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  1. Howdy all, I seem to remember a post about certain Gold Wing passenger arm rests that fit a First Gen MK 1. I can not find it now. Does anyone remember this or have any info an the idea? I think Doreen would like to have a set on the bike. I have seen a couple of GW sets on ebay, but I don't know if they would fit. Thanks, Dave
  2. 10/16/11 met Jim from Charlston 04 rsmv invited him to join 10/16/11 black red in Gatlinburg riding 2up 10/17/11 I think gold n black PGR banner on windshield on the dragon and again on either the Foothills Parkway or Cades Cove route.
  3. I have a friend, Bro. Richard, A Baptist Minister and fellow CMA member who owns this Gold Wing. He has asked me a tech question and I don't knw but I assured him that I had other friends (namely youse guys) who might be able to help. He has added rear speakers with volume control and they work; but, now he has no intercom.........he can hear on the intercob but can not talk through it. Any ideas???
  4. http://twigg.smugmug.com/Motorcyling/Rallies/Autumn-Equinox-2012/i-SCBkMR4/0/L/DSCN0895-L.jpg http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/09/25/1135986/-Autumn-Equinox-2012-Dallas-or-Bust Seems like the old VR can still show those Gold Wings and BMWs a thing or two
  5. Had a great weekend. Several of us rode from Saltspring up to Gold River on Vancouver Island for the weekend. Went up 19A along the coast then over to Gold River. Weather on Saltspring was great, we got to Campbell river and it clouded over, half way to GR we hit rain. Rained hard overnight. Light rain when we left. Back to cloud on Campbell river and sunshine on Saltspring. Ok, after Nelson and now this I give up, I am going to have to change from Sailor to Rainman.
  6. I've owned a Gold Wing and am currently riding a HD Ultra Classic Limited. Wife hates the ride of the harley. Spoiled by the Gold Wing I guess. Considering a Royal Star Venture. Any feedback on how this bike rates compared to the Ultra or the gold wing would be appreciated (engine performance, handling, suspension). Also what do your passengers think of the seat comfort.
  7. I'm new here and was wondering what is the most miles any1 put on their bike or has on their bike...I mean I've seen some Gold Wings with 160K + miles on them ....and what is CONSIDERED high mileage for a venture?
  8. Does anyone know of a touch up paint or spray that matches the gold color in the 1 inch square emblem that is on many accessories items like on the chrome calipar covers or on the rear trunk rack. It will also have 1200 or 1300 on it also.
  9. Was woundering if Gold Wingers have a site like this? A friend i work with has a Gold Wing and was looking for some tips on tunning it and was looking for some help, was telling him about this wounderful site that the VENTURE RIDES have wanted to know if there was one for WINGERS as well were he could get some help. Thanks
  10. Hey all, Been lurking here for sometime while shopping for 'the one' for me, think I have found it!! A beautiful 2001 rsv with only 11k mi. only complaint is the screaming clutch..... Have read a lot of your input in the tech section and plan on some wrenching, sure I'll have lots of questions for you'll. I have ridden gold wings for years and used to the silky smooth 6 cylinder I guess, but love the looks of these ventures!!!!! I live in central Ar. on scenic hwy 7 later, yammer
  11. well today i was heading down to peoria IL on I 39 when this awesome black and gold yamaha venture passed me then went on toward bloomington /normal now i never saw a black and gold one before did they come out in that color? im thinking a mkII? as the bags looked larger at least what i could see of the bike that sucker was hauling arse. i was doing 80mph in the car at the time but i got a fair look at it when it pulled of and onto the exit toward bloomington/normal looked like AZ plates maybe ? anyways just wanted to say if it was you that is one nice looking bike.
  12. Can't think of a caption for these two pics.... who is that guy on the back of the Gold Wing?
  13. Has anyone bought gold lately? I never have, but am thinking about it. Maybe anywhere from 10-20 ozs. Like many other buyers it would be a hedge against run-away inflation. Comments would be welcome. I'd rather hear advise from members on this board than some self serving dealer that I don't know from Adam....
