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  1. Eusa1 has generously donated a set of his Diamond Cut cylinder fins to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Squidley and Lonna. A very generous gesture on his behalf and one that again makes me proud to be associated with such a great group of folks, I have set the auction for a 5 day duration in hopes of getting the proceeds to them before Christmas. You may place your bids here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/photopost/showproduct.php?product=98
  2. I sure hope that the eBay buyer protection plan works. I bought these [ame=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221078918507]2 pcs high mount 2 wire RED LED strip 3rd brake light with 28 leds inside each | eBay[/ame] Got it in the mail and thee is only one in the package, Seller claims the auction is for 1 bar but he has 2 available. I read it as the auction is for 2 bars and that is all he has. The seller is also trying to hang his hat on it being advertised "as is no returns". Please take a look at the ad, am I reading it wrong or the seller? I did pay with a CC thru PP and it has eBay buyer protection so I should be covered from something. I do not think the seller really wants a bad feedback over such a small amount.
  3. Well the auctions will be over in a little over a day..........out of the 11 auctions, only 3 are bid on, and only 1 is over $0.25. Thats right 25 cents.........I guess everyone has all the St. Jude items they need...........The way things are going this year with the fund raising due to the economy, price of gas and so forth and so forth, I may me mailing the donation in instead of making the ride to St. Jude. Maybe I need to come up with something special, one of a kind item to auction, but that will mean spending money to make money and to me at this time its a really big gamble. I do want to thank everyone who has donated and participated in the St. Jude fundraisers.
  4. Reminder, Check out the Cruzin for St. Jude Auctions. There is only 3 days left, I believe. Lewis needs more action in the auction. There are T Shirts, pins and hats waiting to be bid on. Help this great cause, just because you care about the children. Yama Mama
  5. If anyone is interested I can provide the link to the auction. MINNESOTA STATE PATROL RETIRES MOTORCYCLE UNIT Five State Patrol motorcycles to be sold at auction ST. PAUL — The Minnesota State Patrol today announced that it has disbanded its motorcycle patrol program and will auction the unit’s five Harley Davidson motorcycles. The motorcycle unit was revived in 2007 with five troopers after a nearly 60 year hiatus. Between 1930 and 1949, as many as 80 motorcycles were in use by the State Patrol. “Our decision to decommission the motorcycle unit was not made lightly, and the troopers who served in this unit deserve recognition for their work to improve traffic safety,” said Colonel Kevin Daly, chief of the State Patrol. “We decided not to put motorcycles on the road this year due to increased training costs, a concern for trooper safety, and a lack of troopers interested in volunteering for the unit.” The State Patrol will offer its five 2008 State Patrol Harley Davidson Electra-Glide, 100 Anniversary Police edition motorcycles in separate auctions. The first motorcycle is scheduled to be sold at a live auction on Saturday, April 21. The State Auction is conducted by the Minnesota Department of Administration and will be held at its facility in Arden Hills. The remaining bikes will be sold in consecutive on-line auctions beginning the following week. The motorcycles are equipped with a 103 cubic inch motor, 6-speed transmission, single seat saddle (air adjustable) and a six-gallon gas tank. They also include side saddlebags, tour pack and communications equipment.
  6. The first round of auctions for Cruisin' for St. Jude are completed and here is a list of the winners and the amounts. If you are one of the winners that won more than one auction, you do not need to send the shipping fee for each auction, I will combine them all in one package for a single shipping fee. For the pins that would be $1.00 and for the others it would be $5.00. I am using USPS Priority Mail Flat rate shipping for everything except the pins, those will go regular mail. My pay pal addy is.................partin_guy@yahoo.com Here are the winners; Total Shipping Solodadof2.............Hat..........$5.25 .......$5.00 Painterman67...Hat & 2 Pins.......$13.00.......$5.00 515Rod.............Shirt............$17.00.......$5.00 Cecdoo..........3 Shirts/Hat/Pin...$78.50.......$5.00 Yammerdan......Shirt/Hat/Pin......$25.00.......$5.00 Pickinfred.......Shirt/Hat/Pin......$22.00.......$5.00 Thanks to everyone who bid, there will be more auctions posted in a few days.............keep up the good work. I thank you and so do the Kids at St. Jude.:thumbsup:
  7. Would have loved to have made this one. Couldn't have afforded any of them but it would have been fun to look around. http://www.auctionsamerica.com/events/all-lots.cfm?SaleCode=LV12
  8. Bought a Fender Guitar in an SKB hard case with some sort of electronic tuning gizmo, like new, for $100 bucks. Don't know how to play, but it will look nice sitting next to the Ibenez I picked up last month..... So... anyone else pick up anything interesting at an auction lately???
