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  1. I bought this Venture Royale last spring and it ran great. Near the end of the season, Every time I would hit a bump it would lose it's oomph. The electric didn't go away just stumble on it's self and then pick back up. It did this intermittently. At the end of the season, My buddy and I went through the carbs as we thought it may be a carb issue. Didn't hurt. We found some clogged jets so it was worth it. After getting it back together, the bike just had no power from idle to full throttle. We started to check fire and found none at #1 and #3. This is my second bike the first ever was a 69 Honda dream which started out as pieces and parts in a box that I acquired when I helped a little old lady move. My wife and I enjoy riding very much so we would like to get it back up and going. I just need to know where to start. I wouldn't think ou could lose two coils at one time, so I'm thinking possible loose connection some where between pickup coil and coils. Any suggestions? aaaerstowr Fremont, NE
  2. Well folks, I have been having some weird issues with my 2001 RSV and I am not really sure if they are in fact issues or related so here we go... Summary of 'symptoms': 1) Engine cut out (like someone hit the cut off switch; engine died only, no stumbling/starving for fuel, no interruption on the radio) when shifting from first to second and from second to first 2) Engine sometimes cranks for a long time before starting (happens hot or cold) More detailed explanations of each: (1) It was a slightly cooler morning (30s-40s ish) but not any cooler than it had been in prior weeks, and I did what I ALWAYS do before leaving for work. Come out to the garage, load my crap in the trunk, turn the fuel on, start the bike (no choke necessary - my garage stays reasonably warm), back out of the garage, give the bike 10-20 seconds, tweak the throttle to check for proper warm-up time, all is good so I take off. While driving up the road, no more than a few hundred yards from my house (somewhere between 20 and 30 mph) I go to shift into second, as soon as I push the shift lever the motor dies. It was a near instant cut out - ie no starving for fuel, no stumbling, no chugging etc. The first thing I check is the engine cut off switch (sometimes I bump it with my thumb), then the side stand, all is good so I pop the clutch and it starts right back up. I immediately u-turn and roll back home (I live downhill from where I was), pull in the drive way and inspect stuff. I turn the key off and back on to check for the fuel pump noise (which was present and clicking like it should). I checked the side-stand switch, clutch safety switch, etc etc and all seemed fine. Decided to give it another go, bike started right up and I rode to work with no problems. This happed 2-3 weeks ago. I had assumed that I had maybe not let the bike warm up enough, tweaked the throttle while shifting and maybe it cut out. This morning, I rode in (temperature ~70) and stopped at the bank. The bike is plenty warm at this point. Pulling out of the bank, all goes fine until I start to slow down for a stop sign, again a few hundred yards from the bank, go to down shift into first and the engine dies. Just like before, all of the electronics stayed on without interruption (radio played continuously, etc etc) and it was like I had hit the engine shut off switch but I did not. I do not recall hitting any big bumps or whatever either, it was a smooth patch of road. I do not recall this morning if I tapped the starter to restart the bike or just popped the clutch; either way it started right back up and it ran fine the rest of the way back to work. When I left my house, I know for sure the fuel pump did its clickity thing because I heard it. As a result of issue (2) I have been making a point of shutting the petcock off 2-4 miles from my house so that I can verify the pump operational everytime I start my bike. The fact that this engine cut out when shifting has happened twice now has be beginning to think that maybe it is a real issue or at least something to investigate. (2) Issue number two that may or may not be related is the occasional really long cranking time required to start my bike on occasion. I first noticed it last Thursday (8 days ago) I was about 200 miles into a ride and it started to get dark, I pulled over to the shoulder to change out my sunglasses for my clear safety glasses. All was running well until I went to start my bike. I hit the starter button and the bike cranked but did not start right away like it usually does. I cranked it in a few bursts of about 3-5 seconds each then shut off the ignition, turned the petcock to off and let the bike sit for a minute or so (thinking maybe it was flooded). After letting it sit for 1-2 minutes I turned the key back to the on position, hit the starter and it fired right up. Turned the gas back to the ON position then took off. The bike ran fine for the rest of the evening. Friday morning, it was around 40 with rediculously high humidity (70+%) and the dew was really thick. [i was parked at a hotel as I was traveling for work]. I went out loaded up for the day and went to start the bike and it behaved similarly, it took several rounds