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  1. Bought a couple of used parts and check the dealer price. Wow.... I wonder what a MKII would cost part by part at the dealers. Anyone knows this trivia? Or want to take a guess?
  2. So what is a good small, good sleeping bag to pack on a bike. I've been packing the same one for years, and is big and bulky. I'd like one that is much smaller, but doesn't cost a ton. Not a winter bag, spring thru fall. Price does matter! Suggestions?
  3. A random thought occured when I was looking through the RSV Periodic Maintenance & Repair section of owners manual & saw this, "Replace the brake and clutch hoses every four years or if cracked or damaged." How many people actually follow this recommendation? I looked up the cost of parts for an RSV and cost at dealer would be around $350 for parts only. Gary
  4. My wife bought me a Harbor Freight jack and new tires so Is this drawing accurate http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=555 because the adapter is now out side the price range but I own 2 welders should'nt cost me much to whip one up. Merry Christmas to all the great people here Scott
  5. We're flying out to Las Vagas Monday AM with Brother-in-law and his wife, we've never been there and they've been there enough to have our rooms comped for the week. We're using sky miles for the flight and a comped hotel so the whole up-front cost is less than $200 for all 4 of us. Realistically, it should cost about that much per day per person so it looks like I've got a lot of spare cash to use for ?? One thing we definitely going to do is a day trip to the Canyon, going to take a bus and let somebody else worry about traffic. Nope, not gonna walk out on that glass thingy - I get nervous just looking over the edge of a hill - Most likely this will be the last thing said about the trip because everybody knows that what happens in Vegas - - - -
  6. Sorry for starting another thread on this but want to make sure as many people see it as possible. Ad has been posted in classifieds - http://www.venturerider.org/classifi...p?product=4266 Previous thread - http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=72204 Hope it isn't confusing... but to explain. DO NOT DELAY in ordering your shirts as this will be a one time run with no extra shirts produced. 100% pre-shrunk white cotton shirts with a red maple leaf on the side (9" tall/9" wide), VR.org crest on the back, and up to 3 lines of text embroidered on the front (name, screen name, and city/province). If you prefer the maple leaf on the sleeve this is available as well. Cost of shirts including HST (including $2/shirt for use of VR.org crest) is : mens - $18.50 ; womens - $20.25 (based on 50 units ordered). Shipping charges - I went to the post office and had them give me pricing for shipping 2 shirts and 4 shirts to BC and Manitoba. To BC - $12.50 for 2, $15.25 for 4 To Manitoba - $10.25 for 2, $12.75 for 4 Use this pricing to give a fair approximation of shipping to your location. Eg. Saskatchewan/Nova Scotia use $11.50 for two shirts, $14 for four You can also go to canadapost.ca to calculate shipping charges - two shirts weigh 500g. When calculating your cost, multiply quantity times mens/ladies price based on cost shown, and add shipping. If paying by PayPal (use Personal/Gift), when you submit via PayPal there is an option for the sender to pay the fee or the seller.... please accept "sender pays" . If doing online banking and sending money via email (probably easiest way) your bank will charge you a small fee - usually $1.50 This is purely at cost with no profit coming to me. My costs are : - Screen printer (based on 50 shirts ordered) : mens shirt $14.35, womens shirt $15.85 plus HST - Freebird - use of crest - $2 per shirt - Shipping - based on price received from Canada Post with 7 day delivery For International orders (U.S., Australia, UK) send me info regarding how many shirts you would like and your address and I'll get a price from the Post Office on shipping charge before you submit payment. Personal hand delivery is available within a reasonable distance from Kitchener to eliminate shipping costs. Clear as mud? Any questions please post here. Once we get the total number of shirts to print figured out, I will have the screen printer run the shirts. DO NOT DELAY in ordering your shirts as this will be a one time run with no extra shirts produced. Mens and Ladies sized S/M/L/XXL Let me know mens/ladies, size, screen name, leaf on side or sleeve. Make sure both your first name and your wife's is included so if you are ordering a shirt for your spouse we can have her name on the shirt too. eg: Don XV1100SE Kitchener ON Nancy XV1100SE Kitchener ON ---------------------------- For those in the London to Toronto area, I'll set up meet & eats in Toronto area, Brantford, London/Woodstock for delivery of the shirts. I'll order the shirts in the next two weeks (August 24th) so delivery should be beginning of Sept. Anyone else with orders... let me know. My email address is dtohivsky@bell.net. Payment can be by bank email transfer or PayPal. Cheques accepted ... and of course cash ! Make sure you indicate your screen name !
