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  1. need to know more about lowering kit for my '04 RSV. Short legs are making things difficult with the little woman sitting behind me. She sits so high, its difficult to keep bike upright when we come to a stop. Would lowering the rear help? Where do I buy the Baron's kit, how much, how dificult to install etc.? Thanks
  2. Ok, Trailer wiring question. I found an led stop turn strip. I put two smaller LED's at the top of the trailer as stop turns and hooked the center to running lights and was going to do stop then it dawned on me I was running a four wire system so they are stop turn. I am running a four wire system. Short of running another wire is there a way to grab the stop / turns from both sides, run it through some relays so I can get another center brake on the trailer???
  3. I have not seen any threads on this so I will ask. I have an 88 yvr that has water leaking into the trunk every time it rains. I cannot find where it is coming in. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so , how do I stop it? Thanks so much for any and all help I can get on this problem.
  4. OK, so yesterday I plan to head out for a ride after church with a couple of buddies on my 98 RSTD. When I get to church I smell some gas but am unable to find any leaks. When I leave and we are heading over to fuel up I smell it again and now look down to see fuel pouring down the right side of the cases (also some on the left side but not as much). When I stop to check it out it quits when I shut the engine down. Never having seen this before I start it up and try and see what is up but can only see gas coming from what appears to be the crank case breather assembly. Of course this makes no
  5. Man! Don't know if any of you watched the national championship game last night, but Alabama was like men among boys. I'm an Arkansas Razorback fan, so we who are supporters of teams in the SEC kinda knew before hand what ND had coming to them. We've had to deal with Alabama's dominance for several years now. They aren't gonna stop either until Nick Saban gets out of there. Wish Cleveland or Philly would do us all a favor and throw stupid money at him get him to leave Bama. LOL.
  6. Incredible example of CGI engineering brilliance. It is called "Resonant Chamber" About four minutes of music played on an instrument that will take at least that long to appreciate. You may not want it to stop. Even without music the movement of this creation is riveting. Turn up your sound and try it! http://www.youtube.com/embed/XlyCLbt3Thk?rel=0
  7. Friend of mine is drooling over this one. I think this one is going to get some interest. Yamaha better stop sitting on the fence.
  8. There are quite a few restaurants feeding vets for free again this year. I hope you all take advantage of the free food and recignition. If you happen to be in the Sugar Hill GA area, stop by The Applebee's and say hi. I'll be working from 2:00 'till close and I'd love to see some of you and say thanks.
  9. I know, I'm not the first one, or be the last to gripe about cagers that just got to squeeze you out of your lane or just get too danged close while trying to pass on the road. It's disturbing and it's all too often. But wait! There is a product out there that will help deter those who like to run snug against you. Maybe not stop 'em but at least a reminder to them that you have met. Well in our minds anyway. But I want a couple. (Yep, I had one of those days on the Interstate again. The old Snag was showing his teeth today) http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info
  10. For the second time in a month now, riding some twisty's, I've lost my rear brakes. They come right back as soon as I stop (or stop using them). Only happens/happened on downhill twisties. I've been riding twisties for a while now and consider myself fairly competent at it. I have ridden twisties on this bike before and not had any issue. I tend to use front and back in combination to shed speed getting set-up for a turn and then a bit of trailing rear brake into the beginning of a turn as needed. Pretty sure my technique hasn't changed in the last 2 months (hit some twisties hard about 2
  11. Part One: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=73786 In part one, linked above, we looked briefly at the motivation one might have for getting involved in "longer than your average ride". Self-satisfaction, friendly rivalry, exploring your own limits ... fun! They all play a part. However, remember back when you learned to ride? If it went smoothly for you, it is likely that before you learned how to make a motorcycle go forwards, you were first shown how to stop it. Logical really. Cover the clutch at all times. The minute you are unsure, pull in the clutch and start to
  12. Well its for sure the head gasket I pulled the head today and found a gasket that was in bad shape. The heads looked good and the cylinders look good. But I am wondering about the bearings the engine still sounded good but I have no idea of how long it had been drove this way. I did find that they had put stop leak in it so I am sure the PO new about this and thats why he traded it off, Is there a way to test the other head with out pulling it . Orlinhttp://0358/
  13. I had to stop here at least for the photo op while on a trip along Lake Huron this weekend. A side benefit was that the food was good too.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deborah ride safe and enjoy your day. It was a nice suprize seeing you both at Victory Demo Day's. If you ever get down this way to A Town stop in your alway's welcome.