of cranking before it eventually started (I turned the gas OFF over night and made sure to pull the choke all of the way out and turn the gas ON before trying to start it). After some cranking, similar to the previous day's behavior, it started right up and ran fine for my ride into where I was working that day and then back to the hotel again, that evening. The next day started off the same, weather wise, and the bike started without hesitation in the morning. I left work around noon and stopped by the local motorsickle dealership to paroose a bit before heading back home and when I went to restart my bike (after chatting with someone who was looking at a purdy RSTD adn telling him how reliable these bikes are ) I had a repeat of these symptoms - long cranking time before actually starting). The bike ran fine all ~300 miles back home so . I was careful to not stop on the side of the road and I stopped for fuel every 100 miles just in case it was bad gas or something. Since then this long cranking symptom has been present a few times and it seems to occur at inconsistent intervals (sometimes when the bike is warm and sometimes when it is cold). I drained my float bowles and the first round of fuel that came out looked awfully clear and smelled very weakly of gasoline. I left one of the float drain screws open and flowing into a glass jar while allowing the fuel pump to cycle and it pumped out just fine. After that first round the fuel came out looking like I expect good fuel to look and smell. For kicks, I did mix some fresh fuel with a few OZ of sea foam and pumped it straight into the carbs and let it sit that way overnight, re-drained in the morning then put fresh fuel in the tank and rode for a little bit. Again, driving/riding wise the engine seems to run fine. I have had a couple of these long crank times since I did the carb bowl drain, but it has only been maybe 2 or 3 times since last Saturday (my bike is my primary mode of transportation and it has been started several times within the last week). I feel like this could be a weak, intermittant or failing fuel pump but am not really sure what else it could be. My next course of action will be to change the fuel filter (current one has less than 10k miles on it, but if I did get a bit of bad fuel somewhere, I know it can clog in a hurry) and go ahead and put in new spark plugs (I am approaching 8k miles on the current set of plugs). I checked the header pipes during warm up and after riding for a while (IR thermometer) and all four are within 10 or so degrees of each other. I have been paying extra close attention to the fuel pump 'clickage' [suspecting a weak or intermittent fuel pump] and am strongly considering just replacing the dumb thing so I don't get stranded somewhere... I am at a loss for what else could be causing these symptoms and if these are even related to each other so I am all ears for suggestions of things to check, inspect, pay attention to or whatever. Thanks a lot! As usual, I am coming up to a departure date for a ~1-2 week ~6k mile ride and crap starts going wrong... yea me. :sign09:
  3. Hi, I'm a new member with a new to me -84 xvz 1200. Quick question: should the engine run without the fairing ( radio, intercom, signal lights etc ), it should, right ? Got the bike a week ago. It started and ran well. Due to the winter wasn't able to do a proper test drive, but it idled ok. Started several times. I took the farings off and now the lights come on , the computer seems ok, it cranks but doesn't fire up. The battery is not the issue, I use backup fullycharged battery when testing. To my understanding only wires I disconnected were radio, signal lights, speakers, emergency signal, intercom. Are any of those connected to spark circuit ? I also sprayed some starter liquid to air box while starting, with no success. I seem to have lost the spark. I didn't see any badly made jumps in the wiring, I assume it's standard wiring other than fuse box. That has been changed. Bikes has 52 thousand miles on the clock. There are some minor cracks in the front fairing. I think it's royal with class system removed. This is my first touring bike, and also my first bike so much modern tech I've previously had xj900, cb 750, gsx750 all from early 80,s. Simple bikes for simple rider. XVZ seems to have more electronics than those together. It's gonna be 3-4 months winter where I live, before riding season starts. During that my aim is to repair fairing cracks, clean carbs, check valves, clean starter motor, change all fluids .... Been following this forum for a while, didn't want to sign up before I owned the bike. There seems to be huge knowhow within the group. I'll check the plugs and report back. Thanks, Anssi
  4. Some of you who have been around since the early days will remember Dan Lowery. Dan was one of the original officers when I started the "Venturers" site. I honestly don't remember if he ever joined this site or not but he and I did remain friends over the years. We rode together a couple of times when I lived in Dallas. I got word today that Dan passed away on January 9th which also happened to be his birthday. Dan was a good man and will be missed by those who knew him. Please say a prayer for his family and friends.
