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Found 25 results

  1. Friday morning I'm having the 6th operation on my leg. It has made this year almost a total flop. If this one don't work I got a new chain saw. I know. Back to my corner.
  2. my 86 vr has an occasional clunking in the bottom end when idling or decelerating, now i know the old goldwings got that from primary drive chain slop. do the vr's have the same noise, or could it just be my clutch basket rattling
  3. A girlfriend of ours needs a new chain and she is on a budget what would be a good brand of chain without spending a arm and a leg. Shop quoted her 300 bucks installed but I'm pretty sure I can put it on. 1999 Honda VLX 650 or 600 cc Thanks
  4. I have a 1997 royal star deluxe, i took it to shop and was told it needed Cam Chain Tensioners, 2 weeks no repair yet..I am wanting to know how to do this, Does anyone have the how to info on replacing Cam Chain Tensioners. Needing bike before next weekend and not looking good....PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks
  5. Is it normal to hear ,what sounds like a chain sound, when i compress the clutch lever at a stop. Maybe that sound is there everytime i pull the lever but i only notice it when i am stopped. Is there an adjustment for the cam chain or whatever chain is inside the engine. Just want to make sure that it wont be an issue before my cross country trip. Al
  6. Having increasingly more difficulty turning the key and starting the bike. 86 Royale. I do know one night I saw the switch arcing to my keys on the key chain. Any way does any one have an ignition/(main switch)#1NL-82501-01-00 with key They could part with.
  7. Has anyone ever seen where someone has changed a RSV trans to chain drive? I think the v4 would make a cool engine for a project bike.
  8. I know that safety chains are required by law. But does it have to be a chain or can it be nylon straps? With the hitch that I have there is no good place to attach the chain. These straps are just as strong as chains and won't scratch up my bike or hitch. Does anyone know what the chain or strap requirements would be to be legal and properly preform the function the laws is intending to solve? A motorcycle trailer is not that heavy so the chain or strap should not have to be as heavy duty as on other applications. Thanks for you input.
  9. Been stuck with an install in Monroe MI missed MD because of it, probably be spending the next few weeks there also. Nice small town but the selection of common restaurants is lacking. Any one have any ideas of what places are good seems to be allot of non chain places but I'm not to keen on eating alone in a non familiar place my luck it will turn out to be some strange sort of bar.
  10. I thought this year I would save some $ and purchase a tire on line only to find out the local yamaha dealer won't mount it. The shop foreman said they weren't allowed to (chain of something to do with tires). Is this bs or is there some truth in this?
  11. Ok...stupid question...I have the V-four timing chain cover to replace the yamaha one. Question is, when I take the old cover off does fluid come out? Do I need to drain the oil first? I also have the water pump V-four cover and I know I have to drain the antifreeze but not sure about the TC cover. Thanks for any help
  12. Our local Yamaha Dealer "Oxford Michigan" will close the doors this week. Everything is 50 per cent off. I guess another dealer took all the bikes off his hands. I got some oil, air cleaners, brake pads both front and rear, chain lube, "for my DRZ", cleaning supplies and some other stuff. What a shame. They always treated me well. They were only 5 miles away. Now the nearest will be 20. Still not bad.
  13. Couldn't find any other threads discussing this...how do you secure your m/c-pulled trailer when you stop overnight? Do you chain it to the bike or a tree or something like that?
  14. Has anyone ever replaced the pull chain on a ceiling fan? It's the chain controlling the fan. It's broken off inside so there's nothing to attach another chain to. I know i've seen a small replacement part at Home Depot's but are they really standard and one size fits all?
  15. I laid the bike down in Aug. of last year and messed it up in the front pretty badly. Got that all fixed and thought all was good. Yesterday did some maint., oil change, rear end oil change, etc. Took the left saddle bag off to get to the rear end fill cap, all was good other than rusted bolts that broke off, or so I thought. Went to put saddle bag back on and nothing lines up. Got to looking and when I laid bike down the saddle bag crash bar was pushed back and in towards main frame. Any one have any ideas on how to straighten saddle bag crash bar so I can get bag back on. I have thought about getting a couple of chains and putting a chain from the mounted hitch to my pick up and hooking up the other chain to the crash bar and my wife's mini van then using a ratchet chain binder to tighten the chain and hopefully pull the crash bar back into position. Sound doable, or completely out to lunch?? Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. Don H.
  16. I have been taking inventory of a collection of parts I have stacked up over the years, and think I have most of the makings to build my own trike. My problem is that the engine I want to use has a chain drive, and I'm at a loss as to how to attach a chain drive to a car rearend. Then Wallllllaaaa!!! Rottdoglover states in another thread that he has done just that. How??? All ideas and instructions entertained.
  17. My RSV has developed a knocing noise in the engine. I'm affraid that it is a rod, The Yamaha dealer in Titusville, FL thinks that it might be also. I asked him if it was covered under my warranty. Which expires March 18th this year. He said that he would have to call Yamaha. He called me backe yesterday and told me that I would have to start a work order and that they would have to tear into it and see what it is before Yamaha would agree to anything. Never had a problem with the bike before, so I don't know if this is a normal thing with Yamaha or not. I took it back to the place where I have all the oil changes. He asked me to because if it was something that they did, he wanted to stand behind it, and would pay for everything and give me a lifetime of oil changes free. His top machanic, who also raced bikes for Yamaha, said that it either was the "chain basket" (What every that is) or the "cam chain tensioner", (I don't know what that is either. does that tell you how much I know about engines) I wanted to know if anyone else has had problems like I am having? If so, what they found it out to be. Thanks, Ken, 1 - UP
  18. After turning over 100K miles on my 99 RSV, I'm begining to hear some extra noise comming from the top end. sounds like I need to adjust my cam chain. I have done this several times on older bikes, but I never have on this one. Is there anything special i need to know or watch out for? Thanks in advance!!
  19. My 93 1500 silverado,5.0 tbi------developed a miss and was running poorly---the gentleman that does all my work to keep it running -----Brought out that ancient relic called a 'timing light'----after checking,was told that the timing HAD decreased 12-15 degrees! once we were able to loosen the distributor{that was ajob within itself}--advanced the dist. back to it's correct degree,all was WELL ---------the idle smoothed out,my gas mileage went back up{to a whopping 17 per gal.} and overall driveability went back up ------------was told that the TIMING Chain has STRETCHED?????????? only have 188K on the motor---------replacing the said chain,water-pump checking the oil pump-----power-steering hoses need to b replaced!!:mo money::mo money:SOOOO has anyone heard of the 'stretched timing chain' ?????????????????????? I understand what the problems could be IF not taken care of!!!!----------:usa:
  20. FROG MAN

