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  1. Dear Santa As always, here is a copy of the score card for "Cowpuc" - year of 2014.. I know our score cards arent always exactly the same (hopefully this years cards compare closer than those of 2012 before I vastly improved on how much I harassed people) but, if your card is even close to what I am seeing on my card this year,,,, well,,,, the picture found on this page is kinda what I am thinkin... Anyway,, here is a final compilation of this years report... Positives: 21,004 - thank you's 876 - your welcomes 231 - let me get that for you 437 - opening doors for old ladies 634 - opening doors for young ladies 105 - candy bar purchases for kids at gas stations while Tip and I toured 38 - cool-aid at road side stand purchases 4 - out of town bicycle repairs 71 - dinner dates with Tippy 23 - stop and help travelers 19 - helped turtles across roads 38 - fed stray cats 105 - pick up others garbage while camping 87 - repair kids cars 2089 - prayers for friends and neighbors 69 - helped neighbors with chores 1 - quit smoking 7 - cooked holiday dinners 931 - undeserved waves at passing Harley riders... $756 - tips, contributions to needy 3002 - said "I love you" Negatives 27 - teased people at VentureRider.org 103 - cursed when mad (includes under my breath cursing) 9 - flipped someone off 18 - gave Tippy the silent treatment 187 - made daughter get tv remote for me 34 - picked nose in public 132 - speeding on bike 81 - small fibs 11 - medium fibs 3 - big fibs 24 - used the word "hate" 2 - kept undersize fish -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- Looking forward to this one!! Have a safe and joyful trip!! Puc PS - its fine if you need to drain the fluids to to pass FAA Regs,, got your back Santa!! http://images.craigslist.org/00d0d_3FCxguuqJxp_600x450.jpg
  2. So I just renewed my membership for year #4 after 3 years of ownership. You guys helped me decide on the original purchase, helped figure out what I actually purchased, helped me extensively through many repairs including the whole scary front end/fork seal/ triple tree bearing repair and most importantly getting it all put back together. Since the original 89 purchase, I have bought two 1984 parts bikes, a 1987 Venture Royale, and helped my son-in-law purchase his 1986 Venture Royale (thanks 1Rooster). I did have to stop my bike form reading the forum since she decided to develop many symptoms that others were posting about regarding their bike. So for Year #4...thanks guys and gals !!!! Just found my original Purchase pictures: Now those of you that lost the pool on whether I would last or get kicked off of here....pay up !!
  3. the problem I'm having is sometimes i can change it from say radio to Aux and sometimes I can't... or if I'm on radio sometimes it will change stations and sometimes it wont... I've took it apart and used electronics cleaner but that hasn't helped. Any suggestions?
  4. VentureRider.org member A report shows a probable esophageal cancer. He will be having surgery in the morning for a biopsy and they will also attempt to put in a feeding tube. The family appreciate the prayers thus far and ask for you to continue to remember him in your prayers. I meet him one afternoon at my wife's office and of course I was on my venture & we struck up a conversation. He invited me over to his shop to show me somethings he thought I needed to know. He really helped me in a lot of things about the Venture. He is the one who introduced me to this site. His love for riding really showed & his love on passing down what he has learned to a newbie was greatly appreciated ...So please say prayer for Big Bird......
  5. I was just talking to Tricia about Tuff Toms Trailer and it got me to wondering.......Do you suppose there are any trial members who have followed what went on with Tom's accident and how so many members stepped up to help him out in his time of need and still think the $12 a year membership isn't worth it? Most everyone who helped out had either just met Tom a couple of days earlier or had not even met him but yet everyone helped out. Just the words of encouragement were big when you are so far away from home and no family. I for one hope I never have this happen to me but I assure you I feel just a little more comfortable knowing that I am not alone no matter where I may travel. There will always be the people from this board willing to step up and help just because they care. Twelve Dollars, is it worth it ............................Just ask Tuff Tom
  6. Well here are the pix I took at Big Toms rally last weekend. It was a great time and we had a ball thanks again Tom, Vicky and everyone that helped make it a great time. Make me want to do my own again next summer. :thumbsup2: http://s1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff368/PhilipLepel/
  7. Well, we just got back home after a week on the road to attend the America's 911 Foundation 10th anniversary ride. http://www.americas911ride.org/ What an awesome experience. Almost 2000 bikes on a fully escorted group ride from Summerset Pa. to Arlington Va. and New York NY. People lining the streets and overpasses in all the little and big towns we passed through, all along the route. A group of ten of us left from Burlington Ontario last Thursday and returned today. This included three Peel Region (Toronto area) Motor Cops who helped with the escort. They came in handy a couple of times for us on the way down and back as well. I'm so happy we were able to do this ride but for various reasons, I won't get into, I will not do it again.