  5. Well it started off on Monday, took Charlene to the Dr. for some blood tests, but I stayed out in the car because I didnt want to pick up whatever it is that's going around. My wife started with a dry hacking cough, fever, chills last Fri after getting home from the Dr. That's why I stayed out in the car. Well everything was ok until Christmas Eve, I started with the dry hacking cough, aches, and asthma acting up. So much for me staying healthy through the holidays. Went to my daughters yesterday even though I wasnt feeling like it so we could deliver the grandsons gifts and try to have some similance of a normal Christmas, nope, kept getting worse, so last night my breathing got very difficult while trying to sleep in my bed, so I moved to the living room, which is where my wife was sleeping also, it was the only way we could get comfortable. I have an inhalation therapy machine here, so I dont have to go to the hospital unless that doesnt work. I got a little rest after taking another dose of meds and seemed to be feeling a little better with the exception of the dry cough and achey joints. Around 1 pm I decided to eat some light lunch and this is when the scare came. I was about half way thoroug my lunch when I had the worst coughing spell I have ever had, all of sudden I couldnt catch my breath, my wife said that she came over to see what was wrong and I scared all three of them, she said I gasped one last time and went stiff on the recliner, I seem to remember my feet were twitching, and I hear the yelling and screaming at me. They thought I was playing around. I couldnt move for a minute and when I opened my eyes everything was spinning and I couldnt tell if I was sitting up or lying down, I heard Charlene yell loudly "Lewis, dont do that" and my oldest grand son was screaming Grandpa! Grandpa! After about 30 seconds my wits came back to me and I told her I wasnt playing around, I had coughed so hard for so long I emptied my lungs of oxygen and passed out. Everything is back to some similance of normal, but still got the cough and aches. Charlene said when she heard me gasp and quit breathing she thought I was gone. She cant get rid of me that easy.
  6. Yesterday after procrastinating about it forever I went to the gym. I can't pick up my coffee cup this morning!! Was on this site just before I went out the door and was thinking about things. So it is this sites fault that I may have overdone it 1st day in about 5 yrs. What I need is to embarrass myself on here so I won't quit. Have really slipped from what I used to be. Getting old and weak. Could probally knock me down with a feather:whistling:!! I paid for membership yesterday in hopes it will drive me a little. If you pay for something you should use it?? My arms really hurt this morning.Think I could get a little prayer for that or do I have to apply elsewhere?? Sorry Don....If you guys would push me a little this time it might help me to get the habit started again. If you get in a habit of working out you don't want to miss it. But if you don't do it regular it is easy to make excuses to skip days and then it goes downhill from there. Getting knocked down as I did it gives you a great excuse not to do it. OK Thats enough. Get out of chair and do something!!
  7. Ok you have to add on to see where this story goes, I'll start. I jumpped on my second gen and started riding to Maintenance Day, just a passing all those first gens. Then I saw...
  8. started having the cruise kick out when I climb an overpass or hill. Where can I start looking for problems ?
  9. Well the pinheads have gone and done it now. In their infinite wisdom they officially started my PMS for the season. We had a trace of snow over night, not even a measurable amount, (to be considered measurable it must be at least 0.1 inches) and the salt trucks were out in force. The roads have salt everywhere. Dry salt on dry asphalt is almost as slick as the ice it was intended to melt. So for me PMS has officially started until we get a couple of good heavy rains to wash the salt off the roads. Maybe I'll actually get some of the things on my todo list done this winter........... I'd rather still be riding......... . . Is it spring yet? . . Now is it? . . How much longer???? From this point forward I can take no responsibility for my actions. I am not in a correct state of mind. WHY did they do it?
  10. It was starting harder and harder as it got colder and colder now will not start at all. Had it almost started then would not even try to start any ideas.
