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  1. I have a 2001 Yamaha XVZ13TF . This winter I installed a Garmin Zumo XT on the bike. The Zumo when connected to my iPhone’s Bluetooth was useful for the mapping app on the Zumo, but not for any audio, YET. I then added a Bluetooth receiver to the bike which also connects to the Zumo. Now I can listen to my iPhones Music, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, etc. thru the bikes headset or speakers. Adding the Bluetooth receiver also allowed me to receive and play, or read, text messages and voicemails on the Zumo. Without the Bluetooth receiver the Zumo will not accept these messages from the iPhone. I was not particularly interested in receiving messages as it is a distraction, but it is quite simple to click the notification and play them. To install the Bluetooth receiver I removed the front of the fairing and then unplugged the aux jack cable near the cassette player from the receiver amplifier. I then plugged the Bluetooth adapter into the aux input of the receiver, no adapters needed, very simple. For power I spliced the Bluetooth power wires into the 12v aux power port in the fairing. The adapter I purchased is an “NVX Universal Bluetooth Adapter - Waterproof Audio Receiver - Auto, Marine”. Spring has finally arrived and I took my first ride of the year with the new Garmin and Bluetooth and they worked wonderfully.
  2. You know how projects can suffer scope creep. I started off simply wanting to mount an iPhone holder and ended up with my fairing split and all the sound system in a tote. We use SENA 20S bluetooth units and have never used the RSV audio (other than to verify that it worked when I bought the bike). Since I don't use the system, I decided to remove the left hand controller from the bars. One thing led to another and I ended up removing the whole system. The controller, main amp and cassette player together weighed in at just under 8 lbs. I wondered how it would affect handling. (I once had an older GW that had a big weight mounted in front of the triple clamps for front end stability.) Well, I can't believe how much lighter the bike feels. I've always felt like the bike was top heavy and a challenge to make sharp u-turns. Taking this small amount of weight off the front forks has really changed the way the bike feels. I wouldn't have believed it unless I had experienced it. On my test drive after the modification I executed three tight u-turns and felt very confident. I ran it at high speed and didn't experience any front end wobble. I'm sure others have made similar comments but I'm so pleased I just had to share. Ride safely! Roger
  3. I just purchased a fairing for my 05 RSTD it has two 6x9 cutouts my question is I found some really nice stuff car audio quality and I looked into Marine grade stuff but it seems to me it cost more for less audio quality based on tech charts I'm paying more for water proof ? Does that make sense ? so my Real question should be is it worth it to get marine grade products if my bike is garage kept and not a Daily rider only time it gets wet is if I wash it or rain comes in on road trip I didn't plan for (rare)
  4. I want to thank you in advance for any and all help. I recently purchased an '08 RSV with stock audio. I replaced the front speakers with Alpine 3way 4" speakers because one of the stock speakers was blown. I have 2 issues; 1) last week I lost the volume. Everything powers up and if I turn the volume all the way up I can barely hear it if the bike isnt running. Is the an amp or pre-amp that I need to fix/replace. Where should I start to look for the problem? 2) I would like to upgrade the sound system. Whats the best way to go with this? I've read some older posts about adding an amp under the faring. But on further research they were on the older bikes. Please help.
  5. Anyone know where I can get a look at a wiring diagram for 1st Gen audio system? My cassette deck has gone AWOL and would like to remove it and wire in a stereo connection to plug in my IPOD, but the wiring diagrams in the manual seems to have identified every wire except those from the deck to the amplifier. Appreciate your help.
  6. pbjman


    Whine? What is this 'whine' so many of you speak of? I think I don't have a whine to whine about. Really, none. Unless I'm deaf. But I don't think so. If I had it, I would know it, right? I think I musta got a good one? What does it sound like? Anybody have audio?
  7. Last night when I left work the audio system on the bike decided to act up. When I started the bike nothing would come up in the display window of the control unit. The backlight came on and I could still hear the radio playing on the station I had listened to that morning, but none of the buttons, including the volume know would work. After riding several miles the display began to flicker in and out. When the display was on the buttons would work, but you had to press them at just the right time before the display went dead again. By the time I got home the display was back on steady and all seem fully functional. although I did not have anyone to tt on the CB. Has anyone elese experienced this? Should I go looking for loose connections, and if so where to start? Or, shoudl I just take it in to the dealer since it is still under warranty a little longer? Thanks for the advice!
  8. Hey all, Just wanted to let you all in what looks to be a great product for Gen2 audio. It's called the VentureMP3 and it is on sale now till Oct 11, 2011. What it does is take the place of the CD Changer and is much smaller. With a 4GB SD card, it allows you to store and control up to 594 MP3 songs. It is controlled your standard audio head on the left handlebar and works just like the CD Changer, but now instead of 6 CD's you'll now have 6 folders, which each can contain up to 99 songs. Their web site is: http://www.venturemp3.com/ Mike
  9. I'm replacing the cassette deck on my 89 with a hook up for an MP3 player. I put a switch on to enable/disable the radio. I was wondering what the effect would be if the radio was on AND I had audio feeding from the MP3. Turns out it behaves just like the intercom - when there is audio from the MP3 it mutes the radio. This would be annoying with an MP3 because the radio would be piping up at quiet sections and between songs. It would be a really slick way to tie in something like GPS or cell phone though. Of course the radio would have to be on to hear the other device.
