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  1. This w.a.r. had about 30 people take part Worship and Ride rode about 2 1/2 hours to a place called Shatley Springs NC to a Family style resturant and we praised God and stuffed our faces, the food was so good. A few picture you might enjoy.
  2. one of my winter projects this year is an eck style camper. i bought a new doolittle cargo trailer. so far i have wired it with 110 outlets , a porch light, interior outlets and lighting. black friday came at the right time. i have a mini refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, hot plate , and gas grill. this poor mans camping is getting expensive. it is alot cheaper than a toy hauler. the only things i have left, is air conditiong, and an awning. i owe eck some coffee so i need to go to a meet where eck is at. maybe vogel next year. how about it eck? snarley bill
  3. Huh? What in the heck does that mean? Okay, I bought a Carbon_One style of lift adapter from one of the forum members, and it works great. Then, I decided to make an adapter for my car lift, to use the bike lift adapter. Yes...I do have a brand new bike lift. It works real good, but it only lifts the bike approximately 20" high. While it does allow the bike to be mobile while on the bike lift...I can wheel it around in the shop...it does not allow me to work at a good height. So, as you can see by the pictures...I have used some 4" wide channel iron, cut to correct length, and drilled so I can bolt the channel iron to my car lift. By removing the body lift pads from my car lift, I can then run the bike in between all the lift arms, install the Carbon_One style lift adapter, then install the new "Miles" style lift adapter, and by using my 9000 lb. car lift, the bright orange channel iron lift adapters make contact with the red Carbon_One style lift adapter, and I can raise the bike to any height to work on it. [ATTACH]72794[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72795[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72797[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72798[/ATTACH] I can also use this new set-up with any of my bikes, but not using the Carbon_One style adapter, except for when lifting the RSMTD. I can tell you, even at full height, the bike is as solid as New Hampshire Granite. For you folks that have a car lift, this is very easy to make the two pieces of channel iron as an adapter. *************************************************************************** BTW, if any of you riders from Washington State want this license plate for your bike, let me know. [ATTACH]72799[/ATTACH] I have ordered a new personalized plate. It will be my 39th personalized plate. All I have to do is sign the DOL paperwork, so that you can register this to your bike, if you want it...for free. You will have to pay DOL a small fee, but I am giving it away.
  4. Anyone here come from a 1st gen and then bought a BMW K1200LT Touring bike? I am playing with the idea as you can get them cheap with low miles compared to the Goldwings, plus they are physically smaller. I am eyeballing a 2001 with 20K miles on it for $6500. Do they ride like the 1st gen? I am just looking at about $3500-$4000 to make my 83 100% reliable and fixing 2nd gear as well as forks, etc... and only a little bit more will get me a bike that shops will actually touch, you can actually get parts for, and I will feel comfortable taking on a 1500 mile ride without worrying where the Uhaul rental centers are to get back home. Second Gen is out as I dont like the harley style bikes. They are pretty, just not my style and I dont like forward controls. And I dont have $12,000 for a 10 year old goldwing.
  5. My winter project is going to be building a bobber style venture, with Tweety power, maybe more. Probably be a multiple year process, like Tweety has been. I have most of motor components already, VMax heads, final drive & most of Vboost. 1300 block. I am interested if a 1st gen block will fit in a 2nd gen frame. I don't care about the head bracing, I will compensate for loss of that structure somehow. I like the single frame tube from the neck back style. It would allow me to use a standard tank on bike. Also like the appearance of the rear fender for the Indian look I am after. I am not after a chopper style, but more along a retro look. Single seater with old style sprung seat for one. I want to stay with mono shock set up for better handling. I have two 1st gen bare frames here, but I am not warm & fuzzy with what I would need to do to modify one to get what I am after. Gary
  6. Uh, Not my style http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/120817080420-inflatable-helmet-story-top.jpg
  7. If there is any interest in my auxillary tail and brake light harness for those going to Freebird's maintenance day I can arrange to have several of each (Venture/Royal Star & Tour Deluxe/ Road Star 1700) harnesses dropped shipped to Don. Cost is $11.00 for Venture style and $13.50 for Tour Deluxe style). http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=69814
  8. Hello all, I am looking for recommendations on a half helmet. Is there one that is narrow (to avoid the mushroom - darth helmet look) but is still DOT approved. I understand that there are carbon fiber helmets too. Are the fiber ones closer to the head? The photos online always show an auxiliary view and the vendors never provide dimensions. I have looked at the Vega XTS, HCI-100-134 and the ACC. Does anyone have a recommendation? I also understand that safety supersedes style, but I have a half helmet currently that is very heavy and is more of the mushroom style. Thanks in advance! Nick P
  9. Found this link on another board and thought folks here may enjoy it as well.... http://www.go-faster.com/SS100.html
  10. Was wondering if anyone had noticed a drop in gas mileage after putting a lower/wider windshield on thier Venture. Just got back from a trip and mileage dropped from normal around 40/42 to down around 33/34. Same driving style. Just curious before I start checking other things (not that I'm not going to check everything else anyways, lol). Thanks, Sam
  11. The website i found list the style of main-jet that is needed http://www.pjmotorsports.com/street-bikes-fitment-list.html (bottom of page). But does not list the style of pilot-jet that is needed. http://www.pjmotorsports.com/mikuni-jets.html#piolot/slow%20jets I don't want to have to tear my bike down just to see what parts i have to buy. I'm riding an 07 RSTD Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Does anyone have a set of stock (new style) antenna's, they would like to part with? My new trike has the CB antanna missing and the radio antenna is broke. I know I can install fireflys. but I like the new style folding whips.
