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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kTQ6wZlivo]YouTube - Goldwing Drag Racing[/ame] I really think if the riders had some real racing under their belts the times would have been a little better, but the venture did preaty good for a 500 cc difference.
  2. I've been hearing about these three for sometime now and, some use a battery tender, some use a battery maintainer and some use a battery charger. What is the difference. Spock: "A Difference That Make No Difference Is No Difference"
  3. Received an offer from our hosting company that was too good to refuse so I had our server upgraded with more memory and disk space. Don't know if we will see any difference in performance because I think it has been working pretty well anyway but we'll see.
  4. I'm confused, whats the difference between the XVZ1300 'D' series and the XVZ1300 'T' series bikes? -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  5. My 99 RSV will start fine in neutral. But will not turn over when in gear with the clutch pulled in. Clutch slave was just rebuilt if that would make any difference. What are the things to check? Kickstand switch? Other? Thanks, Ross
  6. For those who know, why does the '88 have less advertised power than the '83? The '88 has a bigger bore, and slightly bigger carb, and a little more torque, but the rest seems the same, yet the '88 is advertised with 11PS less power? What would account for this difference? Just askin'.... -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  7. No English dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the two words 'complete' and 'finished' in a way that's so easy to understand: Some people say there is no difference between COMPLETE & FINISHED but, there is an explanation… When you marry the right one, you are COMPLETE... And when you marry the wrong one, you are FINISHED... And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are... COMPLETELY FINISHED !!!
  8. i am trying to get a set of non resistor spark plugs, i can get them but without the projected tip. does it make a big difference on our bikes?
  9. has followed threads & said a prayer or wished me luck.... I got the job!!! I start on the 30th at the latest... Thank each & everyone , your prayers & support made the difference!! From the bottom of my heart I thank each of you. ps No I didn't have to install a cassette player to get it lol :cool10:
  10. I ended up buying my old Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic back from my son-in-law last night. They only put 1800 miles on it in 4 years! They both said that it didn't make sense to keep it and they could use the money elsewhere. (AND, I'm sure that know that I will let them borrow it if they want to go for a ride). WOW what a difference from my 07 Venture! This thing rides rough, handles completely different and boy does it seem lighter!! - I may end up teaching my wife to ride! So, I guess that I am finally part of the group that has more than one ride in the stable!! Craigr
  11. During the last week of December 2010, we admitted my wife to the hospital for severe abdominal pain, went well was discharged before New Years. Two weeks later she called the business office of the hospital to ask for hardship application to see if they would reduce the bill a bit. She was told by the person she talked to that insurance had not paid off yet and to wait so they would know the actual amount. We got the bills from the specialists we saw right away and made payments on them. Fast forward to December 2011, was at a birthday party for granddaughter, when my wife's ex-husband pulled me aside and asked if I knew anything about the phone calls he was getting from the hospital. Called the hospital and found out we owed them for the stay. Had never got a statement from them and they had turned it over to collections. Apparently there was an old address in the computer system that they sent the bills to. Called the hospital found out what was going on, got the hardship app, filled it out, sent it in. In the meantime the so called collection people were harassing us. The hospital did grant us a reduction in the bill. Tried to deal with collections, offered them 50%, was refused. Called the hospital back and asked them what the final balance was, with the reduction. Was given a number, much less than what I thought is should have been, asked twice if that was right and the final amount, was told yes. Sent a check for the amount. Now collections is still trying to get the difference of the reduction. Now I think that it should be paid in full, but they just say they made a mistake and I still owe the difference. Should I pay the difference or let it go to court and air their dirty laundry? Sorry about length, but this is really starting to eat me up. Hope see some logic on this. Thanks Daryl
  12. OK folks, who out there has installed a 3000 on an RSV and what do you think of it. Any noticeable difference? How does it affect power and mpg? And key question, is it worth the money?
  13. Are the stock mufflers for an 83-85 different than the stock mufflers for the 86-93? If they are, what is the difference? Is the earlier ones a tad shorter than the 86-89?
  14. Is one better than the other and if so by how much. Seafoam can cost about 3 times B-12. Is Seafoam 3 times better?
  15. goatturtle


    Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in a tire marked front and one marked rear?
  16. What R1 calipers are a direct bolt on for my 86?? 98 thru 02? Found nice set on E-Bay going off at about 4 this evening. Should have found them sooner. Is there a difference between 85 and 86 on the Venture?
