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  1. Sooooo, changing the rear brake pads I have discovered the pistons are stuck. Had the rear master cylinder opened and still couldn't push the pistons in, just barely moved. Questions: -Before rebuilding, what if I try a bigger hammer so to speak, and C-clamp these into position? -How hard is it to rebuild? Will I have to bleed the brake? -Saw used rear calipers on Ebay for $50, no idea if the pistons compress. Other thoughts, ideas? At least it's raining so, I am not missing riding today! Cheers,
  2. I stumbled upon what I think is wrong with my bike.. I took the airbox off my 85VR brownie and my left rear carb slider isn't moving like the rest. It is motionless. I checked the diaphragm out. Does this mean my float is stuck?
  3. My radio is stuck on AM. Won't change to FM. Has anybody else had this problem and how did you fix it ? Jim O'D....... Australia
  4. Installing new countertops along with sink, faucet, waterlines, and waste lines under the kitchen sink....Have you ever seen a 330 lb man GET STUCK in that little space under the sink.....NOT FUNNY......not funny at all....almost had to call the fire department to get me out....... My back is killing me....I should have called "THE GUYS". I'm getting to old for this...
  5. 843.251.7789 Hi everyone. On big trip. Running lights out. Stuck in parking lot. Power at fuse is good. I desperately need someone who could possibly explain where else to look. Help! 86' Venture
  6. So I noticed my brake light was on when i started the bike this morning. No problem mess with the front brake lever and off it goes. Get home this evening and the light is stuck again and wont turn off (bike running). Shut off bike mess with lever light goes out. Work lever several times and seem to work fine (gonna clean this weekend anyway). Start the bike up and hit the brake light stuck again and wont go out until you cut the bike off. What in the world would cause that?
  7. I'm going to ask what i hope to be a dumb queston. The CB on my bike seems to be stuck on channel 9. I have pushed every button on the thing but it won't change. I see there is a preset button for that channel, could it be stuck???
  8. With help from this forum, I finally got my 93 on the road. When I got home from my second ride on it, the reflector on the top case was gone. I have the optional light bar that has the built in turn signals. The 2 amber pieces of the light bar stayed stuck, but I am missing the center red portion. Just wondering if anyone has one of these laying around.(fat chance I know). Thanks.
  9. Got the carbs on, and was trying to adjust the mixture screws, which were turned all the way in. All 4 were stuck. Got 3 of them loose, but the last one rounded out the screw head. Pulled the carbs, took the one with the stripped screw off the rack, and got the screw out with an easy out. Reassambled my carbs and reinstalled. Now it seems to be running on all 4 cylinders. But I had fuel pouring out of the small plastic overflow on all 4 carbs (pic below). Gave them a few taps with a rubber mallet and 2 of them stopped, but 2 of them are still running a constant stream when the key is on and after the key is off.I am assuming that is because the bowl is still full. I am thinking stuck floats, or float level Any input is appreaciated.
  10. Still a newbie.....stupid question...the cassette door is stuck closed...not a bad thing as posted here but would like to access the aux jack...any easy fixes ..have tried wd40 spray...pushed the stupid thing every way...can this be accessed behind fairing to trip door loose thanks les
  11. Found this bouncin' around at work looking for some clean humor, hard to find these days, enjoy :] Susie's husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months. Things looked grim, but she was by his bedside every single day. One day as he slipped back into consciousness, he motioned for her to come close to him. She pulled the chair close to the bed and leaned her ear close to be able to hear him. "You know" he whispered, his eyes filling with tears, "you have been with me through all the bad times. When I got fired, you stuck right beside me. When my business went under, there you were. When we lost the house, you were there. When I got shot, you stuck with me. When my health started failing, you were still by my side. "And you know what?" "What, dear?" she asked gently, smiling to herself. "I think you're bad luck."
  12. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to access the WWW while we are in Africa so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before we leave. Hope we don't get stuck in any Quick Sand.
