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  1. I was in Edenton NC for the weekend and stayed at the Hampton Inn there. I notice a black RSV also stayed there. Anyone on the forum here? Also today on the way back home I notice a Blue and Black RSV just outside of Raliegh around noon on Hwy 64 west bound.....
  2. With help from this forum, I finally got my 93 on the road. When I got home from my second ride on it, the reflector on the top case was gone. I have the optional light bar that has the built in turn signals. The 2 amber pieces of the light bar stayed stuck, but I am missing the center red portion. Just wondering if anyone has one of these laying around.(fat chance I know). Thanks.
  3. Rick & Marilyn and kids stayed with us for a few days for shopping and fun. We had a great visit and dinner, We talked of the great people we have met on this site and the good rides we have had with the people we have met here. How much the people we have met on this site mean to us and the Pork in the Pines. It was sad for them to have to go back to Canada so quickly. They could have stayed for another week. We mis hearing A-BOOT and EH (lol). Now it is our turn to go to Canada, hope your trip back is a safe one………….Ron
  4. First, let me introduce myself. I am Walter McGarr from Hoover Alabama. I just purchased my second RSV, a 2007 Midnight. My first RSV was a 2000 model. Rode a VTX1800 for four years after I sold the 2000 RSV. With introductions out of the way, has anyone stayed at Two Wheel Inn in Robbinsville? Heading up that way next week and was wondering what to expect. Thanks
  5. We're thinking about taking a trip to Washington DC and would like some recommendations on where to stay. I've been there a couple of times but have never stayed in the touristy area. Somewhere on the public transit would be good. Any suggestions?
  6. I came on to the bike at an intersection tonight, pounding through to third gear, and saw a little red light come on , on the lower left side of the instrument display. What was that? It only stayed on for a few seconds. then when I got home, the bike seemed to be running fast.
  7. everyone staying. I just got a call from the Ponderosa camp ground letting me know a cabin had opened up for us. Has anyone ever stayed there and how was it. We are going to try and make it this year. Dont know if riding bike or trailering it. :whistling: Joe.
  8. It was almost 60 out there today! So we just had to go for a ride. We went to my Dad's place...about an hour away thru some nice twisties and visited for a short spell. Then on the way home....the temperature dropped like a rock! It was pretty chilly but well worth it. Gotta love it.....3rd week of November and still able to ride! Last year we had snow that stayed on the grouond from late October! But I'm going to have to pull the plug sometime or I'll never get the work they need done!
  9. While staying at the Sugarloaf Key KOA, I found evidence that George and Bobbie had also stayed there. [ATTACH]51316[/ATTACH]
  10. , Of all the new scoots I have went Thru and evaluations of each I came to a conculsion That I should Have stayed with a 1st Gen :rotfl:
  11. After research, debating, researching and more debating, I finally bought cooling vests for the wife and I. I bought the CoolVests from: http://www.glaciertek.com/ A little pricey...but... We put the vests on under our riding gear and went for a 4 hour ride during the heat of the day in Florida. Gotta say...I am impressed! Even when stopped at stoplights we stayed pretty cool. The vests stayed "charged" for the entire ride. We put the PCM (Phase Change Material) in a cooler put in some water, put in some ice, and in about 20 minutes they were frozen solid....ready for another ride! Now...we are ready for our roadtrip to Charlotte & the Smokey Mountains!
  12. Hi All Just got the word that my ex wife went down on a curve last weekend. She has 3 broken ribs and the bike is in tough shape also. Her boy frend stayed with the bike then when to dinner with some buddys while she was in the hospital. When I hear of true love like that it brings a tear to my eye. Bull463
  13. i want to say thank you Don and ellene for makeing a newbie welcome. looks like i missed some of the wild stuff:confused07: i was there friday, saturday night left early sunday hmm should have stayed longer i guess? and thanks to all who came up to say hello and shake hands. sorry i guess i was just shy? i even said hello to mini and no reply??? hmmm and same with boomer????. guess im going to have to check my pits i guess??
  14. I just wanted to let everyone know that we have some really awesome members. I needed help getting my bike back close to right and Harry Hyaduck (Yamaduck) made a trip all the way to my house today, about 50 miles to help. He hung with me just about the entire day and even brought a spare part that made all the difference. When we were done we found an issue with my brake lights and he even stayed to help me troubleshoot until we had it. You just don find a lot of people like that these days but I've found them here. This group is awesome and Harry is a prime example of why I am a Venturerider. Thanks Harry and I owe you a huge one my friend. :guitarist 2:f
  15. I am trying to find a good clean holtel to stay at for maintenance day. Found Comfort inn in Elyria. Sounds ok but as anybody ever stayed there? Does anybody have any suggestions for a nice clean place?
  16. Kirby


    Here's something that might be of interest to others as well as myself. I see on this site that a lot of you have travel trailors behind your motorcycles. How many of you actually camp along your journey? If you do, where are some of the places that you've stayed? What to look for in a camp site? What are the costs involved? Facilities nearby? What do you pack? Just share some of your experiences. Good and bad. Might be interesting to see what this type of ad-venture is all about!!!