  11. Well I got up early this morning and decided to get right on my "honey do" list. There were a couple of trees that needed cutting down, some trimming to do, some firewood to cut. Pulled out my old Poulan Wild Thing chainsaw and began the always pain in the butt task of TRYING to get it started. Got it started and cut about half way through the first tree and it quit again. I then spend about an hour trying to get it started again. Wouldn't even start with starting fluid even though it has spark. I about wore myself out trying to get the stupid thing started and so.....off to the store. I had already done a little research and had it narrowed down to either a Stihl or a Husqvarna. I had come to the conclusion that the Stihl was a slightly better saw but there is a Husqvarna dealer just down the road from me so I decided to give one a try. I don't use a saw that much. Probably less than a cord of wood a year and some light trimming and etc. I almost spent the extra money and stepped up to the heavier duty farm and ranch model but instead, saved the cash and went with the best home use model that they had. It is a model 445 with 18" bar. Got it home and it made quick work of the cutting that i had to do today. I just hope that it lasts for a few years and remains fairly easy to start. I'm getting old and don't like being worn out before I even get one started.
  12. Please, need some help. Got caught in a very heavy rain in the ozarks. Cars going by sent waves of water. Anyway, couldn't get the bike to run properly the next day. It would run on full choke only #1 & 4 were cool and not firing, pulled #1 plug it was wet with gas. Put the bike in my trailer and had to ride two up on my wife's bike, thank God she let me drive. Two days later when we got home the bike started okay and took it for a 1/2 hour ride. 4 days later I washed the bike it started but after about 30 seconds it started to miss and quit. About 15 minutes later I tried again and it seems to be running okay again. Looks to me like a moister problem. Not really sure where to start. I took the seat and side covers off and was thinking of misting around the coils and connectors with a spray bottle while it was running but thought I better check to see if anyone else has had this problem. Also thought of taking the connectors apart and use some dielectric grease on them. Not sure if it could be used on the coil wires? Thanks in advance
  13. OK folks, I have started rebuilding our 2013 VentureRider Rally countdown page. I've added the information that I have at this time. Please take a look and post any additional information that you might have. There are at least a couple that I'm not sure will be repeating and if they are, what the dates might be. http://www.venturerider.org/rally/
  14. I removed my Yics system months ago and capped the ports with rubber vaccuum caps that i got at an automotive store. I capped the inner Yics hoses (bolt and clamp) since i couldnt reach them and used a cap on the outer ports. Recently, i started getting the popping back and then the strong gas smell. After looking closely during a break on a ride, i noticed that one of my rubber caps had deteriorated to a point where it was just attached by a thin piece of rubber (huge vaccuum leak). I need to find good quality rubber caps. Any ideas? When my bike started popping and smelling .......i started thinking Yamaha Tenere again, but after finding out my problem is a little one, i am keeping my comfortable beast. Would this type of leak be enough to cause the light popping on decel or should i look elsewhere as well. I did synch my carbs before my cross country trip. Is it time again?
  15. A friend sent me this link to these vids that are strung together over a few days while clearing out an auto and bike collector estate. It is the most amazing collection of old bikes ive ever seen, and they started some that hadnt run for 70 years or more! http://www.coolestone.com/media/3728/America039;s-Ultimate-Barn-Find/ Enjoy! Brian
  16. Weird problem today.key on no fuel pump noise. All lights radio electrical worked. Turned key off on couple times nothing.turned off ,waited then key on, click of a relay,fuel pump heard then bike started.. any ideas Fuel pump bailing?..relay need replacing?.... 2008rsv with 8000mi Thanks les
  17. My 2007 RSV is leaking gas (a huge understatement) from the front of the bike after sitting up for a while. I had surgery on my knee last year around June 1st and could not ride till March of this year. I had another surgery this June 1st and it went much better than the previous one. Anyway, I started the bike last month as I try to start it once every month or 2 when it sits up, with no problem. I went out today to start it up, it started, but gas came pouring out. I can't be sure where exactly, but it shouldn't be a freeze plug as the winter here was very mild this year and I had ridden since. I am not really handy with tools and am planning on bringing it to the shop, but wanted to have an idea as to what I was looking at having done. TIA Joe:bighug:
  18. well i took a week but i got the carbs rebuilt and everything together for a test run and this is the first fire up about 20 seconds after it started running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k04fsurJAWc&feature=youtu.be
  19. OK, Rode into town this morning, TD started and ran like a top, stopped to meet wife for coffee. When I went out to leave, TD started fine, but then died, when I attempted to re-start, nothing, , ,no light, no fire, nothing, , , , Am new to RSTDs, , , , , ,littel help for what I am looking for. I am headed back into town in a little bit and will take tools/meter to check battery for power. Is there a master fuse and if so, where? Any other suggestions of what to look for???? Have never had a monutes problem with this bike so far. Kinda perplexing, , ,
  20. What do you think?I put a new battery in the 89 today it had been 3 months since I had it started. It started on the first crank and everything seemed OK. Then I noticed fuel pouring out from under it.The fuel pump and connecting hoses from the pump are dry. I can only see one hose hanging down in front of the swing arm it's dry.Do you think the float bowels are sticking and my fuel is flowing out the overflows? I can't see them but thinking there should be 4 of them. Or maybe a fuel line has ruptured. I have major fuel not dripping but pouring off the fuel pump side of the swing arm. Then again on the side stand it's leaning that way.
