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  1. Slow day at work so I went exploring. Is this the software's place for putting stuff like the tech library? Just curious.
  2. Finally got this set installed. I love them. its weird putting a set of hd pipes on to quiet the sound. David
  3. after reading some of the threads about the shocks I bought a gauge/pump and put air in shocks. 260 mile trip for lunch and icecream yesterday and what a differance putting air in the shocks made. No more jarring of the back everytime I hit a bump. I love this site.
  4. There just has to be an Award for Dumb,,,,,, Let me set this up a little. I just finished converting my 01 RSV to a Trike, and did a total repaint, which means that I had it down to the frame, and chassis for a month. OK did all of the thought needed maintenance including breaking the Oil Pan ( there has to be an Award for that too,, ) You know Plugs, filters air and fuel check wiring, and add wireing for things I added. Etc: Etc... I read the Tech info section or most of it, and have the manuals all downloaded ( great stuff here ) I noticed that the Ignition Switch connector has the
  5. Hello everyone. I have spent some time reading older posts regarding what everyone brings on the road. Naturally, people bring or leave things depending on the type of trip ( weekend vs. week, solo vs. 2 up, weather etc ) . This leads me to asking you savvy riders this: 1- where and HOW are you putting all this stuff in ?? The RSV has the presence of a lot of room, but it seems like I may have thought it had more then it does. I mean after the wrenches, tire compressor, rain gear, misc stuff such as flashlights, screwdrivers, oil, etc. what room is left for food, water and clothes. 2- a
  6. On my old honda one of the many things I did when winterizing was I always fogged the cylinders and plugs with fogging oil before putting it away for winter. I'd also sprits the top of the plugs with a little WD-40 to keep them from getting any nasty buildup. Come summer I never had a start up problem. She would just fire right up. I've done some searching on the forum and see lot of talk about draining the carbs or putting in staybli/seafoam and not draining the carbs but no mention of fogging the cylinders. I don't want to start another "to drain or not to drain" debate, so let's stay a
  7. thinking of putting a voyger kit on my 03 venture is this a good idea or not thanks
  8. I saw some instructions in the 1st Gen maintenance folder on eingine swap. Was wonder if anyone has documented a more detail procedure. Also any differences to consider when putting a 91 VR into an 89 VR.
  9. Just a heads up for anyone with a diesel engine... It seems what the gov. did to our gasoline, they are doing to our diesel fuel. My injector pump on the 230 Massey freguson started leaking. I took it off and went to Mountaineer Diesel in St Albans WV. Can you guess what was the first words out of his mouth were? You got it... they are putting things in the fuel that are literally eating the inside of the diesel pumps out.... same as what ethanol is doing to all of our carbs... Who is making these decisions anyway? Going to cost me +600 for a rebuild and I'm seeing RED
  10. anyone ever bypass the class and still use the compressor if so is it as simple as putting a toggle switch on it and run manually i used the search bar and guess im not putting in the right keywords or word
  11. Any trick to getting the little rubber feet through the floorboard holes?? Had mine off and having trouble putting them back on
  12. Here's a pile 'o pics we shot while enroute, during, and return home from the rally. http://s393.photobucket.com/albums/pp16/SilvrT/KruisnTheKootenays2012/ http://s393.photobucket.com/albums/pp16/SilvrT/ I'll get around to putting comments on them eventually and cleaning out some that didn't turn out so well.
  13. Thanks to a 3 day weekend I only have 2 items left to go before I can take her for a spin. I spent the last 3 days working on putting her all back together. Had to take some parts off a couple of times because I missed putting a couple of things on..........very frustrating. Waiting on the rear master brake cyl, and the throttle cables to arrive, hopefully I will be riding it next weekend, short little spins at first, but everything works like it should, ran it through the gears while up on the center stand and she shifts as good if not better than when I got her 8 years ago. I have never owne
  14. I'm looking for a trailer and have looked at 2. Both were Aluma MCTXL models, one new one used. They both had a little water standing in the bottom. Are they leaking or is that condensation? If, like I suspect it's condensation, will it be an ongoing problem? I was thinking about putting insulation and carpet in it but I don't the carpet to get wet and mildew. How do you keep yours dry? Thanks Rex
  15. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/3029651721.html
  16. I looked for a thread on this but didn't find one. So, I'm heading up this year, missed last year and interested to know who else here is going. I have some friends over and the Honda Shadow ACE tour going and we're talking about a get together for dinner on Tuesday night. I'm going up on Saturday and leaving Wednesday. So I'm putting out an open invitation to any that wll be going to joy us. write me here or call me at 315 521 3729.Phil Lepel (PB&J)
  17. Bubber


    I have been looking at old posts about speakers and back a few years ago everyone was going to the Polk DB401 speakers. Now that time has passed how are the speakers holding up and would you still recommend the same speakers? I have been thinking of putting some speakers in that I can actually hear.
  18. What do ya think? Do ya suppose this would help get a cager's attention? I already build custom sequential LED turn signals for the rear that some of you have seen. I'm now finally getting around to putting LEDs up front. I thought maybe this would be even more noticeable. Has anybody else tried one of these? http://www.customled.com/products/flasher_relay/clrelaypro.wmv http://www.customled.com/products/flasher_relay/flasher_relay.htm#LayoutRegion2LYR Thanks, Bill
  19. I thought I ordered Ride-On a few yrs ago and got three bottles for around 21 bucks. Now lowest listing I can find is about 14 bucks a bottle. Has it raised that much??? This Garage is putting a major dent in my savings. Gotta watch it the Boss claims. Money for the Hot Tub and Big Screen is in jepordy.
  20. Need to remove old gas from a 1984 Venture is there an easy way to do this or do I need to get a Sifen pump of some sort, was told that just putting hi test new gas in was not a good idea.
  21. I put new tires on for summer and found that as soon as bike was not perfectly vertical that I got a drive line howl that would not go away until I straitened the bike up or ended up going straight after a corner. It didn't matter how mild the corner was the noise was there. I assumed the tires. Not! Brother had same brand on his 1200 BMR Putting the bike on the center stand and starting it and putting it in gear, I found that there is considerable play in the u joint..Putting a long screwdriver in there and prying it I found the play. Does the engine have to be removed to change tha
  22. I got the lower steering bearing pressed on, and the bearing races in. I can start putting everything back together again. Obviously I have to pack the bearings...but other than that is there ANYTHING I should be aware of or is it pretty much just do the reverse of what I did to take it apart?
  23. Just curious, who won (or traded for) the tank bibs from Nanci at Cody? Maybe putting it on a RSTD?
  24. Ok well I got into the rear of my 83. Everything looked pretty good. Had a buddy blast off the paint around the welds and no cracks. One weird part was when I took the covers off the swing-arm there were grease zerts there, thought in 83 they did not have them. The crossmember that the shock mounts to is very heavy with gussets in place, has it already been modified and strengthened? Another question is how much grease do you need to pump into the drive shaft grease zert? Everything looked really good so I will be putting it back together pretty much as is and just putting new bearings in the
  25. Due to very little interest and responses on getting together this year at Asheville for a mini rally or extended meet and eat, I am going to advise the KOA campground that we are not going to have a get together this year. Maybe next year we can see about putting something together and we can see what interest there is then. In my "Let's talk about Asheville" thread, there were over 70 hits and not one single comment. RandyA
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