  17. Thank you Thom!!! I think we cut just the right amount off. I could easily see over the shield, and my ball cap stayed on. Also the polish on the shield helped a lot also. Thank you Thank you Thank you Donde
  18. We took a trip last week with the daughter and son-inlaw across WV. on rt.50 to Front Royal Va. down the Sky-Line Dr. to the B.G. Parkway for a short ride.We jumped off on 60 and I 64.ended up in White Sulpher Springs,WV. the kids did the under ground Bunker tour at the Green Brier Hotel.We have done it befor so we shoped at the antique shops for awhile.Next we were on rt.60 then got on I 64 to find a room it was getting real dark real fast, we found a place called Dawson Inn.stayed ther that night.wed,when we were leaving it was just a light rain,took I 64 over to I 77 to pick up rt.19 rode across the new River Bridge and stayed around that area for awhile.Headed up rt 19 ti I 79 to Gassaway for a Dairy Queen well Skid wasn't home.We stayed in Flatwoods to do some shoping.Started home Thursday and got into some rain around Parkersburg,so we headed for Marietta Oh.They have a lot of antique shops there so we stayed over.Got on the road Friday made it to Lancaster Oh.which is 30 miles from home and the drive shaft broke on my trike.The son-inlaw rode on home got his truk and my trailer and came back to pick the wife and me up.Fun trip Jerry M here are a few pics.
  19. OK, went for a 2 hour ride on the Death machine, just got back. 42 deg. F, today, and some sunshine. Mainly to test the New TourMaster jackt, on the bike with not much windshield. Anyway, I'm very happy with the New Flex 2 Jacket, Stayed comfy, for 2 hours, and No heated vest, at 42deg. , I guess pretty good.
  20. How's the weather up there? I see all the schools are running late. I hope you didn't get iced in too bad. We just got a bunch of rain down here and it has stayed above the freezing point. How about all you other northern MN folk, how you doing?
  21. Back from my trip to Indiana. I want to thank Lewis and his wife for letting me stay with them. They are truely nice people and will go out of their way to make you feel at home. I left Florida on the 8th of September and headed over to the turnpike and then on to US 27 north. After I left Lewis and his wife I headed up north and when I got into TN I stopped at Alvin C. York's house. I always wanted to stop and visit the home of the WW1 Medal of Honor Winner. I was lucky enough to be there when his son was giving a tour of the home. My second night it was raining and I hate to put up my camper in the rain, so, it was motel time. I stayed in Danville, KY. Coming up from TN I had been on US 127 ALT and it was a nice road with some twisties. But, when I got to Frankfort, KY I hopped on 421 and headed up north. Boy, I swear I could see the tail lights of my camper a couple of times. It was like being on the "Tail" all over again. Just a longer ride. I stayed on 421 and crossed the Ohio River into Indiana at Madison. Madison is a very nice "older" city. At Madison I stayed at Cliffy Falls State Park. Set up camp right nexr to a 40 foot motor coach. After I got set up the people in the coach came over and told me that they could not believe that my set up came out of something so small. While in Indiana (Indianapolis) I attended my cousin's reunion and my 45th high school reunion. The high school reunion was my first since I got out of school. Guys, its the only place that you can walk up and look at a woman's chest and not get slapped. (We had our name tags on with our high school senior pictures on them so we would know who we were talking to. I still think I had someone's elses picture on my name tag!) The last of September I headed down to Lawrenceburg, IN and assisted in training Police dogs (104 teams) for a week. On October 3rd I headed home in the afternoon. After the Work Shop I was tired and realy just wanted to get home. I got down to Austin, TN where I stayed the night. I left Austin at a quarter to seven and headed home. Somewhere around Knoxville, TN I picked up a BMW, 2 up and they followed me to the Florida border. They were from Arcadia, FL and coming from Nashville, TN. I was nice to have someone follow me and to talk to when I stopped at a rest area. I got home around 9 PM Saturday night and boy was I tired. I traveled over 2400 miles, and the tirke preformed great. I want to thank those who gave me infromation on the route I took up to Indiana, I had a nice ride. Ken
  22. Well wifey had her hip replacement yesterday. Doc said everthing looks real good. So far she isnt in too much pain....so far. Today they are gonna get her up and walking. Guess we will see how that goes. The staff where she is at has been great. The only thing she was worried about was that she had to have a spinal. She said it wasnt too bad. But shes an animal..."Not too bad" for her would drop most folks. LOL. I stayed the night with her and just ran home to shower and feed the dogs. Now I gotta strap the walker ( which she doesnt like HAHHA) to the back of the bike and motor back to the Orthapedic center where she is. I will keep ya posted.
  23. Made it in last nite all safe and sound. All things being equal I would rather be on the road! Pulled an 800+ mile ride yesterday to get home. All said and done the trip was just over 4600 miles and we rode thru Colorado , Kansas , Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee , Mississippi, Alabama, Florida (where we stayed for a week), Georgia, Tenessee again, Kentucky (where we stayed for 2 days), Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, back thru Kansas and Colorado. We started in Ft. Collins, Co and spent the first nite in Blackwell, OK then made it to Jackson, MS the next day and from Jackson we made it to Boynton Beach, FL. Hung out on the beach for a week or so then boogied from Boynton Beach, FL to Perry, Georgia where we grabbed a pizza and a room. The next day we made it to Morganfield, KY and spend 2 days there. When we left there we pulled a short day because of some nasty rain and ended up in Sweet Springs, MO at Betty's Truckstop/Motel...you guys should take care to avoid this place because it SUCKS. I repeat Bettys Truckstop/Motel at exit 74 on I-70 in Missouri SUCKS steer clear of it. Anyway from there we made it to Ft. Collins the next day. Will post some pics soon.
  24. Last night we stayed at the camp for the first time. I got the new electric service wired up wednesday. Last evening we temp installed the bare necessities. Satellite TV,Cell phone booster, #@!%# No wifi signal anywhere. MamaMo, venture, and I spent the night while the kids stayed home and had a movie watching party. Alarm clock went off at 6:30am with a Canadian geese fly over. Still no scooter riding for me it's rain,rain, and more high water.:rain2:
  25. Wild Hair, Lowell, The Ambassador is high and dry in Pauls Valley, OK tonight. I had to call and check on him tonight with all the storms moving between his house and OKC this week. He did wind up in the middle of a hail storm this week, otherwise he's stayed a step a head of the storms.
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