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  1. Pipes I have left and right 4XY-1 and 4XY-2. This was off the RSTD. The 4XY-2 has a small crease dent from my landlord dropping something out of the loft on the pipe after it was off of the bike. If I can get the picture to upload I can show you - other than that they are dusty from sitting the last couple years.
  2. Pictures? Color? Cost? inquiring minds want to know...
  3. Hi all - looking for a RSTD quick release passenger sissybar. Not super picky about condition as long as it will still go on and off the connection points for my 09 RSTD.
  4. I have a couple of stock pipes in the garage - will look tonight to see what the stock numbers are (if i can find them) and will get back to you.
  5. YAY another Wisco rider! might have to get a wisco eatngreet going after this viral crap lets the restaurants open again.
  6. Welcome from Sussex, WI. Always nice to see another in the area riding the best bikes! Got to love spring in WI - 30's in the morning, 60's in the afternoon, and rain anytime someone drops a hat lol.
  7. JBeierDC

    jack pics

  8. Yes I know that regular welds are stronger than JB weld - but as I no longer own an arc welder or acetylene welder any longer I needed to get it together to change a tire - so JB weld it is (for now). I will probably bolt it, grind it, and take it to a shop to have them put some nice welds on it before coating it with LineX. However - JB weld (properly mixed and set) has a strength of 3690 lbf/in2 - with placement of the angle iron over which will have the bike resting over top of the lifting bars resting on the jack, the only questionable torque point is the rear 3" lifter welds - where I wo
  9. So I got tired of working on my RSTD on the ground, and had seen some of these adapters floating around, and even seen some for sale on eBay, but figured I could whip it up in the garage while my 3 year old was napping. Materials: 45" of 1 1/4" square steel tubing (left over from another project) 26" of cold rolled steel angle 1 1/4" each side 1 package of JB Weld (yep I'm being lazy) Setup: Step1: Measure 2x then cut the square rail in 4 pieces. 2 pieces 19" long for the side rails. 2 pieces 3" long for the rear lifts. Measure 2x then cut the angle iron into 2 pieces. 14" and
  10. is it just me or is there no hat thread in the merch section?
  11. If the bag and lid is still sitting around - let me know what the cost would be to ship to Sussex, Wisconsin (Specially if your willing to hop across the river to ship from a UPS store - I would think that would be less) Thank You!
  12. I have been looking at the Dunlop Elite 4 tires for my 09 RSTD. One thing I noticed looking at the pictures, is that the front tire has a channel all the way around the tire, right in the center, with the other grooves not quite coming all the way towards it - where the back tire has no center channel, and the grooves from the side slightly overlap the center in alternating placement. I'm looking at this and thinking 'less contact in my upright riding position for the front tire' and 'wont a straight channel like that grab grooves on the road?' Am I overthinking this? Or on the other
  13. Name of Restaurant Franks Diner Street Address 508 58th St. City Kenosha State or Province WI Website (Optional) http://www.Franksdinerkenosha.com Quality of Food Fantastic Quality of Service Great Biker Friendly? (Parking, Trusted Location, Etc.) Yes Kind of Food? (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) Famous for Breakfast - also does lunch Alcohol Served? Yes Additional Comments Best greasy spoon breakfast diner I have found for a LOONG time. Garbage Plate is by far my favorite... Street parking or across the street is a public lot (free) CASH ONLY! there is an AT
  14. Name of Restaurant Pleasant Springs Pub Street Address 2630 County Hwy N City Stoughton State or Province WI Website (Optional) - Quality of Food Great Quality of Service Great Biker Friendly? (Parking, Trusted Location, Etc.) Yes Kind of Food? (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) American Pub Food Alcohol Served? Yes Additional Comments Monday 2 for 1 burger baskets - as well as all day happy hour - Burgers are amazing - and if you dare ask to Double UP on your Monday basket - all of the 2 burgers ingredients on one bun! Taco Tuesday Wing Wednesday - AYCE Wings with gre
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