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  1. I use the Rotella T Synthetic. O'Reilly Auto has it on sale now until April 10 for $19.99 per gallon jug.
  2. Find an independent motorcycle/atv shop. They will normally mount and balance pretty cheap as long as you do the work of taking the wheels off the bike. Local shop by me charged $25 per tire. If he did the labor to remove and install, price would have gone up by shop charge ($65/hour at that time).
  3. Try this one. http://www.650ccnd.com/
  4. Might end up doing that anyhow. Told superstore that if it does not ship today, I will cancel the order.
  5. Yes, they USUALLY are fast. That is what really irritates. Being only 30 miles from the warehouse, in the past, my orders have arrived next day. That and the fact that when I ordered the parts were "Available." That is very misleading. Available to me means they are in the warehouse and available for immediate shipping.
  6. Order a set of brake pads on Tuesday. When I placed the order it said they were "Available." Having had great luck with them in the past, I expected them to ship out within 24 hours. Now 48 hours later, they still have not shipped. I call customer service and was told that "Available" means that they can get it from the manufacturer NOT that it is in stock at the warehouse. Add to that, the Louisville warehouse is no more than 2 miles out of my way when going to work. They have an outlet store there but no longer allow Will Call, so I am paying $6.99 for them to ship 30 miles to my house
  7. Lived in OKLA for 12 years. Never been very close to a tornado there. The one here in southern Indiana missed us by about 3 miles. Pictures (tv and paper) do not do it justice. We did not have damage, but know several people that did.
  8. My thoughts are that if I have to take it apart, it would be just as well to change the plates.
  9. Read the how to in the tech section. Is SkyDoc's clutch for RSV? When i looked in member vendor area it only listed 1st gen. Guess the question really is, is it just the plates/disks that get replaced (OEM job?) I will have no problem doing the work, just need a parts list I guess. Little anal that way. LOL Thanks
  10. Just under 43K miles on 2007 RSV, clutch is starting to slip at high rpms. No trailer towing, mostly solo riding. Is it worth the upgrade or just go with OEM style? Is there a complete kit or do I have to order parts separately? Or do I just need new friction plates? What parts will I need? Never done a clutch before, so not sure what gets replace and what might get reused. Where is the best place to get clutch parts? THANKS
  11. Cleaning the windshield today, I noticed one side is very loose (broken mount). Warranty is good until Feb 28, 2012. I know there is a "fix" in the tech section, but will Yamaha do anything about it under warranty?
  12. Thanks Dale (Midnight Rider) and Cindy (Cinderella) for the help getting us moved. If anyone needs a gun safe moved, Dale now has experience.
  13. Just say "No" to Metz! Too many bad experiences here with them. I my 2nd set of E3s. LOVE THEM!
  14. Pretty sure my pump is going south. But it is very hard to tell because it is intermittent. Makes it near impossible to get it replaced under warranty. Last time mine died like that, I turned the fuel selector to reserve and it ran. I try not to let the tank get below 1/2 and keep the few tools needed in the side bag to bypass the pump
  15. That's what I have done. I also have 2 bicycle hangers in the garage ceiling that are anchored into the rafter. Once I get the bike up on the lift, I use some tie down straps on the handlebars and hook to the bicycle hooks. Done it that way twice now.
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