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  1. Thanks for the updates all. My wife was sure I had been surfing some where i didn't need to be, and picked up an internet STD
  2. Ok, that certainly works around the problem. I just answered a PM and used your idea. After first word, hi tenter then backspace and all worked well. Why does this work?
  3. Running Chrome browser on 'puter at work, tried this at home, same problem on IE & Chrome. It is only on the VR website that I see this. If i reply to a PM my spacebar does not work. After typing out message I can use arrows to go back to where word should have break and space bar works. Has any one else seen this before?
  4. Matt,Istill have 2 left of the last batch i ran.They are not polished, but can easily be if you desire.If you want, PM me and we'll arrange shipment
  5. It should work OK, if they ever actually get any Honda ones to sell. Harley has been available for about 3 weeks, Honda is still on the boat some where Both Yamaha and early Honda wiould interchange on headsets, so it should work
  6. Linda Hammond is her name, She got it towed to a shop. And when they started to diagnose it, the dang thing fired right up, and has been running fine since. As best i can tell that was yesterday(Monday) when it started running again. And yes, it is an 1100 shadow. As of an hour ago she was in Idaho,, heading west
  7. One of the very first ones I made went to Oregon,, and this may very well be it or a clone of it. I may have stumbled upon those 3 or 4 near finished ones i spoke of a while back. Let me know if you are serious and I'll check the place where I saw them last
  8. the way the plenum looks to be design mimics a tunnel ram type setup, if there was a way to reduce the interior volume of that, with plates or baffles to make it as small as possible you may find your carb adequate for the job. Another thought is to used a staged 2 barrel like on a 4cyl pinto/mustang/ranger, they will give excellent throttle response up to about 2/3 throttle because the secondary only comes on the last third of travel.
  9. What inside piece do you need?
  10. If you have nothing and want it all,, all at once the total investment is at about $580. There are cheaper ways to do it also, like one piece at a time, and such. What ever you do, it is recommended that since you have nothing you may as well start with what is the best on market today so that unlike me you won't buy 2 or 3 different setups looking for the "one" that works for you. The 20S will do multitasking, in that it will have a hot intercom all the time and still allow you to listen to your music via either my harness and module or about any other listen only device you wish to pa
  11. Now would be the time to convince her to turn loose of the funds needed to upgrade to BT for both helmets.I have negotiated with a Sena Dealer for a really good deal on a pair of Sena 20S, today they are basically the best on the market, tomorrow may bring something new and better and we'll move on to that then.Presently you can save near $100 on a pair, making my $75 harness better than free. With the harness sale you get the dealer name and code we need to access this deal. You can convert just her helmet to BT, and use the harness to adapt a second unit to the bike, she could then be unw
  12. I have a cable that will plug into the 5pin and a "elcheapo" BT unit you can pair with the Sena to hear whatever the bike stereo will do.
  13. Wish i could get away with only 3 times. I carry a manual with me on each bike, I will constantly need to refer to something in it! No one reading ever "sticks" with me You referenced an aux cable earlier. Does your bike have this, what does it feed to? Do you have a 5pin headset connection? i have a cheap alternative if all you want to do is listen, and have a 5 pin connector for headset
  14. very few GPS will connect with Sena. You have to be able to enter a code for them, usually it is "0000". No where/way to do that on Sena, or a Garmin 765t. You would think they would program that in under the GPS or second phone pairing option. you would never get it in time but,,, I do make a harness that will plug into the 5pin headset and allow you to become toatally BT, ven transmit on CB if you have one The Zumo will pair to your Sena, but they are almost as much as another motorcycle
  15. But you got a 2 year warranty with your purchase. 85% of the ebay sellers are selling stuff that Sena will not warranty. Had a long drawn out battle with a seller and Sena to learn this. Be sure and fully charge the units before use, and register them with Sena , download and install the latest firmware. You will be happy with them
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