  13. So what's the plans for the long weekend. Canadians go first of course,,,, then we do it together and then the Americans can finish it off in a grande style. So what are you doing?
  14. I was wondering what others have done to raise the height of their stock (or other) handlebars and also bring the bars back closer to the rider. Suggested options for risers and/or alternative style handlebars will be appreciated. Note on any special installation procedures will also help. Thx.
  15. Anybody have some suggestions for a front fender mud flap to keep the dirt off the radiator? Also I want to add some hiway pegs to the little front crash bars. I would like an adjustable offset style to put the boots on when freeway riding. Any good suggestions that you have used?
  16. I'm looking for one of those to put on the sidecar (which will make my wife happy). I know JCWhitney has some very basic ones, but I am looking for a door mount style with a cone shaped housing. I need the right hand side one. Every website I have gone to either requires a log in or asks for a make and model. They just don't seem to list my sidecar. A friend of mine has an old car sitting in a barn but he seems reluctant to let me pull the mirror off. Something about it being worth 60K (as is). If you have one of this style mirrors lying around and want to part with it shoot me a pics and price; if you're better at surfing the web and finding this kind of stuff, I'd appreciate the link. Y'all have a great weekend, riding tomorrow!! :happy65:
  17. Those of you looking at HD pipes, looking for slash down style. The 2011 Road Glide Customs are slash down. No I am not looking at getting rid of mine. But I thought I might throw that out there if people like that style. I like them better than any others. Most that I see are either straight cut, or slash ups. There is a pic in my profile pictures that show the pipe enough so you can see what they look like.
  18. I was wondering how many Gen 1 Ventures are left out there? How many were sold over the production run until new style came along? Just curious ..... cheers, gary
  19. Here is a link to a new style of lockwasher we are looking at at work. They are better than split washers and nylock nuts. The salesperson has a vibration stand that shows how clamping force goes down with vibration using the other types of locking devices. These Nord-Lock washers actually increase clamping force when they loosen. I have not used them on my bike as of yet but plan on it when Fastenal starts stocking them at work. http://www.nord-lock.com/
  20. Anyone recognise this beauty from a few years back? It was the one and only RSV I saw in two weeks and four states!
  21. Hi all, I'm looking for some passenger highway pegs we saw on a very tall gent's Venture this summer. Problem is, we can't remember when we saw him & his bike, or on which ride it was on. I believe it may have been on the "Just Another Road Terip" memorial ride in the Picton, ON area last July. I have attached a sketch I made of the style for the pegs as I remember them. The are NOT the Diamond R set. If anyone knows who this person is or where this style of pegs is available, please let me know. Thanks. Bruno G "The Hat"
  22. Any one have a recommendation for a thin style digital camera in the $200 price range. I would like to get one that has HD video recording capability. I am not looking for an SLR type camera, would prefer the thin style, retractable lens would be fine. We have a Minolta Dimage X1 that has quit working. Gary
  23. Just think if you had to log on to one of these dino's every night to find out what was going on in the VR world. http://www.flixxy.com/1967-future-computing.htm
  24. We are planning a trip down to northeast Iowa/Southwest Wisconsin in the next several weeks for a ride along the Mississippi river. Can anyone recommend roads, places of interest, a nice old style motel? We did the river ride from Hastings, MN down to LaCrosse earlier this summer and it was wonderful. Stayed in Fountain City, WI one nite at an older style motel that was completely refurbished. The motel owners were just wonderful. They hung out with us outside in the evening and chatted.
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