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  1. Good morning all, Anybody have any tips or tricks to get the Venture up on the center stand? On my Virago, I just straddle the bike and crush the center stand down as I pull back, that does the trick for the Vgo. I don't think I can do that with the Venture, lol. Thanks in advance. Don
  2. Does anyone make a Center Stand for the 2nd Generation?
  3. Ok, Trailer wiring question. I found an led stop turn strip. I put two smaller LED's at the top of the trailer as stop turns and hooked the center to running lights and was going to do stop then it dawned on me I was running a four wire system so they are stop turn. I am running a four wire system. Short of running another wire is there a way to grab the stop / turns from both sides, run it through some relays so I can get another center brake on the trailer???
  4. FYI: (Fri Aug 16) Just talked with Stephanie at Rivco about a center stand for my 2000MM RSV. She said if they can get 20 orders (with a deposit to be charged when the stand is shipped), they will make a production run of RSV001 which is their center stand for '98 and newer Ventures. Their catalog shows a price of $349.95.. She said they have several calls/orders now and looking for minimum of 20.. Ask for her at 1-888-801-8222 www.rivcoproducts.com Thanks.. (I have no interest in Rivco in any way...other than purchase a center stand)
  5. Big show in atl ga fri sat and sun anyone from ga going natcshows.com north atlanta trade center 1700 jeurgens court norcross ga 30093 770-279-9899
  6. Went for a ride with the wife and a friend today. Just as we got into Martinsville we made a lane cahange to pass a tractror trailer and a car and as we passed the car shge decided to pull over on me. I was last in line as ususal.This lady pushed me all the way over to the comncrete medium to where I emidiatley started throwing sparks of of the concrete where my center stand rubbed it. Then she came on over completely in the lane and had me between her car and the medium. After a good hard kick to her driver side door she realized I was there. As she was pulling on up I was pissed so I kicked
  7. I have 1986 Venutre Royale 28K on the clock. Tape deck sounds ok with stock speakers. Is there anyone upgraded the sound system on the 1st GENs. Please tell me what needs to be done. Maybe 12 in in the side saddle bags and the amp in the top center trunk. I would love to make a Rolling Thumpalounger..
  8. 9:30am... Houston I-45 heavy traffic moving about 60mph... I'm in left lane... cars start to slow down and so did I... 3 car lengths space in front of me... slowing, not abrupt stopping, just slowing... now about 45 - 50mph... I hear screeching tires... look in rearview mirror and see closest vehicle about 4 car lengths behind me and also moving slow... still hear screeching... Wham! Hit in right rear corner by a car in center lane. http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_4267_zps2030827b.jpg This being the perfect Pit Maneuver, I spin counter clockwise and smash into the ce
  9. I have read some old posts about center stands but nothing lately. I found this site that sells a stand but they claim it only works on models 99-06. Of course I have a 07. I’m going to give them a call tomorrow and see if that may a misprint as I would think they would all be the same. Does anyone have some feedback on the subject? http://www.buckeyeperformance.com/products.htm
  10. Sighted a blue 2nd Gen RSV at the Lakewood Center, Lakewood, CA today at 1:00 p.m
  11. Going to need 5 rooms next Oct., want French Quarter area, We're not rich and are looking for some place clean, near the center of things. Any suggestions?
  12. Well I finally finished making the bracket to mount a 1st gen center stand onto the RSV. Seems to work well, only problem is the retract spring. The one I bought for it is waay to flimsy for the task. Can anyone recommend a suitable spring that I can buy that will do the job? Cheers, D.W.
  13. I just mounted a 1st gen center stand on my 99 RSV. I now need to remove the rear wheel to replace the wheel bearings. Is it possible to do this using the center stand instead of the bike lift? I'd hate to remove the center stand to facilitate the bike lift. I'd have to remove both bags and one side rail but will I still need to jack the bike up to get the wheel out or is the center stand going to be high enough ( the rear wheel is 1.5" off the floor with the center stand).
