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    2007 Venture royal midnight
  1. That is sweet looking sign me up for a set of those! My 07 midnight would luv them and that light is wicked! Great job! Let us know the price!
  2. Where would the tach go! And would you be willing put them in? Nice road trip during the summer months. Could come and see you.
  3. Hello Everybody, Looking for someone to help me install a 3 gauge setup like pounch used to make. Have the gauges but cannot find a list of what else I need. Not to handy when it comes to installing this type of stuff. Thank you in advance. I am in central Wi
  4. Will be sending my seat soon. Needs to be reworked. You have done it once but I have lost 180lbs so it is really flat if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!LOL
  5. :cool10:Keep pumping the handle. It took me ten minutes but it will come back.
  6. Hello All, Anyone have or no of someone selling a set? Need for 02 venture.
  7. They have not made them for yrs. Look on e bay or pinwheel. Or you can go to your local dealer and have look in there computer for anyone that may have a set. FOUND MY IN A LITTLE SHOP IN GEORIGA.
  8. I have a set of factory lower wind deflectors. No hardware in great shape. $40 plus shipping.
  9. I also have a pair. Just the plastic pieces used the brackets for the chrome ones I put on. Best offer.
  10. Oh, You're a real friend. The door is wide open to rip on him. But as long as he rides it does not matter what he rides or !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Couldn't help myself LOL!!
  11. I sent you a private email carbon one. Thank you in advance.
  12. Does venturedad still sale hitches?
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