  9. i won an auction yesterday for a tci, set of coils and boost sensor for $45.00!! off a supposedly running 83 with 29k! ya baby!
  10. The auctions are posted and I still have some items to auction to raise more funds for the kids at St. Jude. There are Vogel & St. Jude t-shirts, patches, show your support bracelets, and whatever I can dig up that some may find a need or want for. They are posted in the St. Jude Auction section that Don has set up to replace the classified section. The auctions will last 1 week, and I will accept paypal and personal checks. Hopefully we will be able to outdo the NARR in the fundraising challenge, we have a good start with what was raised at Vogel. Remember the St. Jude/Mean Dog Memorial Ride will take place on Oct. 1, 2011. Below is the link to the St. Jude Auction section. St. Jude Fundraisers - VentureRider.Org
  11. Back in my yoot I used to work part time in a discount membership store in the sporting goods dept. Kinda like White Front.. K-Mart.. Fedco.. etc. Anyway we used to sell firearms and one of the rifles we stocked was a Mannlicher Schonauer. I fell in love with that rifle. Just married, kid on the way, and working two jobs 80 hours a week to make ends meet, and I just couldn't afford one. Slow forward 50 years... In the last few years I'd run into one or two at auction, but they went for big bucks. Finally nailed one down last week. She's a beauty and I can't wait to get'r home.... It's in DOJ limbo for another 7 days. Next monday..
  12. In order to keep the auction thread where everyone can see it and not have to hunt for it, you can now find it in the sticky section at the top of the page. You can access the auctions from there. Thanks to everyone who has bidded and will bid. As soon as these auctions end I will be putting more up, there are plenty of items left, and I will shorten the time span as I think 15 days is a little long, so they will be 7 days long in the future. Thanks again, and dont forget to check out Squidley's "Weighing In For St. Jude"................ The time has come to start the auction for the St. Jude, hats, t-shirts, pins, and license plate holders. These listings will last for 15 days. High bidder at the end of the auction will win their item. I have many more of these items to post up for auction, so dont dispair if you dont win this one, there will be other put up as soon as these are over. I have attached pics here of all the items.....the pin is identical to the logo on the t-shirt (I could not get a good closeup of the pin, that is the reason it looks like the tshirt.) You can follow this link right to the auction items.....Happy Bidding......... St. Jude Auctions
  13. Hi guys, I have read lots about road king pipes on the forum, but as I am in the UK, there are not anywhere near the same quantity of harley pipes for sale, i have seen a few sets from other harleys though, can anyone have a look at this ebay auction for me and advise if these modded straight through pipes would fit on my RSTD ?. [ame=http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Harley-Davidson-Exhausts-/280657121551?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item415877d10f]Harley Davidson Exhausts | eBay UK[/ame] Cheers
  14. Just a FYI. Salvage Direct has a 2004 XVZ Royal Star Venturre listed for auction. Item # 801896. Bike has 35M plus miles, runs, drives and is listed as a stolen recovery. Bike is located in Eldridge, Ia. Current bid is $750 and the auction ends 12-22. I have never bought any thing thru this auction but this could be an easy fix up if it could be bought at the right price.
  15. I just received mailing in today's mail announcing going out of business auction for Chicago Cycle, Inc. in Lincolnwood, IL. Auction is this Saturday, Oct. 30th beginning at 10:00 am. Preview is Friday. Chicago Cycle is (was) a very large dealership, with a primary focus toward the sportbike community, but then again, aren't they all. I am surprised by this move, as Chgo cycle has always been a prominent sponsor of the annual International Cycle Show in Chgo. This link should get you there. http://www.mikepetersonauctioneers.com/auction.php?auction_id=1072 Mike Peterson runs a pretty good auction, however, I am not sure if internet bidding is offered this time. I expect there will be a large volume of helmets, jackets, rain gear and other apparel. You may be able to get a good deal on something you need. I got a good deal on some J&M headsets at the Chgo. Sports & Cycle (different company) auction last year.
  16. I just visited their website to find the next auction. This weekend.... While on the home page I started looking at some of the cars coming up for auction in Vegas. The page showed about 4 and a half cars. Then I dragged to the left and... what a cool pic display!! You need to give it a try. http://www.barrett-jackson.com/ Scroll down to the Las Vegas logo and click and drag. It hard to discribe, and I've never seen anything like it... Hats off to the web designer...
