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  1. Last Thursday we received a set of Larry's lateast production run arm rests and I must say Becky is extremely pleased!! I feel a lot better too knowing the armrests won't swing out while we are going around curves and turns which is much more noticible on a trike where we don't lean like 2 wheelers. Installation was a breeze! The hardest part of the operation was drilling holes in the passenger grab rails. I recommend drilling a pilot hole first to make it a tad easier. Our trunk was already installed in the second set of holes so that step didn't need to be done, but in our case I disc
  2. '63 t-bird turn signal arm in man's arm from accident 50 years ago just removed. Turn Signal From 1963 Car Wreck Removed From Illinois Man's Arm - NBC News
  3. Howdy all, I seem to remember a post about certain Gold Wing passenger arm rests that fit a First Gen MK 1. I can not find it now. Does anyone remember this or have any info an the idea? I think Doreen would like to have a set on the bike. I have seen a couple of GW sets on ebay, but I don't know if they would fit. Thanks, Dave
  4. Anyone have any contacts about arm rest for the passenger? My wife loves to ride, but wants to be able to rest her arms more comfortably. Any links would be helpful. Thanks to everyone's help on the communitations system, backrest, luggage racks, and etc. I've asked for in the past. They have been very helpful. Thanks again, johnnyp
  5. i have a very nice passenger backrest and the passenger arm rests from my 87 venture ( the ones that mount in the trunk) . i believe the recling parts are all with it as well... i'd like to donate these to someone's cause. they are the brown vinyl ones. pm me if interested. i'd just want a few bucks to cover the shipping. i wanted black and got these and it wasn't worth returning them.
  6. I am looking for some passenger arm rest for the 93 trike. Charlene says she doesnt need them, but I think she would be much more comfortable with them. Does anyone still make them or maybe someone here has set they no longer need. I am just about finished making the changes to the trike since I bought it. Yesterday I replaced the old glass tube fuse block with one from radio shack and using Skydoc's instructions it was easy, the only difference between his and radio shacks is 5 fuses vs 6 on Skydocs. I also did the battery fluid level light bypass. The only thing left to address is the front
  7. Hi All As most of you know I have bought a Gold Wing. With that said the guy I sold my 83 VR to would like arm rest for hie girlfrend. Do they make them for this old a bike and where would I look for them? Thanks Bull463
  8. Anyone have a set of "Gray" passenger arm rest for 91 VR?
  9. Thanks to Vincent, AKA: Playboy, for this EXCELLENT tech article. Packing Swing Arm Bearings 1. Remove the rear wheel as you normally do and your halfway there. 2. Drain the final drive and remove the speed sensor wire and four acorn nuts and simply pull out final drive and drive shaft. This is a great time to catch up on a lot of those little maintenance items. . http://www.venturerider.org/Swing%20Arm/swinga1.jpg 3. Un clip the speed sensor wire from the swing arm and remove the clamps from the brake line. So you don’t have to hunt for them later re insert
  10. I have a 2009 Royal star touring deluxe and am currently servicing it and found the reear swing arm has some end play in it. The end play has about .003-.005 side play on it. Is this a concern and if so what is needed to take this play out. Does the exhaust have to be removed to get access to the through bolt.
  11. So I am pulling the rear wheel for a tire change and once the wheel is off I am checking the swing arm, shock etc. WHen I pick up on the swing arm, there is up and down slop where the bolt goes through the top shock mount. Bolt is tight, its like the mount hole in the shock is too large. I would figure this to be a near zero tolerance fit where the bolt passes through. Sufficient slop that you can make impact noise with it if you push up and down slightly on the swing arm. Amounts to about 1/8 inch movement up and down at the axle just from the slop in the bolt. Anyone else seen this
  12. I need the part number for the rear Arm rest covers on my 2nd gen. I'm going to change out the rear speakers tomorrow and want to be prepared if I need new ones. What is the best way to remove the vinyl covers without destroying them ?
  13. What do you think?I put a new battery in the 89 today it had been 3 months since I had it started. It started on the first crank and everything seemed OK. Then I noticed fuel pouring out from under it.The fuel pump and connecting hoses from the pump are dry. I can only see one hose hanging down in front of the swing arm it's dry.Do you think the float bowels are sticking and my fuel is flowing out the overflows? I can't see them but thinking there should be 4 of them. Or maybe a fuel line has ruptured. I have major fuel not dripping but pouring off the fuel pump side of the swing arm. Then aga
  14. Does anyone use this, or do you think it will work on my 2001 RSV? http://www.harborfreight.com/motorcycle-swingarm-rear-stand-65620.html
  15. Where can one order Passenger Arm Rests that fits MKII?
  16. I'm replacing the pads on my rear brake and would like a quick confirmation/correction about the thickness of the spacers. I measure the spacers between the caliper and the caliper bracket arm at 4mm and the one between the swing arm and caliper bracket appears to be 3mm. (I'd have to pull the wheel to make sure.) Is this correct? Added question. should the disk be installed based on rotation or is that subject to which disk if at all? I notice the outside pad is not flush with the face of the disk, piston problem??? Thanks! Oh, if you missed it in my profile it's an '83
  17. And I didn't even get bit by a radioactive spider!!! Done all myself by falling down and trying to drive my elbow into the concrete floor. I'd rather dealt with the spider at this point. Last Thurday at work I took a flying backwards leap and did a 4" foot drop onto the concrete and I remember hitting my head but apparently the elbow got there fast and furious. (oop... different movie) When my head quit spinning I tried to get up but the left arm wouldn't bend. At all. Could not support myself but finally got right side up and back on my feet. Checked myself out and I seemed to be fine e
  18. If you have a set of arm rest for the 1st Gen MKII in Black or Gray for sale, please PM me.
  19. A game warden was driving down the road when he came upon a young boy carrying a wild turkey under his arm. He stopped and asked the boy, 'Where did you get that turkey?' The boy replied, 'What turkey?' The game warden said, 'That turkey you're carrying under your arm.' The boy looks down and said, 'Well, lookee here, a turkey done roosted under my arm!' The game warden said, 'Now look, you know turkey season is closed, so whatever you do to that turkey, I'm going to do to you. If you break his leg, I'm gonna break your leg If you break his wing,
  20. i put a set of polk audio db 401 speakers in the front and rear of my rsv, last year and never got around to posting pics. here they are and i hope they will help you. purchase some wire terminal ends that fit the speakers before you start the project along with some two sided tape to reatatch rear arm rest covers, and note that the screws under the rear armrest are different in length. solder all your connections e-mail with any questions?? mike
  21. I have been looking for passenger arm rest for my 2006 RSTD, But have'nt had any luck. Im afriad to modify something and weeken the back rest. This is for my child so I would like to find something thats made for the make and model. Does anyone have an ideal. thanks.
  22. Does anyone know of any passenger arm rest outthere for an 06 Tour Deluxe?
  23. i am looking for some passenger arm rest i cant seem to find any for a 2008 RSV got any ideas
  24. the rear speakers on my 2010rsv appear to be broken and vibrate to the po9int that i can hear them while riding with the radio off is this a warrenty item if not how do you go about getting into them, i see a screw at the bottom of the arm rest? steve
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