  15. Yesterday on my way home from work there is a weird intersection that I go thru. It is a T intersection. I was heading across the top of the T and had my turn signal on to make the left turn to the base of the T. The rout I was traveling was the normal traffic route the other side of the T is a dead end. So there was no stop sign for me but there was a stop sign for the oncoming traffic. Well there was a oncoming car, she did stop at the stop sign. SOMETHING just yelled at me to watch this one close, somehow I just knew she was not going to wait for me to clear the intersection. My subconsci
  16. http://www.rocknbluesusa.com/ thinks we will stop in....
  17. Seems pretty effective http://www.infowars.com/how-to-stop-a-massacre-surveillance-video-reveals-simple-low-cost-solution-that-works-everywhere/
  18. I was riding back home after having lunch with a couple friends today and came as close as possible to hitting a Cement Mixer truck broad side at 60 mph. I was riding along enjoying the ride when I came upon a crossroads, traffic from the left and right had a stop sign. As I approached the intersection the truck evidently didn't see me and started across the road. I had no time to stop and I hit the horn and stayed as far right as I could and was getting ready to take it off the road. I just squeezed by with maybe a foot to spare. If I had been riding in the left track of my lane instead of t
  19. Next week, Grump & I get on the road again, hitting places we didn't get to or need to see more of from last year. Pakidaho's is a required stop, again this year, as is Cody. Spot Shared Page http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0dW2uviFRmfVBIi65A9vRaQ1osJHe2jOq Link to last years trip thread http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=60094
  20. Friday 8-3-12 around 5:30 pm. Caledonia WI Blue 1st gen. Headed south on HY 31 at the 4way stop on 6 mile road. I was headed north. Driver with a bald head....... Anyone we know?
  21. I have a question regarding the 1st Gen front brake. My Venture stops fine using bothe the front brake & the linked rear/front pedal but if I try to stop my Venture with JUST the front brake it struggles . I'm not saying stopping from 60 mph but say a 25 mph stop. is this normal? The reason I ask is my CB750 has only 1 front rotor & when I hit that front brake I can easily stop...even if I had no rear brake. My Venture's front pads look ok, as do the rotors. So is this just because of the weight of the Gen 1 that it needs both rotors or do I need new/better pads?
  22. Moped (Ron) and I will be leaving when the rain stops in Cincinnati. So I am not sure when we will arrive in Oberlin, but we will be there before dark tomorrow. It is 9:25 PM and it is raining now, so hopefully it will stop tomorrow morning. I am really excited about the trip. See you all soon! Yama Mama:happy65:
  23. Just an update for those that want to meet at exit 15 off I-75 in Monroe Mich. tomorrow "Friday" morning. Meet and eat @ 11:00 Gas up and leave @ 12:00 Stop for bathroom break along the way. Stop by Comfort Inn Stop by Oberlin Inn Go to FreeBirds after check in. Rain or shine I will be there. Let's hope shine. See you all real soon.
  24. Swapped Neutral Switch, for cracked gear position switch...works perfect, no leak from here anymore....now to stop the other leaks.
  25. Hello Everyone: While we are slaving away doing Estate cleanup at my parents home. Two of our veryone VR member couples rode more than 50 miles one way to stop by say hello, rub it in and go to lunch with us. Thanks to Patrolman46, RogerII and their wonderful wives!!! Hope to be riding again in a few weeks??
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