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  1. I was told by a fellow VentureRider that it is not if, but rather when my VR will go over. Well, it did recently, and left some minor scars on the corner of the fairing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make these scars that you can see in the pictures less visible without repainting the fairing?
  2. Friday morning I'm having the 6th operation on my leg. It has made this year almost a total flop. If this one don't work I got a new chain saw. I know. Back to my corner.
  3. OK, Dan.....I vote that you come out of your corner now. Surely you've been there long enough to pay your debt. It's just too boring around here with you standing in the corner. I think of the good old days of following along as you built your garage. What fun!!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!
  4. Don I know how much you missed me at MD this year and I'm pleased you were relaxed:banana:. Of course there is always next year and this does give me plenty of time to plan something just for your enjoyment. You do know my folks live in NY so I could always go visit and then just pop up to the international to see ya. Of course that's just a maybe, but ya never know. So now I'll go back to my little corner and start thinking of all the fun we can have next year at MD. Just have to think of something to top the last thing I did. Oh that's right I only was part of other folks plans, never have done something on my own....................................YET. Ya know I love ya Boss, now to show ya just how much.:crackup: :ICkiss: Margaret
  5. how do you measure speakers, from corner to corner or left top to bottom right? I went looking for speakers, and the guy asked this question. I did this
  6. Saw a real nice Blonde 1st Gen outside a church in Moncks Corner Sc this morning,
  7. I went and did it, I thought it was funny, after re-reading it, it was offensive, I was chastised, my apologies to those offended, wont happen again. I will go stand in the corner now!!!!:buttkick:
  8. Happy birthday Chuck(old hippy). Win big in Vegas today. Riding season is just around he corner.
  9. Been dealing with herniated discs in my lower back for three weeks now....sure is putting a damper on my life and riding this fall....tired of restless nights and sleeping in chairs.....many trips to the chiropractor ....it has gotten a little better but, I'm afraid to do anything around the house because I don't want to make it worse....winter is around the corner and I have things that need to be done...I start a job and soon quit because of pain and in fear of doing more damage.....Gonna have to call in the grandkids for some free labor (yes they are cheap).....Not complaining, just hate not being 100%........now where is that ice bag.......?
  10. A man left work one Friday afternoon. Instead of going home, he stayed out all weekend, spending his entire paycheck.When he came home Sunday Night, he was confronted by a very angry wife. Finally his wife stopped and said too him,"How would you like it if you didn't see me for a couple of days?" He said, "Fine with me." Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday went by and he didn't see his wife. Thursday, the swelling went down just enough where he could see her a little out of the corner of his left eye!!
  11. Anyone know who made the ABC "World News" six o'clock news today on their RSV? It looks blue and has passing lamps. Both rider and passenger on bike. News reporter was interviewing someone on the corner when the bike rode by behind them. Don't know when the story was recorded but I thought it was pretty neat. Anyone else see it?
  12. The pictures below are of the passenger seat and upper corners of the backrest. I showed some members at the Henry Ford M&E and the thought was it could be the dye or glue seeping through. It feels like tree sap, very sticky when the sun is out. The light colored spots are where I've tried Goo Gone on it, the real dark areas are new spots. It started out just on one corner of the seat and now pretty much spread across the entire rear of the seat. (the white spots are fibers from a towel I put on the seat so my Daughter didn't stick to the seat) Last Sunday at the M&E the Right upper corner was just starting to get sticky. Yesterday the Left corner started and is a mess today. When the sun is out it gets VERY sticky and will stick on your fingers. When cool at night barely sticky at all. Whats going on here, any guesses? First two pictures is of the seat, next one is Left upper corner (just started) last one is of right upper corner, you can see how much color has came out of the seat using Goo Gone in the last picture. Goo Gone doesn't do anything to get the sticky gone, just seems to take color away.
  13. Thom

    Really ?

    I was snooping around and found one of our members stats Total Posts: 4,294,967,295 Posts Per Day: 8,925,237.59 I know some of us are post junkies but this don't add up plus there are a few of us that have not posted since 12/31/69 , when did A.G. invent the internet ? YA I know , I'll go back to my corner :stirthepot:
  14. I am looking for the part number for the air hose from the crankcase to the breather box, which would be the larger hose.(back center of box) All diagrams I found only show one hose, which is the smaller one in the frone right corner. Can anyone help:fingers-crossed-emo Oh, I have an 84 VR. thanks
  15. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Scroll down - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  16. 1999 RSV with 57,000 miles When I put my blinkers on or when I push to cancel, switch feels kind of mushy, and sticks a bit. Can I just shoot some lube in there? Or is that a bad idea? If I do have to take it apart to clean it, what do I need to watch out for? I can already imagine some little spring flying out and hiding in a far corner of the garage. Thanks, Ross
  17. and here are a few pic's to prove it! really just went looking for a new washing machine for the wife so i took along new member ColoRado I had to go slow so he could keep up but i didnt mind waiting at each corner for him:7_6_3[1]: http://www.thumboctagonbarn.org/
  18. OK...so we've seen the video of the 19 year old going airborne in his Trans Am. There were several comments something like "hey...we've all done stupid things and been lucky enough to live and tell about it":doh: So...now here's the chance to tell about it! Mine was pretty simple...but its the one that sticks in mind the most (yes there were others!) I was riding TOO FAST on one stretch of winding up hill road (Albion Rd. for you folks who know Hamilton, ON) The last corner was a tight right and I just couldn't get it to go around the corner. I drifted into the oncoming lane just as I was cresting the hill. It was steep enough I couldn't see over it and it is only blind chance that I didn't become a hood ornament on some car! I still get shivers when I think about what might have been. So Whats yours??? I'm thinking this might lead to a LONG thread
  19. Anyone running these tires on the rear? ... Do you get a "howling" sound at certain speeds? Does it stop or diminish when in a corner?