  17. Someone/several have ask about these. I have had these on my bike and they work great. They are more like a floorboard and are comfortable. They adjust in two directions too. They also fold up for to allow you to get in close places. There cheap compared to other foot rest. I have had them for two yrs now and they work and look great. Not covered in rust as I first thought they would be. I ride in rain and wash my bike with water and then blow it off with a $25.00 electric leaf blower from Wally World. Update : I called JC Whittney and talked to customer service specialist. She looked up all the product Sku # difference in the two and they are exactly the same. So why is the price difference I said. Her answer is that the price changed with another factory order and they never changed or updated it on the Webb site. So order this and save $10.00 , Fold-up Highway Floorboards for Harley-Davidson SKU #:1JA 019631 Mfr. #:019631 Ships on 08/29/11 Set $39.99 http://www.jcwhitney.com/fold-up-highway-floorboard-set/p2006697.jcwx?filterid=d17361y2007o60j3 Fuzzy
  18. After more than a year of being bikeless since loosing my 2 wheeler in Yellowstone, I found an '07 with a Hannigan conversion. Sorry to anyone that I might have beat out on this deal but I knew I had to move fast. The bike is in great condition overall and very low miles. Gas mileage is only in high twenty's and I squeaked 30 out of 1 tank but carbs are in need of a sync. I would hope to get it back into the mid 30's. I've seen a few other that said they were getting upwards near 40 mpg but that's about what I used to get with 2 wheels. I have to get an inspection (PA) done next week and I know it needs a new front tire. I am leaning to the Metzler 880 (rear) right now pending any other input from others. I am also looking for any information on the conversion (I know Hannigan does not provide an install guide) but am hoping there is a maintenance guide. There was nothing that came with the bike. It does not have the EZ Steer rack kit so I am looking for input from others that may have waited to have it installed after the initial trike was done. I can handle it ok but it can take some strong arming in the curves. Does it really make a big difference on the Venture since the front is already slightly racked? I also heard that just adding the Baron's risers can make a great difference in the amount of effort required to steer. So far I like it and will be starting to put some "touches" to it over time. Any input is appreciated!
  19. OK I am wondering what I did or maybe there isn't really any difference. I changed the plugs today in my 2000 venture and the Clymers manual said they took a NGK DPR7EA-9 When I got the old ones out and the new ones in I was cleaning things up and happened to look at the old plugs, which by the way looked new after 12,000 miles anyway the ones I took out where NGK DPR8EA-9 Anyone know what the difference is? Is one hotter than the other? Just wandering Thanks Gentleman.
  20. Last year I was stumped :scratchchin:on what this was all this was about, So I did my research and it only took a year to get it just right. but it makes since now. There is a method to this madness !!! At first I could not figure out what the difference was with Polishing and Waxing. then found out about cleaning clays. (what's that?) *lol* So basically vintage cars and Trike in my case. WASH Trike/Car Use cleaning clay to remove all the rest of any surface dirt. Use Polish (1) (2) or (3) after that to remove any surface scratch marks and finely WAX . There are different polish and wax applicators as well. All used with Griots Orbitals I use mostly the 3" on the Trike and I also have the 6 " for the Vintage cars. Today it is real humid out so I am doing this in the Garage with the Air Conditioner running. Man oh Man what a difference in the paint job after doing this the correct way. Rather than the basic way-- wash and slapping wax on. AMAZING !! So Shinny !! Jeff
  21. I just replaced my left front and rear brake pads with EBC HH. Last year I put the HH in the right front. It did not need new pads, the old ones were only worn to about 50%. I can not believe the difference in stopping power that the rear brake now has. I can literally stop in half the distance that it took with the old pads. I was very concerned about stopping power with a trailer in tow. My concern was justified, I will feel much better with the trailer now.
  22. My RSTC feels good but for some reason my buddys 99 venture seems to pull better. I did do the skydoc clutch upgrade but my bike doesnt slip so that shouldnt be athe difference. Is there a HP difference among those years?
  23. What is the difference between a 1st gen and 2nd gen? Thanks, Allen
  24. I need you expertise! Could someone please direct me to a schematic that explains the workings of the first generation carbs. An exploded diagram for these particular models with an explanation would be helpful. I was hoping to find a thread with photos of a carb overhaul. I would like to understand a little bit more about what is going on. There are a lot of small holes and orifices that seem to serve similar roles. My current problem is as follows. I removed and cleaned the carbs and have cured my rough acceleration problem. Now, any adjustment to the pilot screw on just one carb makes no difference. Closing the pilot screw all the way on the other carbs causes the engine to stumble while any adjustment on this one carb makes no difference - the engine runs regardless of setting. I guess where I am a bit unsure is the role played by the other small orifices and their routing Thank you.
  25. hey everybody i need some help please i have a 2003 midnight venture with 87000 kl on it and i am the original owner. it vibrates when i cranck it in 3,4,5 gear . now im pretty sure that it could be the u joint on it but some other buddys have a difference of opinion on this as they say my carbs need to be sinked. so lets take a poll carbs or u joint
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