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  1. Thinking about getting a Zumo 550 for 3 reasons...weather, road construction, mp3+xm. Ride mostly in ND, SD, WY, MT where alternate routes are few & far between, so knowing what's in front of me is a good idea! Have a few questions though: 1) With NavTraffic it shows road construction but it says it only has 80 markets...and none up north. Am I correct that I won't get road constr info for up here, or can I get road const but just not the up to the minute traffic reports, etc? 2) With WX Weather subscription, can I display weather on the screen simultaneously with xm/mp3 playing?
  2. I have a meeting with a friend in NYC in mid-April and was considering a ride out there. I have couple of concerns - 1. I don't really want to ride into NYC. Navigating in a city I'm totally unfamiliar with is not my idea of fun. I'd prefer to stay outside the city and take a train in. Any suggestions on possible locations (towns & motels near a train station) where I could safely leave my bike for a day or 2? How far out of the city do the trains run? And what's it cost about? Gotta factor all that crap in. 2. Weather - Not sure how the weather is out that way in mid-April. I
  3. After waiting 4 months I finally received my Polaris Slingshot today. I've only driven it about 50 miles so far but what a thrill. Open cockpit experience with lots of comfort. Had a good day weather wise to be able to drive rather than trailer it home. Hopefully the weather will stay nice enough to get in a few more rides before winter really kicks in. Larry
  4. Looking for suggestions on "must see/do" things for northern Texas for last week of February-first week of March. On average, what kind of weather should we expect??
  5. We are going to Mobile, AL on Wed to meet up with our son and his family for a couple days. Hoping the weather stays nice enough for Pat and I to ride the bike down. Going to be good to see the kids again. Pat hasn't seen the Alabama coast so that will be a first for her. Praying for good weather... Don
  6. Hi. This is a question mainly for those of you who live in hot areas, like 90 plus, regarding engine temp. Now I know the gage catches alot of flak for inaccuracy, but what I've noticed is consistent. If I'm riding at any kind of steady speed in cool weather, my 87's temp runs at about 1/3, where there's a little gap in the green line on the gage. I'm assuming this gap indicates "normal" which I think is 180, right? As the weather warms, it doesn't hold there. When the weather gets over 90 or 95 temp tends to run more like 2/3 or 3/4, right about where the fan kicks on. At mellow speeds
  7. Hi all. Still can't get my XVZ1200 84 model to run, I've sorted out the TCI unit, thanks Mike, and cleaned the carbs but it still refuses to start. I think I'll check and reset the ignition timing tomorrow, weather permitting. I think the problem's with the ignition timing because when the bike's turning over it's missing, giving out a loud bang every other spin, so that points straight to the ignition timing, right???
  8. It is time for me to ride SOUTH. I was supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning, but...as we all know too well...weather at this time of year dictates when we can ride. Finding that we have a perfect window of clear, dry weather for the next several hours, we have decided to leave Washington state now, and make it down to Eugene, OR., and stop for the night. We could easily go farther, but we have a large hill to go over at the Oregon/California border, and there is usually lots of snow and ice on the road this time of year. We want to do that hill in the daylight, after some sun has hit it.
  9. Three weeks ago, I only rode 3 times. Two weeks ago, I rode twice. Last week, I only rode once. This week, no chance. This weather on our area is driving me nuts. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Highway crews salted the roads yesterday. Tomorrow, I may have to plug in the battery on the trickle charger.