  20. Vridetv was travelling around the last week and just posted a sunset video of Rouleau SK, known better to millions of people as Dog River. The TV show was filmed 30 miles south of Regina for 6 years. The video gives a great idea of just how flat this part of country is and how an average small town in Saskatchewan looks. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cko5YfoiFso&feature=player_embedded]YouTube- Corner Gas TV set, sunset, full moon, Rouleau Saskatchewan Canada. vridetv.com[/ame] Brian
  21. The two light bulbs under the corner of the bags on a 86. 1156 bulbs that clip in to outside corner of bags. Didn't know they were there. Are they brake lights or running lights?? I'll find out tomorrow. Just wondering. Looks like they haven't worked in forever. Just getting to know "Brown Sugar" Missing a week of good riding weather for it. I think I remember where all those pieces go back. Leslie wouldn't want to see her now.
  22. Ok......nice afternoon......sun came out.....time to finish up a few things and check over some of the work I've done on the old girl before I put the bodywork back on. When I first pulled the lower chin off a while back there was a LOT of antifreeze in there. OK, not a biggie, check the bypass valve. Not bad I figurered......drips every winter a bit. I put in a new o-ring last year and thought that would take care of it. Not the o-ring. I got her outside and let it warm up pretty good. Everything was looking good. No oil leaks, running smooth, it's a good day. Then I see the steam coming off the left side of the radiator. Not bad, just a wisp. Not acceptable. Got to looking and saw a wet spot at the bottom left corner. Tighened the hose clamp at the top to make sure it was dripping down the side. Nope. Pressure checked it and it's seeping at the lower corner alright. If I didn't have the bodywork off I never would have noticed it. It's not dripping, just boils off. So.........rather than scramble on eBay for another radiator....which may be better or worse than mine......I'm looking at pulling it and taking it to a radiator shop and have them go through it. Anybody had good luck with this type of approach? Or does anybody have a good radiator they want to part with? Man I was sooooo close to going for a ride.
  23. Hi guys, my buddy and I are "venturing" out early this season, at the latter part of May to hit Rolling Thunder in Washington DC with our MC and from there we're booting it down to the Florida Keys and then back up and around through the top north east corner of Texas and back up through the middle back home.. we're taking roughly 3 weeks to do all this, to see as much as possible and hit as many states as possible.. 28 in all. Starting from Halifax NS, entering the USA through Maine, we just want to hit the slabs and get some miles under our wheels. (love the highway riding..) This is the link to the map lines we're planning on doing in order to loop around and hit as many states as possible (600k file) http://www.eastcoastphotos.com/venture/usa-trip-a.jpg Obviously the red line makes no consideration to any actual highways along the way but mostly just shows the intended path we plan to take in order to get us through the areas to hit each state, even if it's just a corner chunk of it.. Has anyone done anything similar to this that might be able to point of a few features or areas we should see along this route? We won't have time to hit every beautiful back road there is out there but would like to hit the most popular ones like the Dragon's Tail etc.. We'll be hoping to run into as many friends as possible along the way.. we still owe Sky Doc and his beautiful missus another Rib Dinner =) And hope to be able to meet up with other Venture enthusiasts.. If you have any info or recommendations for sights to see, things to do, stuff to be aware of.. etc etc.. it would be much appreciated.. I did over 35,000 miles on the bike last summer.. I think I might try to surpass it this year.. because in 2011, I plan to do up the other 20 states I haven't visited on a bike.. (already did Hawaii and Alaska on a bike =) Thanks in advance folks =)
  24. I need to remove the headlight assemblies on my 2009 Silverado. I found the 2 screws on top but don't know if there's a hidden screw or a slip socket. The bottom outside corner seems to have something holding it - too expensive to start ripping too hard. thanks - - - -
  25. Looking for set of mufflers for 1988 venture, found holes at the connection point of the muffler & tips...she won't pass state inspection.... Anyone have a set in the corner of their garage we could work out a deal.... cimack77
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