  21. Big Bird is @ UAB in Birmingham last I heard he has a spot on his brain that they are suppose to try to use a gama radiation knife on... they were going to try and do this from what i was told before they started the other treatment... Continue to pray for Big Bird & his family...
  22. Wild 4th parade. http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/161363625.html This happened almost right in front of me. Fortunately it did happen right in front of the paramedics. Later that night the fireworks were canceled mid show after they started a fire. We are in severe drought conditions here.
  23. First off... I have a 2009 RSV. I have really grown to love this bike (finally), although I still have a few minor complaints. But I am having an electrical issue that is DRIVING ME NUTS (kinda). The audio controller locked up after only having the bike for about 3 months. None of the buttons or switches worked at that time. I believe when it happened the FIRST time...I did something with the CB switch and it started working again, but that was about a year ago now. It happened one other time...very similar...turning the bike all the way (turning the KEY all the way off) and then back on...made the unit work. Now today, while on a 200 mile ride...the audio cutout, and when I looked at the audio controller, the HEADPHONES icon was on (top right corner of controller)...AND the controller was going dim, then blank, then back on again. So I thought maybe it could be a loose wire or power issue. I pulled off the road, turned the key/bike off...turned it back on and it worked fine again. Started riding again, and the AUDIO STAYED PERFECT...but the LCD on the controller started getting dim and disappearing and then coming back clear...the AUDIO STAYED PERFECT during the time the LCD kept dimming and disappearing. So now I am thinking it is a defective controller or something since the Audio did work even when the LCD was blank. Problem is that now it's working again and...most of you know how hard it is to FIX SOMETHING THAT AIN'T BROKE!!! Anyone else have this malady going on... Wally
  24. The old girl has started dripping antifreeze out the hose under the seat. I started checking the site. The drain valve under the radiator is the off position strait up? or around 1 o'clock? I thought it was 1 but the photo from an old post appear to point strait up. I've got an 84 standard. joe:225:
  25. So here's the deal; my '06 RSV seems to enjoy leaving me on the side of the road once or twice a year, seemingly without a warning of more than a few seconds. There's been no consistency as to when it happens. I'd had it gone through shortly after purchase last year as it wasn't running well. A new ignition coil along with cleaning the carbs seemed to turn everything around. A month later I was leaving work, almost cold engine, and before even leaving the lot it sputtered and died. Only way I could get anything out of it was to use full choke and it would seem like it wanted to run but would die within 30 seconds or so. After about 10 minutes of trying, it started cleanly and ran great. A month later I was in traffic on a somewhat warm day and it started sputtering at a light and stalled when I tried to take off. The tank had about 4 gallons in it at the time but wouldn't restart no matter what I did. Had it flatbedded to my local Yamaha dealer and darn if it didn't start immediately They had no idea what had happened, especially since they had so recently serviced it. 14,000 miles and zero problems later it did it to me again 2 weeks ago! This time it was about 80 degrees and I had just come off an expressway running at 60 mph and it died seconds after waiting at the exit light. Again, it started after many tries with choke on full as if it was getting very little gas and the choke was "keeping a balance" on the A/F ratio, and has run great the almost 1000 miles since. I've run Seafoam through it, checked the plugs and they look great. Any ideas? I never have old gas in the tank as I ride so much. Even in winter the tank is kept full with ethanol formula stabilizer in it.
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