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Found 20 results

  1. I've been using $40. 3/4 Fulmer helmets for the past couple years. They're 'green' [probably reason for good price. Mine gives me a sore spot on top of forehead after a few hundred miles, & Nav needs a face shield with hinge by ear, to block all air....she wears goggles with shield now due to dry eyes, but can't wear her glasses to see. We don't want full style, just 3/4 for a decent price. They are easy to find in catalogs, but that's like buying shoes from a catalog. I don't like a face shield, but it's a necessity for Nav. The visor is good for me to keep sun out, but Nav just needs shield with room for glasses, which are hard to find. I can move ears & mics over. Mine is easy, just a comfortable 3/4 & visor. Nav is harder with shield allowing room for glasses & pivot at ear, to keep air out. Any suggestions?
  2. Just tossing around an idea of upgrading to a 3/4 ton truck. I'm going to need one next spring for sure. I stopped at a Ford dealer and drove a F-250 with the 6.2 v8 gasser in it. Seemed like a good package for what little I drove it. I need the suspension etc. but I dont want a diesel. Wont use it enough as a workhorse to want to go full time diesel. I thought about the mileage issues etc. with gas vs. diesel. But adding a reliable 2nd pickup is another expense of licensing and insurance. Not to mention the cost of buying a good used 3/4 ton, would probly make it worth just buying a new 3/4 ton and having one good truck. So I guess I'm asking if anybody has any experience with the 6.2. My other option is going with a Dodge, havent ruled that out either.
  3. Somebody can help on how is the best and carefull way to remove the HD pipes to reinstall the original ones? I already remove the clamp, but seems that the inner pipe didn't moved at all when I can see that the bracket on the back already moved at least 3/4". Even the buffer is out, but I don't want to scratch anything. Thanks, Carlos :stirthepot:
  4. My source is still avalable. For a price guide the 5 3/4 inch will be just less than $10.00 includes (mailing to Canada and US and PayPal Fee). There are very good quality patch, both sew on or iron on. And the cost are very very reasonable. Sizes in inches 3 1/2 5 3/4 7 9 14 For Now all I need are the sizes and quantities. After I get the total order I'll then be able to get the group pricing per each size and will PM each individual for confirmation, Name, address and payment type. Please wait until I PM you before you send the info requested. It makes the house keeping process easier. Attached are some pictures of what I did. Cap 2 carry bags Coat
  5. ***SIGH*** PIP is over. Had a super great time, seeing a few old friends and making some new ones!! Followed Bubber home but he said he already had a dog and didn't need any more pets so we continued on the journey. Got out of Minnesota into Wisconsin and made it all the way to the same hotel we stayed at on the way down! Only difference is we are taking 3 days to get as far as we got in 2 days coming out here. Wisconsin is strange! They name their highways with letters instead of names! Also found a 8 3/4 Avenue! 8 3/4??? Why not 8.75?? What's up with a fraction in an avenue number??? Hoping to make the Indiana border by tomorrow evening...
  6. Just finished putting Harley Muffs on my 2009 RSV. Made my brackets, bought the wide clamps, spent 4 hours gently persuading the muffs on, cleaned them, put the bags back on and started the bike. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Could barely tell the difference. My wife says she can tell but wants it louder. I guess now I have to drill them out. By the way, I haven't seen anything in any of the threads on this subject that discusses the fibre exhaust gasket on the RSV that you have to distroy in order to put the Harley's on. If you use 1/4" aluminum to make your brackets, you will have to get 3/4" long bolts for the muffs as the 1/2" arent long enough. Best to get these before 10:00pm. I used Drag Specialties clamps and they cost $9.50 each and are available almost anywhere. Anyway, just my thoughts on this mod. This is the best site ever!! Thanks Freebird.
  7. Hello: Does anyone work around thick plastics? I am looking for a piece of 3/4" solid black plastic material 15"X15" for a motorcycle related project. Thanks
  8. 83VR STD On cold start, warms up at idle or cruise until temp on gauge reads right at red/green line. Fan also comes on at red/green line, even at 50degF. Then suddenly starts to cool down to about 3/4 middle green. Then starts to rise all the way back to the red/green line. Does this cycle apx 3-4 times until finally cools to just above 1/2 middle green. Then it stays here rest of cruise, unless stopped in traffic, where it climbes back to red/green, fan cools to about 3/4, and cruising again cools to 1/2. Thinking thermostat sticking when cold, and takes over high temp to get it to open. Opionions?
