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  1. Not on the bike, but in the little Miata we just got. It was absolutely beautiful with views of at least 50 miles it was so clear. I took a couple of pictures, but did not realize I had a big greasy spot on the lens that I did not notice until I put them on the laptop. This was around the Little Switzerland area. We got off at 80 and went toward Burnsville as the road toward Mt Mitchell was closed. RandyA
  2. Just wanting to wish everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS :rudolf:AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  3. I was in Edenton NC for the weekend and stayed at the Hampton Inn there. I notice a black RSV also stayed there. Anyone on the forum here? Also today on the way back home I notice a Blue and Black RSV just outside of Raliegh around noon on Hwy 64 west bound.....
  4. I got the ok yesterday from thr eye doc to go for a spin after a bit over a month of sitting around wasting all the nice weather. the bike has been sitting covered out back so I go back and she started right up, I let it run for quite a while to get warm and run some seafoam thru the carbs. When I swent to go for a ride I make the first corner and pull in t clutch to shift and notice a drip onto the filler panel where the radio normally sits. , and when I checkwhere its coming from its brake fluid...i look around and see the sight glass has a crack in it. I was wondering about a cheap way to fix it, and thinking that JBWeld and soething about the size of a coin over the glass opening would fill that and fix it. Has anyone tried this? And do you think it will work? I also notice that it feels that Ive got a back brake drgging on the bike too, any easy ways of fixing that too? I am still having issues focusing on close objects so I am having to stick to simple jobs until this vision clears up. Thanks for the help and advice, Brian
  5. OK, I didn't pay the bill so they turned the lights off. I WISH they would send me a notice when it is due but they never do. So, I have paid it so it should be up again soon.
  6. I bought a 2005 Midnight Venture from a friend in Texas,elevation 1000ft,and brought it to Colorado Springs,elevation 6,000 ft.I've noticed that when decelerating,it will sometimes backfire.....not real loud,but it does backfire.Seems to run fine and don't really notice any loss of power at higher (12-13'000 ft) altitudes.Just wondering if any other people live at higher altitudes and whether they had to rejet.
  7. I have a 2005 Venture with 8500 miles and plan on taking it to the dealers for a service. I have changed the oil and brake fluid. The bike runs ok but of course you get used to things and don't notice little problems. What should I have the dealer look at or service ? Thank you in advance Cb Mountain Home Arkansas.
  8. When i synched my carbs, i can get it almost perfect then when i hit the throttle its moves further apart then takes about 30 seconds to settle back into my final adjusted spot. What is causing this? I did notice on my way home(i was doing this at a friends house) that i hadnt completely open the choke, it was just a few mm's from being completly open. Could this effect the tuning in that way or is this unrelated? I will try to re-synch before i leave on my trip. I did notice a little pop pop pop on decelleration that i didnt have before but that could be related to last of the SeaFoam that is still in my tank. BTW, i also changed the plugs at the same time.
  9. Just to show everybody how GOOD a 2nd gen will protect you from deer! Carried an 8 point buck 75', he came off the left side then the bike threw me off into the bean field to the right! These were taken at my buddys garage after he got it back there. Just notice the dirt on the right side after the bike threw me off then went off road, damage on the left side is from the deer alone! Like I said, glad a car wasn't involved and it couldn't have happened in a better place!
  10. This could be interesting....a new style motorcycle....with outriggers! www.wimp.com/ecomobiletests/ notice the price at the end of the video???? OMG!!!!!!
  11. http://www.wcax.com/story/16663947/prisoners-sneak-pig-into-vsp-decal I took a year for one of the officers to notice it.
  12. Tried on a Gold Wing the other day and my rider noticed that the backrest is significantly taller than the one on our 2009 Venture. Found a "custom" seat on the Star accessories site that says it's 3 inches taller than stock (link below). Does anyone have one of these? Does the rider notice a significant difference in the height? And finally, is swapping out the OEM backrest beyond the abilities of a mere mortal (i.e. not a wrench)? Thanks http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/accessories/acscitemdetail/5/4/83/405/all/1/3297/0/detail.aspx
  13. Not MC related but I found this very interesting. http://wardsauto.com/ar/thorium_power_car_110811/ Then there is this...notice the name of the car. Very fitting. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/01/13/not-in-detroit-cadillac-world-thorium-fuel-concept/
  14. Just got off the phone with Bongobob and Buffalo Bodnar...guess we are doing a ride tomorrow leaving my house at 11am.....all welcome to join us......destination unknown at this time....sorry for the short notice....
