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  1. Lynn and I wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a great 2015. Dont post often anymore since I'm blocked at work but had to shout out to all the great people on this board. Jim n Lynn
  2. Good day. I've been getting more and more paranoid about my TCI lately. I didn't even know it could be a problem until I started reading threads about it. After studying these two threads; http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=40414 http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=43357 ...and getting some good advice, (Special thanks to Dingy and Timgray), I decided I should look inside the damned box to see what's what. Before getting into the job, I ran the bike and checked each exhaust pipe with a temperature probe to verify that all four cylinders were firing...and, good news, they were. To get the TCI apart, there are 4 phillips screws on the back cover, and 5 on the back of the board. Now here's the tricky part about getting the board out of the box; the proper way is to desolder the 14 wires from the board which lead to the connectors. I'm ok with a soldering iron but no wizard, and that board has been banged around for 25ish years and I don't know how much more abuse it could take. So I decided to try something different. I used a hacksaw and cut the box around the connectors. It was a pretty easy job and it was no problem cutting only the box and not damaging the board. That bit worked for me. If you choose to do any of this, by the way, you do so at your own risk. Anyway, the attached pics show what I found on the inside. At least 3 diodes, (the blue and tan bulbous units), were showing signs of serious disintegration. HOLY CRAPPOLA...! That sure gave me a bit of a fright. It made me thankful I tackled this bloody awful bit of mechanicking. I refused to pull the fairing off so I yanked the battery, battery box, air cleaner and air box. I also took off the lower right side fairing. This allowed me access to the TCI. I could reach the screws but they were bloody seized. Eventually, I got the left one out. The right one wouldn't budge so I just cut the tab off the box. I wasn't planning on putting the box back in its original spot so I didn't worry about it. Dingy suggested replacing the crap diodes with 1N4001 or higher diodes, so that was my quest for Sunday. The Source, by Circuit City, (formerly Radio Shack in Canada), had an assortment pack with about 20 diodes and as it turned out 10 of them happened to be of the 1N4001 variety. Less than 6 bucks later, I was off to tackle the bike. I won't go into what a frickin' pain it was to fart around inside that bike...I will just say that the cuss words are probably still echoing around that garage. Anyway, I took my time with the desoldering and soldering...(even though it may not look like it). After replacing all 8 diodes, I checked continuity with an ohm meter. One direction would show 600 ohms and the other would show nothing...perfect. I also checked continuity further down the board to make sure my soldering job actually fused to the traces. I had a couple of traces lift while soldering so that took some extra time to resolve. All of the testing seemed to indicate all was well so it was time to try it on the bike. After plugging the TCI and the rest of the bits back on the bike...SHOWTIME...! One stab of the starter and she lit right up. Fantastic. I let it run for a while and used a temp probe to verify that all cylinders were firing...which they were. I haven't taken it on the road yet...it's 4 am and I lost the will to reassemble the rest of the bike and tuck away the TCI. After much soul searching...the TCI will probably go back in its original spot...but held there with zip ties instead of those damed screws. I plan to silicone up the frankenstein-ish scar I hacked into the box, then, once I'm sure the thing is running right, seal the thing up in a bag with some desiccant. Anyway, so far, so good. I definitely feel relieved that I went through the effort. The paranoia was getting to me. Now, I feel confident that my potential TCI worries are probably in the past. One bit of extra advice; desoldering and soldering these bits can screw up your board. The diodes cost me less than 6 bucks. It would take a good electronics tech less than a half hour to do this job...an hour if he's drunk. If you aren't totally confident in your soldering abilities, take the job to a tech. It'll save you from screwing up an otherwise good TCI. Ok...it's 5am...I'll take the thing out on the road tomorrow, see how it runs and report back.
  3. I am having a new roof put on. They started today. Now that they have half of the roof off It is totally apparent that the builder of the house back in 1890 was a pinhead. The roof deck boards just end where they end, the next board butted up and on they went. The joints between boards are not centered on the rafters. When they got to the end of the roof they took whatever the cutoff was and butted it up against the next board. Even if the cut off was not long enough to reach 2 rafters, there are many spots where both ends of a board are floating and it is just nailed to ONE rafter in the middle of the board, it tips when pressure is applied to either end.:doh: Of course as to be expected the bottom 2 boards are rotten. But I had expected that with a 120 yo house that had 3 layers of roof on it. The contractor gave me 3 choices. 1. Tear off all the wood and redeck. $5,000 2. Cover the whole roof with 1/4 OSB to give a flat solid nailing surface. $2,500 3. Repair all of the loose ends with new boards at $5.00 per foot installed. Estimate of 100-300 feet. How many total repairs will be needed will not be known till the other half of the roof is torn off. $500 - $1,500. The budget is tight on this job so I went with option 3. I hope I did the right thing, or at least not to bad of a thing.
  4. Curious to see if anyone is using the new Nokia 920 windows 8 phone. All reviews I read say its an outstanding phone and many are switching from I phone to it. Do we have any feedback from anyone on the board about it???? Joe
  5. Anybody's on this board? http://bit.ly/PON3ag
  6. Guest