  14. I've been working on the 83 Venture for the last couple of months. My brother has been riding this and a lot of problems developed, and he brought it back for repairs. This bike has 140,000 miles on the clock. The stator was bad, so I changed that and now it charges fine. The clutch was slipping a little, so I installed one of Earl's kits and how it's great. The right half of the fairing had a lot of broken/cracked tabs as did a lot of other plastic, so I dug out the Plastex kit and went to work. New plugs made it run a lot better, and I also pulled out the TCI module and checke
  15. Is it possible to remove the front tire/wheel on a 2007 RSTD, or Venture, with using just the center stand and raising the front tire with the center stand down ? I am going to put extra bracing and such under the front of her if this is possible to do. Looks like about two - three inches of room there to get the wheel off. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it ? I have a jack and a lift, but I need to change the front and the rear. So plan to remove the front and do it and then put her on the Harbor Freight lift and do the rear, I know that works great. But never tried the front with
  16. Just bought a 93 VR and center stand is wired up. Looked in manual and can't find a picture of the missing parts. I have a "c" shaped bracket and spring in trunk that went somewhere. Any help? PLEASE... lol:fingers-crossed-emo
  17. Seems that the center yellow lines are only a suggestion for everyone! [ame= ] [/ame]
  18. Looking for center kickstand for 2006 Royal Star Midnight Venture. Any suggestions?
  19. Looking for a center stand for a 2004 Royal Star Venture. Thanks Kelly
  20. Will be traveling to Florida Keys with CaptainJoe at the end of March, 3,000 miles roundtrip. Have a '09 RSV Hannigan trike with 7,500 miles on it. Wondering if I need to replace the front tire before trip. The new OEM Bridgestone tire had a thread depth of 9/32". Our front tire now has thread depths of 6/32" center and 4/32" sides. Appears front tire was being run underinflated. Always used Hannigan recommendation, 35 psi front and 28 psi rear. Based on the wear, believe I need to up the front pressure. If I up the front pressure, wonder if original tire will last for my trip? Center is
  21. A while back I had to order some things from a online Motorsports place. While I was on the site I noticed that they sold oil filters for XV1200TDVENTURE 85-86. They are made by a company named Filtrex and claim on their packaging to be O.E.M. suppliers for Japanese motorcycle companies. They look to be very well made filters when compared to other I have purchased. Being my shelf supply was getting low I ordered 2. I went to put one on yesterday and I couldn't get the mounting bolt through the hole in the center being it was a hair to large and would pull the sealing rubber free from the filt
  22. I am donating a center stand for a RSV bike. The stand is listed on ebay at the following link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/170742183307?item=170742183307&viewitem=&vxp=mtr Write up on installing it is at following link: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1427 Duration of this auction is through 12/11/2011 6:45pm EST approximately. Opening price is $99.99, buy it now for $249.99. Shipping is $15.00 to US lower 48 states. My ebay fee & paypal fee will be deducted from selling price and balance will be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital via D
  23. i put a center stand on my bike. problem 1- cant get it on stand by myself and iam a big guy. problem 2-stand hits a 2.5 or 3 inch clylinder type thing on right side of bike which really doesnt allow it to go all the way up to bike frame. so i drag stand a lot. can the clylinder thing be moved? stand from ponch who make a good stand.any info on this would be great. thanks
  24. Last Sunday and today we were in the mid 60's and I put about 140 miles on the bike. It was a mix of roads with some four lane, marked two lane, to unmarked two lane. I even rode some after dark. It is hard to describe what is like, as it is really different. It is like sitting on the bike in front of a big screen with a movie playing that was taken from a motorcycle going down the road. What you loose is the normal three dimensional effect that is so helpful with depth perception and judging speed, especially something coming toward you. The biggest part is just trying to be aware of everyt
  25. Each diaphram cover has 4 screws. The upper right screw seen to take a star or allen wrench while the other 3 are Philips head. But I can't tell for the screw seems to have a center tip the stick out preventing the tool to slid into the head. Is there such a tool with a center hole?
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