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  1. Hello all including my Brother @cowpuc Once again I had the good fortune to be handed a cool motorcycle "thing" to test. I had been using the Sena SMH 10 1st generation for a very long time. It worked but had its limitations of consistency of music sharing with my passenger and a problem handling the wind noise from my wife's 3/4 helmet in intercom mode at freeway speeds. I tested the Sena SF1 entry unit and it is not for our - touring kind of riding. I just finished testing the Cardo Freecom 4+ This thing is great! I am very impressed. Here is my review on ultimatemotorycycling.com https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/07/09/cardo-freecom-4-review-motorcycle-bluetooth-communication/ Feel free to ask me anything about my experience. VentureFar...
  2. On 1999 Venture Royal Star what is the plug in the trunk for? Is this for the intercom system? How does the intercom system work? I have never had one on my bike and am not familiar with it. Do you have to buy a intercom box to put in the back?
  3. Hi, I'm a new member with a new to me -84 xvz 1200. Quick question: should the engine run without the fairing ( radio, intercom, signal lights etc ), it should, right ? Got the bike a week ago. It started and ran well. Due to the winter wasn't able to do a proper test drive, but it idled ok. Started several times. I took the farings off and now the lights come on , the computer seems ok, it cranks but doesn't fire up. The battery is not the issue, I use backup fullycharged battery when testing. To my understanding only wires I disconnected were radio, signal lights, speakers, emergency signal, intercom. Are any of those connected to spark circuit ? I also sprayed some starter liquid to air box while starting, with no success. I seem to have lost the spark. I didn't see any badly made jumps in the wiring, I assume it's standard wiring other than fuse box. That has been changed. Bikes has 52 thousand miles on the clock. There are some minor cracks in the front fairing. I think it's royal with class system removed. This is my first touring bike, and also my first bike so much modern tech I've previously had xj900, cb 750, gsx750 all from early 80,s. Simple bikes for simple rider. XVZ seems to have more electronics than those together. It's gonna be 3-4 months winter where I live, before riding season starts. During that my aim is to repair fairing cracks, clean carbs, check valves, clean starter motor, change all fluids .... Been following this forum for a while, didn't want to sign up before I owned the bike. There seems to be huge knowhow within the group. I'll check the plugs and report back. Thanks, Anssi
  4. As some of you know, I have a problem,,,, I know what you are thinking, but this is a new one. I ride a 2014 Spyder and installed JMCB 2003 for a CB and intercom. The intercom works fine, and the CB broadcasts just fine. Now if we get 2 CBs close together I can hear the other, if they are more than 4ft apart I can't hear the other person. I can hear a tapping on their mic, but no voice comes through. Now hear is the next problem then. I contacted JM corp and they would like me to try to use one of their headsets. I use the Edsets with the proper cord, but they were wondering if I could try one of theirs. SO!!!! anybody in the area have a set they could lend me??
  5. I have 2014 Spyder, RT. 1330 engine, cognac in color, carries 2 up with ease, goes like scart rabbit. So far so good. Now the Dutch comes out in me.... after paying all that retirement cash for original purchase I cheaped out and did not add the CB intercom for about $1500. Instead I bought a JMCB 2003 with intercom for about $400. Everything worked kind of more or less fine,, well the intercom needed new cords as well to satisfy the Edset head gear, but after that addition the only problem that continued to rear it's head was the CB part,,, I could send, but didn't receive in the headset. The set showed reception and nada in the ears,,,, thought that maybe I was slowly going deaf, but my wife informed me that was not the case,,, so I have to believe her and go with it. So I have transmission, reception, but it doesn't get to the CPU on my shoulders. I had done some cutting, eliminating and reinsertion to the headset cord and thought that maybe,,, just maybe, I had screwed something in the process. I had called JM about the problem and after going through their standard questions and answers they determined that there must be something wrong and I should send the set to them for evaluation. So I was about to embark onto that part of the process this week, when I thought..... I Know!!!! thought, why not try it once more now that I have the faring off, and I can easily plug my portable into the mix to see if it may be the antenna. Well I did, and found that everything now works perfectly,,,,huh????? no matter how I hook things up,,, everything works,,,, s t r a n g e!!!
  6. Is there any truth to a helmet being unsafe after it is 4 years old? Was at a dealers today buying a shield and when I told him the helmet was 6 years old he said it was time to replace it and showed me a card attached to a new helmet that said safe life of 4 years. I bought a shield because my helmet seems fine and I have an intercom in it and not looking to replace it. It did get me thinking though. So, what's the scoop, anything to it or is it a company scam?
