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  1. I posted before about installing the 2" Equus gauges on my Royal Star. Well I found a 2" tachometer that matches the other gauges very closely. I got it at Princess Auto on sale for $20, regular price is $35, so the price is right. It is a car tach but works great if you build the adapter harness shown on this site. There are about six different backlight colours that can be changed by pressing a button. The adapter harness is very easy and cheap to make and allows the use of car tachometers which are much cheaper than most motorcycle tachs, at least in Canada. Ride safe Doug
  2. I’d like to make a headphone adapter that will allow me to plug a 1/8 stereo into the factory headset plug on a 2nd Gen for music listening. I’ve got a noise reduction headset that I’d like to install in my helmet and plug directly into the bike. My thoughts are that if I get a male adapter and the 2nd Gen and the wiring diagram for the headset plug that I could make an adapter to a 1/8 female stereo plug. This (I hope) would allow me to plug in the noise reduction headset. Can it be done and do you think it will work??? Secondly, does anyone have the wiring or schematic diagram for the headset plug that shows what each pin is for?? Charlie
  3. Hi all, I am going to fab my own brackets to put Harley cans on my 2011 Venture. Would someone be willing to sketch the dimensions with bolt holes for me? Sincere appreciation would be included. Christopher Kalamazoo, Michigan. 2011 Royal Star Venture S 2003 Honda Shadow ACE 2002 Road Star Silverado
  4. All, I bought a new (Harbor Freight Tag Along) trailer to tow behind my 1986 Venture Royale. Trailer has 1 wire for running lights, 1 wire for right brake light AND right turn signal, 1 wire for left brake light AND left turn signal and 1 wire for ground. The trailer I had been borrowing had 2 wires for the turn signals (right and left) and one wire for the brake lights , one for running lights and a ground wire. If I try to run a turn signal and brake light on the same wire I'm not so sure it will work, because my '86 uses a separate wire for each turn signal. Do I need to rewire the trailer or is there an adaptor device that will allow me to keep the stock trailer wiring and not fry my bike wiring? Thanks for any advice you can give. Bob
  5. Got my lift adapter home today and I'm very pleased with it... Great work Larry!! Many thanks!
  6. well I changed the front tire yesterday, I have an issue with the lift adapter. I couldn't get the holes to line up If I pushed the rod in from the right side (brake) through I could get three of 4 holes and missed the last one by half the diameter of the rod( Might have been able to force it) if I tried from the left (shifter) side I could only get two holes, no matter which way I moved the adapter around. Is there an adjustment (grinding one of the tabs) or is there a trick I'm missing? its funny I've had the adapter almost a year and haven't needed it till now. With the GF out of town was gonna fix tire last night (done) and detail the bike today (if I can figure this out) i'm gonna subscribe via instant alert so if anyone has an idea it'll shoot right to my phone.
  7. Hi there folks. I have placed an ad in the classified section offering to sell RSV lift frame adapters. These can only be used on bikes without the centerstand on them. You mount them to the bikes lower frame first using a steel rod that is provided with the adapter, then slide a mc jack under it and lift the bike up. I built these with some new improvements over the one I had done before. This model has much better access to the oil filter. This is a much better set up & safer from using hockey pucks or lumber in my opinion. Being out of work for almost a year now I've decided to put my ideas and skills to use to provide some income from selling these as well as at the same time giving our members here a product that will see a lot of use. I'm asking $65 + shipping costs. I'll get a better idea as to the shippng costs next week. I'm guessing offhand at the moment something between $10 & $15. Pay Pal payments is available as well. Any questions please do contact me either here in PM or vie E-Mail Thanks in advance, Larry Skeels Update: Due to several requests for a self standing model I am now offering one that will allow the jack to be removed entirely. Current model will allow the wheels to be off the ground 5 - 5 1/2". Other heights available per request. Costs for this model will be $105 for local pick up or $125 shipped Update 1-07: I've added another option for those of you have my Freestanding lift adapter. I'm offering them now with foot pads welded on per request if wanted, for an additional $5. For those of you who already have my freestanding adapter I'm also offering a slip on foot for $15 which includes shipping. Both have a 3" square pad and will keep your legs from sinking into the ground, gravel, or blacktop drives for those who have no concrete. UPdate 2-8-07: It has come to my attention that the Larin jack is about 1/2" shorter than the width of the adapters. Which will make it much harder to get the jack centered properly. I have come up with a solution thou that will center the lift pads of the jack everytime and at no extra cost for the Larin jack owners. So if you have a Larin jack let me know before ordering and I will incorporate the modification before shipping an adapter out.
