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  1. Has anyone made an adjustable windshield similar to the Baggershield? Would it be difficult. It looks to me as if an old shield could be cut, drilled and sanded and then affixed to an existing shield with wing nuts and bushings. But then again, it might not be worth the trouble. Iowa Guy
  2. We've had so many nuts this year there have been days where it seems it was raining nuts, gonna have to use a shovel to clean up around the house, don't recall ever having so many especially with the drought we've been having, been a while since any rain. Have to watch out for falling nuts when out riding on windy days. Now the mountains have snow, US441 closed thru the smokies due to snow, early for snow, heck last year not many days all winter below freezing. Crazy weather. And now all this wind has blown over a pretty large oak tree thats been dead a while in the woods out back, guess I'll be out cleaning up the mess, when the nuts stop falling cause the little suckers hurt when they hit you in the head. Heres a link to some pic of snow on Mt. Leconte up in the Smokies. http://www.highonleconte.com/daily-posts.html
  3. Another Saturday working on the bike, we got the engine back in, since there was only 2 of us it took some extra time to get it in, we had a few memory lapses, loosing tools, nuts, bolts, you name it we misplace it at one time or another. Got the clutch working after a little difficulty, but finally got it bled out and working. A couple of nuts and hex screws got misplaced and it took some time searching, so we finally gave up and I saw K-Rider off, I went back out to the shop and low and behold I picked up a coffee cup and there they were with a bunch of other bolts I will probably be looking for later. So I continued working getting the motor all bolted back in and all the frame rails attached. Still had some daylight left so I figured I would start installing the newly painted side cases. Got all but one installed and trying to download the pics. [ATTACH]66771[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66772[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66773[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]66774[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66775[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66776[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]66777[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66778[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66779[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]66780[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66781[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66782[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]66783[/ATTACH]
  4. This is really a true story, it's about some nuts that think they are superheros that "patrol" the Flint area. I repeat this is true and actual facts. With all the crime here these nuts pull a shotgun on a loud motorcycle. http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/flint/index.ssf/2012/04/we_dont_carry_weapons_says_for.html
  5. Women always say that giving birth is way more painful than a chap getting kicked in the testicles. Here is proof that they are wrong: A year or so after giving birth a woman will often say, "It would be nice to have another kid". You never hear a man say, "I would like another kick in the nuts". Case closed.
  6. Wow I got a long way to go to catch up this new one with the RSV chrome. My first list is just shy of 5000.00. What did I do ? Kelly thinks Im nuts and says whats wrong with the old one . I say " nothing " just time to start a new project.
  7. I could have sworn I posted this, but I can't find it anywhere. I must be getting old! Does anyone have a 1st Gen radion button they want to part with? My 84 is missing the intercom volume button & it's really driving me nuts. Let me know. Appreciate the help.
  8. [font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman]The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a very cold winter. [/font] [font=Times New Roman]It must be true because the squirrels are gathering [/font]NUTS. [font=Times New Roman]Three of my friends have already disappeared.[/font] [font=Times New Roman]Are you O.K.?[/font] [/font]
  9. Guys- I am going to change out my steering head bearings. Do I need to order any seals? The park shark print shows part #3 as (cover ball race 2) is this just the upper dust seal? and is there one like it on the stem under the #2 bearing. I might as well change the fork oil, should I remove the top nut on the forks or use the lower drain hole? I see the part number has changed on the stem nuts, if I replace the rubber washer with a steel one do you have to replace the stem nuts? Thanks guys..
  10. You know I've probably dropped 4 nuts putting my seat back on and I think Ive only found two. Where have you guys seen them go? I just ordered 6 more. I tried the nylon ones but like the length of the stock nuts. Makes it easier to install.