  10. Is there an adaptor for converting the 5-pin audio connector (on gas tank of my 2008 RSV) to a common 1/8" mini-jack for plugging in a set of common earphones? Thank you.
  11. Guest

    Sena Users

    Sena is introducing a new SM10 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Adapter- Interesting to see it will interface with the Goldwings on board audio system-DIN 5 pin to 3.5mm 3 pole audio cable- I am hoping it will work for the Ventures on board audio system..I am very pleased with the SMH-10 and if this does work, it will be the cat's meow...
  12. I posted this in the audio thread but wanted to throw this out here and see if anyone had the same issue. I just picked up my 85 and installed a new set of 100W speakers since the old ones sounded like the cones were dried out. Well that was a waste of time and money. The new ones sound the same. It is very distorted and the bass and lower frequencies are the worse. The volume also appears to be very high. What would make the system distort and sound like broken speaker mebranes. Sounds the same with AM/FM/Casette. I do not have headsets. I do notice that when I walk around the bike with the radio on that the FM signal varies. Not sure how to improve that as well. AM/FM switch on the control unit does not work. I have to turn the radio on and off and then sometimes it changes between AM/FM.
  13. Could someone please tell me how to turn off the audio system? I've found in a manual that I should press and hold for couple seconds "Audio" button, but it's not turning the audio system off, the channel displayed on screen just starts blinking. I've tried all the possibles combinations of buttons but just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong
  14. I just bought/received a Garmin 765T off Fleabay. I'd like to hear from other 765T owners about their mounting setups and hookup to the RSV audio system. What settings work the best? I am aware of the cable Buddy Rich has for sale and am leaning that way, are there alternatives ? I loaded 1200 songs to an 8GB SD card for the MP3. I hope it sounds better through the bikes audio system than it does through some earbuds. Couldn't find any equalizer or tone controls in the unit
  15. I've been looking for a place to install the Shindegen R/R. Still can't seem to make the decision to get rid of the OEM sound system even though it does not work. I like the idea of having a radio and CB. Looks like there might be room in the forward part of the left audio compartment, particularly if the cassette is removed. Don't mind losing that although I don't know if it needs to be attached for the rest of the audio to work. That would be for another thread anyway. Found what looked like the perfect spot just above the rear shock, lots of room, open to the air but kinda close to the rear cylinder exhaust outlets so it might be too hot there. Any thoughts? Another option is to put it in the left cowling air intake. I think someone did that but can't find the thread. Also can't seem to get the grill off. Looks like just one screw holding it but there is a prong on the other side, the inside, that prevents it from coming out. Now I can't get it back in. Everything related to Ventures seems to be so complicated except for riding on the highway. I think I'm feeling frustrated.
  16. First off... I have a 2009 RSV. I have really grown to love this bike (finally), although I still have a few minor complaints. But I am having an electrical issue that is DRIVING ME NUTS (kinda). The audio controller locked up after only having the bike for about 3 months. None of the buttons or switches worked at that time. I believe when it happened the FIRST time...I did something with the CB switch and it started working again, but that was about a year ago now. It happened one other time...very similar...turning the bike all the way (turning the KEY all the way off) and then back on...made the unit work. Now today, while on a 200 mile ride...the audio cutout, and when I looked at the audio controller, the HEADPHONES icon was on (top right corner of controller)...AND the controller was going dim, then blank, then back on again. So I thought maybe it could be a loose wire or power issue. I pulled off the road, turned the key/bike off...turned it back on and it worked fine again. Started riding again, and the AUDIO STAYED PERFECT...but the LCD on the controller started getting dim and disappearing and then coming back clear...the AUDIO STAYED PERFECT during the time the LCD kept dimming and disappearing. So now I am thinking it is a defective controller or something since the Audio did work even when the LCD was blank. Problem is that now it's working again and...most of you know how hard it is to FIX SOMETHING THAT AIN'T BROKE!!! Anyone else have this malady going on... Wally
  17. Hey Y'All! Lately we have been having issues with the audio system on our '91 VR, mostly with the cassett deck. To get music we have been using an iPod and a cassette adapter. That worked really well until the cassette deck started having issues. The main problem was some times the drive system would not run and this caused the auto-reverse mechanism to cycle repeately. Each time the deck cycled we would hear a click in the audio. I tracked the problem down to the drive belts. Some times things were fine, but as time went on the problem grew worse. Then a problem with with my head set reared its ugly head: I had an intermittent connection and would loose the left speaker... To "fix" these issues we decided to get a set of Scala headsets... That turned out to be a bad move. Not only did the head sets not function as advertised, I couldn't stream audio from my iPod to both headsets at the same time, so I fixed my headset cable and we sent the head sets back... But that's another story... Anyway, I hit on the idea of getting an FM transmitter and forgetting about using the cassette deck. After some research, I decided to get a Griffin iTrip. That was a good move! This thing is sweet. Its small, it connects to the iPod/iPhone docking port, there is an app that will run on my iPod Touch 4th gen and our iPhones, and so far the audio is pretty good. When you compare the price of $30.00 for the iTrip to the $242.99 for the Scala head sets, its a no-brainer. If you're worried about battery life, the iTrip has a mini-USB port, and if you have a 12 volt cigarette lighter style outlet wired to plug in to your Battery Tender cord (Hint Hint!!), then all you need is a 12 volt to USB adapter, the appropriate USB cable and you're all set.... I haven't had the chance to do any road testing yet, but I might get some time to take a ride later on today and I'll post my results. Y'All ride safe...
