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  1. Yup...You guessed it... The 650 VStar and RSV have a lot more in common than the gas caps.... Although not the same part number, they do not sell the final drive shaft assembly seperatly(as it must mesh exactly with its counterpart in the hub). They do sell the coupling gear for 18.29. So I Need a 650 Yamaha Rear axel Gear case assembly. Part no# 5FB-46101-00-00 or 5FB-46101-01-00 The splines are completely gone, they were rusty, as no grease was ever put on them.... So word of warning... all you RSV and 650 owners need to pull the driveline and grease the splines on th
  2. Ok guys and girls EUSA1 and I were discussing the Mustang wide, one piece seat. Best replacement for stock 2002 seat(not pillowtop)? Worth 650 bucks? Anyone got an extra one sitting around I can use for a day or two to try? 650 clams is a lot for a seat that doesn't feel any better than stock for my and my beautiful wife AKA passenger. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.......that is all
  3. Here is a few pics of my son and his 1st bike. 05 V-Star 650 Classic. Let the good times begin!
  4. Anyone here buy a '84 Venture Royale sometime around 2005 from Hacker's? Two tone gold, ran real go-o-o-o-d, heel/toe shifter and some other stuff. I think they fixed the 2nd gear problem before setting it out to sell. I know who traded it in for a V-STAR 650.
  5. One of my girlfriends is wanting her 1st bike....she's never taken a safety course, she says she will but I am not sure she will. She's got in her head she wants a crotch rocket, something about a 650 or larger. She's headstrong about things and when her mind's set she'll do it even if it's going to hurt her. I'm trying to convince her to get a Vstar 650 or the like as a 1st bike, what am I to do? Her Dad rides as well but he has a crotch rocket and has many yrs of experience with riding. HELP!
  6. Sister and her husband just picked up a used 2005 650 Silverado Classic. Bike didn't have an owners manual. I'm looking for an on-line source (cheap to free, LOL) of a manual or service guide. Or better yet, a forum/website similar to this that I can steer them too for advice and assistance as they may require it. Thanks.
  7. When I was 16 I had a big Yamaha 650 (I think it was 650) it was Red and White and it did not have a strater button it had a lever with a cable that went down to the starter. Does anyone know the model or the year I would like to find one to restore.
  8. hello my brother has a 03 vstar 650 we are to go riding in the nc mountains tomorrow but he wants me to change his cluthch cable first is this hard to do and how do you adj it thank you bumble bee 1999 rsv lexington sc
  9. Never could find the articule about loose screws on a RSV, but, I know it will happen to the: left and right saddlebag lids trunk lid Now, for my story... Thursday I decided to take the 650 VStar midnight custom out for a spin and rode about 50 miles. Was going down a straight away when "sprong" the top of my gas cap came off and started to go to the road. I hit it with my right knee and it landed in my lap. Then, a metal/rubber section came up and i did the same thing. I slowly stopped and looked at pieces in my lap. In all 3 pieces. A brass piece a rubber piece and the chrome topp
  10. Anyone know where I can down a Service Manual for 650 V star 2005 free?
  11. Little Bob


    Thinking of running Rottella T6 in my 07 venture and my daughters v star 650. 15w-40 or 5w -40. I know this has been bet to death but running amsiol now.
  12. Looks like we worked out a deal for Dan, (my 16 yoa son) buying a 2001 V-Star 650 Custom with just 5275 miles on it. The testing deal is for $2000.00 We will be going to Walnut Grove, MN on Saturday to check it out. If it runs ok and he fits on it, it will be trailered home. (high only 27 degrees forcast) The only problem I can see from the Craig's list pics is that it was laid down once and has a dent the fuel tank. I think, hope, that could be fixed easily. If not, I think we could locate a replacement. Pinwall more than likely. Wish us luck Dave
  13. For those familiar with Honda Nighthawk: I just got a request to work on a (claimed to be) 1994 Honda 650 Nighthawk with a clutch problem. Issues describes are kind of vauge at this point but what I'm running into is I'm not seeing a '94 650 Nighthawk in my searches for info. Only a 750. I'm a bit familiar with the mid 80's Hawks. Did Honda make a 650 up into the 90's? I haven't seen the bike yet so I can't refer to VIN# or other identifiers. Just trying to get a head start on this before I commit to taking it in. Mike
  14. A couple is coming this afternoon to look at our 650 Silverado. Them them ride it or no, so long as they have MC endorsement on license?
