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  1. Would anyone have a seat with a Rick Butler mod for lowering that they want to sell? I don’t want to keep chasing comfort buying different seats when his mod seems to do the trick for everyone. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, My friend BJ Melin just posted the following on the MTA forum, so I thought I would post it here to get some feedback from you all: ""Hey guys I hate the front brakes on the 2nd gen Venture after a long trip my right hand is sore and worn out from gripping the lever so hard. I have bought a set of R6, 4 piston brake calipers and intend to get them installed the next time I have a decent day to work on the bike. I don't have an enclosed garage yet, so I have to wait for good weather. It looks like they will mount differently from the RSV 2 piston calipers. Rick Butler has mounted a pair of 4 piston calipers from the 1st gen on his Venture. Has anyone else tried the R6 calipers and if so how did they work out?" From what I have observed, the 2004 and earlier R6 and 2003 and earlier R1 calipers should be a clean bolt-up. Since many of these bikes seem to find their way to salvage, this might be a good option for someone wanting to get better front brakes on their RSV. Rick
  3. Well after talking to several members who have given their unanimous endorsement, My 84's seat is on it's way to Rick Butler for modding! I honestly don't know what I would do with my Venture if not for the members here. BEST $12 buck a year I EVER spend. Thank you all for you help!~ Andy
  4. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  5. On this past past Thursday, April 26th, myself and LilBeaver (Rick) rode down to Abilene Texas to check out an all female acoustic jam session at the Lucky Mule Saloon. The Rankin Twins are a duet, April and Amy, (Amy is wearing the blue top) originally from Midland but living in Austin now I believe. Pauline Reese is a tall blonde drink of water who lives on a ranch..um...somewhere in Texas. Kylie Rae Harris, the brunette, has a deep soulful voice, and to me, she sounds and looks a lot like Sheryl Crowe. These girls are talented and beautiful, and hopefully will have a great career in Texas Country Music. For those who know about this: Rick's bike seemed to run fine, no problems with the ignition as far as I know. Our ride to Abilene was pleasant and uneventful, other than a couple of idiot cagers, a few missed turns in the Abilene downtown area, a detour thru a residential area, and a little fun messing with the Patels that rented us each a room. On the way back from Abilene to Lubbock, I think about half of the Texas red dirt near the edge of the caprock ended up on our 2 bikes, since mine was no longer a Midnite Black, but more of a gritty maroon color! It was VERY windy! A great time was had by all...meaning me at least. Thanks for the ride-along Rick...
  6. A utopia back rest. Need Black studded if anyone has one or hears of one. Thanks Rick
  7. Hey Guys, Are there any of you who have a set of Leveling Links you are not going to install....that you want to sell? Send me a PM, Rick
  8. Always check your bike when your "Friends" have been around it! I have no idea when it happened but a "friend" (AKA KEN) was showing me his NEW chrome tail light frame and I thought it was like COOL! Well that was a week ago at the IA, IL, WI, MO, MN M&E. And I have walked past MY bike in the garage at least 20 times since then. I can spot a dust bunny or a hair on it (thinking it's a scratch) at 50 feet! Well then today I was heading out to grill, looked down at my tail light and said "WHAT THE #$LL" is that? Looked closer and low and behold my "friend's" chrome piece is on MY bike!!! How cool is that to have such good friends? And what do you want to bet they are all LAUGHING at me cause I never noticed! :banana:YA, you all know who you are, Ken (920shrek1), Mike (Eusa1 + Cheri) And last but not least Rick (Rick Haywood + Shirley), even my wife Lisa never said anything!. You all did good not letting on! Sorry it took so long for me to OPEN my eyes!! Thank you! It's good to have friends! Bryan
  9. Ok,after following Pegscrapers article on doing the 32 mm Carb upgrade on my 98 RSTD,I must say the Royal Star has never run better.The thing pulls at all RPM's better than it did and just generally feels waaay better! I'm a shade tree mechanic at best and I was able (with Lynn's help) to get it done.Even though I did the Bigfoot mod at the same time as the carb upgrade,I ended up closing off the cutout in my airbox as it was sucking too much air.(Full throttle hollow bog sound,ran lean,didn't pull well at higher RPM.)I closed the opening and it made a huge difference. I decided not to Jet up the mains yet but I did jet up the primaries to a 17.5.I may try to jet up one step just to see.It feels pretty good now,I've put maybe 300 miles on since with more to come...I have RK pipes with the center poked out about an inch.Sounds good enough but I'd like more volume. Oh and I sent my seat to Rick Butler while I was down too and all I can say is before anyone buys a new seat,try this first. It feels great.I've only done a couple of 150 mile days so far and I've feel like I can do some serious miles without the old hot spots in the butt that I used to feel...So,thanks to Lynn Nichols and Rick Butler and all the great tech on this site,I will be enjoying my Royal Star even more now!!
