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  1. Either way it's "winner, winner, chicken dinner"" but I do like that blue/gray gen 1 as more classic. AND my current ride is an 06 bc. Both of those are sharp.
  2. I thought someone on this site might want to know of a 1985 Venture Royale for sale listed on VCI in Murray, Ky. It looks sharp with good miles and tires for $1600. I have no connection but saw it listed and wanted to pass it on.
  3. I'v put Dunlap E4's on my 06 RSV but I'm only about 6000 miles in so can't evaluate total miles. So far, they look like I'll be please with mileage.
  4. My wife and I have been trail riding for about 30 yrs. We have seen some beautiful country but some of the best is only about 90 minutes from us in the Shawnee National Forest in S. Il. Our home turf is Wrnaglers in Land Between the Lakes in W. Ky. Most recently rode and camped 3 days seeing the new year in. Good times. That sign is a chuckle!
  5. I was a member of the last combat unit (operation Gimlet, 196 Infantry) that left VN in the fall of 72. I was in B 3/82 artillery and we fired the last U.S. artillery round on Aug. 10. We knew that the future was bleak for SVN after we left but our interest was in getting home after an 11 mo. deployment. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I check in frequently but don't do a lot of posting. My 06 now has 65,xxx miles on it and mostly trouble free other than replacing a fuel pump and regulator over the years. There is a group of us guys (5 - 10) that try to ride once a week. We do breakfast rides in hot weather and lunch rides in cooler weather. We'll cover anywhere from 100 - 200 miles.
  7. Have a buddy that rides one and he loves it. Over 100,000 mi. basically trouble free.
  8. I'm running my first E4 on the front and I can't tell any difference in it and the E3's I ran as far as handling. Don't know about miles.
  9. I met Bob and his wife when they came to Murray, Ky. to get his bike triked at Hannigan's. I loaned him my RSV so they could enjoy riding locally while they were in the area. We talked about our service time in VN as well as our families. I agree with all. He was one of the good guys. That was the one and only time our paths crossed.
  10. Only met Bob once. He and Becky came nearby to Hannigan's to get their RSV triked a few years ago. I happened to be at Hannigan's and got to talking to them since they rode in on a RSV. They had time to kill while the work was being done so I offered them my RSV to ride while in the area and they did so. I think I remember that he, like me, was a Vietnam vet and we shared our story. That was the last and only time I talked with Bob but his nature was such that I was happy to loan him my bike while in our area. That is a compliment to him as all you bike owners know. RIP brother and prayers f
  11. As has been stated, Garden of the Gods is a good stop and is near Cave In Rock. It is a walking tour that takes you up on a bluff of rock formations. Takes about 1 hr. Not much touring to C N R other than walking down to the cave. You can catch the ferry at C N R that will take you over to Ky. The little restaurant in C N R has good food. It is to the left just before you start down the hill to the river. Going through Red River Gorge S. E. of Lexington is a good ride if time permits. Willow Pond is a good place to eat near Eddyville. Happy trails and always give us VR members a holler if you
  12. All in all that's good news. Could have been a lot worse. Lost a sister n law a few years back when one flipped back on her. Prayers for your grandson.
  13. This may sound silly but my radio/cb (2006) will freeze up in cold weather. If it's on it won't change channels or turn off. If it's off it won't turn on. This happens when it's 55 or so and below. Not a big deal as I often don't ride when it's that cold. In warmer weather it works like it should. ??
  14. Good video, nice bike, beautiful scenery. Thanks for the post.
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