    New Chain Saw

    Anybody got a carbtune? http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2006/12/8893/
  21. Does the timing chain tensioner on the 83-93 VR's ever need adjusting? I would assume it does it automaticly. If it dosen't do it on its own, how do you know if it needs to be adjusted? Would it make any noise or just run different? There isn't a lot of info in the manuals.
  22. Can anyone tell me how to check the timing chain tension. I have a noise that I am trying to run down and would like to be able to eliminate the timing chain as the cause. Thanks for any help.
  23. I posted before about a noise in my 87 venture, 38,000 miles, but would like to get a little more information if possible. I am new with the v4's, have only owned mine for about 3500 miles. It has a squeak or a chirp that is quite noticable at a idle but goes away or turns to a whine as soon as I bring the rpm's up to over 1000. The noise seems to be there with the clutch in or out, but does seem to change a little. I need to repair the clutch as it started to slip when not fully warmed up. Using a stethascope it sounds like the sound is coming form the back of the engine, loudest on the back valve cover or in the clutch area. I have all the body panels, bags, and the trunk off and have repaired all cracks in them so this would be the time to pull the engine if needed. Wonder if it could be the timing chain or a bad chain adjuster, and how would I check that? Also what is the chirp that is talked about? If needed I could try to get a sound track of the noise and post it. All help is appreciated!!!
  24. Guest

    Engine rattle

    I have an 83 XVZ12 and there is this noise that comes from the rt side of the engine that sounds like a chain slapping against the inside of the cylinder/upper case area BUT when i set the bike up right it goes away... back on the kick stand and its back, loud slapping sound.. could this be a stretched timing chain or a broken tensioner... can the chain be adjusted or is it an auto tensioner? doesnt seem to effect the engines performance but sounds like its going to fall apart... any ideas???
  25. I've got a friend who just bought a 1995 Virago 250. She didn't get an owners manual and, on her way home, someone rolled down their window and said that her chain was loose. Actually they said "Hey buddy, your chains loose" (thought that was cute). Does anyone know where I could download an owners manual or service manual for this bike or does anyone know the proper tightness for the chain?
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