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  1. It seems milwaukee tool has come out with a battery powered heated jacket. Has anyone here tried it yet? http://www.tools-plus.com/milwaukee-2330.html
  2. I was wondering if I should upgrade my stock stator in my 07 RSV. I am running the stock accessories, but I also run a gps and satellite radio. Now I am adding Gerbing heated gloves and jacket liner into the mix. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. When I retired three years ago, my wife and I bought a new home and left behind a conventional hot tub, at our old home. We enjoyed it for 15 years and then got rid of it because of age and the fact that we no longer were excited to be going out in 15 degree F weather to use it outside on the patio, in the winter. We have been discussing getting a new one for our home but don't want to put it outside due to the expense of keeping it heated in our Western NY winters. I have seen advertisements for the new inflatable spas and tubs and thought we could use one outdoors in the summer and then move it into our basement in the winter so that we could use it year round. Do any members have one of these units and use it indoors in the winter and what are the drawbacks about the moisture level in a heated basement? Any and all comments and thoughts (both pro and con) would be appreciated. As I mentioned, I have owned one for many years, so I am familiar with the operation and chemicals, etc.. Just not sure about the moisture in an enclosed heated basement. Jim
  4. I'm sorry, but I have to vent... I bought a pair of Gerbing heated gloves on November 4. It has been colder here this year than the last couple of years, and I don't want to stop riding yet. The first few times I wore them the temps were in the 40s and they performed fine (my non-heated gloves also do fine at those temps). Well the temperature keeps getting colder, and that's why I paid huge bucks for Gerbing heated gloves. Heated gloves really are the trick. They keep your fingers warm, BUT I started noticing my thumb on my right hand gets freezing cold while the rest of that hand and my left hand are still warm. I mentioned this to another hardy soul at my work who is still riding. He said he had a similar problem with the gloves he bought at Harley Davidson. He took it back and they gave him another. He was back riding in minutes. Well, I paid big mucho bucks for these gloves. They don't work properly. I'll go this evening and get it replaced like my Harley friend did. I only ride 12 miles to work, and the thumb in question gets cold in that short distance. Dixie Custom Cycles in Clinton TN. where I bought the gloves is about 30 miles from work, and my thumb felt like it was frostbit by the time I got there. It's worth it though thinks I,as now I'm back to where warm gloves are sold and they will make it right. I tell the lady there what the problem is and she gives me a look like I had farted or something. I explain it more slowly and finally she takes the glove and plugs it into her display stand (which is a smart thing to do that way she can see that it's not heating as much as the rest of the glove). The problem is she puts the glove on and it feels warm. I try it and it feels warm to me too. It's 68 degrees in the store so everything in the store feels warm. Now why would a sane person (I am sane, but you'll have to take my word on this) ride 20 miles out of his way to have a defective product replaced if it was not defective? Don't answer that yet, let me finish. Ok the only suggestion she has is that I send the offending glove in to Gerbing to "have it rewired". I offered another fix. You could give me a replacement then you can send it off for god knows how long to "have it rewired". She gives me another look like I farted in her showroom. I told her the reason I paid way too much for a pair of heated gloves was so I could avoid situations like this. She said Gerbing is a good company. They will make it right. So I email Gerbing. This is getting way too long, so I'll try to condense the rest of it. I got one email from Heather and one from Carrie basically telling me to mail the glove in they will "look at it" and in 4 weeks (maybe) they'll send it back. I tried to explain that I bought the gloves for cold weather riding, and that it's very cold RIGHT NOW, but that doesn't seem to register with them. So in the last email I just sent. I basically told them that the only thing I could do is complain on the internet. I know some of you on here like Gerbing and that's the reason I chose that brand. I wish now that I had went to the Harley shop where the guy at work got his. It may be the same brand, but at least they did care enough to replace it for him.
  5. I recently purchased my wife a Sedici heated jacket liner, and heated gloves. She loves her gloves so much, she purchased me a pair of Sedici heated gloves today. All of these recent purchases have me wondering tonight. Should I be worried about the electrical system on my RSTD handling this extra load? BTW, I've never had heated gear before. But, after I hooked them up and tried them today, OMG! Is this what I've been missing out on all this time?!?! Nice and toasty.
  6. I just picked up a cheap set of heated grips, bike master. They leave a lot to be desired. They are at least an inch shorter than the stock grips. The clutch side is very tight but I could probably get it on. The throttle side is really loose, it measures 1 1/16" id. I don't like the idea of having only glue holding it in. The temperature changes might break it up and leave me sol somewhere. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good set? Thanks
  7. I'm wiring up my heated vest and I am installing a hi low off switch. Anyone know what type of switch I should get? Spdt or dpdt? I would prefer one that I only need to wire in a single power source so it should have a built in resistor if there is such a thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I need to install Heated Grips on my 08 RSTD .. Am looking for suggestions as to what aftermarket parts are reccomended by anybody here. What have you used? do they work ? are you satisfied with whatever types you have installed. Open to comments :detective:
  9. Hi folks.. I'm looking for some thoughts, ideas and input on some projects I am thinking about doing over the winter. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated. This is to my 2004 RSV: First project - Lower the front Does anyone have any experience with the Barons Performance front fork lowering kit vs just the spacers being added to the forks. What are the differences in handling? Does anyone recommend the Performance lowering kit or not? Second project - Handlebar replacement and braided cables. Will be giving Buckeye's (I thank that was who is recommended here in the forums) a call to get all the parts. Looking to replace the stock handle bar with the Flanders one with more pull back. I am thinking of adding heated grips at that time and am wondering if anyone has added heated grips.. if so, what was used? I like the stock grips as my hands are on the smaller side. I have used the ISO grips on previous bikes but do not like them due to their larger diameter size. Has anyone used or added heating elements to the stock grips? How do you like them? I am also looking at the Avon brand heated grips. Not sure yet what their diameter is vs the stock grips. I figure while I have everything apart to lower the front, I might as well do the handlebars and cables at the same time. Thanks for all the input... I don't always post a lot but love to read the articles and this site has been a constant source of help when needed.