  8. We cannot thank jethroish and Spider and their wives enough for all the help they provided Tues helping unload the moving truck and trailer. They went above and beyond, even helped reload the truck with stuff for storage and then helped load into storage. I honestly dont know what we would have done without them since i wasnt much help other than putting things away. We would probably still be unloading..lol again we are reminded of the awesome people who are members here who constantly go above and beyond for others. still a few things back in missouri to get here yet, and i am slowly getting things put away......have too much stuff to fit in here thats for sure, in a townhouse/ duplex for now with no garage. again thanks so much for helping, sorry it took me so long to post as im anxious to finish and have some r & r time !!
  9. My son set off, from Las Vegas, on a 4,000 road trip and lost 5th gear the second day.(I'm in west Texas) I hit the list and found Tim in Ca. and he helped us out alot. Thanks again VR and Tim. THIS IS AN AWSOME SITE!!!! My son is vegastruckee (on a second gen)
  10. Nothing profound, no great ground shaking words of wisdom. Just simply Thanksgiving Just over a year ago Lonna and I started this new adventure in our lives. Stayed with Gunboat for just about 6 months before I found work and we got into our new home. Looking back on this new adventure of ours, I see that there is a lot to be thankful for. Times were tough when we 1st got down here and I had doubts on if we were gonna stay. I'm glad that we did and with that said, I know we have a lot to be thankful for. So this Thanksgiving has a bit of a different meaning to it, as you folks here have helped us make Texas our Home....Thank you to all the members here, and the usual suspects that helped us loose our homeless status....and become Texans. May all our members have a blessed Thanksgiving Day
  11. Haven't posted in a while but I never miss a day reading posts. Its been kind of strange not having a bike, at times I really miss it, other times I'm glad its gone. Thought the convertible Mustang might help some, but not really. You all might hase noticed I have it listed in the classifieds. The one saving grace has been our camping really relaxing. The other great thing has been my introduction to a phenomenal nutrional drink that eased my pain significantly and allowed me put the cane away for awhile. On top of that after taking it we believed in it so much that we became involved in the business opportunity. We have tried several different things and this by far has been the best. In two months we are already making an extra $200/mo. So that success has helped my attitude too. Even with my relief in pain, I still am scheduled for my Total Shoulder Replacement surgery on 11/30. That will hopefully relieve that pain entirely. Maybe I will be able to scratch my nose again with that hand! Soon as I'm healed up from that, I will be having my right hand thumb operated on. Had the left one done few years back and it really helped. I think alot of everyone here and count alot of you as friends. I've got Maintenance Day on my calendar and if all goes as planned you will probably be seeing me. Take care, Jay
  12. Has anybody done the upgrade to R1 brakes on a 2nd gen? I went with stainless brake llines shortly after I bought my bike, 'cause the brakes felt awful "soft" after my FJR and Duc. The stainless lines really helped, but I am curious about going to the R1 brakes. They "should" help quite a bit. Ideas?
  13. I was down at the North Star Power Sports last Thurs at noon picking up a new speedometer cable for my bike. There were about 4 people ahead of me in line. Anyhow, the guy being helped was ordering parts for a Venture. Was that you? Just asking as there aren't many Ventures in the area.
  14. Sold my 83 venture this morning. Not by choice but eating is always nice. Thanks to everyone that has helped me with information on my bike. The new owner said he will join on the club. Again thanks.
  15. I Know, This is in the watering hole Forum but I want EVERYONE to know the GREAT people that was on this trip..I MAY miss a few but I want to Thank MasterGuns..He stepped in, got a bunch of Adult beverage material and served as a Bartender for our entire Group! He is an exceptional person and I want to Thank him even though he will say da&^it you dont have to do that..THANK YOU HERB!!! Larry,(Guthdaddy) THANK YOU for getting our hotel organized What a fantastic place to stay..They turned over there entire bar area over to us..NO CHARGE! PKTexas (Perry) for being our tour guide to the Marfa Lights..Thank You....Don(Gunboat) For "Driving MS Lilly" and most of all EVERYONE that helped make this one fantastic trip! We made it home about 8PM and had a blast driving back..You all are going to hear things from Brad (Squidley) but DO NOT BELIEVE him! Folks for those that missed this...You just dont know..It was GREAT!! Later,I am tired,Tom
  16. Thank you Thom!!! I think we cut just the right amount off. I could easily see over the shield, and my ball cap stayed on. Also the polish on the shield helped a lot also. Thank you Thank you Thank you Donde
  17. Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed many times, however I did not find any old posts to my satisfaction. So, My question is. What oil would you recomend and what filter would you recomend? My bike only has 3k miles on it so I figured I could switch to whatever I wanted to run and stick with it. I read that some oils have helped with the chirpping noise, which I have a chirp but it's not a bad one. Thanks, Brett
  19. Over 2 years and 12,000 miles before I dropped it in the parking lot. I was trying to back it into a space and got it leaned over a little too far. Managed to set it down soft enough that it didn't even scratch the chrome on the crash bars. Some one ran over and helped me pick it up before I even had time to think about the best places to lift from or figure out the best leverage position..
