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  1. Can't believe this happened but last night as I was pulling off the carbs, I attempted to sit my butt down on an empty 5 gal pail I use when working on bikes, and I missed. I could not avoid my falling backwards. All I could do was brace myself for the hit on the concrete floor. But when I landed on my back, I also landed on the lower left fairing piece that I had sitting nearby and it shattered into several pieces. Lesson learned; pay more attention when sitting on something used for working on the bike, or, move all items far enough away from the bike so you don't land on them if you do fall. Now then, does anyone have a lower left fairing for a 1st edition; any color? I've looked on E-Scam and none are listed. I will pay whatever. Thanks all. MasterGuns
  2. Want to get an 8x20 toyhauler and haul my RSV. I'm looking for advice on a wheel chock for the front tire. I'd like something I can secure to the floor somehow to keep it from sliding, but when removed I don't want a big bracket sitting there that I constantly stub my toe on! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...JR
  3. I've had two people ask me about the availability of the domed decals here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/venturerider-merchandise/39088-venturerider-domed-decals.html I don not have any at this time. They are not cheap and I have to order a minimum number of them to get the best price. I have not ordered any because if there is no demand, I will end up sitting on the investment for a long time. So is there any interest? If so, I'll start taking orders and get them on the way but otherwise, will wait a while longer. Don
  4. As I have gotten older I am not into this time of year very much. But this year my son and his family will not be able to make it home ( going to his wifes family ). My daughter and her family have other plans for Christmas also, and my good friends are leaving town till after the first of the year. To top it all off, yesterday could not have been any worse. High demands, workflow issues and everything just going wrong. What a mess. And I knew that I would still have effects of it to look forward to today. Well, when I got home last night I'm sitting there thinking about everything that happened and the upcoming holidays. I became so depressed that I got up and walked over to the couch. I climbed all the way up on top of the back of it and I'm standing up there looking around ready to jump and end it all when I see a bottle of scotch sitting on the bar. I think why not. So I climb all the way down to have one last drink....... I'm fine now. Merry Christmas Everyone
  5. Friend of mine is drooling over this one. I think this one is going to get some interest. Yamaha better stop sitting on the fence.
  6. It happened last nite just before going to bed, Charlene had made a nice big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, and wanted me to put it downstairs in the fridge. So I am heading downstairs holding on to the pot with both hands, a thought runs through my mind that this would make a really big mess if I was to drop it or fall while going down, I make it to the landing after navigating the first set of steps ok, make the turn to the second set of steps, everthing is okay until I hit the second step from the top and my heal hits the edge of the step, slips off and next thing I know I am bouncing my but off of the next four steps till I hit the closed door at the bottom of the stairway. I still have the pot of soup in one hand, the lid is on the floor, there is soup about 4 feet up the wall, soup all over me, and 95% of it on the floor by the door. Charlene was in bed until she heard me bouncing my butt off the steps. I guess its sorta like when riding a mc, you go where you look, in this case is you do what you think might happen. I now am having a hard time getting comfortable sitting and laying down, every time I moved last night I woke up in agony, and its hard to get comfortable while sitting. Thank goodness I have meds that will help with that. I guess I am lucky I didnt break anything besides my pride when I fell, I aint getting any younger.
  7. :cool10:Hi Folks I just picked up another Venture.It is an 84 Royal in not bad shape.She has been sitting around for a long time but I will have her road worthy by spring.:cool10: [ATTACH]71599[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71600[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71601[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]71602[/ATTACH]
  8. Cougar

    Goo Gone

    I just put on my second clearview that I found for a awesome price last week. it had been stored for about 2 years in the original box. My Question is will Goo Gone hurt the windshield? I mounted it and started to peel off the plastic covering they put on. but from sitting so long. I have a small area about the size of a grape fruit were it left some sticky stuff. Thanks for Ideas. Just wanted to check before I tried it. Otherwise the shield is in perfect shape. Jeff
  9. I hired on to shoot the RWRE Driving event this past weekend. It was mighty hot... Felt like I was going to fall out from the heat on the second day. Anyway, here are a few shots of something other than people sitting on the door getting a photo taken. http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Driver1.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Insurance--.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Driver6.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Kid1.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Girl2.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Driver2.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Driver3.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/Cheers.jpg More on my site if you care to go look...
  10. I just bought a 1983 xvz12 and it is not running very well. When you rev it up the front carb on the left side...the "piston looking thing" on the top (when air cleaner is removed) is not moving and the back carb is back firing when you rev it up. The right side seems okay. I was told it has been sitting since 89 but the last year he was driving to and from his MC club. and help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I got the ok yesterday from thr eye doc to go for a spin after a bit over a month of sitting around wasting all the nice weather. the bike has been sitting covered out back so I go back and she started right up, I let it run for quite a while to get warm and run some seafoam thru the carbs. When I swent to go for a ride I make the first corner and pull in t clutch to shift and notice a drip onto the filler panel where the radio normally sits. , and when I checkwhere its coming from its brake fluid...i look around and see the sight glass has a crack in it. I was wondering about a cheap way to fix it, and thinking that JBWeld and soething about the size of a coin over the glass opening would fill that and fix it. Has anyone tried this? And do you think it will work? I also notice that it feels that Ive got a back brake drgging on the bike too, any easy ways of fixing that too? I am still having issues focusing on close objects so I am having to stick to simple jobs until this vision clears up. Thanks for the help and advice, Brian
  12. Successfully kickoff to international. 65 people showed up for pre mixer with more to come. Now sitting around campfire having Hot Sex and enjoying good company..
  13. PBJ