  18. Hi all - I've owned this bike since the new year and just recently encountered my first real problem... I have been plugging a mp3 player into the Aux audio jack and have had great results with no commercials like you get on FM. The other day, something strange happened - probably a short, but not really sure where to begin looking. The audio has been randomly switching back and forth from AM radio, CB and the mp3 player on its own. This morning, plugged in the mp3 player and had no right channel. Still bounced around from AM to CB to mp3. Went out on another ride later and left the mp3 player at home and opted to listen to FM radio. The right channel was working properly again, but still bouncing between audio settings all by itself. Almost got hit by a cager and hit the horn - and the horn sounded through the speakers. Even if the volume is turned down all the way, the AM & CB audio will still come through the speakers at a pretty loud volume. Strangest thing I've ever seen out of an audio system. Any ideas of where to start? Thanks to all.
  19. I recently just finished my redo of my 1987 Venture Royale and took my first road trip on it to St.Mary's Ga from Atlanta and back I was pleased with the overall look and performance but was somewhat dissappointed in the original Audio radio/CB. intercome hair lip audio sound. I am contemplating ripping the orginal out and replacing it with some current technology. Does anyone have some advice on components and installation?
  20. Since I don't use my audio equipment, this afternoon I got busy yanking some of my 93 apart (multiple things are going on at once). I've got the amp equipment removed. No problems there. This is what I'm thinking of doing. The mute switch on the handlebar audio controls (what IS that box called, anyway?) is a 2-position simple on/off switch. When I convert my headlight to HID, that switch would function nicely as my on/off control for the headlight, eh? So I traced the wire routing and got that whole box and connector removed from the bike and now it sits on the bench. Buuuttt.... there doesn't seem to be an easy way of disassembling the thing further than where I've got it now (see photo), and I have no idea which wires go to which switching devices in there. I looked for other threads concerning this, but I can't seem to find anything quite this detailed. I don't suppose any of our long term members have been down this road before and perhaps somebody has a pinout of this whole switch control? Dingy? Dingy? DDDIIINNNGGGYYY???????
  21. FYI Polk Audio speakers (db 401s and others) on sale at Crutchfield buy one pair...get the scond pair 1/2 price...approx $45.00 savings.:cool10: And...FREE SHIPPING! From Crutchfield's website: Double the speakers, not the price Buy one pair of Polk Audio db-series speakers or subs, and get a second pair of Polk db speakers or a Polk db sub of equal or lesser value for half price. Just add the qualifying Polk Audio gear to your cart. We'll automatically apply the 50% instant savings to the qualifying item on your order.
  22. Any Nolan owners out there? I just bought a Nolan N103 Helmet equiped with the Nolan Bluetooth set up off Ebay. I'm trying to figure out how to configure the system to work with both my GPS and the audio system on my '99RSV. It didn't have the manual..the seller is sending it... but I've down loaded the pdf manuals, and after looking at them all, it looks like the head set is the latest N-Com Bluetooth kit 3-2.1. It'll sync to my GPS. It'll sync to my Cell Phone. What I need it to do it sync to my bike audio system. I've found a 5 pin wired cable, but I want to go Bluetooth on the audio too. The system has the capability of syncing with what looks like 4 different bluetooth devices. Has anyone here ever been successful bluetoothing the RSV audio?? I know J&M makes a bluetooth dongel which I think plugs into the '99 allowing audio and CB. It's the CB that's important. Any advice would be appreciated.
  23. I found a XMsnap radio at Best Buy on the day after Christmas for $19.99 and decided to see if it would work in the DC outlet in the fairing. Since I had already split the audio input, there was a 3.5mm plug to use for the audio output of the XM radio. In short, this radio works great. All I had to do was locate the included antenna, plug it and the audio cable into the XMsnap and plug the unit into the DC outlet. Quick & easy and it sounds great. See pictures.
  24. Got back from a week's vacation with everything working fine on the bike. Got ready to go on a 3-day run and the audio control box would not work. So, no radio, no audio, or CB. Also, the trip meter and the clock resets itself every time you start the bike. I have checked fuses and found no problems there. Any ideas as to what is going on? Looking for answers.
  25. Hi Guys. Ive been through all the connectors on my ventures audio but still no sound , ive done the obvious made sure its on sp rather than hs . But still good , has anyone got any ideas before i try and source another unit ? Many Thanks Edge
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