  9. Hey Guys!------I changed the "thermastat housing" and all the hoses on my 89 Royale and now it seems to be running "hot"---any ideas why this could be?---I have the plastic drain plug at the bottom of the radiator with the "off" mark at the "2-O-clock" position like someone on here said was the correct place for it-----It seemed to cool down some after I returned from the initial run and let it idle with the fan runnining------I actually revved it up to about 9000 rpm's one quick time to see if maybe something was stuck and the temp guage seemed to drop to about 3/4 way up (at least it was in the green area after I did that)----I used the same thermostat that came with the housing because it had only 29,000 mi. on it---Do you guys think maybe it was just kinda stuck?----i sure hope that's all it is:fingers-crossed-emo..................................................Larry
  10. On my RSTD, I lowered the front and rear about 3/4". At my height, that makes it safer for two-up at stop. On the rear I have the Barons kit but got new links made half way between stock and their 1/1/2" size. I want to do the same on my 2009 Venture. But if I am only going about 3/4", I'm wondering if I need to go to the trouble of installing a rear calliper relocation kit (IE: Barons). So, does anyone know how far you can drop the rear before you need to move the calliper???? Thanks, Mike G in SC
  11. Just changed the oil in the RSV after the long hot trip to FLA and back, and for the 3rd change in a row, I'm only getting just under 3 qts. of oil to drain out, including what's in the filter. And it's only taking the same amount of new oil to cover the view window to the 3/4 mark when the bike is upright after running the new stuff through for 10 or 15 minutes. Either I'm doing something really wrong or dumb, or the capacity is off by a good 1/2 to 3/4 of a quart of oil. I check the level before and after every ride I take, and I've never had to add any after the fact either. Very strange.
  12. Ok, to start this off. Those who don't know me should know that I have a rather large mellon on my shoulders. So consiquently it's hard for me to find a helmet to fit properly especially a full face or modular helmet. Every one I tried on would push back on my chin uncomfortably so I have worn a 1/2 or 3/4 for the past 6 years. After going over the 100,000 mile milestone on my RSV I got to thinking just how lucky I have been not to have been in a major MC accident or a minor one for that matter. The wife has been talking lately about going to a half helmet because of the heat or at least a 3/4 and I am somewhat ok with the 3/4, I am adamatly against her wearing a 1/2. Being the hypocrite that I am I used the excuse of my abnormally large "MELLON" as the excuse for my choice in helmet. Putting all that together and I decided to get a Zeus Modular helmet and give it a try. Several years ago I tried on a Zeus XL at Myrtle Beach Bike Week and although it was a bit snug it did have chin room, more so than any other helmet I have ever put on. So after much deliberation I pulled the trigger and ordered a 3XL (told you it was a big mellon) Zeus ZS 508W helmet and here is my take on this $90.00 Modular helmet. The helmet came with two helmet bags and extra hardware. Right out of the box I noticed that it had a pretty good finish on it. The flip mechanism worked easy and I was anxious to pull it over my head. The helmet slipped on like it was made for me, plenty of room inside(in fact I had to wear a schampa head rag to get that perfect fit feel). Now for the real test, closing the chin bar. When I dropped and locked the chin bar I was surprised to find about an inch to and inch and a half distance from the helmet to my chin. So far so good. Next thing I noticed was there was a lot of room around my ears, enough in fact for a headset with room to spare. The helmet feels sturdy as does the locking mechanism. Rode to work this morning and although it took some getting used to I really enjoyed the helmet. Lets get the bad out of the way first off. Over 55MPH I started getting wind noise, it wasn't terrible but it was noticable and coming from around the face shield at the top. I closed all vents to make sure and it made no difference at all. Like I said it wasn't terrible but after things being quite for the low speed it was noticable. I usually wear ear plugs with my half and 3/4 anyway so no big deal for me. That was it for the bad. The Good: No wind buffeting at all. (Most of my helmets have moderate buffeting) Vents seemed to work well, I could feel cool air on top of my head with them open. Chin vent directed air to face shield and kept it realativly fog free. Face shield has several detent and locks securely in each one. Fairly large view port so you don't get that claustraphobic feeling. Plenty of room for sun glasses. No undue pressure on your ears. Easy one handed operation. Optional Dual Lense Face Shield Optional Dual Lense "Electric" Fog Free Face Shield If I were to give it an overall grade I would give it a A-. Here is a link to a review of thier first gen modular.http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/zeus-helmet/zeus-helmet.htm I just read on their site that the 2009 model is SNELL certified. That's a first for a Modular I do believe. Here a a few pics of my helmet minus the neck roll. I hate those things. http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd227/SaltyDawg83/c72b7a22.jpg http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd227/SaltyDawg83/7b213680.jpg http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd227/SaltyDawg83/c3bc19e9.jpg
  13. Well, been home for a week now recouping from sholder surgery, WAY to much time on my hands before I go back to work. Tinkering in my work shop, I want to run several more lines remotely off my air compressor so I have alternate locations that I can plug in air tools, etc. I am thinking of using 1/2" inch PVC pipe? Anyone have any experience with this? Just thinking 1/2" as its cheeper that 3/4"? Would ther be a difference in air flow CFM,s etc between 1/2" and 3/4"????????? Air is used mostly for blowing off parts, drying and a 3/4" air ratchet. Light sanding, no heavy spray painting or orbital sanding? Any hints?
