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  1. Hi, Knowing I was not going to be able to ride for a while, about 5 or 6 months ago, I used a syphon pump to drain as much gas as possible from my 86 VR after having the needle jets cleaned by Northside Cycle (Elmer) in Corinth, Texas. For those in the Dallas area, this is a great place to have your older bikes repaired. Excellent service at a fair price. Anyway, about 4 days ago, I unplugged the maintenance "trickle charger", added about a gallon of gas to the tank, opened the choke all the way, twisted the throttle a few times, and proceeded to crank it. After a couple of attempts, it started right up. I let the bike warm up to its normal operating temperature and noticed it was idling at about 1300 RPMS which is a little above the normal range of 950 to 1050 RPMS. Each day since then, I have cranked the bike and let it warm to its normal operating temperature with the same 1300 RPM idling result. However, yesterday, I finally rode the bike around the neighborhood to see how it performed (braking, accelerating, etc..) while advancing through the gears. Everything performed just fine except each time I would come to a stop, the released throttle would allow the engine to idle down to the appropriate 1000 RPMS and then it would gradually advance to the same 1300 RPMS. In turn, at each stop with the bike parked in neutral, I would advance the throttle several times and then completely release it with same results. Question: Does this sound like a vacuum problem, throttle-cable problem, or another "gunked up" carburator problem? Since I keep the bike polished and clean on a regular basis, I thought I might have accidentally removed a vacuum line during the cleaning. So, after I remove the fake gas tank plastic top and side covers, this is is going to be the first place I look for the problem. After that, I am hesitant to start "fiddling-around" with anything else since I have experienced trying to repair something you really know nothing about usually costs you more money than if you initially carry the problem to someone that does. Anyway, your comments, suggestions, and/or advice would be appreciated concerning this issue. Thank you, A.S. Dallas, Tx.
  2. Hi Everyone! I have a question regarding starting the RSTD. I previously had a V-Star 1100 and my normal cold start would be full-choke and depressing the start button for less than a second to one second. It would seem to catch rather quickly and fire up. However with my RSTD, normal cold start is full-choke and depressing the start button for 4-5 seconds. For the first 2~3 seconds or so I just hear the starter, and from 3~6 seconds I hear the engine quitely starting to catch on. For another second or two after releasing the start button the engine slowly spins (idle speed) until it suddenly fires up to a good full-choke rpm speed. Moreover, if I leave the bike for a half hour after an hour long ride, which I would consider the bike to be warm, I still have to go through the same routine. It will never just fire right up quickly. I do live in Canada, but the average temperature for the past while has been 60~70F. Does this sound like a problem/needs maintenance issue or is this Normal? I feel like i'm going to wear the starter out by holding it for that long. Background info: I ride my RSTD as much as I can (at least 4 days a week, minimum 2 hours per day) Replaced spark plugs Replaced fuel filter Ran a can of Seafoam Cleaned air filters Changed oil and oil filter Synchronized carbs Changed coolant Thanks!!
  3. Greetings I had to replace my Battery today, on the road, and was wondering if 4 years on the OEM Battery is normal or below normal, for a well maintained Battery?
  4. Ok I need help from all the motor heads.. I am at my wits end...I have a 2004 f 150 ford heritage , 6 cylinder 4x4 with a 5 speed in it (117,000 MILES ON IT)....my temperature gauge reads normal for a while(20,30 miles) then will go to cold, then back to normal, then will fluctuate back and forth about every 8 miles from normal to cold....I DO NOT lose any heat and the truck seems to run normal...I had a new thermostat installed about 2 weeks ago and all seemed well until today when it started doing it again.... I drive 30 miles to work. It did it once or twice today on the way to work but on the way home it did it about 10 times....I don't know enough about these things and an a little nervous driving it.. is there a sensor I should be looking for?.. Is it safe to drive? will I damage something driving it back and forth to work? Thank you for the help in advance....
  5. My 84 Venture has aquired a little quirk. As I accelerate the battery warning comes on and the warning light will flash. Run down the road a little and it will return to normal. I can not make it happen, it seems to do it intermitantly. Any ideas?
  6. I just watched a great movie & I swear that a lot of the actors I met at VentureRiders (including me) Meet & Greets were in it. The Hobbit's Dwarfs look just like most of us! By the way, I really liked the movie & thought all of you acted quite well. In fact, you were more behaved than normal.
  7. well my computer quit. i got a new one but lost all my last post counts is this normal. my join date is even wrong is there any way to get it all back:doh:
  8. Went to an auction a while ago, bought me a box lot, but don't have any idea what I bought,, normal for me, but I'm kind of noisy,,, what do I have here, must be something to do with wood working I think,,, and no I'm not going to start wood working.
  9. i purchased a Carbtune about two years ago and shortly thereafter sync'd my carb. i thought it wouldn't hurt to re-sync, so i hooked up the Carbtune and lo and behold all four bars were within a gnat behind of each other. to those who are more familiar with syncing, my question - "is it normal for the carbs to stay synchronized"? btw the bike has been running great and i don't really have any complaints after 36k miles.
  10. I was out last night with the radio off and noticed that there is a loud clunk when I shift. Never heard it before. Wondering if I should be checking on something or if this is normal
  11. My computer keeps kicking on like its running something even when not in use. Sounds like a high speed fan running it may run for 30 sec. to a min. haven't timed it. Everything else seems to be normal.
