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  1. Hey Guys, After having completed my seat modification to over a dozen pillow top seats since the first of the year, I thought I'd give you all an update on my progress. I think I have come up with the best process for this seat, since it's foundation foam shape is like no seat that I have ever encountered. If you take a look at your OEM pillow top, you will note a slight forward pitch and the back of the seat is flat which creates a pressure point at the back of your butt just above the tail bone. When you take the cover off and pull loose the 1" layer of foam that creates the pillow to
  2. My 1985 VR is weeping gas out of a plug on the top of carb #1. The manual is not much help. The plug is about the size of a dime and has four very small slots around the perimeter (maybe used to remove?). You can see it in the picture below (its the shiny spot next to the #1 carb throat). Can anyone help me with ideas on a fix?
  3. What gives? I have noticed lately that my signature is slowly disappearing All you can see is the Avatar and just the top of my signature
  4. I'm planning on getting a 1986-1993 Venture.I used to ride a 2005 HD road king.Does anyone know how they would compare top heavy wise.I was use to the road king but had to be careful when riding double and stopping on steep inclines.Also how about the handling.I want a bike that is happy in the mountain curves.
  5. I found this thread about the correct positioning of the coolant bypass valve with a couple of images of the valve that snaggletooth posted (thanks snaggletooth) and thought I would check mine since I checked the fan already and it's working. I found that my valve needs to be turned a little further to be fully in the off position, but what I also saw was that there is no plug in the small holes on the top and left of the valve and I know there never have been since I've owned the bike any way, 10 years or so. The valve in the other thread shows a screw plugging the left hole but I can't see
  6. My top menu shows the Member Map, but nothing for the list....
  7. Yesterday I installed a modification that allowed me to categorize our smilies making them easier to find and also allows you to save your 20 most used smilies in your own "My Favorites". We had something similar on the old site and several people had requested that it be brought back. Installing this modification though created a conflict with the bottom navigation bar that others had requested. This was a navigation bar at the bottom of the page that prevented you from having to scroll all the back to the top of a thread. After installing the smilies mod, I spent WAY too long trying
  8. for all you old timers that are somewhat mechanically inclined looking for a great hobby. try a cushman scooter out for size. i've been reliving my childhood memories for quite a few years building and restoring cushmans. i started riding cushmans back in the 50's and have never lost my love for them. there are some very neat and fast cushmans out there that will easily top 100 mph and blow the doors off alot of motorcycles. you ain't lived till you put a harley in the weeds on a motor scooter. been there done that. i'm building a sleeper now with a very warmed over harbor freight motor and cv
  9. I hope having sidecars added to the forum title is welcome - the styling choices and motivations of trikers and sidecarists may be different, but lots of the technical challenges will be similar. There aren't a lot of kits available to fit sidecars to ventures, so unless you make your own subchassis, you have to hunt around a bit for places to mount to, not least because the seat and panniers attach to a bolt-on sub frame which is quite narrow tubing. I didn't think it suitable for attaching fittings to. (Unlike bikes which have twin shocks, where the tubing around the top has to be more su
  10. For those that have the Hannigan conversion, Is it possible to move the top trunk back to the rear or second location to provide more passenger room? Mine looks to be mounted in the first or forward set of holes and looks like it will hit the small lip that is on the Hannigan kit just above the bottom trunk if the top trunk were to be moved back. pa_don
  11. I have 1986 Venutre Royale 28K on the clock. Tape deck sounds ok with stock speakers. Is there anyone upgraded the sound system on the 1st GENs. Please tell me what needs to be done. Maybe 12 in in the side saddle bags and the amp in the top center trunk. I would love to make a Rolling Thumpalounger..