  13. Okay. So I'm out in the garage doing the clutch upgrade. It looks really simple and straight forward. HOWEVER, the old gasket is brittle and stuck pretty good most of the way around. (like 99% of the way around). Does anybody have any old gasket removal tricks, or am I just stuck carefully scraping for a while? I'm gonna go scrape for a while, then come back and check for answers. I'm using a glass scraper (handle with a safety razor blade that locks in place. thanks. dana
  14. For some reason my radiator cap ('83) is stuck and i cant get it off. I got as far as turning the cap to line up the notches, then taking a screw driver to pry it up. Still cant get it to budge. Strange, it'll rotate freely but wont come off. I just hate break something and complicate the problem. Any ideas?
  15. nov. 20th my membership runs out. i have to wait till end of the month to take in my cans for cash. so i can afford the $12. times are tough but when i get them turned in i will rejoin i aint going away. your all stuck with me.
  16. My left turn signal is stuck in the on position in the following condition Left Turn on and flashing Will not cancel automatically Will not cancel manually Will not change to right turn Turned off then turned on and still flashing Ideas thoughts or suggestions??? Thanks
  17. So it would appear that the right channel of my amp is toast. Would anyone have a 1st Gen amp they would be willing to part with at a reasonable price? (I have thought about buying a complete new system and trashing the whole stock radio but I am stuck on having the ability to go to headset anytime I like and having GPS Bluetooth phone capabilities, thanks to my Buddy Rich cable. I partly blame Buddy Rich for my dilemma. ) Thanks, Thomas
  18. Has anyone got any idea as to how I can get all the hardcoating off of my windshield? I cut it down a few months back and did so by tapeing it up with masking tape. When I got ready to peel the tape off, the hardcoating came with the tape(mostly) but there is still some stuck on that I've tried to retape and and pull off but it just will not turn loose. Any suggestions???
  19. I bought an 86 Cavalcade with 23000 miles to fix up and sell. Looks to be in excellent shape. Has a gas leak or stuck float. Praying it is an easy fix.
  20. When this big rig gets stuck they bring in the REAL horsepower! http://wimp.com/realhorsepower/
  21. I have som troubles that is electrical related. First problem was that the clock turned off with the ignition and that the turn signals sometimes failed to work. I did find corrosion in a connector behind the front lamp and after some cleaning these problems disapeared:cool10:. Now does the revcounter is showing to little and is sagging (reacting very slow to canges) . I assume that I should search for more faulty connectors, or ? The fuel meter did play me a trick today; suddely the level sank like a stone and the warning light started to blink. After a couple of minutes the meter rose and all was well again:080402gudl_prv:. And, non electrical; the speedometer shows a bit to little (not so important), have compared with my sons Z1000J and also by judjing from the rate at wich I pass cars... But the odo and the trip is stuck! I Had a similar problem with my Yamaha TT600; fixed it by splitting the meter and lubing very gentle with WD40 at the right places (oxide/rust). Is it difficult to split the speedometer on a XVZ1200?
  22. I have a stuck spark plug. When I say "stuck", I don't mean tight, I mean it will barely move. I am trying all the tricks to ease it out slowly. I might even be able to run the motor later for a few minutes to warm the head up. In the meantime, I am trying to work it back and forth while soaking it in PB Blaster. Questions: 1. If the tread comes out with the plug, can the rear cylinder head be removed with the engine in the frame? 2. If the engine has to come out, what is the easiest way (I have the Yamaha Manual)? 3. Any tips, other than "sell it"? Grrrr!
  23. Hi folks! One quick question. I took the mufflers off to replace the rear tire and want to know if the gaskets are an "always replace" item or if they can be reused. They're stuck pretty good on the pipe but overall look smooth. I want to get a no leak job, can I use the gaskets over and simply remount the mufflers? Thanks! Jim
  24. I installed my new starter this afternoon--she fired right up!!!---BUT!---It sounds like my starter is still trying to stay engaged--the last starter was ruined when the Starter Button became stuck while I was starting it and I didn't notice it was stuck until the damage was done----I freed the starter button and it seems to be working ok---My question is--Has anyone had this problem and do you think it would be best to replace the starter button assembly while I'm this deep into it?.......................Larry:confused07:
  25. I seems like everything I do on my 02 RSV I end up with a stuck bolt!! This time it's the back bolt on the right lower. I discovered the left was already damaged after I got that side off. I'm guess the PO had the problems with the bolt on that side. This is one that I some:confused07:how have to get out to change the breather and have acess to the fuse panel. Open to ideas. Right now the bolt just spins either way.
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