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  1. Brock is our grandson who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes early last year. There are so many children who have Type 1 (the kind that they will have to have insulin for the rest of their lives). We would love to have you join in the walk or be a virtual walker. Any support you can give this cause would be greatly appreciated! JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, North Alabama 2015: Brock's Sugar Shakers - JDRF The JDRF Walk raises money for life-changing T1D research. Join the Walk today. www2.jdrf.org
  2. we are putting a large screen tv in our hall. all the inputs to the amp are full so we are thinking of sharing the rca type input currently used by a laptop to play music tv and music would never be on at same time thesound desk requires about 100 ft of wire from tv not too worried about concert hall quality sound...we use standard ceiling type speakers. can we run rca output from tv 100 ft to shared rca input to amp?
  3. Hello Everybody, Looking for someone to help me install a 3 gauge setup like pounch used to make. Have the gauges but cannot find a list of what else I need. Not to handy when it comes to installing this type of stuff. Thank you in advance. I am in central Wi
  4. Don't know what has happened over the past few days but I guess it's time for a reminder about the few rules that we have here. NO POLITICS NO PORNOGRAPHY NO PERSON ATTACKS NO RELIGIOUS DEBATE Those are the main ones. I have said it before but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. This is a family oriented site. It is hard to rate such things but I would say that if used a movie type rating, "PG" is probably where it would fall. This site is based on friendships and the shared passion for motorcycles. It is about what unites us, NOT those things that might tear us apart. I realize that there are things going on it the world that are of interest to many of us. There are things that we should be able to discuss on a technical basis without turning it into a political debate. The discussion on fracking is one of those things. So far, it has remained fairly technical and non-political but it has the potential of going south. If that happens, it will be deleted. There was another thread about Cuba. That is almost a purely political topic and has been deleted. Thanks
  5. djh3

    Rain Boots

    Just got back from a trip that I had to don the rain suit 4 out of 4 days of riding. 3 of the days was not bad an hour maybe 2. Anyways the last day I just rolled the suit, and boots up and bungied them to the trunk rack as it was easier. When I got home I noticed that the heel of my rain boot has a tear in it. The ones I have now are maybe 5 yr old so close to replacement. They are the "spyder" type that have a complete sole. I am thinking about the Tourmaster or Nelson Rigg type. The cover just the toe and the heel is open. Can anyone tell me do these keep your feet dry with the heel being open? Are they a good rain cover? Looked at the Hopnel rain gaiters but the couple reviews didnt seem like the folks were very happy about the fastening methiod.
  6. I have a few items from my fathers estate that I'm having trouble identifying. None of these items have any type of identifying markings on them. I remember seeing these in my grandmothers home when I was a young child. The 2 smaller figurines appear to be some type of resin cast. The double headed one is hand carved wood with a lever that raises and turns the heads as if they are kissing. I would classify it as Black folk art or Black Slavery Americana. Any help with info or points of reference would be great.
  7. I recently found a VR trailer hitch for my 86. But instead of a ball, or a hole to mount a normal ball it has what can best be described as a pin or stud. Roughly 3/4" in diameter. I am on a limited budget sort of for the trailer build and was thinking of getting a small Harbor Freight trailer to start the project. I'm leaning toward the model with 12" wheels as opposed to 8". Should roll better, less heat, etc. Is this thinking right? (In reading here, I may be over thinking this part.) Or will a Tag Along with it's 8" wheels and box already on be a decent choice. My local HF doesn't have one in stock to see "in person". So, with either trailer, should I modify the pin type hitch to accept the trailer (ball) coupler? Or remove the ball type coupler in favor of the pin type bike hitch? I'm probably going to have to make a modification to get level ride height anyway.
  8. Hi, Odd question about air pressure gauges. I have been carrying a stick type for some time and all has been well. The other day I stopped at a tire shop to top off the tires before a long ride. The air hose had a built in gauge and was reading almost 8 lbs different than my stick gauge. Is there that much difference in air gauges? If so, can someone recommend a specific brand or type to be more accurate? I thought about a digital gauge, but I assume it can be just as off. Thanks Dave 06 RSTD Pearl White.
  9. Why did the manufacturer of the computer mouse replace the roller ball type with the optic type? Because it's easier to clean a mouse's feet than it's balls!
  10. A friend is looking for a Horizontal 1 1/4" type Receiver Hitch for his 1998 Aspencade. Does any have one or know of one please ? Nothing in the Classifieds section. I thought there was a classified section for the Goldwings. Nothing in the other sections besides a Goldwing wheel for sale. Thank you for your help. Fuzzy
  11. Got this in my Inbox... Now through Nov. 15th receive an extra 10% off any order placed online at www.stadiumyamaha.com Just type in GIVEME10 in the coupon code at time of check out and you will get the extra 10% off.