  8. Few months ago, I found a sketch of an adapter to put on a lift. I am not able to find it again. Can you help me to find it? It looks like the one of CarboneOne but it is not exactly the same. thanks in advance for your prompt respnse
  9. My wife bought me a Harbor Freight jack and new tires so Is this drawing accurate http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=555 because the adapter is now out side the price range but I own 2 welders should'nt cost me much to whip one up. Merry Christmas to all the great people here Scott
  10. If anyone plans to purchase an HID Conversion Kit, take my advice .... MAKE SURE it includes the ADAPTER ! This adapter is necessary in order for the HID bulb to fit properly in the stock headlight bulb hole. I ordered a kit from a local (to me) supplier who advertises "plug and play" ... but it did not include the adapter so, it ain't quite plug and play without it. Luckily I was able to find a local supplier of various adapters and it appears one of them "might" work. Barring that, I saw a thread on that "other forum" where Rocky had made one out of PVC.
  11. Huh? What in the heck does that mean? Okay, I bought a Carbon_One style of lift adapter from one of the forum members, and it works great. Then, I decided to make an adapter for my car lift, to use the bike lift adapter. Yes...I do have a brand new bike lift. It works real good, but it only lifts the bike approximately 20" high. While it does allow the bike to be mobile while on the bike lift...I can wheel it around in the shop...it does not allow me to work at a good height. So, as you can see by the pictures...I have used some 4" wide channel iron, cut to correct length, and drilled so I can bolt the channel iron to my car lift. By removing the body lift pads from my car lift, I can then run the bike in between all the lift arms, install the Carbon_One style lift adapter, then install the new "Miles" style lift adapter, and by using my 9000 lb. car lift, the bright orange channel iron lift adapters make contact with the red Carbon_One style lift adapter, and I can raise the bike to any height to work on it. [ATTACH]72794[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72795[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72797[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72798[/ATTACH] I can also use this new set-up with any of my bikes, but not using the Carbon_One style adapter, except for when lifting the RSMTD. I can tell you, even at full height, the bike is as solid as New Hampshire Granite. For you folks that have a car lift, this is very easy to make the two pieces of channel iron as an adapter. *************************************************************************** BTW, if any of you riders from Washington State want this license plate for your bike, let me know. [ATTACH]72799[/ATTACH] I have ordered a new personalized plate. It will be my 39th personalized plate. All I have to do is sign the DOL paperwork, so that you can register this to your bike, if you want it...for free. You will have to pay DOL a small fee, but I am giving it away.
  12. :fingers-crossed-emoI want to take the voyager trike kit off of my 83 Goldwing 1100 and put it on my 88 Venture Royale 1300..the adapter kit would cost betweem $800.00-$1000.00...I think I could make one if I had a template...can anyone help me find a template or a used adapter kit ...thanks
  13. I have a Pitbull Lift and the Carbon One Lift Adapter with the legs option. The fixed wheels on the Pitbull Lift are in the way of where the feet on the legs need to go. I was wondering if anyone has this combination. The Pitbull is considered to be very stable and this is achieved by being very wide. This added width causes the lift to interfere with the legs. Anyway not the end of the world, but a little disappointing as I think it would be easier to change the oil if the bike is on the legs and the lift is moved out of the way. Thanks.