  15. We looked at bikes! We went to 3 different dealers here, one sells only yamaha, one sells all metric bikes, and the last was the HD dealer. The Yammy dealer was eh on assistance with the bikes, the sales guy highly suggested the Vstar 250 as his "daily" bike, but it was too small, was a bit eh on him looking at the 650, and over all the inventory was low. after hubby sitting on a few bikes and getting an idea of what feels ok based on what that dealer had we went to the other dealer that sells all metric. One of the managers was kind enough to walk us through all the bikes on the floor, no
  16. Buzman sent me this pic that his wife found of my 86 VR and my kids. Thought I would share. Should have said this was an old pic. He rides a sportster now and she rides a Yam 650 twin.
  17. I've ridden a motorcycle since 14 years of age. Got a motorcycle license shortly after I turned 16. Didn't have a car license till I turned 19. Bikes ridden include : Suzuki T250 70's model(wish I had it back), 175 Yamaha Enduro, 1969 honda 350 (extreemely top heavy) 197? 650 triumph(shifter/brakes on wrong side), Yamaha RD 400 (last 2 cycle street, twisted speedo cable off) 2000 Rm 250 Suzuki(wild ride above 5000 rpm), 2002 DRZ 400 Suzuki(to heavy for woods riding), 2005 Vstar 650(perfect well balanced 300 mile bike), 2007 Midnight Venture. Now that you know my backround, my first impr
  18. Anyone know where I can get a maintenance manual for a 2009 V Star 650. My brother just won it in a Raffle for $25. It only had 800 miles. I would like to find a manual for him if possible and I know that if there is a manual for a Yamaha anywhere on the web, someone on this site would know where it is.
  19. Left at 6am today From Sudbury and headed to WAWA the Back...... X country Way..... and...... back at 8pm 1127 kms(699.86 miles) and 4 rest stops to ease my butt... I see I still can do it with a few surprises of lock joint in my clutch fingers IM planning a trip or 2 to the USA still waiting for My Enchanced Drivers Licence If not this year next:dancefool: My little KLR 650 was packed 2 man tent , a sleeping bag , mattress, Umbrella, fishing rod , tools, camera, cover, first aid kit, GPS( OLD SCHOOL... MAPS):rotfl:etc etc etc. I average 57 mpg at a speed of 120km on and off the
  20. My 21 yr. old daughter, Laurel and her first bike. Its an 02 v star 650 custom. http://s608.photobucket.com/albums/tt166/ventureroyale/Laurel%20bike/
  21. OK, I've spent an hour looking for the dang oil filter on JoDees bike. Can anybody help me on this one? It's a 650 Vstar Classic 2006. If you have a drawing via manual it would be MUCH appreciated. God Bless. Mike
  22. Hey guys I'm wondering if any of you work in the constuction field. Particularly Boilermakers, Ironworkers, Industrial Safety and such. I was employed as a Safety Rep using my Paramedic/people skills to keep workers safe when I was was lucky (or not) enough to be hired as a Directional Driller. Then after a few months the company decided to lay of 650 at one time. I am also a Boilermaker and have my book. So, if anyone knows of anything going on let me know. Thanks
  23. We recently compared in the showrooms most of the tour bikes again: Venture, Gold Wing, Electra Glide Classic, and BMW’s offering. For room and "back seat approval" the Venture wins. Just can’t get ourselves to "Do It;" On any of those available choices. Fact is there are no bad ones, they are all good and/or better in some way or the other. The wife loves her 2008 400 Burgman, and is hinting on the 2009 650 version for me. You know, in the real world it just might be the right choice. When my lady speaks, I listen. Believe it or not, It’s down to Venture or Burgman 650. Almost world
  24. I have been wanting one for a while so today I went and got one. I had a ball riding it today its lite nimble and pretty peppy. No its not a venture its an 08 klr 650 thats right a second gen klr 650. http://www.klr650.net/2008_kawasaki_klr650_review/
  25. Can't really think of a place for this, but I've got a 86VR, a 05 RSTD and a 80 xs650 bobber, (work in progress) So, I'm thinking that I really don't need two BIG bikes, so I might just as well get a 650 dual purpose bike. It seems like a nice combination to me: 05 RSTD (go anywhere bike) xs 650 Bobber (fun little hot rod) and a dual purpose bike, (maybe go to work, the woods, just blast around) Of course this means the 86 VR has got to go. One last thing, money is an object. What do you all think? Steve
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