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    yup yup

    NC is my one "I dunno" spot yet. Originally I was gonna come in on I-40 to Summerfield where wifeys uncle lives. I wanted to do some family research while I was there. ( Family settled in Guilford county in the late 1600s and I hear the family name is on a bunch of stuff around the High Point and Kernersville area guess therre are even some old houses they built still around) BUT I wasnt planning on the stop in Maryland so that would bring me in on the eastern edge of the state. Dont know what kinda time frame I will be on. Loota that depends on how much time I am given to transfer.

    yup yup

    Hey guys...we are moving to Boynton Beach which is just north of Miami. We are anticipating leaving here on June 2nd if all goes well with my transfer. we are taking the scenic route to FL. We are giving everything away to the kids and if it dont fit on the bike it dont go....'cept a few things. We are Fed Exing some stuff like my work clothes, movies and some stuff. We are going to go thru NM, TX, OK, AR, TN, KY( to see her dad),IN, OH PA, WV, MD( to see her grandma), VA, NC, SC, GA, then to southern FL. Nice little bike ride huh?

    yup yup

    Im am still around. Just thought I would pop in and say HI. Sooooo HI. Busy busy, getting ready to move to Florida. One of the good parts about that is that means another cross country run! WOOHOO. Still riding the Roadstar and the guy who bought my !st gen. STILL hasnt taken it out and ridden it yet. What a tool! I mean really now..its been 18 months! My email is still the same for those of you that have it. And you can keep track of me thru www.vikingwarhorse.webs.com Ride safe.
  4. Thanks guys but I think I have opted not to go with the '06. I would have had to trade in my Roadstar and Im just not willing to do that. Sure wish I could afford 2 bikes!
  5. Thinkng about picking up a 2006 midnight rsv......any problems with that year?
  6. I have already...its under my sig pic.....been there for quite a while
  7. Have folks here actually taken the time to check out fellow member's personal sites when they post them?
  8. I have Samson Ripsaws on my Roadie and I love 'em
  9. Thats funny cuz I just wrote a piece on cops like that LOL
  10. It was 1:45 am when I was letting the crew in the warehouse and one of the bigshot executives was with them. Some of the girls on my crew had dressed up a bit for Halloween so Mr. Bigshot asks me what I was "going to be" for Halloween. The past few weeks have been a bit stressful at work so I half asleep replied,"Im going as a disgruntled worker who went on a shooting spree" OMFG! He about soiled himself! The executives all think Im a bit nuts anyway...which is good because it keeps them away from me and my crew. But he did bring me breakfast after kissing my butt all day!
  11. You mean "real cowboys" aint the ones with the big trucks hanging out the the bar getting one too many Coors Lights in 'em and gettin beat up????????
  12. Fellow Norseman?????????
  13. 22 degrees right now as I get my "battlegear" on for the ride to work at almost 1 am. Riding the 04'Roadie. No fairing or windshield to hide behind! Its gona be a cold one.
  14. I have ridden in the single digits several times and have been caught in the snow a few times as well. I ride year round 'cept for when the roads are a hazard. There have been times when I have gotten off work and had to chip the ice of the seat. Right now it around 30 degrees every morning when I leave for work. Still riding........
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