  14. Hey, I got a question I'm hoping someone knows the answer to. My 1998 Gold Wing 1500 has an annoying electrical tendency. The last two time I went for a ride it all was right with the world then suddenly it acted like the battery was dead. The motor lost all power and I coasted to the shoulder and stopped. There wasn't enough juice in the battery to crank the engine. Karl, ic23b, came by with his van and jumper cables. We had to jump it 3 times to make it 6 miles home. All my gauges were wacko, with either no readouts or ridiculous readouts. I cleaned the battery terminals and cables and put the battery on the charger BUT the charger said it was ALREADY fully charged !!?? A couple days later it happened again and I ended up walking home to get the car and trailer. When I got back to the bike it cranked over just like 'downtown' and fired right up. Is there a relay or solenoid in the main circuit that could fail and interrupt the current flow? Any ideas?? Quirk
  15. OK GL1800 Gold Wing riders I need your help here!!! Looking at possibly buying a GL1800 from Georgia. This will be a hot shot run there and back and was thinking of riding it back home but since its over 1,300 miles one way it would be hard on Peg driving the P/U that far in a short period of time back home so it looks like I'll be trailering the GW back home I need to know the total length of the GL1800 so I'll know if my trailer is long enough or I need to rent one instead?
  16. Just thinking. I used to play quite a bit on there and grabbed a lot of 1st Gen parts to add to my collection. Lately seems if most think they are gold plated?? They want as much as I would for my parts!!! Or they jack shipping up so high it is stupid to try for them?
  17. Ron and I stopped at the Honda dealer today to look at the new Gold Wings. http://i497.photobucket.com/albums/rr340/whistl/RedGoldWing.jpg They had four of them. One was decked out will about all the chrome accessories you could get and it had a big array of LED's on it. It was $30,000 give or take a few:mo money: So we looked in the used or previously owned area and found an 07 Blue and Black Venture. It was $10,999. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mFsX2_n1RGc/SxDEWEA3v7I/AAAAAAAACDc/0sy0lw0q6eI/s400/royal2.jpg But then we came to our senses and drove home on our 99.http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a200/RonnieY/Newport%20Motorcycle%20Rally%202006/NewportRally2006036.jpg?t=1277775546 After all the other bikes did not have our neat flag on them. Yama Mama:smile5:
  18. Wife and I went to a Antique Motorcycle Ride-in (some were trailered but they had to be riden from where the trailers were parked to the viewing area) at Gold Hill, NC had a great time. For those of you around Charlotte you need to look up Gold Hill it's the best kept secret in NC Finished the day with a ride to Morrow Mountain just to suck up some pretty. posting a few pictures
  19. I was at the bike dealer today and met a very interesting couple. They rode 2 up all over the world on a gold wing . He gave me his website. Check it out. http://www.wheezyrider.com/
  20. I have a 99 Venture that the rear is lowered with a Barons kit. I`m lowering the front with a Barons kit that come with springs ( progressive I believe) and Race tech gold emulators. Kit # BA-7503rs From what I understood in a conversatoin with Barons tech line the kit was sold for a Road Star least to begin with. My question is Might the gold emulators be adjusted a little tighter to account for the Ventures heavier front end. ( Fairing is the main thought) The other question is Would more spring pre load be a good idea in this. Thanks for your time WP50
  21. Hello NY's!. My daughter attends Keuka College, on Keuka Lake. Closest real town is Penn Yan. Any members from the area? This area is about an hour south of Rochester, 30 mins SE of Canandaigua, 30 mins SW of Geneva. Anyway, I had to run up there (from Long Island) to solve a car problem this weekend for her. (long story) While I was driving around to find the local CarQuest, I saw a beautiful Gold first gen on the driveway of a Penn Yan home. Anyones here? I saw a couple of 2nd Gens lined up at a Penn Yan gas/food mart with 20 other bikes as well on Saturday.
  22. Nice job in the Olympics Canada. What a great hockey game. You guys did great all around with the most Gold medals also. Good Job
  23. As strange and against the grain as it seems...I want my machine as quiet as possible. Mine is a 1rst Gen '83 XVZ12 Venture. As you may guess the pipes have rotted on the ends. I've seen posts on putting HD Road Kings on as replacements and that is great. But I know that Gold Wings are verrrrrry quiet machines. Has anybody ever tried this exhaust? Or any kind of mufflers that are intended for silence? Blessings
  24. anyone that may be intersted I found a 83 vr1200 plain gold on gold needs work ......seat..paint..left side or faring cracked ..lower farings broken..has radio.air ride..engine roled over not nuf to start batt low 300--400 would buy it i just needed headlight cover turn lens sorry i didnt have camera ill take one with me tommrow
  25. Anybody have any good ideas on how to fix the gold chrome that's flaking off our old emblems? I tried some gold model paint but didn't like how it looked. I used Some Top Flite MonoKote Gold ChromeTrim, (http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXHX85&P=7), and it looks ok, but not as good as I would have liked. Not sure how well it will hold up to the weather, wind, and washing either.
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