  12. My bike is handling very well since I put progressives and the Condor Brace on it. BUT.....today I noticed something I have never noticed before and I'm wondering if I have a problem or if it is normal. I was at a full stop. I gave the handle bars a "shake" back and forth...as if I was trying to shaking water off the front tire. Just very quick jerk to left and back to center. The front end felt like it "rebounded" As if I gave it a twist that went down the forks and then after I stopped, it came back up the forkss and gave a bit of an "echo" shake! Like I said....it's handling really well!!!!! Condor Brace is tight, neck bearing bounce test looks good....Not sure what else it could be? Is this normal???
  13. I got this weird rattling sound when I pull in the clutch lever on my Wing.... Listen carefully. Ya, I know, it's a "whiner" but mostly only noticable when idling and apparently fairly normal for a Wing. But that rattling sound doesn't seem "normal" to me. Can anyone guess what it is?
  14. Ok, I pulled the forks. I have not pulled them apart yet. waiting on new seals and spring kit. I did notice some very faint, very had to see scratches just above the dust cover.is this normal? Can they be polished out? Or just leave well enough alone?
  15. I have recently aquired a 2004 RSMV with about 20K, and have been following the forums here with great interest. I am upgrading from a Honda shadow and this is my first bike with shaft drive so I'm not sure if this is normal... I have noticed what seems to be an excessive amount of drivetrain "slop" or backlash, i guess. It is very noticable in the lower gears and makes transitioning from accel to decel very jerky. I'm also hearing a distinct banging when shifting. Actually two bangs, the first when I shift and the second when I release the clutch. I can also duplicate the bang by releasing the clutch quickly from a stop. I have read the manual and based on the location of the noise, I'm guessing either the ujoint or middle gear is the culprit. I know that the backlash in the gears can be measured and shimmed, but requires disassembly. I was wondering if this is a common problem, and if anyone has any experience with this issue? Can someone give me an idea of how much play is "normal"? For example, if I were to put it on the center stand, put it in gear and measure the total driveline slop based on how much I can turn the rear wheel, how much movement at the rear wheel would be considered excessive? Any insight would be appreciated. Jon
  16. 2005 RSTD oil plug has NO magnet??? Normal??? If normal is there a clearence problem?? Anyone tried one? Don't understand why anyone would not put a magnetic plug on from factory, especially on a bike with such a long factory warranty. Many Thanks
  17. I just had my valves adjusted as part of a 25K maintenance. There was always a little valve chatter, but now they sound like a coffee can filled with bolts. The dealer says that the valves tighten/quieten over time; seems adjusting the valves back to spec just makes them noisier. Does that sound right to you?
  18. Anybody , look at these pics and tell me if this is normal the oil build up under the diff please. Seems to me I use to see this on my old 59 Chevy LOL But is it normal after 3 years on the Trike? The second pic is running my finger nail on it to show how much. Jeff [ATTACH]64918[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64919[/ATTACH]
  19. Was riding to work this morning, got about 10 minutes from home, and happened to look down at the volt gage - sitting smack in the middle of the "12" - at speed, engine turning a normal RPM, no excessive electrical loads turned on. Hmm...this is not normal... My volt gage is normally very consistent and actually quite accurate. SOOO - thankful that I looked at the gage and caught the problem while the battery was still charged and keeping everything going - I turned the Venture around and exchanged it for my Virago. No time to check anything out yet, but I noticed on the way home that the gage does dip below 12 when the engine is idling and climbs a tiny bit to the 12 when revved, which sounds just like years ago when the Virago had one of its stator coils short out - it kept charging just a tiny little bit, enough to keep the engine ignition working, but not enough to run the headlight. So I need to do the tests to confirm, but I need to know what's out there nowadays for stators. Is there still a company that makes an upgraded stator for the old Ventures? Jeremy
  20. Was cleaning the motorcycle and noticed the gear shift shaft would move in and out a little bit is this normal? It is an 83 Standard. Thanks Kirk
  21. Just got around to checking out the intercom on my 08 rsv. I'm using the same headsets I used on my Wing. The radio works fine and the CB is OK, the problem is the IC only works when the CB is on. Is this normal? I hope not. Jim
  22. My trike [07 Venture with a hannigan kit] at around 110 miles or one,two bars on the gas gauge starts to count down.Is this normal? How far can you go [on the countdown] before you have to switch to reserve?
  23. I ride with the air pressure on automatic normal settings. I think that is about 15 lbs front 40 lbs rear. Soon my wife will ride for the first time in 28 years and. Just out for a leasure ride. With all my normal carring stuff and me and my wife, I'm guessing about 330 lbs total. Interested in others air pressure recommendations experience for a 1st Gen MKII..
  24. If I crack the throttle wide open quickly while at highway speed, I smell gas, the smell goes away as I resume normal speeds , all carbs appear dry externally, thoughts oh wise ones?
  25. While performing some routine maintenance on my bike, I removed both sides of the (what I call airbox) under the tank, that connects the hose from the airfilters into the carbs and found that they were wet with oil inside them. The foam gaskets that mount the two sides together were pretty wet with oil as well. Is this an issue or normal occurence? At first I was thinking it was fuel since they open to the carbs, but it was definitely oil. Where is that coming from? They were not dripping wet and there was more on the left side than right, but it was enough to get my attention. Thanks Mongo
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