    Sena Users

    Sena is introducing a new SM10 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Adapter- Interesting to see it will interface with the Goldwings on board audio system-DIN 5 pin to 3.5mm 3 pole audio cable- I am hoping it will work for the Ventures on board audio system..I am very pleased with the SMH-10 and if this does work, it will be the cat's meow...
  7. Anyone have the right side Markland Hyway Board. I can't believe it but the wreck snapped the right one off?
  8. i took my class apart today to re-solder the pins and to my surprise this has been done several times before i thought something was funny when i looked at the case and it has several cracks in it so dug deeper and a complete and utter mess i have burn marks on the board at just about every diode resister and capacitor LCD display was burnt and a trail of liquid dripping on the board from the LCD display i have no air in suspension anyone know where i can get a new/used class at a reasonable price checked flea-bay no luck and is there an easy way to put air valves on this so i could manually put air in
  9. If you don't tear up or get a lump in your throat, you have absolutely no patriotism. I'd like to post it on another board, but it's not "motorcycle related" and some of them get disgruntled about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0fQd858cRc%26hl=en_US%26feature=player_embedded%26version=3Since
  10. Does anyone have a spare computer board for the dash display for an 83, I think mine is bad and I am not to good with a soldering gun..........would like to just replace it and be done with it.........I know mine has been resoldered at least 2 times by the Muffin in the past, but he aint around...........
  11. I had a custom LED setup for my rear lights, but one of the diodes burned out. I had a friend look at it and because he doesn't know what the diode types are he doesn't think he can fix it. He tried, but it lasted about 30 seconds and burnt out again. Any suggestions for a replacement? The one I had was like this - http://www.customdynamics.com/Yamaha_tail_retro.htm - but $90 plus shipping seems a bit much for a bunch of LEDs on a board. Does anybody know a reasonable replacement for a better cost? I have a regular bulb in there for now, so I don't think there's any kind of short. Bike is a 2001 1300 RSV
  12. As a member of the MN Motorcycle Awareness Board, one of our tasks was developing a Public Safety Awareness (PSA) spot to be run on the local media. The link below is what we came up with. http://www.minnpost.com/minnclips/2012/03/look-twice-motorcyclists-psa?utm_source=MinnPost+e-mail+newsletters&utm_campaign=db26f78f1f-3_22_2012_Daily_Newsletter3_22_2012&utm_medium=email What do you think..... Also, if you have a mind to, please feel free to pass this along to others through your face book page, blogs, club media, any other outlets you may have access to. We had five video spots submitted for consideration. And, it was unanimous with all board members that this message hit the mark best of all.
  13. It's 3 in the morning and there's still a dozen people on the board. Looks like I'm not the only one with strange sleep habits.
  14. went to install my ledtaillight board. took out old bulb. plugged in the board and no lights. I have turn signals, flashers . no headlights and no tailights no brakelight.
  15. Only 3 more days of work then Charlene and I are off to New Orleans to board the Carnival Conquest for our very first cruise. We cant wait to get on board. Everybody that we know raves about cruises. We are taking 3 excursions, all waterborne, not taking any land trips, want to get as much sea and sand as I can, because I have never seen or been on a beach or in such clear water as I have seen in the pictures and vids. Looking forward to snorkeling and taking some underwater pics with my new underwater camera. If anyone here has been on the Carnival Conquest, I would love to hear your review on it. I will be posting some new St. Jude auctions before I leave so you guys can have fun bidding on them. It will be a big surprise to see how much money you guys throw at these auctions while I am gone. Will be back online on Feb. 22.
  16. Wolf

    Heated gear

    Does anyone know if the heated gear controllers are compatible across the board? I am particularly interested if the First Gear and Gerbings will work?
  17. not sure if I need srings or just change the fork oil, I am getting a bounce in the front end between 30 and 35, took the wheel off and re-ballanced, it was spot on, so thats not it, put a peice of card board in a clamp and set it allmost to the tire and spun the wheel, not out of round.... it is an `01 so springs are probably shot, just reaching for Ideas.. Thanks
  18. Gyronut


    Didn't think I would ever lean this thing over enough to scrape the floor board but I managed to do it. Got my attention real fast too.
  19. On our way to the 911 ride last week we were riding with five HDs. While on the QEW near Niagara Falls, doing 70 mph I had pointed to somthing on the road with my left foot and when I put my foot back on the floor board something felt funny. I looked down and there was my shifter sitting on top to the floor board. Off to the shoulder we go. Now picture all these Harley guys standing around and laughing while I quickly removed a bolt from my side cover and put my shifter back in place. Thank you venturerider.org without you I would have never known how to make that road side repair. But I still can't believe it happened. I check that bolt all the time and I have 80,000 kms on the bike. So guys, be warned, keep an eye on that shifter bolt. Not to be out done, two of the HDs developed some pretty nasty oil leaks while on this trip too.
  20. I found my Computer Monitor System board has a crack after I soldered the broken joints. It would work for a second and go away. I can't jumper the front of the board so It's toast. Does anyone have a board (working or not)? Mine has the clock includes with the monitor. I sure would like to see the fuel level and all the monitor stuff working. rod
  21. Stolen from gl1800 board.
  22. Annie, When you get home you may want to check this place out. Watch this powerpoint presentation I have. It won't attach through the board here (most likely to large a file, PM me your email address and I'll sent it to you . Jay
  23. I just pulled the trigger on a new Yamaha Tenere and will trade in the Venture. I had ordered the Buddy Rich cable to hook up my Garmin 665 but will no longer need it for that purpose. Because of the generosity of so many on this board, sharing ideas and how to's...I am going to send this to the first person that expresses interest, postage paid. Just send me your address (PM if you like) and post on the board that you took it so I don't get lots of disappointed interest. You guys have been an awesome resource in the enjoyment of my Venture these past 6 years. Thanks.
  24. Sorry for another one. Picked up an 86 VR and had the issue with the class. I had the board re-soldered and now it illuminates but still is not doing anything. Any ideas on what to do next?
  25. I found a used tci locally that will work on my 85. It looks ok on the outside and when I open the back its nice and clean and I dont see any issues, but I want to have a look at the front of the board and check to the capacitors. I seem to remember a thread in here about replacing the capacitors but i cant find it. does anyone know how to get the board out of the plastic box and what capacitors i need if any of them are burnt? Thanks in advance, Brian
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