  12. Wondering if you would share the type of hyway pegs you've installed on your MKII and why you like them.
  13. A couple months ago, I was reading some posting, concerning Ignition Coils ! Question: ? Sombody made mention that on his 2nd Gen, ( don't remember what year ) he had changed the Ignition Coils to some kind of Plug Over type Coil. ?? I assume he used coils from some other type of bike. Does anybody, know, or remember which member this was who made this posting ?? I have this type of Ignition Coil set up on my Busa, and am very interested is makeing this modification to my 08 RSTD if this is possible. Anybody remember this information, ???? I'm thinking that this mod might help reduce " Ignition Noise" in the AM radio system ?? ( well, maby it will ) :detective:
  14. The brake light is not working on my 98 royal star. The tail light works but no brakes light up in the front or rear levers. The light looks to be an led aftermarket and not stock bulb type. Any ideas on this?
  15. My question is what are the advantages of converting the oem cartridge filters to the spin on variety? Are the spin on versions a better filtering system then the oem's or is it because there's more choices using the spin ons? Also if switching to a spin on type who or where has the best conversion adapters? This is for an 83. Larry
  16. I have a dear old friend that I have known since high school, and he needs a little help from the big man above. He has suffered two strokes in the last 10 years, the first he recovered from, the second not so good, left side of his body is practically useless, cant walk without a cane or and only for short distances, uses a wheelchair most of the time, he is now in Tulane Hospital in New Orleans, has an infection in his good foot, (he is also diabetic) and might loose his big toe or worse his leg up to mid-calf. He has always been the strong silent type, but when I talked to him 2 nights ago after he was admitted to the hospital, he broke down and could hardly speak, he is normally not the emotional type and this really tore me up. Please offer up some prayer for him, he isnt a church person or religious at all, but I know that doesnt matter to the man above. He is the last of my life long friends that I have left and this hurts me as much as having it happen to family.........
  17. I am sure there is a thread somewhere but i am lazy... I am NOT spending 800 dollars on a gps. nuff said. what GPS units do ya'll recommend that are under 200- i got a 200 staples gift card at work. also, what type of weatherproofing and mounting did you come up with for the unit. I am in southeastern nc. i won't be riding in the rain intentionally. 'preciate your responses!
  18. I plan on buying a set of the v twin wide clamps. But I am in sort of a time crunch and may not have time to get the clamps shipped. So my question is do you all think as a temp fix a guy could use a worm type hose clamp?
  19. My source is still avalable. For a price guide the 5 3/4 inch will be just less than $10.00 includes (mailing to Canada and US and PayPal Fee). There are very good quality patch, both sew on or iron on. And the cost are very very reasonable. Sizes in inches 3 1/2 5 3/4 7 9 14 For Now all I need are the sizes and quantities. After I get the total order I'll then be able to get the group pricing per each size and will PM each individual for confirmation, Name, address and payment type. Please wait until I PM you before you send the info requested. It makes the house keeping process easier. Attached are some pictures of what I did. Cap 2 carry bags Coat
  20. 1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade - Triked with the same trunk that was on the two wheel bike. The pictures show what he has now and the parts are missing. He was at my house today to pick up a flag mount. [ATTACH]68202[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68203[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68204[/ATTACH] A friend at church needs a part for his latch on his trunk. He has looked and says he gives up. So I volunteered to help him find the part. I told him that I had connections that worked every time. He is not computer oriented. He needs this for his original trunk, part of the latch that is connected to allow the latch to grab hold of the top lid hasp. The lid is fairly large and it has a wind deflector sport type visor on it also. There is two parts there, one on each side of the lid. He said there is a part that goes in the latch on the bottom, a couple small rods of some type. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fuzzy
  21. Check out this new idea for a motorcycle ! http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-motorcycle-car-20120526,0,4147294.story tew47
  22. Just picked up a used 06' Midnight Venture. Wow. What a nice bike! The knucklehead before me used a screwdriver and can opener on the muffers for his version of modification. Now I'm looking for new mufflers. Any thoughts to brand, type, etc? I want it to sound healthy but not obnoxious. Thanks
  23. http://wingstuff.com/products/34009-vertical-trailer-hitch-for-2012-gl1800?from_search=1 Just wondering how many folks have saw this type hitch before on any bike brand ? I posted similar in the Wing section and not very much information there. So I supposed there might be other bikes that use this type hitch to. Just wondering please. I know I had never saw this type before, until it was brought to my attention. Thank you for any and all opinions. There are some up close pictures on the left side of the web page. Fuzzy
  24. http://wingstuff.com/products/34009-vertical-trailer-hitch-for-2012-gl1800?from_search=1 I would appreciate any information pertaining to this hitch type please. I have been ask to build a Flag Pole Stinger Mount to accommodate the Goldwings type hitch in the link. If there was enough of these type hitches being used, I would consider building a few for this type hitch. There are some extra pictures to the left on the link page. This type hitch says for a 2012 model Honda GW. I have a new design that looks better and I am in the process of getting some built up tomorrow and painted. I can also build these to include the Goldwing if there was enough interest and people using a hitch of this type. If you are not using this type hitch, then please tell me what type hitch you are using ? Pictures would really be appreciated. Thank you for any information you provide. Fuzzy
  25. Would some one please help me find a gentleman a reese type hitch for a 1700 Yamaha Roadstar. I found one here http://www.mchitch.com/Yamaha_RoadStar.htm This is the type hitch he wants but it is really pricey. The 1 1/4 " type hitch with stinger is what he needs. I ask him what year model bike and he has not got back to me as yet. Thanks for any and all help here. Fuzzy
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