  11. this guy is nuts http://www.dump.com/2010/11/30/highest-waterfall-in-a-kayak-189-ft-video/
  12. Hey does anyone know if Rick quit making and selling his Butler Thumb Nuts? I noticed his classified ad is gone for the 2nd Gens. Thanks, Wally
  13. Watching this new show right now. These driver in India are NUTS. And they are not to the mountains yet. Totally insane drivers.
  14. CAUTION: Maybe it's just me.....But...while I was trying to find the solution to the vibration problem mentioned before (ie rear tire mounted backwards on the front of the trike) I found a serious problem. This was the second time... Bolts that secure the swingarm driveshaft housing to the rear trike assembly were missing!!! Well two of the four bolts were gone....With driveshaft assy loose vibration is a problem. I've had this problem before and the bolts were secured using nylock nuts and LocTite..This time I've installed Grade 8 bolts, Grade 8 nylock nuts and lock washers. This will now be pretty much a preflight check item...2- 9/16" wrenchs in the helmet so I don't forget.... Local road test was good, but Interstate will be used soonest to check high speed vibs..
  15. Ok is there anyone going to the eureka spring this weekend. was I nuts or was not the weeked for that?
  16. After putting the carbs back on in the process of rebuilding after the second gear repair, a couple of them are leaking slightly out of the drain hoses. The drain screws are fairly tight (don't want to over tighten). Any tips/thoughts on how to stop the drips? Amazing how a little gas can stink out the whole garage... driving the Mrs nuts. Other than the leaking carbs, so far no other leaks that I can see ... fingers crossed. TIA
  17. At my age I didn't think I'd ever wish the time to go quick!! But the thought of waiting till MD next year to visit with you all is driving me nuts!! I'm ready to pack a suitcase now folks
  18. Seems like when ever we slow down to take a turn or come into a town Mary's headset starts cutting out from one side to the other. That's how she explained it to me. It just about drives her nuts. Once we speed up again it's OK. Only thing I can think of is to grease up the connections. I guess we could swap head sets to see if the problem follows. Anybody got a better idea?
  19. From the seat....Tight spot those seat nuts....
  20. I’m really P.O. And saying W.T.F.over. We put the bike in the shop when we went on the cruise to our sons wedding to have some work done that I did not have the tools to do. Adjust valves and sink the carbs and we figured while it was there we would get some other things done as well. I went to install the gauge set I wanted on the bike from Ponch and found out the guy who did the work striped out the bolts on the gas tank- striped out the bolts on the chrome valve covers and did not put on one of the carb nuts. Now I figure I had better tear the bike down and see if he put grease in the rear-end and drive shaft as he was supposed to do as well as check everything else out. Man I am P.O. Took me 4 hours to get the striped bolts out and now I have to tap the nuts out that our welded on the frame and buy new bolts to fit. MAN I AM P.O.
  21. Brought home the 08 RSV three weeks ago and haven't been able to ride due to snow. Today it got up to 35 and the roads were dry so I went for an 80 mile ride. Man I needed that, I was going nuts just looking at it sitting in the garage. Digger
  22. Guest

    First ride of the year

    Santa Claus brought my honey belated gifts - a nice first gear jacket and joe rocket gloves. Today between cold and rain we took a spin down the road. First ride of 2010 for us. A bit nippy. Met a HD rider with his main squeeze on the back. He yells out "Are we nuts or what?" I say, "Nah, not nuts. We are having fun." We wave and drive on. I did not twist the wrist and leave him far behind. It is the start of a new year, a time for peace and cheer all around.
  23. Went out for an afternoon ride to-day.Only -6 by radio. Was out for about5 hours went for coffee with friend then went home to do things around the house for tomorrow then went out for supper. It was great getting out and wasn't actually not that cold on the bike. It seemed colder when off bike.Wife still thinks I was nuts.
  24. I am in dire need of a screw to hold the Venture Royale Logo on the front of my 1986. If anyone has one or more they would part with, please let me know. Also, I am looking for the hex nuts for holding a backrest on the swivel point on the frame.
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