  14. barend


    Anyone have experience with "buckeye's" Carbone brake pads for a '83 especially compared to the EBC HH pads. Price difference is about $10/set in very round numbers. Buckeye says theirs are sintered pads as well. My current pads (back) are 3/4 gone and the left front is just starting to squeek after 8K miles I am almost sure those were OEM. Thanks!
  15. I guess I'm too far out of touch to know that an 18mm plug even existed, but dag nabbit, that's what my NGKs are in the '85. I'm guessing that all of you already knew about these because I'm the usually last to hear about anything. But, 18mm and not 5/8 or 3/4?? WOW, what a hoot!
  16. I am installing (going to try anyway) the passing lamp spacer and the instructions in the tech library call for 2 3/8" NC x 3/4" bolts. What does the NC stand for. I've never seen this expressed. I don't want to buy the wrong thing.
  17. This past riding season, I decided that I have a Shoei-style head. No wonder my HJCs never felt quite right, So I bought a full-face, Shoei-Multitech (Flip-up) and I'm pretty happy with it. However, it's summertime now, and I don't want to spend this summer riding around in a full-face, black helmet. So, I think that I have found a new style which I think that I'll like. It's the Shoei J-Wing. A 3/4 helmet which ought to work well with my communications system. And, the reviews which I have read are all pretty good. Yea, they're expensive, but they fit my big ol' head better than other styles I have tried. So, can anyone help me find a good place where I can buy one now? Both of my local dealers say that they are back-ordered indefinitely. What I am looking for is: The SHOEI, J-Wing. Light-Silver. XXL. 3/4 Helmet. So far, the best price I can find is $331 - $346. It seems that the manufacture has set the price for everyone who sells these. Where are the great deals? I'm also open to suggestions if anyone knows of a short helmet which will work well with a communications system - microphone & helmet speakers. Personally, I hate helmets during the hot weather, but I'm trying to do the responsible thing and begin wearing one more often. But, to be honest ..., if I'm not somewhat reasonably comfortable wearing it during the summer heat, I probably won't. So, I want to maximize my opportunity to be safe and to do the right thing, by finding the most comfortable helmet I can find. Can you help me out guys? Thanks Guys! Be Safe! Pete.
  18. Does anyone know where I can get a motor cop type helmet without breaking the bank. I'm talking about the 3/4 type that are two tone ie.. black/white.. black/blue.
  19. I purchased a Yamaha (J&M) headset recently. I installed the headset in my HJC AC2M..., well I tried. When I put the speakers which barely fit into the speaker pockets they are so thick they dig into my ears and drive me crazy (crazier). I think I need to go to a 3/4 helmet in order to accomodate the speakers, but I don't want to spend that kind of money unless I know the speakers and mike will fit properly. Any suggestions on which helmet will work?
  20. A few folks have shown interest in how I did my lights on my RSV, here are some close ups for anyone interested. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/weldman66/Venturerider/RSVlights005Medium.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/weldman66/Venturerider/RSVlights001Medium.jpg I made this extender out of a block of 3/4 " Aluminum and shimmed it fwd with some 3/4" nuts over the bolts. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/weldman66/Venturerider/RSVlights002Medium.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/weldman66/Venturerider/RSVlights006Medium.jpg The lights are from a H/D both the driving and turn signals http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/weldman66/Venturerider/RSVlights004Medium.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/weldman66/Venturerider/RSVlights003Medium.jpg The collars are made of Aluminum that has been drilled out and is polished. It's all custom and I just worked out the engineering as I went along. I would cut the collars down from 2" to 1 1/2" should I decide to do it again. Hope this helps out inquiry minds
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