    new project.

    Well the new Lady (Terri) has been riding with me for over a year and has expressed an interest to looking into riding her own bike. I was looking for a small bike because the Little Lady really is little. 5ft. exactly. We looked at Rebel's and 250 virago's when my sister told me she didn't want her rebel anymore because it was just too small for her. ( she's 6ft.) So we settled on a price and I brought her home. The poor little thing has been sitting under a tarp for years lonely and very neglected. Rust was everywhere and Its taking a can of Neverdull and wet sanding the cases to get it semi shiny again. so here's a before picture. After i get her cleaned up I'll post an after shot. PS. The name on the side says, "Hardley"
  14. Your supposed to check the oil level with the bike standing up on a level surface, correct? IE not sitting on the kick stand? My bad but I'm checking the oil for the first time since buying the bike last week from the sealership. Either the stealership or the PO WAY overfilled the oil. I can't see the top oil level unless she's sitting on her kick stand!
  15. I talked to someone while at MD that has cracks in their Markland hitch platform. I do have just a chrome platform left over sitting in my basement. We did not exchange info at the time.
  16. There are couple on eBay, but seeing if any members have an extra they would like to sell. Also looking for a air vent by the speaker right side when sitting on bike. Let me know , bags 84 VR 120k brought back from the dead.
  17. So my 87 is coming along. Still running poorly from sitting 2 years with old gas. Fixed the clutch yesterday so I thought a quick spin around the block was in order. Was great up to the point of needing brakes ...no rear brakes ...ANYWAYS ...sitting here talking to my son about the 87 and what color he would want it. SO...how about posting a picture of the different colors and paint schemes so he can have a visual to help in his decision .
  18. Is there someome here named Scott Crego? Possibly from North Carolina. I have someone by this name attempting to join our Facebook Venturerider group. His profile pic is of an RSV. When I tried to add him to the group, it said he was already a member, but when I check the group roster, he isn't on it. It will not let me use the "ignore" function, nor will it let me add him. So, it's just sitting there, asking me to add him, but I can't do anything with it. It could be a major glitch, or he could have some kinda weird privacy settings that is preventing it. Did one of you guys add someone by this name? Is this the name of a member here? :think::think::think:
  19. Bought a Fender Guitar in an SKB hard case with some sort of electronic tuning gizmo, like new, for $100 bucks. Don't know how to play, but it will look nice sitting next to the Ibenez I picked up last month..... So... anyone else pick up anything interesting at an auction lately???
  20. Hi all, my 03 venture has always jumped when I first put it in gear after sitting over night. The clutch fluid is full, I have "pumped" the clutch before putting it in gear, no change. It is like all the oil is pushed out of the clutch disks and plates while it is sitting for a while. Once I take off, no more problems for the rest of the day. I installed the PCW spring kit and all new disks. Should I be concerned?? Wayne
  21. Ran across a good deal last week.Bought a 2005 V Star with less than a thousand miles and loaded for $2000.Been sitting for a year but after a can of seafoam she is running like a Singer.
  22. My RSTD has an odor of gasoline almost all of the time. I do not see any leaks at all. It runs perfect. Is there a vent tube or something I should check? When moving it isn't noticable at all, but at traffic lights stopped or even sitting in my garage with the fuel cock closed, it is still a pretty strong gas odor. Ideas?
  23. Craig and I were sitting at a red light in Rome,GA yesterday and saw a group of 4 ride by and 2 of them were new venturers. 1 Gold/black and 1 cherry/black I think. was it anyone from here?
  24. As I was leaving the UPS store this afternoon, I spotted a 1st Gen pulling in an adjacent parking lot. I got there in time to meet Mike, who had not long ago rescued an 85 VR. It had been sitting out in the weather for a number of years. He has it LOOKING GOOD!!! HE said he has been a "guest" here and is considering joining. Good to meet you, Mike!!! Hope you stick around!!! Walter
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