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  1. Having trouble reading the EYE CHART that EBC calls their "Catalog"... Anyone have the EBC Sintered HH part numbers for the front and rear brakes - '08 RSV? Thanks!
  2. Anyone have experience (good or bad) with these bulbs? Assume this fits 2008 RSV? Is this is a good price?
  3. When Mama-Yama replaced my water pump under warranty, the Dealership was told to use 1:1 Simple Green and water to flush the cooling system...
  4. Steve - what seal are you referring to (seal on the driven shaft)??
  5. Its a new fuel filter.... Where would I find the strainer??
  6. Can someone please check my logic here?? My 08 RSV runs at idle just fine. However, out on the highway, it starts to sputter...clearly seems like a fuel issue. Here's what I've done thus far: 1) Changed the fuel filter, starts fine, idles fine, but sputters pretty badly in 3rd gear. 2) Pulled the hose from the filter, going to the carb, turned the ignition on...the fuel pump clicks for probably 5 seconds, and maybe a teaspoon of fuel goes into my catch container. Seems like while the pump is energized, I should be getting a fair amount of fuel into my catch container. Not sure what to make of this.... The odd thing is, when I switch the ignition on, the fuel pump clicks "like normal" then stops...after the fuel pump stops clicking, I start the bike like normal. In the past, I assumed that the clicking of the fuel pump was filling the carb bowls, and when the bowls were full, the fuel pump stopped clicking. Now, I can turn the key off, then back on again, and hear the same 5 second clicking...regardless of how many times I turn the key off and on. Not sure where to go from here. Any thoughts here?
  7. Do you have a page reference? I've been searching through the service manual...to no avail... Thanks!
  8. Actually, it's #27 - http://www.mrcycles.com/oemparts/a/yam/500474f4f8700209bc797eb1/radiator-hose Condor - yes. The "trick" was to remove the cooling fins, to give me enough clearance to remove it from the right side. Thanks!
  9. Ok....what is the "secret" to removing the twinkie from an 08 RSV. Long story short, I would like to replace the rubber gaskets/O-rings on the twinkie while I have the bike apart adjusting the valves. I've taken all the bolts out, the oil tube out...just doesn't seem to be enough room to squeeze it out to the left or the right side. Any help/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  11. Thanks Don, that's the OEM (Yamaha) part number....I cant have one of those in my hands until Mon-Tues next week. Im looking for an AutoZone or Napa part number...probably will be cheaper that Yama-Mama anyway...
  12. I've an 08 Venture...tonight, pulling into the driveway, I hear a muffled, air escaping through a radiator cap, sound. I turn off the ignition and I can hear the coolant recovery bin bubbling... I refilled the recovery bin, ran the bike to heat it up again, with the same symptoms listed above. As the bike cools, the recovery bin empties as expected. anyway, does anyone have a radiator cap part number...one that I might be able to pick up from the local auto parts store rather easily? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Walt
  13. The wife and I will probably ride up on Sunday(from Rockledge/Cocoa area). KSU 0800 ...Saturday is kind of overbooked for us.
  14. So...on my way into work this morning, I was accelerating (harder than normal in 3rd gear) to merge onto the highway. The engine responded quite well to the twist...but as it started to wind up, the engine appeared to gain more power...almost like another couple of carb jets opened up...the same kind of feeling you get when you accelerate faster than you let the clutch out. So that begs the question...WTH? The carbs are synch'd, and adjusted approx 3.5 turns out. Other than the above, the bike is running pretty good. Any suggestions on what to check? Sure seems like a carb / fuel delivery anomaly. :confused24:
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