  20. I made it home from Brad's yesterday and it was a great trip. We crossed over into Canada that night and had dinner with GaryN. Left early the next morning and headed to Asheville. The bike did well except backfireing, so Muffinman helped resync and we could not get any vacum on #1 cylinder. He did get it set prety good and it ran great comeing home. Want to thank him and Brad and Denden for the work they put into it. Denden came over the week before and helped Brad work on the carbs, so a big thanks to them for taking the time out to help. And thanks to jrichard for getting in there as well. It was great to see some of the folks at Asheville, sorry I was busy with the bike and didn't get to visit much. Wish I could have stayed. Got some work to do on the 86 and need to figure out the loss of vaccum on #1. If anyone can lead me in the right direction please chim in.
  21. Today I was impressed, flattered, amazed, shown generosity, floored and just plain blown away. The people that showed up were not what I might of expected, they were much more. in fact, I really did not think people were like this anymore. Y'all pitched in, offered help where it was needed and many offered donations. Y'all are a bunch of really nice people, even in person, lol. I have a whole new outlook towards VentureRider.org members! When y'all spoke about a family, y'all really meant it. I sure saw it today. I had PM's for offers of manuals, mc jacks, drinks, coolers, chairs, a tent and many other things. Many of those items were here today. MonkeyNutZ (Rainey), ThunderNutZ (Laik) and NumbNutZ (Lyric) have two new Granpa's - Granpa GunBoat and Grandpa Ponch. The kids latched on to them and they really enjoyed each other. We had 20 bikes show up and had about 25 people here - from three states. My first M&E and it turned out very very well. I want to thank every one that came. i really enjoyed meeting y'all and hope to see y'all in the future. A special thank you to Goose. He helped a lot of people with vents and carbs tuned with his famous gauges. Lonestarmedic solved my flashing battery light issue (thank you) and texasyamahamama's E4 error. Granpa GunBoat was very helpful in moving things around and helping. BVinson helped out a lot himself with items for the M&E and even smoked some brisket early this morning (just after midnight). MAINEAC closed the day leaving in his Ryder truck. if I missed anyone, whoops. I know, I know - Pics please - http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b53/gigawhiskey/Southern Maintenance Day/?albumview=slideshow Now I am safe in my neighborhood! They prolly think if they mess with me, they have bikers to deal with! I noticed they all stayed inside, guess it worked, LOL.
  22. got back yesterday afternoon, wifes first trip on a bike and had a great time! Went up to Ashville to see the biltmore estate and did about 900 miles total. Pulled my new piggybacker trailor and it worked out great. Also the new riser extensions on the handlebars worked great, they totally eliminated the burning between the shoulderblades and helped with overall comfort. If anyone else gets a chance to go to Gatlinburg make sure to go to the Alamo steakhouse, that is without a doubt the best steak I have ever had!!
  23. Just got in from the Houston m&e ride. Had a fantastic time, met some of the greatest folks, had good food, can't beat that. I want to thank everyone who came and helped to make it a success. Without y'all, it wouldn't have happened. Pics will be posted later. Don and Linda H.
  24. Love him or hate him, he helped make 'motorcycle' a household word. http://sturgisbikeweek.com/blog/?p=87
  25. With the info on this site you all helped me make a decision to buy the Blu/Blk 2007 RSV. I had to go to 3 dealers to find one. I bought it a week ago Saturday and road it home in the rain last Saturday. Just 10 miles on her now but come spring many more will add up. I traded in two Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi's and a SilverWing. But kept my Drifter. Since my wife can not ride anymore it did not make sense having four bikes anymore, two were hers. And I wanted to take advantage of the dealer having a year end low price. I loved the color. I will have many questions as time passes and also pictures once the weather warms up here in northern IL. I have question? I have noticed other Venture sites are they just a well informed and friendly? And if so are any worth joining also? Thanks Again Classicride From Zion, IL
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