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  1. sold. Sadly selling my Trike, original owner, Conversion in 2010, 68,000 miles, auxiliary fuel tank, floor boards, trailer hitch, what ever was available in 2010 was installed. Location is Buffalo, NY. I am open to discussing delivery options. $10,500.
  2. Still around riding my 05 RSV Hannigan Trike
  3. Did you ever find your radio? I have the one I pulled off my 2005 RSV.
  4. I don’t see many out there for sale and I am having trouble coming up with a asking price. I know what I’d like but don’t want to over price that no one looks at it. Does anyone have a serious idea? 66,000 miles converted in 2010.
  5. Is anyone else having trouble paying. I keep getting a message wrong currency.
  6. Mine is a 2005. I have my doubts that'll work on mine
  7. I'll give that a try when I arrive back home. Thanks for the idea. Ed
  8. Hi bongobobby! yes the washers are still in place, sorry for the delay in responding but We are traveling the Applachians working our way back to Buffalo.
  9. actually I meant to say I'm sure the screws are not overtightened
  10. Condor, this isn't the hinges. It's cracking at 2 of the 3 screws screwed into the outside ends of the backrest. I'm certain their over tightened.
  11. Anyone have trouble with lid cracking along screws attaching backrest? 10 years never had problem, 2nd lid now in 2 years lid has cracked. Screw is not over tightened. I have a suspicion my better half is causing the problem when getting the bike. I'm just not sure why now? Has anyone experienced this and come up with a repair and prevention?
  12. This story and rider is my Grandson: give.roswellpark.org/goto/ajwalczak
  13. Thanks everyone, some good thoughts. I was hoping someone had one. I'll surely try loading the Trike before I decide which to buy. One option I have also seen is a hydraulic lift gate $$. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. One concern I have is the Trike Sits low to the ground and bottoms out at top of ramp entering the garage. We'll be looking at Raptors this weekend.
  15. Full blown toy hauler. 5 th wheel probably. Reviewing all options right now
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