  12. As mentioned in a previous thread I was thinking about setting up a Meet and Eat at the Table Top Restaurant in Burlington ON. Sat Jan 5th. this is the weekend of the Big Toronto Motorcycle show. I realiize this is a bit of a short notice (due to me being in Germany most of December) but Last years was such a great success with a wonderful turn out that I thought it would be nice to give it another shot this year. So if anyone is up for it let me know and if enough interest is indicated I will set it up. Exact time of day yet to be determined, I was thinking of about 6:00 PM----alternate Ti
  13. As I have gotten older I am not into this time of year very much. But this year my son and his family will not be able to make it home ( going to his wifes family ). My daughter and her family have other plans for Christmas also, and my good friends are leaving town till after the first of the year. To top it all off, yesterday could not have been any worse. High demands, workflow issues and everything just going wrong. What a mess. And I knew that I would still have effects of it to look forward to today. Well, when I got home last night I'm sitting there thinking about everything that happe
  14. Don I know how much you missed me at MD this year and I'm pleased you were relaxed:banana:. Of course there is always next year and this does give me plenty of time to plan something just for your enjoyment. You do know my folks live in NY so I could always go visit and then just pop up to the international to see ya. Of course that's just a maybe, but ya never know. So now I'll go back to my little corner and start thinking of all the fun we can have next year at MD. Just have to think of something to top the last thing I did. Oh that's right I only was part of other folks plans, never hav
  15. '88 VR......Is there a good way to install a retaining strap on the saddlebag top cover to hang it, rather than lift it off and set it down? Ideas are welcome...... -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  16. are you able to install a new pillow top seat from like 2012 to 2004 venture. thanks everyones input
  17. just tore down my 88 venture forks to replace seals and it seems someone has replaced them with progressive springs because they do not have the stock look...nor do they have all of the yamaha parts after the top fork plug... when I disassembled the top for plug these springs did not have any spacer, washer or plug between the spring and top cap... Now I need some senior advice for what to do... Can I make a spacer and washer...the spring is just riding on the top plug...Thanks everyone in advance.
  18. i seen where some people talked about using the Valkirie Saddle bag top racks,,has anyone tryed to see if thay will fit,,or if anyone has tryed the JM top racks sold by Mutazu Motorcycle Accessories,,thanks
  19. Not sure how many F1 fans are here... my son sent me a clip on Ayrton Senna that was done on "Top Gear" a few years ago. I've seen the Senna movie and watched races when Senna was still with us. For those that haven't seen the Senna movie... watch it ! If you aren't familiar with Senna... watch the "Top Gear" clip. Amazing racer ![ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oLSYSJO5Ik&feature=share]Top Gear on Ayrton Senna (Full Segment) - YouTube[/ame] Cars of the 80's... turbo charged 1200+hp, no drivers aids, manual shifting, little aerodynamic downforce, mostly mechanical grip.
  20. I work overnights and last week on two different mornings the bike turned over but would not start at first. I cranked it repeatedly and after awhile it was like flipping a light switch it started. Figured it was the plug wires from the morning dew. I changed the wires and the plug caps over the weekend and rode it to work Monday. Tuesday morning it would crank and occasionally pop but not fire up. I even pulled the top of the airbox off and gave it a good shot of starting fluid and it still would not start. I left it sit and caught a ride home from a coworker. Went to work last night when it
  21. Just replaced the battery in my 86 VR, I noticed the battery that came out of the bike had a wire coming out of the top of the battery, what does this wire do? The new battery has no wire or a hole for the old wire to go into, do I need to drill a hole?Thanks.
  22. Has anyone made a rack to carry your bicycle on the top of a tag along or trailer?? Any pictures??
  23. Looks like a nice bike on ithaca ny craiglist i would down load it but i don't what im doing with this stupid tablet i will now go back to using my lap top. Signed steamer
  24. Sailor

    top gear

    Don't know if any of you are familiar with a British car show called Top Gear. It is a great show and I watch it on the computer. Just watched season 17 episode 6. Talk about hero's! A group of amputees wounded in Afghanistan are going to go into the Dakar rally, only the toughest race in the world.
  25. I am in the process of re-foaming my wife's seat. I know that Butler does it reasonable butt I need it done asap and don't have the down time. I have cut in the bottom foam and set in a gel pad. The top foam is some lite density foam, has anyone tried memory foam to replace the topper??
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