  14. does anyone have a spin on oil filter adapter for a 86 that you would like to sell? or can someone get the measurements from one so i could make one. thanks,bill
  15. Well folks I've been a busy boy these last few weeks building some projects just for the Hannigan trikers here. Those being : 1. A lift adapter so the trike can be used with a conventional ATV motorcycle jack. It's designed & used the same as my Standard & Freestanding lift adapter I sell for the 2 wheelers. The only difference is it's longer and has a 4 point lift support location on the adapter to pick these trikes up. My Sears red jack worked just fine for picking up Ragtop69gs / Jay & Jeanies trike. 2. An auxiliary gas tank system. It will be a complete bolt on system complete with everything needed in a kit form. The kit will consist of a 5.25 gallon tank, electric fuel pump w/ in-line filter, a fuel shut off solenoid, 30amp relay, in-line fuse holder & fuse, a custom made stainless steel switch mount and waterproof rocker switch, wiring harnesses with soldered connections & shrink tube terminals, hoses & clamps as required, a polished stainless steel flip top gas cap with stainless screws, and a full set of instructions with pictures for the install. The tank is made of 16 gauge steel & will be pressure tested as well as sealed using Caswell gas tank sealer. 3. A hitch assembly using heavy wall 1 1/4" tubing. Pics and more info to follow, Larry
  16. Just got my Carbon One freestanding lift adapter unpacked and I am impressed. This is top notch quality and packed expertly. If anyone is on the fence about one of these get off and buy it. Thanks Larry Scott
  17. I have a Rivco spin on oil adapter for my Mk1. What I'm missing is the NUT that holds it on the bike. Does anyone know the size or better yet does anyone have one they would be willing to part with? I called Rivco and the whole thing is discontinued and they could not or would not help me at all..
  18. I've been watching Craigslist off and on to see what pops up for a Motorcycle Work/lift Table. I get a lot of listings for plane ol' MC Jacks when searching. It got me to thinking.... again.. Why do manufactures of quote 'MC Jacks' make them where they all need an adapter to fit the frame of a bike. Why can't they just build the jack with adjustable frame pads, especially if they're going to label them MC Jacks?? Maybe they should call them NOT MC Jacks??
  19. I purchased a lift adapter with legs from Carbon-One nearly two months ago. Yesterday was the first time I got to use my new toy, and it sure works well! Lifting the bike has never been easier or safer. The lift adapter is light-years ahead of using wooden blocks or other cobbled-up spacers. The legs turn a great product into a fabulous product. The lift adapter with the legs attached, make for an extremely stable work platform. Tire changes and other maintenance are now much easier and safer.
  20. Boy, I get a newer bike and I seem to be on the site a lot more. Go figure. I had a chatterbox tandem pro HJC-50 that I used on my 1st gen but the 2nd gen has a built in intercom/radio. Does anyone know or if it is possible to have an adapter cord that goes from the chatterbox (looks like 7 pin) to a 5 pin setup?
  21. Ordered the adapter from Carbon_One and got it in Wednesday. Followed the instructions for getting the rod to fit.... Tried it out today. Man!! Works like a champ.... Wanted to thank Larry for a great product .... Now the work begins!! Robert C.
  22. I have decided to give it a go changing out my rear tire. I have the new tire and a jack, but no adapter. is there a way to jack up the bike without an adapter? Not trying to sound too stupid here, just wanted to make sure I don't get myself in a bind.... Thanks, Robert C.
  23. Just ordered my lift adapter from Larry and can't wait to try it out.
  24. My last two oil changes I noticed that when I use the sight glass as a gauge for how much oil I've added, I can only get three quarts in and it's up to to the Maximum line. And yes, I've checked the level of the garage floor and I'm using a Carbon One Lift adapter. So the question is, is this normal? Is the a second drain plug I didn't read about? Have I been running my bike low on oil all summer? Thanks
  25. I tried to install the Ipod adapter that I got from Pioneer yesterday and could not get it to work. I foolowed the instructions to the "T" but no luck. I reset everything according to the instructions and it still did not recognize it. One thing that also surprised me was when I reinstalled the cd player, that too was not recognized. I did run another cable last winter to move my cd player from the saddlebag to the trunk, and it worked fine all summer. The next thing I did was to split the fairing and hook up the original cable to the saddlebag and, you guessed it....nothing. The audio control works for all the FM and AM, the CB works, the cassette works and the aux plays my Ipod through the connection next to the cassette. I did call Chad about returning it for another adapter and I am still waiting on his response.
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