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  1. Looks like a great place for a rally! Hope to make it next year as the hubs will be retired and just bought himself a VStar with sidecar.
  2. drat. Thanks for all of your work on the Carl
  3. MJ44

    Vogel 2021

    I'm missing something. In what state is Vogel located? Thanks
  4. Made it home about 7 after a detour to Lake Chatauqua. Really enjoyed the venue and the food was great. Had a nice ride with Linda the Brave (in the the sidecar), Ron and Tina (excellent ride captain), Joe and Debby (stuck behind me), Spanky and Ron at Niagara Falls. Maid of the Mist was awesome!! 600 miles and only 100 miles of rain. Not bad. Not bad at all John enjoyed meeting you and we're planning on next year! MJ aka Most Honest (Worst) mini golf champ 2020
  5. After talking with motorcycle buddies, I found a local custom upholstery guy specializing in car, boat and motorcycles. He took my seat apart while I waited, added 3 different types of foam, had me sit on the seat, made some more adjustments and all for $150 I don't do long distance unless you count going to a Venture event, but for riding around all day it's comfortable. Add a sheepskin from Ikea for the hot days and I'm good.
  6. MJ44


    Happy Anniversary!
  7. DRAT! Will missing seeing you folks and hoping things change. I'll be there.
  8. Thanks Craig! Just the broom, the groom works for a paving company so he's busy in the summer.
  9. ............and she waits until the last minute to book and SCORES! My own cozy little cabin with bathroom that will be finished in time for the rally. Looking forward to seeing everyone. The only thing you'll recognize is my Broom. I'll be married and retired by then so I'm sure you won't recognize me.
  10. Glad to hear everyone made it home safe, sound, and with a few stories to tell. Great big thanks to the WNY crew for putting on another stellar event. Loved the movie nights. Thankful to see old friends and make some new. See you next year on the Broom. MJ
  11. I'll bring one that I brought back in 2000 from the beach in Portland, Dorset, England
  12. I have a Champion, too.
  13. http://www.sidecar.com Very helpful site that is just about sidecars.
  14. I have had 2 Venture sidecar rigs and modified the steering on both. Best bucks spent. Had a mechanic do it, but I have a mechanic do all the work. They come with directions and the folks who sell them are very helpful. A few different brands out there. I don't have a Steer Lite brand and can't remember where I got mine. Check the air in your tires, too. A difference of a few psi in the sidecar can make a difference. I keep it at 25 http://freedomsidecars.com/ Claude Stanley knows his stuff and is always willing to talk and help.
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