  17. As most people know, Beer30 & Beer 24/7 own a company that makes bags and accessories for the military. They also make bags for the Mk I MkII, & 2nd Gens. These bags have been copied from the original bag produced by Yamaha, but they are made out of much better and durable material than the original, Gene also adds his own personal touch to make the bags desirable. Gene in the past has donated bags at Vogel, MD, and other events as door prizes, he also has provided our own Muffin man with various bags for his stint over in the Sandbox. Gene has graciously donated a set of bags to be auctioned off for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This auction is for whatever bike you own be it a Mk I, Mk II, or a 2nd Gen. The winner will be able to choose the color of his choice out of those that Gene has on and, he will also be willing to personalize them with embroidery, but that will be at the winners expense. These bags normally retail for around $80.00. 5 sill notify Gene of the winner and Gene will take it from there. I don' have any pictures available right now, but as soon as they are made available to me I will post them here and in the auction. I will have the auction posted by the end of the day. You can follow the link below to the auctions listed in the classifieds under St. Jude Auctions. Many thanks to Gene and Becky for not only by being great supporters of VR, but supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.:clap2: http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds
  18. I have just posted a donated item in the classified section under St. Jude Auctions. Remember all proceeds from these auctions will benefit the kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tn. The link below will take you to the auction. St. Jude Auction
  19. Received an email notice about a Motorcycle dealer closeout auction in Chicago. Anyone in the area might want to stop by and see if there's anything that's interesting. Chicago Sports & Cycle Honda/Kawasaki Closeout Auction For anyone out of the area there'll be stuff available for bidding online via Proxibid... I've never bid on anything thru Proxibid. Tried once but they have too high a percentage load, so I passed. I still get their notices which are interesting to read. There are a couple of new Yamaha twins in the mix...
  20. some one post a auction site today. Now I can't find it . I was looking at some of the 5th wheels. They had a couple of $75,000 rigs with bad floors. The high bid on one of them was $500. If you have it please send it to me at pandlbiker@olp.net Thanks phill P.S. I think they said it was on a nascar
  21. Do any of you get into the fantasy bidding on the Barrett Auto Auctions? I have never done it before but did for a while yesterday. It is actually kind of fun. If you are the closest and faster bidder on one of the selected cars, you can win a 32 gig Ipod. If you are the highest total points of the day, you win a 32 inch LCD TV and if you are the highest points winner for the entire 4 day auction, you win a full entertainment center. I would never have the time to sit, watch and bid on close to 40 hours worth of the auctions but it was fun doing it for a few hours yesterday. I didn't win anything but was close enough on the 4 that I did bid on that I earned a good many points. Had I played all day and did as well as I did on those four, I would have been near the top in the daily standings. Kind of fun but time consuming. I love watching what those cars bring though and realizing that I would have been sitting on a gold mine had I hung onto my two '69 Camaros, my 74 Dodge Challenger, my 454 Chevelle SS, my 1970 Buick GSX 455, my '71 Chevy Super Cheyenne short/wide bed truck with factory tach dash and etc. and several other cars from the past. Also Eileen once had a '68 Mustang convertible...that would do very well also.
  22. I'm thinking about buying a wrecked Venture to fix up and try to make a few bucks. My son can purchase bikes through Coparts so I might have bid on the one in the link I will post. I will have some cost with shipping to Iowa and auction cost. Give me some ideas on what you think would be a fair bid on this bike. If someone on this forum is bidding on the bike I won't pursue it. http://www.copart.com/c2/homeSearch.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e1s3&lotId=17766739&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS
  23. Hey all you 1st genners... I wanted to post up that I have only 6...let me repeat this 6 sets of driving light brackets left for sale. I will not be making these again and once they are gone...there gone. So if your on the fence about buying a set, dont sit too long as I will be putting them up on ebay tonight for auction.
  24. Just to let you know guys here is auction for brand new BF Goodrich Car Tire 155/ 80 / 15. Auction fund will go straight towards "Pork In The Pines" rally. Feel free to offer your bid, and winner have to donate winning bid to Black Owl (PIP). Here is a tread: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?threadid=39662 Happy Biding.
  25. As most members are aware, there is no charge to attend the 2009 Pork in the Pines (www.porkinthepines.com) pig roast this year. And to help us cover the costs, one of long term members has donated a brand new car tire to be auctioned off. The proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Pork in the Poines donation jar. As this is a car tire, this will pr0obably interest a lot of the darksiders and those who are considering going to the dark side. What we have is a brand new 155.80.15 tire. The bid will also include shipping to the winner. So, if your interested in this tire, and in helping a fun Venturerider event, let the bidding begin.
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