  15. Just came across another craigs list scam.A nice 2001 cadillac seville sts for $3600.00.listed in Ithaca NY...just one problem, the pictures of the car were not taken in NY. Ithaca does not have palm trees! how stupid can they get? you would think they would have notice this little blunder.
  16. Lucas oil additive vs. Motorkote oil additive which is the best to use? What do you notice when you use them?
  17. I don't like using Craigslist due to their reputation but I also realize it can come in handy at times. I have never looked to buy anything from it though. A few months ago I placed a used car on there for sale along with some pics. Nothing unusual about it. Within a couple days Craigslist flagged and removed it. Their notice to me admits that sometimes posts are removed by mistake. Well, yesterday I put a Poulan chain saw on the free section saying the first to e-mail me can have it if they pick it up. I must have received 20 e-mails within 30 minutes. I was able to arrange someone to pick it up so no problem. I even went back and edited the original post saying the saw had been claimed. I didn't delete it just yet so those waiting to hear from me could see it was claimed. I then received the same flagged/remove notice from CL. Any idea what is happening?
  18. Our son found this photo online, and I wondered if he is a member here. Notice the passengers. Yama Mama http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1634360&id=1436053047
  19. Was just watching the news about the 402 in Canada is closed due to ice and snow. They were showing snowmobiles out helping people. Bad situation and hope everybody is OK. But what I found interesting is how the newscaster ended his report. Said "In Port Huron until further notice, Canada is Closed"
  20. Like to mount this on side of my 1st Gen see how many would notice it!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Phazer-Venture-Inviter-recoil-pull-starter-/290504862533?pt=Snowmobile_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43a3706b45
  21. On the travel channel tonight, Mar-Jims winery will be featured on "Americas most scariest places". Taters , myself, bongobob, rickster ,spankym and buffalo bodnar have decided that it would be nice to take a ride there tomorrow. We have been there many times in the past . If anyone in the area would like to join us for a ride and lunch we are going to meet at the flying j's truck stop at the Pembroke exit of the NYS THRUWAY AT 11 AM. That is on rt.77 just north of the town of CORFU, 200 feet south of the thruway exit...All are welcome to join...Sorry for the late notice, but I really think that Taters must have just uncorked her last bottle.... :rotf:Join us if you can........
  22. We all notice other RSVs on the road and are wondering, "Hey, is he/she part of venturerider?" Venture sighting has to be one of the MOST copied threads. I notice the map is no longer functioning, so my question/request is to pinpoint sightings on a map with time and date and year and colour. Others have agreed it would be cool. http://venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=48689&highlight=venture+sighting One suggestion I had was to have a public map in google maps where the members of the site have the password so they could go in and pinpoint the location and then fill in the data into the pinpoint label. If some other way was better, but would require some work in order to do this, I would GLADLY offer my time and services. It would be an honour to help out the site and its members. Since I'm the one asking it only seems fair I should do the work. Thanks Steve Hoedt aka dunvilsteev
  23. So, What was the verdict on your valve shims? How many needed to be adjusted and were they tight or loose? Do you notice a difference in the way it runs, if so, what difference?
  24. I recently just purchased a 2008 Rstd that was brand new left over with no miles on it. I drove it back from Arkansas to ohio which was about 800 miles and dumped the oil and put Aims oil in it. Immediately i noticed i tick noise when the motor was cold and when it warmed it didnt notice it as much. So took it to a local Yamaha dealer and he heard it as well and notified his rep. and they answered him that the covers around the motor enhance the motor noise sound. They took notice and wrote it down as a complaint of mine but thats as far as i got. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do beyond this? I know that manual says 26,000 miles valve adjustment is needed but i dont want to pay for an adjustment if i have too? any suggestions or thoughts about this?
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