  7. I need a little info ASAP. As above, has 6500KM (4038 miles) in as new condition. The owner has no idea if it has CB or Intercom. Owner never rode two up and never had a head set. Serious health problems reason for selling. I don't care about CB, but do want intercom. Was intercom standard equipment in 2007? I want to purchase this evening. Don't come along like this very often. Robby
  8. Hey everyone... Feedback on intercoms solved!!! Well, at least my issue. I have headsets that clip on to the helmet. There are three wires that need to be reconnected when moving from one helmet to another. They only fit one way... or so it seemed. I was getting a ear shattering feedback loop with intercoms. Happened more than once. And what I discovered was that the microphone cable from the connector can easily get connected to a speaker input! That's the issue!! No wonder I was getting feedback- check to see that you're not connecting your mic DIRECTLY TO THE POWERED SPEAKER CONNECTIONS! That'll do it every time. There follow your mic connection to the clip with the connecting wires. I'm pretty familiar with cables and fancy myself a pretty good troubleshooter, but there's something about the way that the cables are coming off of that connector with the mic attached that makes it easy to connect to the wrong spot. After you get it right. Mark the mic connectors with colored tape. Problem solved! I have a half-helmet with the speakers in the removable curtain. Removing them would cause this connection problem every time! Not any more!!!
  9. Hi all: Any chance anyone has had a problem with the passenger intercom. The radio/CB work fine and can be heard in the drivers headset fine. However, the passenger hears nothing. The two shops I use were of no help, didn't want to try to figure it out and pretty much sai I was on my own. Anyone have any thought where I might begin in trying to resolve this issue? Thanks
  10. I am getting my '87 ready to roll and I've decided to do all the electronics different than stock, so I will be removing CB, cables, cassette/radio, amplifier, rear CB control unit. I didn't have the helmet units to make the intercom work and I don't care to mess with trying to make the factory set up work. I don't know what this stuff is worth but reading other threads I understand it goes for a fair amount on fleabay. But since you all are in the club I am offering it to all of you. Make me a fair offer on what you need and I'm sure we can come to terms. Email works great for me: deanmay at pianorebuilders dot com. Or you can phone/text me at Eight onetwo 235 five2seven2. my plastic dash on the right side is all busted so the air suspension controller just dangles. It doesn't seem to work, either, though I do get a display. Has anyone made an aftermarket controller work? Thx, Dean
  11. i just got my first Venture an 08 have 2 helmets with J&M headsets i know thay are good,,all the stereo,cb ,cass,every thing works but my mic's dont,,driver or passenger DOES not work on intercom or cb,,i know i have missed a post but i did look before i bothered you guys,,thanks for any help
  12. I'm looking at buying a RSV and have read the owners manual on line. One thing it does not explain, and the salesman at the dealership couldn't tell me either, is how the intercom works. The manual only tells how to adjust IC volume. I'm used to the GW and HD where you can use it as PTT or as open mic. How does this one work?
  13. OK guys left home yesterday headed to Emerald Isle NC. Everything going great,talking to wifey on back through intercom then about an hour into the trip, loud pop through helmet speakers and NO INTERCOM. Played with wires buttons etc and nothing. Stopped for gas,cranked the girl back up and BINGO intercom working again! Happy happy happy!!!!!!!For about 10 minutes and POP......SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!The rest of the trip every now and then INTERCOM for 10 to 15 seconds....no intercom...grrrrrrrrrr.Cranked her up for return trip today INTERCOM WORKING,20 MINS......no intercom for rest of trip home even after restarting her.Almost as if working until gets hot ?????????????Any ideas......got to have my intercom guys can't talk dirty to wifey without it......HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. Well, I just received our Scala Rider G9 Bluetooth PowerSet. I've got a bit to learn about it, and rig my wife's helmet so we can check out the Intercom function, but I did Bluetooth my G9 to my Blackberry Torch and listened to Pandora radio on a 30 min ride. So far I'm impressed. The sound quality is pretty darn good, even at speed. I even had to turn down the volume on a song or two, but then also had to turn up the volume (It's a Pandora thing). SOOOOOOoooo much better than my Chatterbox wired set. So, initial thoughts are: worth the cost. I'll give more thoughts as I continue to set our intercom up and we take a trip together.