  7. Heading from Atlanta to DC next weekend on a quick business trip and wanted to take the Venture. I managed to break my CB antenna taking the cover off and wondered if anyone had one they wanted to sell? Hopefully for less than what I just learned a replacment cost . Thanks!!
  8. looking to buy a ventrac 4200 diesel. slope mower .... will give $800 better than wholesale and accept as is... getting tired of the STEALERS..... Did ya know........... they take all the options off of your trade-in mowers and resell at 75% of the origional cost???????????????? WTF! So....... do yourself a big favor and take the options off, and sell on ebay. was looking at one and the dealer let it slip that he took the dualies off and it was ging to cost me an additional $2500. I'll never buy anything off of that a$$&()*)!
  9. I can't believe it man time flies when your having fun but it has been well worth the 12 bucks. So where do I send the next installment. Hope this next $12 doesn't cost me like the first one did. You guys are shameless when it comes to helping someone spend money on there scoot.
  10. My 85 temp gauge has stopped working. Fan still starts when the bike heats up so everything is working except the actual gauge. Is there a cost effective/easy fix. Seem that all the wires are there and attached. Thanks.
  11. Guest

    Seafoam/Advance auto

    Seafoam is 7.99 a can today at advance auto parts, if you enter the code labor it will take another 25% off, 5 cans cost me 31.96..
  12. I have recently put a lot of money into this bike; new needles and seats, diaphrams from sirius, progressive springs, had the tci resoldered and new diodes put in and had my seat redone by Rick ( which turned out great by the way). Was still running crappy. Rechecked the compression that I thought was good. Not so good. 3 cylinders were in the 120's and the back right was 100. Long story longer there is some blackening in that cyclinder and my mechanic thinks its either a bad ring or bad spring on the valves. 11 hour job. Now I either rebiuld or get a decent used motor with good compression. Or sell for what I can with the new owner knowing what he is in for. With all the info that has been compiled on this site I am considering trying to fix this thing myself if the cost is reasonable, even though I have never pulled a motor before. Also wondering what the cost would be to do this, rebuild or used motor. Any imput would help my decision. Thanks Doug
  13. Does anyone keep good records of the cost of ownership of these large bikes? Yeah, we know what it costs to fill up the gas tank, or put on a set of new tires, but I wonder if someone on the forum has kept good records of what it costs per mile to own and ride one of these machines? I can guess, and make some educated calculations, but what I'd like to do is make a comparison between say, owning and riding a Venture for 5 years, vs owning and driving an average compact or midsize car (of about the same initial purchase price) for the same amount of time and miles. Of course you might have to correct for mileage not ridden in the winter, but if you compare the initial purchase, the insurance, the gas, the tires, the maintenance, repairs, and any upgrades wanted, are we ahead financially with a large touring bike? I doubt it. To be fair, I would assume that both vehicles should be covered by a warranty for the entire 5 years, and any warranty repairs that are done, do not affect the owners cost of ownership. But I think its also fair to include any and all riding gear purchased, including helmets, riding suits, heated gear, boots, gloves, goggles and so on. This gear should be included in the cost of ownership, cuz you gotta have most of it. Sure, we get some decent fuel mileage, but when you figure ALL the costs involved, including resale value after say 5 years...I bet a standard econobox car is cheaper to own. I'm not including the 'fun' factor, we all know bikes are more enjoyable most of the time. Does anyone keep good accurate records from purchase to resale? I never have...