  10. Sorry to ask this and yes I know there is a sheet but for some reason my Microsoft Office has a problem and will not open it. Anyway I need the filter number for a RSV I wanted to cross it over but can't so if someone could give me maybe the Napa # and maybe a couple more I would appreciate it. Thanks Rick
  11. Happy Birthday Rick! Have a wonderful Day! Yama Mama:smile5::Happy Birthday:
  12. First and foremost, I'd like to extend a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to Rick Butler. The work he did on my seat over the winter has turned out absolutely perfect. I put 210 miles on the bike today without the slightest concern for the well-being of my arse. I feel no different than had I been sitting on my couch all day watching football (and I know how that feels). I very highly recommend Ricks services to anyone on this site who may have the least bit of discomfort from a long day of riding. ...and now... dum, dum, dum... I decided to take a Harley around the "country" block today just to see what everyone's talking about. It was a 2010 UC Limited with a 103 cu in motor. I'll start by saying it had lots of torque, which I thought was awesome, but my excitement pretty much stopped there. Other than the fact that it was very well made (fit and finish was really nice), I just didn't like the feel. The very first thing I noticed was how far the floor boards were set "into" the bike. It seemed like I was setting bow-legged on the bike just to keep my feet flat on the floor board. The shift lever also felt like it was sucked in toward the motor making the movement of the toe to shift feel strange. Once the ride started, my discomfort increased ten fold. My arms were locked at the elbows and I felt hunched over to reach the grips. I also felt like I was sitting really close to the fairing - almost on top of the tank. Finally, when stopped the vibrations were a bit more than I could deal with. Just didn't like the shake at all. Although at anything above 10mph I couldn't feel any shaking at all. So, that was nice. All in all, I don't believe HD is for me. I'm not trying to knock them down because they really do produce a nice product and I believe Yamaha could learn a few things from them, but they're just not my cup of tea. ...I'll be honest: I was kind of hoping they would be. There are soooo many options, accessories and colors available for HD that the possibilities for customization seem endless. There's nowhere near as much stuff out there for us, IMHO. So, bottom line - THANK YOU RICK BUTLER and NO THANK YOU HD.
  13. For those of you that know Rick and Shirley please keep them in your thoughts, Shirley's Sister(I believe) is not of good health and things are not promising for her. Please keep the family in your thoughts over the coming days.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has heard from Rick Butler recently? I sent him an email because I wanted to get the seat on my 05 RSTD done, but I don't want to send it if he's on vacation, enjoying the weather, or booked solid with other things. Rick if your out there let me know if I can send it to you or if I should wait.
  15. I was waking up on that morning from a sound slumber in my motorhome which was parked in Amarillo, 9 years ago today when I got the call from a friend wanting to know if I had seen the plasma trails or heard the explosion. I hadnt seen or heard anything I told her...I slept thru it. Turns out that the Shuttle Commander Rick Husband, and his Pilot, Willie McCool, were from Amarillo and Lubbock, and the ship probably began to break up at over 100,000 feet right over these two cities. It disintegrated during re-entry and the debris were scattered all over east Texas. Irony. Well they renamed the Amarillo International Airport to the Rick Husband International Airport in his memory. I'm originally from Amarillo. While I never had the pleasure of meeting Rick, I feel like one of 'us' was lost that day. What were YOU doing when you heard the news? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF7kNBv1c6Y]In Memory of Rick Husband (1957-2003) - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Here is a link to a set of 1st Gen MKII armrest on ebay that was just listed and not by me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-Venture-Royale-Passengers-Armrest-Assembly-Goldwing-Aspencade-/140684536996?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item20c173aca4 Good luck. Rick F.
  17. Hey Guys, I know this is a long shot, but are there any of you out there who have BMS floor boards installed on your 1st Gen Venture.....or up in the attic in a box Thanks, Rick
  18. Most Canadians will recognize Rick Mercer as the CBC's host that visits everywhere in Canada taking a humourous and interesting look at us Canucks doing the strange things in our day to day lives. He was in town about 2 weeks ago for the Canada Western Agribition, (Canada's Largest Livstock Show) and this is his time spent learning about the cattle industry. http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/The_Rick_Mercer_Report/1233563683/ID=2174348192 Brian
  19. Finally got to use my Morgan CarbTune today, with the help of Rick Haywood and Dyno Don. Thanks Fellas
  20. I wanted to express my sincere thanks to B2dad, B2mom, and Rick & Shirley Haywood. On the way to Vogel I had trouble with the trike [apparently its an issue with how it was built] and we ended up all sitting on the highway split, in the heat for quite some time. I have road side assist with Harley -- but it only applies in Oz! Rick rang his tow company, and they sent a truck to pick up my trike and get it in to H-D Chattanooga. These good VR folk stayed with us till they knew we would get back on the road And they are good people at Harley too, worked hard to get me back on the road. Thanks again
  21. Rick, thanks for the help you were able to give me over the phone, several times I may add. Followed your advice and the forks went together flawlessly. Ended up using Amsoil Shock Therapy syn 10w fork oil. Took just over 1 qt to fill both forks. Glad the Amsoil dealer (LetHimRide) had an open bottle left over. Thanks again......
  22. I was wondering if anyone new how to get in touch with Pete. Not sure what he goes by on here and not even sure he is on here anymore. He is the guy who rode the new victory at Vogel. If you do I would like to know how Thanks Rick
  23. Help, please. How in the heck do you get to the Member Vendor threads. I'm trying to get to Rick Butler and Carbon 1 's ads and contact info. I'm apparently not doing something right, I guess. I'd like to get my seat redone and a couple of things from Carbon 1. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Steve
  24. i just want to give a big thanks to eusa1 his wife and daughter and rick haywood for comming down and moving my bike out of storage and getting it up on its center stand in the back yard of my apartment. mike eusa1 drove it home and did most of the grunt work he drove it right up in the yard like a pro and that grass hill aint fun. we got boards under the front tire and center stand my thanks to his daughter for helping with the boards she a fine young lady. and rick watched the right side of the bike. this team made it look like a well planed pit crew in no time they had it up parked and stowed. and then where off to the rootbeer stand for some cold rootbeer. and some talk then the time came to part ways as it is hot as heck out there. i just hope they take it easy on the way home and stay cool and rick nice meeting you as well i enjoyed the afternoon with you great pepole....
  25. Just wanted to say, I took my seat to Rick Butler yesterday and he performed his mods to my new seat. Very satisfied with the quality of Rick's work. He has made this improvement to both my Venture pillow top & this GW seat. Almost ready for Cody....
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