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  1. Doing some winter maint on the bike. I see a few people mention using Autolites and of course the NGK OEM plugs and the platnums. Anyone use Champions? Pulling the original plugs, they are burning clean. The gaps are worn out to .038 Local O'Reillys has NGKs or Champions.
  2. Some of you who have been around since the early days will remember Dan Lowery. Dan was one of the original officers when I started the "Venturers" site. I honestly don't remember if he ever joined this site or not but he and I did remain friends over the years. We rode together a couple of times when I lived in Dallas. I got word today that Dan passed away on January 9th which also happened to be his birthday. Dan was a good man and will be missed by those who knew him. Please say a prayer for his family and friends.
  3. My 84 is getting harder to start. I thought it was the cold, then the hi-test gas. I run regular in it in the cold months for it's lower flash point. Now regardless of the temp or gas it takes a while to get it started. I think the ignition module (original so far as I know) is on it's way to the trash can. Opinions please!
  4. I had a place reproduce the original decal on the gas tank of the Auranthetic mini bike I have. I think they did a great job.......... I posted a picture of the gas tank so you can see the original decal and then a picture of the reproduced decal. Now its off to the sandblaster to remove the paint from the gas tank..
  5. So I just renewed my membership for year #4 after 3 years of ownership. You guys helped me decide on the original purchase, helped figure out what I actually purchased, helped me extensively through many repairs including the whole scary front end/fork seal/ triple tree bearing repair and most importantly getting it all put back together. Since the original 89 purchase, I have bought two 1984 parts bikes, a 1987 Venture Royale, and helped my son-in-law purchase his 1986 Venture Royale (thanks 1Rooster). I did have to stop my bike form reading the forum since she decided to develop many
  6. I was looking on some other motorcycle forums and came across a modification to alter a stock flasher to work with led turn signals and keep the original flasher and the self cancellation function.www.650ccnd.com/PDFs/Flasher_mod_Revised.pdf . I haven't learned how to attach a link, but maybe some one who does will do that for us.I did a google search for Denso flasher modification, and it was the second link that was on the first page.When I convert my turn signals,I'm going to try this to keep the original functions.Hope this helps someone and thanks to the person that invented this and pos
  7. TDunc

    Eagle swoops Kid

    ummmmm... don't know what to say. Maybe..."Duck!" There is adult language... dont turn it up with the kids in the room. http://www.break.com/index/golden-eagle-swoops-up-little-kid-2397519 Edit... added for those that don't get the humor of the original post - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4jefE-0Zt8]Golden Eagle Snatching A BABY IS confirmed Fake HOAX on GMA Good Morning America YouTube - YouTube[/ame]
  8. One of the things that surprises me about this forum is the number of people that will open a post and never make any kind of comment. An example of this is a birthday wish I made to another member yesterday and it has now had 69 views and not one single comment other than my original one. It is like we have a bunch of lurkers that never have anything to say. It says there was 70 viewing the Wateringhole and there has only been a few comments over the last hour. RandyA
  9. Regarding "Tradedy in Conn." .... Would like to thank the Moderators for letting the thread go as long as they did and then closing it on request of the original poster. What started out as expressions of sympathy for the victims and their families turned into a discussion on gun control. I'll admit to going beyond the original intent of the thread but after seeing families in their grief came back to the realization that this is about the families and discussion of guns (pro and con) has no place here. Was a civil discussion... but was time to end it. Thank you again.
  10. Do you ever watch one of the videos posted on here and when it ends it shows about a dozen more to choose from and then you watch one more and then there is about a dozen more....? Sometimes I will end up watching videos for a while that just seem to go on and on. One of the frustrations is when you will have several that pops up that are interesting and if you watch one, you may loose the other interesting ones, and you can not back up. Sometimes I will go back to the original posted video and when it finishes, pick a different one from the last time and see where it goes. RandyA
  11. cant find info on this. Its a barn find so to speak. Owner says it ran 10 yrs ago and has been setting since so I know it needs minimum new plug, wire , and fuel plus carb work. What my question is is how much is this thing worth. Theres not a scratch on it and everythings original. Onlly has 2796 miles on the odometer and since its setting beside a 57 bel air with 27 grand on I dont doubt the milage. Any help will be apreciated David
  12. So I finally got my class fixed(thank you to everyone for your help), and my front forks still dive and bottom out when I hit the brakes. I can see the forks raise and lower when I use the compressor. I rode it at 21 lbs and over little bumps and when I brake it dives down and clunks, what I assume is bottoming out. Anyone know what I should check? I just bought the bike and don't know any history of it, so I can only assume that everything is original. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have a 2006 RSTD. I am installing the original mufflers on the bike. Do I have to remove the saddlebags to get to the back bolt?