  14. I am tooling up to make a set of delrin motor mounts for myself, wonder if any one else here would be interested in delrin mounts for $40 delivered in con US? Full set, 6 pieces, machined to the drawings that have been floating around here for a while. I can also make these from aluminum, probably 6061, maybe even have them anodized to stop the galvonic corrosion. There would need be a decent demand for this, as the anodizing would cost me $100.00 if I did one set or 25 sets. Bare aluminum would be same price as Delrin, adding anodizing would raise cost some
  15. After redoing my 83, I decided to go back to the stock pipes instead of putting the Road King mufflers back on, so if anyone would like a set of RK pipes for their bike, they are theirs for the taking, just pay shipping I will even include the HD chrome clamps. I didnt pay for the pipes or the clamps, so I will pass them on for the cost of shipping. I will post some pics later this afternoon after I get off of work. They have not been drilled out they are still the way they came from the factory.
  16. J Bird did an excellent job and I am surprised at how low he charged. Any other rally could have at least doubled the cost easily.
  17. OK, I need confirmation on this from our friends up in Central Canada !! Yesterday, I was at a Ham Radio Convention, in SeaSide, Oregon. ( a yearly event ) I ran into a fellow from Calgary Canada ( An older fellow, as myself ). The discussion went to Gas Price's !!! ( much higher in Canada, he tells me ) My point, here, he say's a personnel friend of his works for one of the companies extracting Crude Oil, in the Oil sands area up there. ( North of Montana ) This fellow told him that the Cost of extracting the Crude from the Shale Sands, up there is about $25.00 a barrel, when the stuff is ready for shipping to Refineries. (( Of course there is no pipe line, so they send the stuff to China )) So, can any of our Canadian Friends, here confirm what this fellow told me. Being a fellow Ham Radio Operator, I tend to believe him. But, you never know, so I'm looking for any confirmation here, as to the cost of crude oil from Centeral Canada ??:whistling:
  18. Can anyone tell me what they cost? Was told the second gens are a lot better...
  19. Looks like I found us another good vendor. I ordered 2 baron style lenses, cost:$2.95 each plus shipping for a total of $11.90. I did this on April 21 2012. Order received today, no additional shipping, nothing extra but then I noticed on the shipping envelope that the cost of shipping came to $12.90. Now it cost them more to ship those 2 little lenses than what I paid for the whole issue. Yes,,, it took a while, about 4 weeks,,,, I'm not surprised, they're getting harder to find. Thanks goes out to: Outdoors in Motion, Rutland VT http://www.outdoors-in-motion.com/index.htm
  20. Room to share for June 1st and maybe June 2nd if Jay Ragtop69gs is not needing it he was first in line,but Friday is a sure thing. Cost would be about $33.00 split for each. Anyone interested let me know and we will confirm ASAP. Thanks Joe
  21. I only have 3 left of these, and one is on hold for now. If you want one later it will cost much more. So for $21.00 US and $23 Canada you can own one of these tools.
  22. For this exercise assume two RSV's. RSV A is a 2007 and cost $9,000. RSV B is a 2000 and cost $5,500. Both have similar mileage. Both well maintained. You can afford to buy either. Which would you choose?
  23. Is one better than the other and if so by how much. Seafoam can cost about 3 times B-12. Is Seafoam 3 times better?
  24. Saw this today on TigerDirect for $70. And that price includes free lifetime map updates, which normally cost more alone than this price. Good starter unit anyway: http://biz.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1583005
  25. Just a heads up. I've been out of fork braces for a couple of months now, but just put in an order for another 10. Only this time around they gonna be anodized black. Thought it would be different... I'll be posting an ad in the classifieds toward the end of next week since I don't know what the cost will be until I get the invoice. I generally want to know about the cost up front, but the machinest has been more than fair with us over the years. So next week.... Attached are a couple of pics of one on my '91 that show what they'll look like installed.
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