  10. Don't think snow will be a problem
  11. whats the weather like in Georgia these days?. I'm riding up to the Merritt pecan Company on Tuesday, to pick up some goodies,:mo money: for Christmas. Its located in Weston Georgia
  12. Anybody on the east coast !! ------ heads up, ------ check the weather channel !!! you might be in for some rain, and a bit of wind !!!!! ( if you have not noticed the weather report in the last 24 hours )
  13. Friends are wanting to take a bike trip from Northwestern Oklahoma to about Mammoth Cave park in Kentucky in Late October this year. Sounds like a good time to us, should be nice colors in the trees and one last chance for a trip before the cold weather really sets in. We don't get that direction much and wondered if anyone had any advice to what the Kentucky weather typically is around the last of October. Also wondered if Local folks in that area had advice on things we should see / experience while in the area. Thanks much, Creole
  14. This time of year I watch the weather looking for a nice day to plan a trip on the 1st Gen. And week after week I am consistently disappointed with the weather but more importantly, the timing of the weather. I am noticing (and I'm sure many of you have as well) that the weather during the week will have one or two days of sunshine while the weekend is always wet and miserable. I propose we reset the week. We need to pause the week so that the weather comes into alignment with the days of the week and that will give us sunny weekends. So here's what we do. Wednesday October 31 will be the
  15. After days and weeks of screamin hot 100-111 degree weather, tomorrows high will be 88, and Sunday's is 91. Heck, yesterday it was still 102, and the next two days are 88 and 91? Crazy. We're fixin to ride the hair off this thing!
  16. Monday... so if any of you fellow riders are in the area and would like to meet up let me know. was a great ride up we dodged the rain and it was PERFECT weather to ride, about 1/2 way up we stopped and put on a jacket and it was just right! we saw between 75 & 100 turkey's no lie & 7 deer...
  17. anybody have a windshield laying around that they want to get rid of. i'm looking for one to cut down to make a shorty for hot weather riding. it may even get painted so scratches aren't a big problem either. let me know. thanks
  18. Well for lack of finding a better place to post these questions, I figured this is probably the catch all place. The wife and I were discussing some vacation plans. We were going to spend like 4 days in Vegas. Not my prefered place but it was partialy paid for. So I got to looking at my schedule and I have some time availabe in mid October. So I suggested we go up to Franklin Nc. A friend of the wifes has a house there we could use as a base. She liked the idea. I know from there we can make alot of day trips out and around, small towns antiques, rock shops etc. My main concern is at that time
  19. Anyone in Pa. going out for a ride this weekend? I'll be out and about in the somerset Pa. area. I'll be stoping at the Flight 93 Memorial and then down to Ohiopyle Pa. From there, who knows. If you would like to join me, let me know. The weather couldn't be better! Mark (mag1101)
  20. I was out in the field planting soybeans yesterday. I came across what looked like a garbage sack in the field. I stopped and got out to pick it up and it wasnt a garbage sack. it was a weather balloon, complete with the parachute and transmitter on it. Good thing I didnt try to plant through it. There was at least 10 feet of cord or more running from the balloon to the transmitter. I would of had a big mess running that through my planter. The box with the transmitter is all trashed, so I cant return the transmitter in it. It says on the box that it was released on 1/11 of this year from Bism
  21. Weather channel says theres a suprise in store for BIG TOM coming his way.
  22. Looking for something to replace my old 1200 Goldwing with for every day all weather use.(I ride full time year round) I like my RSV and may get a second for "Beater" use but I've seen a few Royal Stars for pretty good prices. How well does the Royal Star with factory windshield and lowers protect rider from cold and wet? Looks like there is very little protection for the hands and legs. Maybe just looks?
  23. What are these plugs called? The one the arrows are pointing to. Both of mine are cracked and I need to replace them. Can't find the number on them so I can order some. The plug on the right. Thanks and isn't the weather wonderful here in the state of Michigan. Suppose to be in the 80"s today. [ATTACH]65245[/ATTACH]
  24. Weather Channel says yesterday and last nights storms are the worst outbreak of tornado's for the month of March, and its only 3 days in. Hope everyone made it through ok. We only had one here in Ga, but it was on the ground for a long time. Indiana and Kentucky took hard hits, praying for those hit hard and hoping for no loss of life. This has been a freaky winter, I don't ever remember weather like this.
  25. Just wondering if anyone has heard from Rick Butler recently? I sent him an email because I wanted to get the seat on my 05 RSTD done, but I don't want to send it if he's on vacation, enjoying the weather, or booked solid with other things. Rick if your out there let me know if I can send it to you or if I should wait.
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