  14. Just bought our first Venture. It is a 2004 Midnight. It still has the original studded seat. My wife is only 5' 2'' tall. The back rest is really uncomfortable for her. Any suggestions on padding for the area between the passenger seat and the backrest??
  15. I've checked the other posts on bypassing the battery monitor resistor and most people are saying to use a 1k or 2.2k resistor. The thing is I want to keep the monitor in place and my resistor wire is coroded and needs replacing, but the bands indicate that the original is only a 680ohm resistor. What would be better? Try and find another 680 or would a 1k work as the original did? Thanks Markus
  16. hey all anyone know of a headlight upgrade that i just plug in and go? i came across a old post here about someone trying to get a set of hella lamps to plug in to existing light but cant find it again and dont know if it worked out into a plug an play kit or not. the original headlight on my 83 venture is crap and looking for something to cange it without change or adding a bunch of wireing and electronics. thanks for any help
  17. I've got an 83 venture for couple of years now. I cannot seem to get it running correctly, poor mileage ( 28 MPG) and back firing ( poping back through the carbs) slightly after making a corner then accelerating. After a pop or two it picks up and takes off. This is with both the original TCI and the new one I purchased last year. The bike normally runs better before it warms up. I readjusted the valves last year too. I thought it was running rich so, had the carbs off last week to reset the floats and install smaller shims in the sliders. Still run bad maybe a little worse. Put the original
  18. Hello, The air suspension isn't working on my 1986 Venture Royale XVZ13T DS/DSC. According to the error message it should be a faulty pressure sensor (Yamaha part no. 31M-85981-00-00) and I bought that sensor already. But here is the point: I cannot find the original sensor on the bike to replace it !!!!!!!! According to Yamaha's very rough scetches it should be located somewhere around the speedometer or levelling computer panel. Can somebody help me out with the exact location of that sensor? Thanks Bernhard
  19. well, between work and lack of available cash, I didn't get too much done on the 83 over the last couple of months. I DID, however, get all the parts, finally, that I need to fix the rear brakes, so that will be getting done as soon as I get home from the 2 stroke meet this coming week at Deals Gap. Anyway, my job as a cable guy has me running all over the county, so I see quite a few bikes and cars for sale. I was offered a 1985 Venture Royale for a very small sum. The bike has had part of the plastics removed for some electrical work. The plastics are in fantastic original condition,
  20. Well, I got the carb rack off the 83 tonight. Those linkages are something else! I have no idea how I'm gonna get them back together!!! Just taking them off was a real test of my "christian vocabulary"!!!!!!!:bang head: Any way....now all I need is the parts So...for a proper job, could someone tell me what parts I need to order? I have new diaphrams already Also....the fuel line looks like a red colour braded hose. is that the original one? Thinking I might just as well change while I'm at it if it is. Also going to do the head cover gaskets. Although it looks like it ha
  21. I"ve done all my rainy weekend maintenance and also ordered a sylvania silverstar ultra bulb for my headlight. Just wondering if I should order a porcelain plug for it or will the original be ok. Thanks, Ray.
  22. I recently had my carbs apart on my 83 VR to replace the rubber plugs, gas mileage was horrible. I was looking at the main jets and they have 125 marked on them. Just for fun I looked at a parts diagram on line and it said the main should be 117.5. Which one is right? My bike has stock exhaust and intake with no modifications. When I got the bike a few years ago from the original owner he said the carbs had never been worked on. I have no reason to doubt him since it had the original screws that still looked new. Several of them were tamper resistant kind. So I can assume it came with 125 main
  23. Ok, so my intercom headsets have gone off to electronics heaven. I've looked at replacing them and the cost involved (dang the dealer is proud of these things) and have found them on places like ebay for not too bad a price but I'm starting to wonder if something like the Scala Rider blue tooth units would be a better way to go. I like the idea of having all original equipment but also hate to pay to get all new headsets and have another issue with with the audio system that puts me back to a non-functioning intercom. Seems like the Scala Rider may be the way to go but I've never used one and
  24. I'm a RSV 2007 and I would like to replace my original headlamp by a more efficient headlight. Please give me your suggestion of replacement. Louis Quebec, Canada
  25. When I purchased my 05 RSTD I was told it was a repo with no maint history. While looking through the owners manual I found a little sticker that has the model number, Primary ID, and Dealer number. Is there a data base that I can use to find out who the original dealer was? The dealer number is: 320670
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