up until now, everytime I turned the key on and moved the kill switch to the on position, I immediately heard a series of clicking noises which I presumed was the fuel relay. My battery had died and I recharged it and now it makes no clicking sound but it will start OK. Have I fried the relay or is that even what the noise was. I called the stealer and he said as long as it starts and runs it is nothing to worry about but I don't know. Please help.
  12. Since I replaced my rear brakes last week, I am getting a clicking sound when I apply my brakes. It's kind of like haing a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle (Hush, Yammer). It's not quite that loud, but I can hear it. I already tore it back down, and everything looks like it should. I am thinking it is just pad vibration. The pads are EBC HH sintered. Anyone else experience this?
  13. hello people got a code of E4 on the computer, book says something about solenoid output? did the whole wire check and jumping to insure the compressor is working and the valves and yes all clicking and working,but there is a relay underneath headlight how do you check that or would that even be my problem sure could use help thanks
  14. Thanks to some very generous members here I have been able to post some items up for auction. They can be found in the classified section under St. Jude auctions. You can also access it by clicking on this banner at the top of the page when it appears. Remember all proceeds from these auctions go to the Kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
  15. I have a bizzarre issue where the rear wheel disk rotor is for some reason out of alignment with the brake caliper housing. This has caused the rotor to actually come in contact with the housing, and I do not know how this issue started. There are clues. First I purchased the bike making a bad clicking noise when the rear brake was applied. Also, then as now, the rear brake pulsates at low speed- or the pulsing is less apparent at high speed. The clicking went away when I noticed the pinch bolt on the rear axle was loose. When I tightened it, and the axle was secured, the clicking dissappeared. When the caliper was removed, it was obvious the rotor was contacting the inboard (wheel) side of the housing, as it is mounted on the bike. A local Yammer mechanic said i was probably missing a spacer, but viewing the exploded views of the manual and parts catalog, this is not clear to me that i'm missing anything. It is possible that the previous owner or his freind Homer left something out when doing a tire change or something. I have used two washers on the caliper housing mounting bolts to offset the housing towards the wheel by 1/16 - 3/32 towards the wheel side, this looks like it has helped. The Yammer mechanic said the pads are supposed to float, and adjust to the wheel position. The brake is functional. the pads are hopefully "reseating", but all ain't rite. Suggestions, you motor-heads?
  16. I have read the threads I could find so far.. but I notice a few have said theirs clicks when they hook up before their passenger. But once the passenger hooks up it goes away. That is my problem. And seeing I ride solo a fair amount but still want to be able to use the CB and my cell phone (through the Zumo) but the clicking is driving me crazy. Anyone come up with a easy solution to this? Or will I need to completely shield the cabling back to the passenger connection?
  17. I bought the universal adpater from edsets so I can use earbuds with the intercom system on my bike. The sound is excellent but I can't stand the clicking noise of the engine. With the regular intercom connection I can hear the noise but it isn't loud enough to cause a problem. With the earbuds with the adapter the noise is so loud it drives my crazy. I've read on here where you can move the wires around under the tank and sometime the noise will go away. Which wires under the tank do you move to correct this and are there any other ways to stop the clicking? Thanks, Eddie
  18. My 2006 RSTD recently developed a clicking sound at approx. 4000 miles. I first noticed it when backing bike out of garage with the engine off. When slowing down for a stop I noticed it again. It appears to be coming from the rear of the bike, but it does not sound like a dragging pad. I checked gear oil, and it was full. Anyone have the same noise. Missed a beautiful weekend because of concern of doing damage. I did install a Barons rear lowering kit when I first got the bike, but I checked and everything is tight.
  19. Let me first say that I realize this forum is mainly dedicated to the Venture and Tour Deluxe. That said, I posted on a board for VStar 650s and have not gotten any response. And with the vast knowledge here, I am hoping some one can offer some insight. I rode the VStar 650 the other day and when coasting into the driveway (left turn), heard a clicking sound from the rear tire. I put the bike up on the lift and spun the tire. I could hear what I think is the wheel bearings rattleing, as if they are dry, but no clicking. Drove the bike around the neighborhood and never heard the clicking. Today I rode this bike to work. Once there, I circled around the parking lot, pulled in the clutch and coasted a left turn or 2. No clicking heard. When I returned home, and did my normal coast into the driveway, I initially heard no noise, but then leaned a little more and "click, click, click." The final drive fluid was changed about 350 miles ago with Castrol Syntech. Rear tire was changed 2000 miles ago by a trusted dealer (known this dealer most my life and good friend of my dad's) and I was told the splines were greased. My thought is I need to replace the rear wheel bearings and grease everything up while it is apart. Any other thoughts? Thanks Bronson
  20. hi all just got this in today from wingstuff :banana: http://www.wingstuff.com/codebase/data/magick_cache/0cae441cc683bacb24ff22d5e5cb44b9.gif i hooked them up in my wife's and my helmets today and the question is this we have a clicking in the speakers (headsets) it sounds like a spark click what do y'all think it is thanks George C
  21. Folks, I introduce you to the new V-Max, well, at least his exhaust signature... Crank up the volume before clicking the link. http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/products/lifestylehome/home.aspx
  22. When backing my new Venture with only 700 miles on it out of the garage tonight it was making a clicking sound coming from the back when rolling backwards, is this normal? Also thought I heard a little click click click when I was pulling back into the driveway tonight. Any thoughts??
  23. OK, chaulk this up for a new owner getting to know his bike. When I turn the ignition switch to the "on" position, everything lights up fine... but I also hear a clicking noise for about one second or so. Help a newbie learn more. What is the sound that I am hearing. Thx. in advance.
  24. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. Yamaha does not seem to be able to fix it so far. I have an 06 RSV with 30,000km that has just developed a clicking noise in the rear end. It only occurs when the bike is rolled backwards and only when the components are hot. Yamaha has dismantled the differential (rear end) replaced a suspect bearing, checked all the clearances but can not find anything wrong. I told them about the drive pin clearance/lubrication issues (discussed on this web site) however they believe the noise is coming from the differential. They are reluctant to replace the differential becauase they have already replaced two correcting another problem. This problem was not evident until the new differential had done over 1,000km. Has anyone heard of this problem?
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