  15. Hi all..new to the forum.I have a 09 Venture trike that I bought last fall.I have just got around to getting a set of Chatterbox headsets.I have the radio and cb working thru them . Now the newbie question. In order to use the intercom feature do I talk on a CB channel or is there a seperate setting for intercom? The book is useless in this regard.When I push the talk switch nothing happens unless I am in the CB setting. Thanks Dean:)
  16. Since I just picked up this 85 Royale I have a question regarding the "intercom". The intercom shows on the audio controls but I do not see any plugs for it for the head gear. Is there any easy way to tap in, or for that matter to actually know if they bike is equipped with an intercom system? newbie thanks you Scott
  17. Ok, so my intercom headsets have gone off to electronics heaven. I've looked at replacing them and the cost involved (dang the dealer is proud of these things) and have found them on places like ebay for not too bad a price but I'm starting to wonder if something like the Scala Rider blue tooth units would be a better way to go. I like the idea of having all original equipment but also hate to pay to get all new headsets and have another issue with with the audio system that puts me back to a non-functioning intercom. Seems like the Scala Rider may be the way to go but I've never used one and I'm still not sure about moving away from original equip as my 86 1st gen is beautiful and has otherwise all working equipment. Any thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Thanks! Jay
  18. I could have sworn I posted this, but I can't find it anywhere. I must be getting old! Does anyone have a 1st Gen radion button they want to part with? My 84 is missing the intercom volume button & it's really driving me nuts. Let me know. Appreciate the help.
  19. I need some help with my latest project. I have purchased two new Nolan N-com helmets, and installed the J&M 279 speaker/mic setup. I have never used a setup like this, but I expected to be able to listen to the stereo, and then, when I wanted to talk to the passenger, (or the passenger wanted to talk to me) push the push to talk button (which I thought would cut the stereo) and talk on the Intercom. However, when everything is plugged in and turned on, the stereo plays fine, but the intercom is also on all the time. The stereo does not "mute" (maybe it isn't supposed to?). Pushing either push to talk button has no effect. We can both talk over the music and hear each other. But, since the intercom is on all the time, the mic also picks up motor and wind noise and transmits it through the intercom, making the intercom useless while driving. HYPOTHESIS: I am guessing that one of the push to talk buttons is shorted out, or one of the intercom button wires is shorted somewhere. I'm also guessing that the intercom buttons close the circuit that should be open except when the button is pushed??? If the circuit is close all the time and the button opens the circuit, then something could just be unplugged. Please tell me how the intercom is supposed to work. Is it supposed to cut the stereo when the push to talk button is pushed, or is it supposed to work in the background of the music. Do you think there is a short somewhere, and if so, is there a common place that this would occur; where should I start looking? Thanks, in advance. dana
  20. I feel embarassed asking this because it's probably staring at me right in the face. I search the forum but found nothing, hence the embarrassment. My 84 Royale has the factory radio, no CB. The controller has an intercom button, so I assume the system is compatable with standard din headphones...but where do they plug in?? Andy
  21. Just got around to checking out the intercom on my 08 rsv. I'm using the same headsets I used on my Wing. The radio works fine and the CB is OK, the problem is the IC only works when the CB is on. Is this normal? I hope not. Jim
  22. Will a left side electronics enclosure (cassette, intercom, etc.) from an '84 fit a '91? TIA...
  23. Like it says about to go on our first ride on the 86 VR. Going with medium in the air ride at first I think. Rode it about 300 miles so far and it is doing good. She rode on the back of my 2001 FZ1 once and did not like it. She has rode some through her life just not with me. Should go good, but my legs are still weak from the ride I got earlier for my birthday. Also wondering about fixing the intercom, Tryed dads and with his intercom it was mono from both sides and put here voice in the center of my brain. I do love her alot though.
  24. Ok guys tired everything I can think of for my intercom. When plugged in have sound from the CB and radio. But can not transmit on the CB or talk on the intercom. Checked all the switches used different setting, and nothing. even changed the headsets and still nothing. Could the intercom control head be bad, even though it switches from head set to speaker with no problem. I even turned the intercom button on and off and this changed nothing.
  25. Went to look at a 2000 RSV today...only has 71,000 km on it ( about 44,000 mi.). It looks and runs like new, but there was a problem. The intercom didn't work. The radio plays through both headsets as did the CB when someone started using channel 6 nearby, but the intercom just wouldn't work. Switched headsets front to back and the same problem. I thought the radio and intercom shared an amp and therefore if one didn't work, the other one didn't either. Anyone have any ideas? The bike is gorgeous but my wife really wants the intercom...so she can make useful suggestions as we ride along!
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