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  1. You have to crack the case ( rear plate ) which is a big PIA cause the rear end is mounted to the frame,,,, or suck it out with an oil sucker..... I think it was mentioned while I was there at the factory once that somewhere between 100 to 150 K for the change. when was the last time ya changed the rear end lube on your truck,,,,,,,,,,, :)
  2. Jeff You are more than likely correct on the oil coming from the center tubes. That is a source of a mess at times.
  3. Absolutely NOT That will make a horrible God Awful Mess underneath!!!!!! That is a Thunderbird rear end mounted upside down. The fluid level should be just about an inch below the hole. Use a wire or a zip tie to check the level. If ya fill it up it will blow out all over every thing, and make one of the biggest messes you will ever have to clean up................ The residue that I see in the photos looks normal to me for the time on the kit. If it is actually leaking there would be spots on the floor when parked for a week or less, or a lot more messy than what you have,,,,, JMO
  4. Good info,,, I thought that they used Honda Civic or Accord front break calipers pretty much exclusively on all of their kits,,, I know the BMW and GL1800 do. Still good info to have in the old data banks. Hope I don't lose the key to the bank to get it out again,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Not really the tank is just over 4.5 Gal and sits just off the frame. One might could make one that was a little deeper on the right part of the frame next to the rear end, but not much more than what there is now.
  6. It ties in under the tour pac in a big white connector. Can be reached by pulling the left tire off, and you should see it. Most of mine have been 4 to 5 converted there.
  7. If you are talking about a Hannigan, the front mounts will have to be re-cut, and slotted I think. The boards should be just at or right behind the rear edge of the lowers like you are thinking, or that is where I made mine fit.
  8. I have been using the ST-7317 filter from Wally World for several years on both the GL1800, and the RSV. It is the longer filter and have had 0 problems. Cost $2.97 ea..... Also get oil ( Rotilla T-6, and Mobil 1 there )
  9. Don't tell me that!!!! I have a kit supposed to be shipped today,,,, and it is a complex paint mix,,, I hope that you get good results from the factory...
  10. No offense here either... It seems odd that a dealer would suggest what they did, other than to save some cash,,, There is a reverse available for the Hannigan kit, but not through Hannigan. It is made by Paul at Misty Mountain Cycles in Ar. I don't know if it is something that can be retro fitted or has to be done as kit is assembled. You could give him a call. It is $1000.00 give or take. I have no real problem moving mine around at all as long as it isn't up hill. I just don't have enough lead in my pencil to write that note AKA Lite in the Azz,,,
  11. OOPS!!! been there done that!! I am going to quote this in the other thread too.
  12. I don't know who the dealer that you are talking with, BUT ( just my point of view here now ) HE IS AN IDIOT!!! True that gas will get stale after time, particularly this new ethanol gas, but not over night... as he seems to think. I would venture to say that most if not all of us are aware of that and either drain the gas or use it up before storage, or at minimum use a good additive. His boat has a ton of holes in it, and wont float. At least in my pond... Yes it will save you a sum of funds, but trust me!! The first time that you forget to put the pit cock back to run and leave i
  13. Its about over Tom, I am just a few miles from Ole Miss over the bridge and river from ya, in NOLA for this week end I came down to see what rain looks like. Pretty neat stuff! wished we could take some back with me tomorrow
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