  10. Has anyone tried any of these pads ? http://www.sargentcycle.com/heatedkits.htm http://www.heatdemons.com/Motorcycle-Heated-Seats_c_101.html With low overnight temperatures would be nice to have a heated seat !
  11. 1997 Royal star I have checked continuity and everything is a go from the main headlight wire fuse and all switch works everythin. but I can't seem to be getting any power to them and I don't know how to check for power also all fuses are perfect and ther is ZERO and I mean ZERO corrosian some rich guy owned this and it was kepst in a heated garage up north and a temp controlled carpeted one in Naples florida wires connection are all LIKE NEW HELP!!! the service manual has nothing on passing lights
  12. Wolf

    Heated gear

    Does anyone know if the heated gear controllers are compatible across the board? I am particularly interested if the First Gear and Gerbings will work?
  13. December 1st, and I found an excuse to ride. I was glad to have the heated vest, but did not need the heated gloves. A balmy 6 C (44F). I love living here! (I would put a smiley in here, but I don't seem to be able to.)
  14. What heated grips would you recommend for a 91 VR MKII. What are the features one should look for in heated grips.
  15. Heading to the TN and NC mountains this weekend, and the low's are looking like they will be in the 30's, so it's time to hook up the Gerbin's. Should be a beautiful ride though. Riding 2-up this time, as the wife's shoulder is acting up and the doc has grounded her from riding her own bike. Any word on running two sets of Gerbin heated gloves off the battery as far as overload is concerned? We've not done that before and I don't want to have any electrical problems so far from home.
  16. well got the heated vest that is awesome, but now deciding whether liner is more practical or heated glove. Cost are apples to apples! So let me know what you like and why, inquiring minds want to know!
  17. Okay Just bought a couple synegy heated vest and was wondering are the different makers interchangeable.. So would say Gerbing Glove liners connect to the tourmaster vest? or do each have thier own unique connectors? thanks for the input!!!
  18. I have not seen a post like this so I would like to start it. Lets share our tips and tricks for staying warm and give our advice on hat gear nd combination work. I am tiredof riding winters where 3 hours are fine but getting back home is mysery. My hands are exposed. Will I need wind guards to go with heated gloves or will heated gloves work plenty. I have no lowers, will chaps be plenty to keep my long john and fleeced legs warm. I have always felt cold legs but Im sure it because of the wind. I hope this thread gets some action.
  19. I recently purchased an 07 RSV, will it operate 2 gerbing heated jacket liners and 2 pair of gloves?
  20. I'm going to install the wiring for my Widder heated vest with dial controller and was wondering how others routed the wiring and where you mounted the controller. This is all going on my '01 RSV. I want to be able to use it for rider or passenger.
  21. Do you think these will work with the 2nd gen? http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/3/13/121/35014/ITEM/Avon-Grips-Heated-Air-Cushioned-Metric-Cruiser-Grips.aspx?WT.ac=SLIsearch
  22. I have a 2000 RSV. It is fairly standard. No LED's, riding lights. I am planning on going to Daytona Bike week the first part of March from KC and would like to run a heated vest. I have heated grips with Hippo hands which work great. Can ride as cold and stay warm. Need more core heat though. If I am running the basic bike without intercom or radio but using GPS, heated grips and an electric vest should I be ok? If I get to riding with riding lights (mine are basically useless for seeing I believe) would that overload me? I appreciate your help. Electric stuff always confuses me
  23. Has anyone tried these heated boots from Work Wearhouse? I thought they look pretty good, but a bit pricy. But my experience with Work Wearhouse has usually been great. http://www2.marks.com/productdetails.asp?categoryID=530&start=1&href=%2Fctwnew%2Fmarkprod%2Ensf%2FProductListByID%2F9565EDCCE946C36F802577DA000B4030%3FOpenDocument Brian
  24. I'm considering either heated grips or heated gloves for an 08 RSV. I'm using insulated gloves, and my hands stay reasonably warm...but my fingertips seem to bear the brunt of the cold. What type of hand warming "device" would you recommend? If you own either, would you purchase them again?
  25. It was quite chilly today for the ride in. I have a heated jacket liner and gloves and the bike has a heated seat and grips which were all set on HIGH. I was wearing wool socks in by boots but my feet got cold. I probably will not ride in weather this cold again..... BURRRRRRRRRRRRR The one real complaint is my glasses and face shield got foggy whenever I slowed or stopped but at 40 MPH or faster I had no fogging issues. Being blind at a stoplight is NOT good......
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